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Nov 27, 2007

What do girls want? (my view)

I n t e resting topic, ain't it? yes of course. Girls will be very curious to know what the boys think about them now, and boys will also be equally curious to know what-actually-a-girl-want...

So what do they want? no idea right... Well, I too have no idea but sometimes I try to observe the behavior of the girls while talking to them. Talking and observing? crap!! yeah it's an impossible task in your hands if you do both the things when you are with a girl. I succeeded few times to perform this feat. Mind you, you got to be mentally vigilant while doing this feat outside (kids are advised to keep off this feat, this feat is performed by pro's like me! :P ).

I'll not tell you guys what girls want, 'cus 99% girls will deny this... (remember the evergreen law, a girl will never accept things straight away... ;) but will prescribe few things while being with a girl....

  • If she's telling something, how crap it might be, let her finish first. Later you can tell your gossip piece to her. But she's not gonna show any interest on what you tell to her after (can't help it sir). Just let her do all the talking, but never forget to be with her. If you lose the track then only God has to help you. She will link the stories at her will, so try to memorize the things she says to you.
  • When she is down she will vent all her frustration on you, please restrain yourself from giving any solution for the problem shes having. Just be there with her will all the ears open.
  • Give some believable compliments now and then, it works many a times.
  • You can do whatever you want, whistling and hooting in a theater, shouting while riding, singing loudly in public place. You know what, many girls like this, so try to be yourself! this is your trump card...
Thats enough of prescription, follow above things you'll find new things by yourself.

What I think a girl want is...

  • lots of chocolates
  • lots of gossips
  • lots of apparel
  • tonns of ice-creams
  • many puppies... (donno ''sup with puppies, I saw so many puppy pics in orkut albums. So lucky pups)
  • lots of dresses
  • never ending list of sidney sheldon novels.
  • fairytale prince on white horse.
Those are few things... ;)

PS: Pure PUN intended stuff

May 21, 2007


She is cool, she is random, she is cute, she is brainy, she is sensitive, and even though a grown up she is still a kid. She is confused. All she desires is someone who can understand her inside out, someone who just listens to her. And even if she finds one she gets confused, wonder if anyone can understand her ever better. Waiting to see her conquer the thick and untamed world around her, now that she is going to come out of the pampered world in which she was in till now.

Sep 21, 2006

THe GirL PoWEr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm... girl, woman, mother, wife, girlfriend. These all words actually sounded so sweet when I started thinking about a new topic. And this thought striked me when I was getting ready to go to office, and the main inspiration came after reading this status message of preethi "When women are depressed, they either eat or go shoppin. I'm still a girl - no reason not to shop or eat!!!"....

How should I start???? thats the big Question. I was unable to find the sweetest adjectives to describe the most beautiful species on the Earth.

GIRL the sweetest word in the dictionary according to me, sweeter than the word "Sugar", sweetest than the word "sweet" itself. The most beautiful species on the Earth, not only the Earth but the entire galaxy. Thank you lord for creating such a wonderful species.

You know what guys, why a girl shouts at you? thats because she loves you, cares about you.

She enjoys music and DVDs.
She likes trendy, affordable designer clothing.
She wants cool furniture and home d├ęcor.
She is redecorating her home, gardening and entertaining.

she is actually beautifying the world for us. She shares her joys and happiness and never her pains. But she is ready to shares your pains, the burden of your shoulders when required. Then why do some people degrade women.

What does a girl want?????????????????

She wants nothing but love, care, and love. She just wants someone to listen her when she is depressed not the suggestion for the problem or the solution for it.

Hey gurls thanks for bringing light to this world. you are the perfect synonym for the word "love"....

Gods knows how this world would have been without a girl....