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Dec 26, 2009

quarter century

I'm 25 years, can't believe myself and other friends of mine you think I might be 23 or 24 now (hehe...) well, I guess I saw world complete 360 degrees. Now people might say it's nothing whatever you saw so far, many things are waiting to be experienced.

This year birthday was supposedly the longest one of my life, for the wishes started coming in from the 0000hrs IST and lasted till the last minute of 0000 EST.

Apr 30, 2009


Creative writing is damn difficult anytime, you can't do that regularly unless you feel that you have all time in the world to do so. That's been the case with me these days, not that I'm busy with my course work but been busy with many things around me. 

Anyways, next week will be final week of the semester, and so have to bury my head into the books now. And a bunch of my friends have their grad walk later next week, so big party is up very soon. And after all that have to start vacating room, pack the bags, board the flight and finally land in India after good 15 months and 11 days.

A handful 82 days in India is what I will be looking forward now, and the scorching summer too. I'm eagerly waiting to rejuvenate my taste buds which have gone bland all these months in US of A.

And, finally after lots of criticism from my friends about growing long hair ended up having a haircut last week to look like a school boy...

PS: image is deceptive [:D]

Mar 15, 2009

Spring break

We pre-planned many things for spring break but none were executed. We planned to go California for spring break, but very few have come forward for that trip. So, no California, I felt bad that I will not be able to visit California. California, I can definitely say that it's my second home after India. Anyways, then we thought of Colorado springs, and many have okied for this trip. But we couldn't plan for that because of lack of communication among us. So, no Colorado too. 

One of my roomie saw a super deal in hertz for car rentals, 60 bucks for 2 days, now that was a sexy deal. So, he rented the car and we haven't decided anything yet. That night we went to Indie dancers (strip bar), that was day one. Day two, we started playing PlayStation, bought 6 controllers and there we go. We never moved from our chairs playing PlayStation. Day three, we decided to go snowboarding somewhere near Chicago. After that we went to Go-karting, then Industrial strip bar and back to our apt. 

Even though we couldn't do much in the spring break but we got the much needed break from our off-campus jobs, esply me. I didn't want to take a break but eventually ended up taking break for 5 days, it was a welcome one for me. 

I'm waiting for May 13 to catch my flight to India, only two more months minus 2 days to go. I can't wait for that day anymore. In the meanwhile I have to get back into the groove of routine life. 

So, its time to get back to work...

Feb 6, 2009

Older by one more year...

This day that year ('06) I had no idea that I would grow this old from the day I started scribbling, and gradually days passed and then weeks and now years! I'm 3 years old now!

Oct 26, 2008

The blonde Lady...

Why are Blondies' always on the receiving end now I know. This is an exclusive coverage of series of events that happened with me in the last 36 hrs.

On Saturday morning when I was at my work place I got a call from a lady to make a reservation for that evening.
"Days Inn, front desk"
"Hi, this is Melissa and I would like to make a reservation for tonight"
"uh-huh, and what kinda room would that be?"
"King Size non-smoking please"
"Ok, it's gonna be 75 plus taxes..."
"ok, fine with me..."
"Ok ma'am, your reservation is confirmed and your confirmation # is XXXXXXX"
"Ok hon, we'll be there by 9"
"Ok ma'am, you have a good day"
"you too..., aah wait what time zone you guys are in?"
"Ok, thanks"
"your welcome, bye"

And, that evening she checked-in at 8:45.
"Hi, I made a reservation this morning with the name Melissa"
"Yup, I was waiting for you..."
"I need you to sign this for me please...", I said.
"Ok..., hey do I need to write the car details" (This form asks about car model, license number and stuff...)
"Yes, if you have one.." (I couldn't hold my tongue)
"Well, Oh... you are so funny... hehehe, obviously I have one..."
I gave a toothy smile to her. All seemed fine till then.

Then after an hour she came down to vending machine for chips packet. My bad luck that chips selection had some problem, so when she inserted coins machine pushed those coins out. She comes to me for help, I went to check the machine. I asked her for the coins and inserted them for the chips. Machine puked out those coins. I told her, "might be some technical problem, I will get that fixed in the morning." That lays chip packet cost was 50 cents, so what this lady suggests me is, "I guess the chips cost is 60 cents, take this dime and see...". For her satisfaction I had to exercise that futile attempt for her. I then asked her to go for other chips which are there. She wanted only lays. Then she asked me for cereals, I ushered her to breakfast hall.

Next day morning I saw her standing outside under the canopy looking towards McDonald's. After ten minutes she comes in and asks me, "what are those bunch of birds on that tree?" (eh? what birds? )
I gestured that I didn't knew. She gets disappointed. She walks slowly into the breakfast hall and asks an old man who was having his breakfast, "Hey, you know what are those birds on that tree in front of McD?"
"No Idea honey..."
"Oh, you too don't know, they are so loud..."

