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Mar 14, 2014

The so called marriage...

Many of my friends got married, had children and are living happily (Bazzingaa!!). Here I am, where I'm still single and for real living happily, but all my friends, relatives have started envying my freedom and hence started hunting for future prospects.

I never understood why this so called brain drain happened for couple of my close friends while looking out for their matches until I experienced it. Phew! man it really is brain drain going thru' this phase, we have to think so-many-never-ending good-bad-ugly things we scrutinize on the person whom we want to finally end up marrying. 

It's really intriguing with the processes followed in arranged marriage, not all the processes but only the decision making process is really interesting. why so? because we have to make up our mind and decide whether this person is the one whom I can survive-share-cry-laugh for the rest of my life. but then this has to be done within a limited time. Well, one thing nobody understands is no matter what, how much more time you take, you will never discover the entire traits of the other person. Marriage is like an institution where you keep learning new things about each other and grow old with each other.

My profile:

I've so many 2 in 1 traits in me,

  • I love eating as well as cooking
  • I love listening to songs as well as sing 'em
  • I sleep in nights and be awake during daytime (I swear... ;)
  • I love exploring new places on foot as well as in cars :P

So many are there that the list will never end ;)

Anyway, this phase is really funny to cherish it until it lasts... 

Jan 17, 2010

random updates

Time is slipping really fast these days, hours have become days in no time. I'm little excited about that because the day of joining some company and waiting for weekends would always be fun. Waiting for weekends isn't new for me, back then when I was in my weekend used to start from Thursday evening itself. Those days were fun.

So, what's new in this year 2010, well I started tweeting again and added SRK, Jr AB, Saif, Genelia, Shahid, Farhan Akhtar etc etc... in my list. The list is little big to mention all the names here. Now these guys are tweeting like they are breathing, minute-to-minute update like I-am-stuck-in-the-traffic, good-mornings-evenings-nights, having tea-coffee-juice, wonder why don't they tweet about when they farted and how big the sound came off it and if their movie is gonna released then you can imagine their tweets: keeping-all-body-parts-cross, gave interviews-here-there-everywhere. And after release: thnkxs-for-dare-watching-the-movie.

This reminds of Uday Chopra's tweet after the release of Pyaar Impossible:

"Thanks everyone for your positive feedback on the movie, haven't been able to reply to all but been reading all the tweets" (bloody hell, if you have received positive response you would reply, why would you reply if you didn't get any... lol)

Can't handle this nuisance, let's see wt will pappu tweet if he becomes a hero

tweet 1: "Haa, birds get up so early and flying also, shit I'm late for jogging..."

"I'm going into restroom, censored ( lol...) attending nature's a days its always on engage don't have time for it only..."

"back from restroom, tying my shoe lace" (how are u tying while u r sending the tweet fag ass?)

"me jogging guys" (u r tweeting also Mr.pappu, forgot tht already?)

back from jogging, so tired couldn't jog for more than 5 mins, so much flab i have, got to do sth, this jogging will nt help"

"guys, no shooting today, so will watch a movie, suggest me some good movie. I'm waiting for ur reply..." (there's always some pappu who will reply to this tweet)

"Ok, I'm watching my own movie, pappu pass nahi huvaa..."

"eating channa, movie is so interesting"

"Guysssssss, I jus farted...., a silent one though..." (hold your noses, silent the fart deadlier it would smell... remember khanishtham thudthudiiy padam.... sursuria pran khatam!!!!)

guys guys, I was kidding in my prev tweet..." (who was eating channa, huh??)

I'm stopping here this post will nvr end if I also create imaginary tweets from bed to back to bed, now you can imagine the level of tweeting these days in the micro-blogsville, thanks to our actors.


Anyways, moving on from the annoying world, let's move into musical world. Gosh, a musical buff like me couldn't have asked more after listening to new releases: karthik calling karthik, striker, kedi (telugu), vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (ar rahman's tamil album) and then ishqiya. All of 'em have really good tracks. One of the movies music cd's is yet to hit the stores but somehow I managed to find a way to download that album online... woohoo

These days "uff teri adaa" is in the loop followed by "dil tho baccha hai ji" (ishqiya), "hosanna" (ar rahman) and yun hua (striker).

