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Dec 8, 2007

No Commitments please! (the end)

I didn't inform my dad about the flight details as I wanted to give them a little surprise and more over I wanted to spend couple of hours with Neelima. I couldn't figure out a time frame when and where can I meet her as mom and dad will not allow me to go out for at least two to three days. So I made a call to Neelima and asked her to come to airport.

It started raining when I walked out of the airport. Neelu was standing on the other side of the road with an umbrella. She gained little weight and was looking more prettier. I fell in love yet again after seeing her.

"Hi ma'am"
"Hi prasad..."
"Gawd! you are looking so gorgeous that I think I deserve a kiss from you..."
"Shut up... where are we going now?"
"ahh... Well, I didn't think of anything yet, so first we'll go to Ohri's and have lunch then we'll think of where to go..."
"Ok sir..."

After lunch we went to Necklace road and walked for while holding our hands before we settled at the Eat Street.

"Hmm... so how are you, you lost so much of weight. Look at you, you look like a father of two kids..."
"Yeah, I know... got to join a gym soon..."
"You better, and how are girls in you city sir?"
"Girls... I guess you were the first girl in this one and half years I talked to except for my instructor in lab, the lady bus conductor, the lady bartender, the cashier in the super market and the waitress in the hotel near my house..."
"ahan, that's really sad..."

Neelima took my hands into her and looked into my eyes. Tears started to slip on her tender cheeks.

"Prasad... I did a mistake, a terrible one and I'm so shameless to see directly into your eyes and talk to you like this..."
"Hey... what happened??"
"I donno what to say and how to say...but then I can't keep you in dark for long, I can't cheat you..."
"are you telling me what happened or not?"
"Prasad... I'm pregnant ...."
"I'm sorry , I'm really sorry prasad... "

I couldn't digest that, I started feeling beaten. As If I had come to tad end of my life, there's nothing left. I rose from the chair and walked away leaving her there. From there I went to a bar and boozed till I lost my senses. I cried my heart out, cried so much that my tears dried out.

Next day morning I saw myself in my room. I got up with headache . Poo got into the room and bolted.

"Hmm... dad brought you from the bar last night... What happened, why were you so upset?"
I hugged poo tightly and cried...
"Hey ... what happened, will you tell me something please, I feel like crying now..."
"Hmm..nothing, I missed you badly and mom and dad..."
"We too missed you yaar... please come back for ever...please..."

Poo wiped my tears and gave a peck on my forehead. Next minute I went to dad and said that I wanted to marry Neelu. My mom rushed into the house from the veranda when she heard that and hugged me. My dad was in little confusion on how to react for my decision.

In the evening I got a call from Neelima...

"Prasad... are you sure you want to marry me...?", She was crying on the other end.
"Yes, I am... and I appreciate your boldness to reveal about the incident to me..."
"I'm planning for an abortion ..."
"No, you will not do that... why you want to kill the part of yours because of your mistake... Ok listen, happened so happen, I'm ready to accept the child. Will you marry me neelima?"
She hung up the phone...

We got married after two weeks on forcing from my end. Later after a week the day before I was returning to Germany we sat with our parents and weaved a story that we fell in love two years back itself and then we got close physically. I didn't where did I gathered the enough guts to talk to them. We confided the news of the pregnancy. They got shocked for a while and then everything came back to normalcy. They felt happy for us for correcting our mistake and blessed us. This released immense pressure from me.

Back to the cafe...

"That was a brave decision bro. I feel so proud of you", Avinash said.
"Hmm... thanks man... But then I still can't believe what made her to do that...I didn't want to know how and where it all happened"
"There will be few moments in life where no one can have a hold on his/her feelings..."
"Yeah... I understand that... so that's how I'm gonna be a father soon..."
"that's cool bro..."
"Chalo, let's go now we got a seminar in fifteen minutes..."
"Yeah, you carry on, will catch you in a moment. Have to make a call..."
"Ok, cya then..."

"yeah me... I'm really feeling guilty for what happened... we shouldn't have done that... anyways by God's grace everything is fine now... you got give so much of love to Prasad from now on till your last breathe... Take care of yourself and goodbye".