Well, after having breakfast she checks out. She bid me bye and walked out. After 5 minutes she came in hurriedly and said, "Hon, I forgot my glasses in the room can I have the key for the room.
I said, "ma'am I guess are wearing them on your head"
"Oh, yeah, thanks again hon, ok then bye..."

Oct 20, 2008

My Happening Day!

WooHOO! I got a reason to shout that out. You might also shout out like me if what happened to me happens to you. So, why is Oct' 20, 2008 my happening day? well, couple of things happened today for me. Starting with, the research work which was assigned to me by my adviser got approved. My findings were accepted and got nod to go ahead and carry on the research and make it as my major project!

And, the other thing which happened was, I won $50 and a free goal setter savings account in the bank where I have my checking a/c.

It's just 12:15 PM now and still half-a-day to finish, let's see what else is left for me.

Sep 13, 2008

Life in US II

Back after ages to tell about life in US of A. So, many of you know that I have left Calif. and shifted my base to Indy., if you don't, well, you know now. I miss Calif. badly, I hope to get back to Calif. after my grad.

This incident happened during my first shopping experience at a food-mart. I and my room-mates went to a food-mart to buy groceries. One guy was searching for curd in frozen food section, I found one for him and showed it to him, he says this is not curd, this is yogurt. I said it was just the plain one and not the flavored one so it must the one we are searching for. He didn't agree with me and he went to a white lady and asked where can he find curd? she was like, "find what?"

Then a desi uncle who was watching him came to his rescue and explained him that we call curd as yogurt here. And, in another incident my friend asked a cashier for a plastic cover to stuff in his books which he bought there, cashier didn't get him what was he asking. By then I got familiar with few of the words what to use and what not to use, thanks to liquor store where I worked. I went there and asked for a plastic bag, which the cashier gave with a smile.

Anyways, will tell few more things next time. As of now lifestyle and climate and also environment have slided big time for me, moving from west to east, from hotter part of the US to gonna be coldest part in the couple of months from now. And Hurricane Ike is gonna visit my place sometime next week.

Aug 22, 2008


My heart is heavy,I don't feel like leaving you.
You brought a broad smile on my face when I came to you.
It wasn't a dream, you embraced me with chilly breeze which brought shiver in my spine, brought goosebumps, said to me that it wasn't a dream...

You showed me why you were called sexy,
you confronted me with your other mates who reside with you,
you taught me everything which I was unaware so far,
you shared everything with me with love...

The destiny is so cruel,
and so I'm helpless.
When did this 6 months pass away?
I'll miss you, calif.

Jul 23, 2008

another star added to our shoulder tabs!

Yeah, then cop issued us a ticket of severe warning, and now a notice being served for quitting the apartment or permanently perform covenant.

Covenants violated: resident has received numerous complaints regarding loud noise after quiet hours. Security has responded on several occasions. (Big Fat Lie... he just came once! and said start leaving else 911 will come...)

Reporting Party Name : Jennifer of apt #265

Nature of call: Jennifer complaining about "some party at apt #264, loud stumping, yelling"

What was more disgusting was Jennifer's neighbor some chinkky also could hear noises... I swear we tried our level best not to cause any kinda of disturbances...

And then after this drama we had another party to attend that night, so we were partying whole night came back to our aprt at 5:30 in the morning.

Anyways that was fun and I'm waiting for more stars to be added!

May 27, 2008

Milestone #200

A small interview with Mr.Brute, the author of brute's column! on the occasion of 200 posts feat.

Interviewer: So, big feat Mr. Brute...
Brute: Hey 200, thanks thanks, happy happy...
Interpreter: Hi everyone, this is Avinash, assistant of Mr. Brute. Author is very excited about his achievement and would like to thank one and all who have dropped by.

Brute: Right...
Interviewer: Oh.. ok

Brute: My name brute, ha ha ha...
In: Author is trying to say that he forgot whats his real name is...
Interview: what??

Brute: No... my name brute... forgot name
In: Oh, I beg your pardon, Author feels he forgot that he's called brute...
Interviewer: ohoo, ok

Brute: NO....
In: Again no, hey what the heck you want to say...

Brute: My name forgot..
In: OK , one last try... here author is trying to say that people have forgot his real name, all call him brute...
Interviewer: Hmm... go on

Brute: yes, yes, good...
Interpreter: Phew! thank god! ok I'm vanishing...
Interviewer: what's going on?

Brute: wait... no,
Interpreter: Sorry, I'm in invisible mode now...
Interviewer: in what?

Interpreter: Good lord, would anyone believe that he wrote 200 posts after that interview, how should I shout out that those 200 posts are mine!

Apr 24, 2008

Life in US ... part II

So last time I briefed very few things about the life in US, I missed many. Let me share few more things that you'll find in US...