And, then have been watching movies as if there's no tomorrow for me. Last night saw "Yes man" the closing scene of that movie was ultimate. Before starting this post finished watching "Star trek" (blu ray version). I have decided to say good bye to dvd version and welcome blu ray from here on, no compromise with the quality you see...

Signing off with a positive note for you n me: "Live life to the fullest"

Nov 12, 2009

bloody week

What's happening with me?

What's new in new orkut, nothing new if you have an account in facebook. Miles to go compete with facebook. Anyways, all my excitement of getting the invitation for new orkut didn't live long.

Last week I tried some real stupid stuff to gain XP and coins in farmville. Tried all the hacks available on youtube and of course I gained 13000 XP points in one and half days time. Anyways I got bored of that and now I'm back to orthodox way of farming.

Not much happened this week, but yeah found out something while shopping couple of days back. My waist size has come down to 32, was 38 five months back. Didn't get excited about that, losing wt isn't getting exciting anymore but still on this occasion I shelled out 99 bucks for the pair of jeans.

Hell yeah, this week of paranormal thingy started day after the Halloween day. My friend Divya calls me and starts talking about this movie called paranormal activity, she saw that on Halloween night and she got disturbed after watching that movie. She couldn't sleep all night and next day too. What's haunting about the movie is this is a horror movie which is not made in any big castle or big house having dozen rooms, this is made in small apt just like any other you see in your day to day life where you live, visit your friends place. So this creates a doubt in your mind that are we living with some else other than our friends? and then few more people tell me their scary experience about the movie. One fine night when I was damn sleepy, couldn't help fall asleep in the couch at my work place. I was sleeping in sitting position with my right hand providing the required cushioning for my head. I slept for more than 2 hrs in that position and finally when my mind alarm blew I tried to wake up, I couldn't open my eyes for some reason, I couldn't pull my hand down, I felt as if someone was holding my hands and to worsen my imagination I felt warm air on my hair as if someone was breathing right on my head.

Oct 9, 2009

Long time no see...

It's been ages since I wrote something in here. I did start writing a new story I'm not ready, but I never came back to finish it. When I wanted to write the next episode "What's your rashee," movie pops up, ruining my story which has more or less similar kind of story. Anyways, the other day I happen to take a snap with cross legs pointing towards sky. Now, this was heights, because similar kind of pose is shown in the movie wake up s!d that's my mistake. When I upload the pic people ask me to come up with original ideas, hehe... what can I say except try to defend myself a bit and laugh at the coincidence.

Well, life has become real hectic these days, been working all seven days a week and then job search, project work, etc etc... The other day I drove over on to the pavement while parking, fell asleep driving ( I couldn't stop laughing at my friend's scared expression that day...). That's all from me...

May 30, 2009

The Unplanned exciting day!

What's the date?... it's May 30th, 2009, the day which I'm treasuring, here in this blogsville, forever.

I returned from my grandma's town after attending my cousin's engagement at around one in the night. I woke up at eight as I had an appointment with a company which asked me to come down to discuss about my internship. I and my friend Raghu went there, after finishing my work we met Raghu's cousin and his friend there. Raghu's cousin was attending the interview, after the interview we thought of going somewhere as we had nothing to do in the later part of the day.

We zoomed our car breaking traffic rules under the nose of the traffic police to PVR multiplex and booked tickets for two movies, one at 2:30PM and other was at 10:15PM. First movie, Vishal's Pista, was a headache movie to worsen that we got our seats in the first row. I tried to better the situation by observing the activities of the girls in our row though we were separated by a seat number. After the movie we decided to walk to GVK Mall which was 2 Kms away to eat at KFC. After filling ourselves we did window shopping there for more than an hour to beat the heat and also to kill the time. Then we walked to every shopping center for a/c on our way back to PVR. In between these activities Raghu's cousin and his friend whom I never met, talked as if we knew each other from our childhood, we became nice friends.

Then the final segment of our unplanned day, second movie Prayanam -  a love story in the airport. Right from the first frame of the movie we started laughing, we didn't expect the movie to be a laugh riot. We didn't move  from our seats fearing that we might miss the starting scene of the interval. As the clock was ticking we prayed that movie shouldn't end. Anyways movie ended on happier note, the first song and the background score had such high bass that we felt we were on a dance floor. 