That day I met Neelima on New year's day party. I got so attracted to her that I couldn't take my eyes off her. Her friends forced her to drink. She had so much that she lost her senses. Neelima stayed back at her friend's place. On the way back to home my bike got skid and I got injured. My friend took me back to her home from the hospital.

She ushered towards the room where I had to sleep. I accidentally got into Neelima's room. As I was going out Neelima held my hand and pulled onto the bed, she started kissing taking prasad's name. At that moment it hardly mattered what was happening I couldn't resist the animal instincts in me that night.

Next day she realized the terrible mistake that happened that night. I had really hard time consoling her. I felt guilty for what I did. She was shivering and crying, I didn't knew what to tell her. After shaking herself little bit she asked me not to tell this to anybody and never try to meet her....


Dec 1, 2007

No commitments please! part 5

continued from here...

Germany made me feel nervous. When I went to S'pore I wasn't that nervous then. May be the age factor, I have become a responsible adult and this feeling made me feel lonely. Initially I had problem in acclimatizing but as the days passed I got settled down. New people, new friends, new neighbors, even I started boozing now. My first cocktail was "sex in beach" and then "long island", I started drinking beer like water.
The weather was always warm mainly but one day while coming back from my work place and all of sudden I was standing in the snowfall, ah! awesome was the word. It was only in movies I saw snowfall but now I'm standing in the snowfall! I wished neelima was here with me at this moment. I missed her badly. We haven't been in touch for ages, no phone call, no mail nothing. We took each other for granted. But then I wasn't having much time to think other than my research work. It was very slow progressing one, takes months at times to see some progress into it.

Staying in room with new people, they were of all kind, selfish, unselfish. But I learnt one thing never rely on anyone, it's all you who's gonna help. I started knowing myself better now, saw the untamed world around me waiting to conquer me and destroy. I became kinda indifferent by nature, not bothered of what's happening around, all I bothered was me. Can't even remember when was the last I talked to dad, mom and poo. Poo used to send mails and I hardly replied a couple of them. And no mail from Neelima, I thought of mailing one to her to know what's up with her. But felt weird to mail one, don't know why, just took her for granted and thought she was doing fine and so she would have mailed me if something was wrong. Not that I didn't mail any, mailed her couple of times but I didn't receive one reply for those mails.

It was on the new year day I decided to make a call to her.

"Hello, neelima?"
"yea, how are you?"
"I'm fine, and how are you?"
"I'm ok, hey did you get my mails? I never received any reply for those..."
"Ahh... I forgot to tell you, my ID got deleted, it's not active anymore... and I didnt have your email ID, I never memorised"
"oh ok, anyways did you create one?"
"ok... hey happy new year maam"
"thanks and wish you the same sir, so how are celebrating the eve?"
"well, with chivasregal..."
"who? you colleague huh?"
"hehehe...that's a hard drink neelu..."
"When have you started this ?"
"hey chill, just couple of pegs, it's very cold out here and right now I'm standing in the snowfall..."
"hmm... I hope you are telling truth to me..."
"oh cmon now, jus 2 pegs that's, jus to taste that's it..."
"ok ok , your wish, just take care of yourself..."
"yes maam"
"hey prasad, your mom n dad have come to my house. I have to go....bye..."
"oh! is it, give them the mobile I'll talk to them ..."
"good joke! ok then I'm hanging up the phone..."
"ok ok, love you, bye.."
"love you too, bye.."

After I hung up the phone I felt too bad of me for the first time. I thought she wasn't bothering about me, but there she had a problem in contacting me, I'm sitting here instead of calling her and asking how was she... I felt happy after talking to her... everything seemed normal again... felt like I smiled after good one year and the effect was there because of that, my cheeks were paining...