Well I don't have a watch but yea, have a mobile thankfully. But out of habit when you are at some store, anywhere where you go out for shopping I look at the walls for time. You generally won't find a wall clock...

Back in India, you can shout, you can jump, you can play cricket, you can do what not. But you have to learn to walk in air, shouldn't walk firmly, shouldn't play loud music, shouldn't laugh out loud... "Dude neighbors have kids, they have schools and offices to go next day..." sigh!...

Well you somehow you break all the limits... so what happens next??? you'll get couple of warning notices from the lease office, ok then what?? then dude get ready to meet big boss, Mr Cop, who talks less writes more... so you'll be awarded a sweet penultimate warning ticket... that's it?? what next?? you'll have to shell out your pockets from next time onwards...

Here pedestrians are considered kings but they to0 have to pay if they break the rules!!!...

Anyways got to go, booze party is waiting late....

Apr 4, 2008

Hungama at Stevenson Blvd!

There was this cop patrolling at BART station downing his hamburger at 0130hrs singing...

"I walk this empty street

On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Where the city sleeps

and I'm the only one and I walk alone"

He gets a message in the wireless to go for patrolling at Stevenson Boulevard.

"What the f***, can't eat my hamburger at peace..."

He then meets the security guard of the Stevenson place aprt.

"Hi, how ya doing?"

"Hi, pretty good officer..."

"What's the trouble?"

"Well, there's this aprt #264 disturbing the sleep of the other people, and I have already warned them before, few days back and even today an hour ago, noise doesn't seem to be reducing...

"Ah-huh... well, guess they need a written notice then..."

He pulls out his wireless, "I need backup..."

There comes three more patrolling cars...

Cop knocks the door firmly... Inside nearly 35-40 souls smelt the trouble and fell silent... The person who was in full sense with opened eyes goes and opens the door...


"Hi, I need aprt owner please..."

"Officer, it's his b'day today so we are sorry if we were creating any kind of problem..."

"Can you please call the aprt owner sir..."

We smelled a ticket... the b'day boy comes with his passport for the proof of his date of birth...

"Sorry officer, they are leaving in 5 minutes, party is over..."

"Ok, well, can I see you ID..."

He takes the Passport and fills a warning notice form and slaps it...

"It's just the warning, hope you'll not repeat this..."

"Good night officer..."

He closes the door smiling and people started walking back to their aprts...

After 15 minutes they all return back from other lane back to our aprt to finish the liquor... only whispers existed from there on with no lights on, only source of light was from the lappies...

The B'day boy got a relishing gift on his birthday!

Apr 2, 2008

DIDN't brush my teeth yet!

Ahh,... goood morninngg, eekk it's afternoon!!

Yeah, I started waking up very early these days not until its half past twelve, may be few minutes earlier... Last evening was at friend's house, stayed there in the night, got up around eleven in the morning...before I was leaving my friend asked, "are you leaving?" that must have said it to me "FINISH YOUR WORK AND GO!"

My aprt is one mile away from his. I haven't brushed yet. As soon as I reached home rushed into the restroom to brush my teeth... NOT-A-SINGLE-DROP of water was squeezing out of the tap nozzle!... I came out and saw a notice from the community, "24 HOUR NOTICE OF MANDATORY WATER SHUT OFF"

Now I have nothing to do but wait for the main line to resume...

Thank god, I answered the nature call there at my Friend's aprt only... phew!

Mar 17, 2008

Life in US!

Never flew in a plane so was excited when I finally got into a plane, and that nearly 20 hrs stint in the air changing three different flights bored me, and now I don't wanna get into a plane! How will I go back to India??

Oh! you going to US! man that's rocking!... said so many with so many exclamations, yeah, so me too was so excited packing my bags to US!... Hmmm... after spending eleven hundred hrs I say what's there here to get excited! (with an exclamation)...

Anyways, if you feel hungry and you don't wanna spend bucks for killing your hunger, man go to a walmart. Go search for donuts, chocolates, pancakes... eh! hold on! I'm not gonna pay for all these... rite! who's asking you to? tear the packets, dump them into your mouth and dump the cover into some rack and get out from there...

Back in India, Non-veg means rates! but in US vegetables means rates! so go for meat rather than veggies... anyways, all you get here is frozen to the core...

You hardly find water to drink, or should I say you just forget that you had to drink water. Water is like some beverage here, you see yourself quenching your thirst with energy drinks, pepsi's that too diet ones and of course how can I forget beers!
You waste your hell lota precious time crossing the signals! bloody hell! anyways you must be hungry again, watch out for BK (Burger King) you'll get million dollar worth $1 crisp chicken burger, of course Mc D also has one called McChicken, but comparatively BK rocks!