At around 1:30 AM in the night we had late night biryani at Charminar. Finally reached home at 2:30 AM after good 14 and 1/2 hrs. I enjoyed to the core today...

Apr 12, 2009

it'll never be same again...

It's not about winning, even losing sometimes is fun, and sometimes narrating your losing is satisfying. People change and even the person whom you think you know the most also change, it hurts to let 'em go, all you have is the fond memories, at least this will not change. Letting go isn't winning or losing, of course emptiness will hurt you. Letting go is courage to accept the change, it is growing up.

How can you know what love is if you've never been hurt once. Love should have been a decision rather than a feeling, because feeling are deceptive in nature and they don't last for long.

You are one of my nicest thoughts...

Mar 15, 2009

Spring break

We pre-planned many things for spring break but none were executed. We planned to go California for spring break, but very few have come forward for that trip. So, no California, I felt bad that I will not be able to visit California. California, I can definitely say that it's my second home after India. Anyways, then we thought of Colorado springs, and many have okied for this trip. But we couldn't plan for that because of lack of communication among us. So, no Colorado too. 

One of my roomie saw a super deal in hertz for car rentals, 60 bucks for 2 days, now that was a sexy deal. So, he rented the car and we haven't decided anything yet. That night we went to Indie dancers (strip bar), that was day one. Day two, we started playing PlayStation, bought 6 controllers and there we go. We never moved from our chairs playing PlayStation. Day three, we decided to go snowboarding somewhere near Chicago. After that we went to Go-karting, then Industrial strip bar and back to our apt. 

Even though we couldn't do much in the spring break but we got the much needed break from our off-campus jobs, esply me. I didn't want to take a break but eventually ended up taking break for 5 days, it was a welcome one for me. 

I'm waiting for May 13 to catch my flight to India, only two more months minus 2 days to go. I can't wait for that day anymore. In the meanwhile I have to get back into the groove of routine life. 

So, its time to get back to work...

Mar 2, 2009


Words dominate everything, we use 'em up to express for what we wanna say. For our deepest feelings that we depress doesn't come out that way, the exact way we wanted to express. And in a blink there's always a misinterpretation ambushing. Understanding the words that's not meant to be, the bitterly twisted ones, the meanings which get lost in a flash, never gonna be easy. Words are murderous, they will for sure cut deep into you. 

Better think more than twice before using 'em, for now and forever. Because the words that has been spoken out loud can never be undone...

Feb 14, 2009

X O ...

Love at times is said to be very difficult thing to find. And, once you find the true and selfless love then it lasts forever, but not everyone is that lucky. This love is a fantabulous experience felt by a person for another person. Love isn't built by a singular feeling but it's built from more than one feeling. Love is the most sweetest thing and also worst nightmare that can hunt you entire life if you don't get accepted. 

Well, I don't advise not to look out for your love, who knows you might just get luckier. Anyways, I wish everyone a very happy valentine's day and pray that everyone finds their love and none with a "nightmare!". 

Mohabbat mohabbat milegi chal ke do kadam 
Saathi se mil jaayenge 
Baharein phir khil jaayenge 
Chal ke do kadam



Dec 31, 2008

closing note - yr 2008...

Survived another year, with many many things to remember. To start with, my first-ever flight experience which was a mixture of excitement, adventurous and ending on the hating side of flying anymore. The take-off was filled with thrilling experience and the first landing was little frightening, thanks to Air-India for that experience. Then, nearly missed my connecting flight helping the old couple to catch their flight. And then the final connecting flight flew for direct 10hrs which made me hate the travelling thru flights anymore. Now I wish we had a rail or roadway to India from US having a big flyover bridge [:P]

Next noteworthy experience would be the learning phase, learning the American way of living, burgers-pizzas-beers-clubbing-touring-shopping-deals-so on. My first six months stay in Calif. would always be the closest to my heart. I never realised I can cook, and went on to become really good cook. The importance of Friday night parties, not that I didn't know about the importance, but after coming here I realised what is with the Friday-nights!

Parting never became adventurous until cops arrived to stop the parties. And after six glorious months, had to head towards East side, the colder regions of US. The first experience of snowfall was terrific, within an hour everything outside was filled with snow. But started hating the white stuff soon, which makes life difficult. To cross a 10 feet road how much time do you take? keep out from answering the stupid question, my answer would ridicule it. When the road is covered by ice sheet it takes 10 minutes, and you sure to slip while crossing, good lord I didn't slip yet, though couple of my friends have called me to tell their slipping experience (the devil in me kept laughing hearing that...)

