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Aug 3, 2010

The difference between a fruit and a root...

So, what comes to our mind when we think of a fruit and a root? I know you would say fruit which is sweet and which is not a vegetable ... DUH!!! and root is like legs for a tree without which it can't stand high. So far so good, now until one of my friends told me something really interesting about fruit and root I thought otherwise...

She told me this lovely quote,
Love is like a fruit,
Friend is like a root,
A tree can live without a fruit
but not without a root...

Well, that was some quotation you see. And then I donno if that holds firm in the meaning... hehe. See, if I go with examples now, for suppose, there's a boy and a girl, ok? and then they are jaan jigaris, thats also cool. Next, this girl feels his problems are hers and vice-versa, they buy costly gifts, they'll do anything to catch up with each other regularly if not daily. Then the magic piece which God gave us to talk to each other from any corner of the world, provided signals are available. This relation can be kinda puppy kind or matured one, depends on the maturity levels they have.

So, now my point, do you thing same kind of relation prevails among guys? I mean buying expensive gifts? catch up with each other? NO!!! Birthdays will be remembered, that's not an issue, we celebrate with beers that's for sure. Long weekend road trips, yes. Now, talking on magic piece is constrained to only 10-15 mins. Our conversation will start with, " yaar, I need some money", "arey did u hear this, raj ka naya gf, purane wali se bhag gayi, it seems she is gay... acha huva saale ko", "dude I saw Ferrari, I could tailgate it for only 2 miles, it was aaaaaawesomeee...!!!". And it all ends up, "Ok, I driving now, call me after 15 mins", "I'm in restroom, bas doo min main will call u back..." (literally saying, I'm done talking to you...)

Ok, so the major difference would be that, you tend to be mushy with opp. sex for sure. But then only your friend understands your feelings without saying... Now Now, my doubt, so lets say you fall in love with someone, and obviously you don't get time to spend time with your friends anymore. I here think your lover is your special friend so after writing this line a thought just striked me that a lover is your special friend even if guys feel that you can't be one at the end still you can end being the best friends forever... LOL , sorry I wasted time of you guys... thanks sweth for the enlightenment!