Whatever it might be but you observe that you improve your mother tongue here rather than in India, for-apparent-reasons...
Aftr so much of complaining, on the contrary I'm slowly loving US...

Feb 24, 2008

not anymore...

I fear night,
not anymore now that you are there with me,
I fear being lonely,
not anymore now that I see you regularly,
I fear of being lost in this cruel world,
not anymore as I see you standing for me with a candle to show me the path...

Oh! such a sweet dream,
I know it's not gonna happen for real,
sigh, the dreamland of mine...

Feb 21, 2008

Reporting from CLass!!!

A really boring lecture, its 1500hrs in the day, people have their heads in between their hands trying hard not to sleep in the class, and me online!

It's been showering for past couple of days and it's quite chilly with 6 degrees centigrade, just returned back from canteen after hastily downing a hot dog, my first meal since morning. Didn't had time to eat cereals in the morning as I had class at 9:30 in the morning and woke up at 8:30.

Last night all my roomies and next door guys went nostalgic after eating rice with the dal I made. This was my first attempt to make dal, and it turned out to be superb!

Hey catch ya later, got to finish my assignment, it's 24 mins due!!

pic source : used with permission Youth Change web site link

Feb 14, 2008

Will U b my Valentine!

Salaam-Namaste! it's been long long long time that I visited my own blog, sigh... the cruel busy schedule of mine is killing me. Anyways, a very happy valantine's day to all the beautiful bloggies out there. I hope all found their valentine today.

I don't think I will find my valentine today... reasons being I have two classes today, afternoon through evening and there ends my day without having anytime left to go out and find one.

Anyways, I hope people back in India had a wonderful valentine day and wish people of this side of the Earth have a gorgueos day ahead!

Jan 24, 2008

My Pets..

Though I don't have any pets now but I had few when I was a school going kid till my engg second year! Had a puppy, then a cat, then fishes, and then a hen!

Puppy - I found this cute little puppy while playing cricket near my friends house, this was when I was in 4th standard. Named it tommy. One find day when I started for my school in my dad's scooter it loosened up the chain and ran behind the scooter I was standing in front so couldn't hear it's barking. When I came back from school that day I found my puppy missing...

Cat - Nancy was it's name. My aunt presented me nancy when I was in 6th standard. It was a white cat with small golden yellow spot on it's right side. It used sleep in my bed during winter season and mom used to get irritated at that sight. Due to snake bite it died when we went out for a movie.

Fishes - I fished out few fishes with a net (taare zameen par.. :P) from a small pond at my grandmas town. Brought them to my home in bottle from there and was in a process of building an aquarium for them but one day my dad overfed those fishes and they all died... hmm..

Hen - I bought this as chick for 15 bucks when I was in engg second year. I fed it nicely we used play and then it had a friend, cat. Cat used to ambush where this used to go. And then one day it ran off from home and it never returned back. I went out and searched whole evening in the streets. After a month it came back but it didn't recognise me, I let it go where ever it wanted to...

Nov 6, 2007

The patch up...

Finally after four years we talked openly last night. I stopped talking to her when I was in engg first year and then I broke the ice on the farewell day. But then we didn't patch up properly.

She is my classmate and at one juncture my the best friend. I still count on her given any day. She is very cribbing kind and then tad bit sensitive. We used to wait for the labs cus' my roll number is after her and we always been in one team in all four years, the fun we had in labs, the never ending gossips, the comments. She wrote lab notes and assignments for me while I was busy having masti. And on my b'day she told she'll call at 12 in the night to wish and when she couldn't make the call she had watery eyes next day. All went fine until one day where I stopped talking to her. I can't reveal the reasons. She tried to talk to me but I walked away ignoring her. And when I started feeling guilty and started thinking how to patch up with her our engg finished. Thanks to Karthik, our classmate who played the cupid in breaking the ice between us.

Even though we said sorry to each other we didn't patch up. She caught me online one day and vent all her frustration, I couldn't console her. I couldn't tell her the exact reasons for not talking to her after first year.

I hurt her badly and I felt guilty for that. When I was going through rough phase she was there for me keeping all the bitterness aside. And after that we talked to each other last night whole heartedly, told each other how badly we missed each other.

I deserved to be slapped!

Hey bud, I'm really sorry for whatever I did to you. And thank you so much for forgiving me. Missed you like hell all these years.

Sep 3, 2007

The never ending novel!!

Have you guys ever heard that a guy has been reading one particular novel for past one and half years and he still has 100 more pages to finish that novel..??

Well, yeah, sadly that guy is "me". I have been reading "The Runaway Jury" since May 2006 and I'm still left with 1/4th of the book to finish. I have no idea why is it taking so much of time for me to finish a 400 plus pages novel. It's not that I'm a slow reader, hmm... I finished Harry potters in less than one day. Then what's wrong with me...God knows when am I gonna read the last page of that book and then sigh with relief!