Anyways, those were few delicious experiences of year '08 and no resolutions this year, and I wish everyone out there a very happy and fabulous year '09.

Sep 13, 2008

Life in US II

Back after ages to tell about life in US of A. So, many of you know that I have left Calif. and shifted my base to Indy., if you don't, well, you know now. I miss Calif. badly, I hope to get back to Calif. after my grad.

This incident happened during my first shopping experience at a food-mart. I and my room-mates went to a food-mart to buy groceries. One guy was searching for curd in frozen food section, I found one for him and showed it to him, he says this is not curd, this is yogurt. I said it was just the plain one and not the flavored one so it must the one we are searching for. He didn't agree with me and he went to a white lady and asked where can he find curd? she was like, "find what?"

Then a desi uncle who was watching him came to his rescue and explained him that we call curd as yogurt here. And, in another incident my friend asked a cashier for a plastic cover to stuff in his books which he bought there, cashier didn't get him what was he asking. By then I got familiar with few of the words what to use and what not to use, thanks to liquor store where I worked. I went there and asked for a plastic bag, which the cashier gave with a smile.

Anyways, will tell few more things next time. As of now lifestyle and climate and also environment have slided big time for me, moving from west to east, from hotter part of the US to gonna be coldest part in the couple of months from now. And Hurricane Ike is gonna visit my place sometime next week.

Mar 17, 2008

Life in US!

Never flew in a plane so was excited when I finally got into a plane, and that nearly 20 hrs stint in the air changing three different flights bored me, and now I don't wanna get into a plane! How will I go back to India??

Oh! you going to US! man that's rocking!... said so many with so many exclamations, yeah, so me too was so excited packing my bags to US!... Hmmm... after spending eleven hundred hrs I say what's there here to get excited! (with an exclamation)...

Anyways, if you feel hungry and you don't wanna spend bucks for killing your hunger, man go to a walmart. Go search for donuts, chocolates, pancakes... eh! hold on! I'm not gonna pay for all these... rite! who's asking you to? tear the packets, dump them into your mouth and dump the cover into some rack and get out from there...

Back in India, Non-veg means rates! but in US vegetables means rates! so go for meat rather than veggies... anyways, all you get here is frozen to the core...

You hardly find water to drink, or should I say you just forget that you had to drink water. Water is like some beverage here, you see yourself quenching your thirst with energy drinks, pepsi's that too diet ones and of course how can I forget beers!
You waste your hell lota precious time crossing the signals! bloody hell! anyways you must be hungry again, watch out for BK (Burger King) you'll get million dollar worth $1 crisp chicken burger, of course Mc D also has one called McChicken, but comparatively BK rocks!

Whatever it might be but you observe that you improve your mother tongue here rather than in India, for-apparent-reasons...
Aftr so much of complaining, on the contrary I'm slowly loving US...

Dec 31, 2007


The year 2007 was full of contrasts - of ups and downs. It presented a procession of happy moments and bad times. Made new set of friends, saw extremely boring moments to happiest ones. I mostly relied on my luck this year to succeed in my own shattering enterprises. I did take way too many risks and got through but couldn't escape few hick-ups on the way.

I was well-motivated by all my friends, had so many ambitions and always believed in my chances. Had to leave for my new ambition. All the year I was just running to reach on time if not in time.

And finally the year ended on the happier note...

Wishing all my friends a very happy and prosperous new year ahead!

Apr 22, 2007

life's on random track these days...

He doesn't know where he is going to end. It's all been random till now. There are few things he dreamt of and want them become real in his life.

He had been turning from one direction to another just like a new weather cock, may be because he has the confidence that he can manage things even in worst situations, and to the matter of fact he's bailed out quite easily in worst scenarios many a times. That's always been a plus point for a stubborn person like him.

He used to be most irritating chatter box, but he has become more silent, and no one observed that. He's observing things happening around him. He's stopped expecting things from his friends, but was always been there for them when they needed him. People think he's very predictable, but is he?

He's now ready for the situation he's envisaged..."who asked you to come this far? who asked you to imagine things in your way, I'm sorry if you expected many things... sorry.."