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Sep 11, 2015

I See U

girl walking

Heart drew the lines,
mind gave the shapes,
eyes filled the colors,
 and finally, I see you... 

Oct 10, 2014

This Day...

dreams have become colorful
the day i met you
sky was blushing, 
sun started winking at me,
I laughed back at him with shy
I will never forget
this day the day 
when i met you
all my life

Feb 14, 2014


you aren't made 
by the singular feeling...
if found, you are
the sweetest of the feeling...
also the worst nightmare...

Have a happywala valentine day everyone!!

Sep 15, 2010

found you atlast!

those stars up in the sky smiled at me
when i was walking with you,
the cool breeze started singing
when i was kissing you...

my eyes stopped searching
after seeing you,
heart stopped skipping beats
after finding you...

Aug 27, 2010

the you...

Dream didn't want to continue
until you were in it,
Eyes didn't want to see anything
other than you,
my heart left me
to start beating for you...

Jan 14, 2010

cry n weep

i cry i cry
i cry till this world gets wet
i weep..i weep..
.den i get over it"

- cry by brute, weep by mytree

Nov 3, 2009

a moment..

It feels nice to wake up in the morning

have a smile on your face

if only life was just a moment,

I wish to stay in there forever...

Oct 12, 2009

with you...

When I was with you,
sun, moon, rain,
all looked the same...

Jul 15, 2009

a wish...

Nothing comes to my mind
when I look into your eyes,
the thousand words you speak thru 'em.
you are the beauty within my heart,
and life of my soul.
I wish this moment never dies...

Feb 27, 2009


That one smile was enough to show,
 how beautiful the life is with you
 and without you, 
I smiled back.

Sep 15, 2008


When I opened my eyes for the first time,
I didn't see you.
When I started taking my first breathe,
I didn't feel you.
When I made my first friend,
I didn't recognise you.
But as my needs and expectations grew up with the age,
I came to know you,
I'm afraid of you.

Now that I know you I expect you to be short and merry one...

Aug 22, 2008


My heart is heavy,I don't feel like leaving you.
You brought a broad smile on my face when I came to you.
It wasn't a dream, you embraced me with chilly breeze which brought shiver in my spine, brought goosebumps, said to me that it wasn't a dream...

You showed me why you were called sexy,
you confronted me with your other mates who reside with you,
you taught me everything which I was unaware so far,
you shared everything with me with love...

The destiny is so cruel,
and so I'm helpless.
When did this 6 months pass away?
I'll miss you, calif.

May 25, 2008

for her...

Flowers on the ground waited to be get touched by her,
Clouds in the sky waited to shield her from the Sun rays,
Cool breeze behind the trees waited to touch her,
Puddle of water waited to get stepped on by her,
And my eyes waited to capture her in it....

We all coveted her shadow...

Apr 30, 2008

A Void

It was like a flash for me...

I craved to see you...

you came...

heart skipped beats...


Clock ticked off at light speed,

leaving me indifferent till the time of departing arrived...

you smiled...

smile that I can ever forget ...

smile that I wanted to see all my life,

could last for couple of secs...

leaving a void inside me...

Feb 24, 2008

not anymore...

I fear night,
not anymore now that you are there with me,
I fear being lonely,
not anymore now that I see you regularly,
I fear of being lost in this cruel world,
not anymore as I see you standing for me with a candle to show me the path...

Oh! such a sweet dream,
I know it's not gonna happen for real,
sigh, the dreamland of mine...

Sep 17, 2007

where are you?

The tiny drizzling said to me kissing,
that you were here somewhere,
the gentle breeze took me into its arms,
and tried to push me into the dreams
saying that, you were somewhere there,
but in vain,as I couldn't find you anywhere,

where are you...??

May 21, 2007


She is cool, she is random, she is cute, she is brainy, she is sensitive, and even though a grown up she is still a kid. She is confused. All she desires is someone who can understand her inside out, someone who just listens to her. And even if she finds one she gets confused, wonder if anyone can understand her ever better. Waiting to see her conquer the thick and untamed world around her, now that she is going to come out of the pampered world in which she was in till now.

May 8, 2007

waiting for you!

"My eyes went dry waiting for you,
My heart went to cry waiting for you,
My soul went to die waiting for you,

‘cuz, “ you are the GIRL of my wet dreams……! “

-- Brutey!

Feb 23, 2006


yesterday was my seminar day for my final yr project and I have done well (not bad but good). And my friends Girija(charu) & Radhika composed a poem for me while I was on the stage giving seminar. I promised them that I'll blog this poem.


hi Avinash! don't worry
i've written the words u need for ur poem or story
now u can note them down in a diary
in the month of february
lemme know if u any query

but plz don't u worry
just sit, relax watch tom & jerry
or go see there's something about Mary.
And if you get hungry
eat some strawberry, cherry or a cadbury
i know they have too many calory

but pls don't you worry
And now the summary
go ahead with your poetry!
lemme know how was my poetry!!
this is a poem by Rads & Giry!!!

Girls that was really cute, lovely and i have no words to express my feelings. Hey giri n'joy TAXI 9 2 11, what if u see 15 mins sooner than me, now what matters is i'm also going for the same movie (i'll never let u to tell me the movie story, i bet Nana'll out perform John Abraham like Akshay in Garam Masala)