As summer was approaching and my research work was running at a snail pace, saw hardly any developements so I kept myself busy with paper presentations. One day I got call from dad...
"hello prasad, how are you?"
"I'm fine dad, how are you, mom n poo?"
"All are good prasad, prasad I thought of asking if you could come to India for couple of weeks, we want to see you prasad...."
"I too want to come, I need a break.... ok dad, I'll do one thing, I'll check out if my batch mate can take up my work too for couple of weeks..."
"Ok prasad, let me know when are going to come..."
"ok dad..."
"ok prasad, take care, bye..."
"bye dad.."

After that call, I couldn't wait for to go home. Took off from the lab for the day and went back to room...

I have shifted to new flat with Avinash last week, just two blocks away from the lab, my batch mate who just joined couple of months back. I told him the situation he readily agreed to cover up for me. Luckily my professor was going to Canada for a paper presentation there, he wasn't going to come back for a month and the developments of my work was hardly showing any improvements. These little things cleared all my tensions and I booked a flight ticket for next week. be continued

Nov 13, 2007

No commitments please! part# 4

Continued from here...

Days passed away in a blink and I didn't realize that I'm into final sem now. The project work has sucked all my energy. And I was busy applying for Ph. D, got an offer from Germany. But I just had one month for vacation as I have to be in Germany by then.

Neelima has stopped mailing me, neither I mailed any message to her. We weren't in touch with each other for one full year. I didn't come to India during sem break, as I got an offer to assist my professor in his research work. I became so submerged into these things in s'pore that I hardly made a call to home.

After getting graduated and the graduation party without wasting any time I caught the next day first flight to India. I felt so happy to come back home after two long tiring years, but then the thought of going to Germany in another couple of months ruined my happiness.

Mom and dad came to airport to receive me and my sis too. I asked my dad not to inform anybody about my returning for at least 2 days. Mom inspected me with watery eyes even dad too. I felt so secured, after seeing them all my mental stress vanished, poof!. Even poo wasn't blabbering anything while coming in cab.

As soon as I entered my room, poo attacked me from behind. She pushed into the bed and jumped with a pillow and started banging me with the pillow.
"what the heck do you think of yourself, you nerdy ass?"
"Oi poo, ass?"
"yes!, you are such an ass****... don't talk to me at all"
I knew at once for the reason poo being mad on me. I didn't wish her on her b'day last week.
"I...I ... sorry yaar, c'mon now, you know me how much I love my sis... if I forgot to wish you on your b'day ... ok , well , forget it, I'm really sorry, tell me what should I do for you?"
"Get lost ok, I hate you dumbo!", Poo shouted at me and went to her room.

In the night when everyone slept, I slowly sneaked into poo's room and placed a bag in her bed and came back to my room. Back to room I closed my door and digged my lappy's bag for davidoff. Ah! a cigarette after 24 hours. I got into this stupid habit of smoking in s'pore. Luckily I had control over my smoking habit but then at least one cigarette per day became necessity for me.

Next day morning I woke up after being disturbed by poo's weight on me, again!. Before I said anything she gave a peck on my forehead. She was smiling with her cute dimples.
"Hmm, so I'm an ass****, huh?"
"yes, you shouldn't have any doubt about that bro... anyways thanks for the teddy, and I have given it a name too, Junglee. How's it?"
"Hey c'mon poo, why you calling the poor thing with your name"
"hellooo..." poo was getting geared up to bang with the pillow again. I caught her neck and took her into the balcony.
"Hey poo, you know what, I have to go to Germany for my Ph.D in another one and half months... hmmm"
"aww, shit yaar, too much, you didn't even inform this to mom and dad yet..."
"No I didn't wantedly... will tell them after two or three days, and you don't tell anybody please..."
"OK. OK... and I have booked tickets for om shanti om, evening show,..."
"woohoo cool..."

After week or so, one day dad called me and asked what are my next plans. I informed him about Ph.D thing. He felt happy about that but mom came rushing from the kitchen...
"No way... you aren't going anywhere. Better stay here and do some job, enough of studying and staying away from home for years... "
"Hmm... Ok ok... chicken curry is getting over roasted on the stove go and check I'm hungry..."
"you don't have to tell..." she said and went back into the kitchen room.

My dad took me into the veranda and asked me how long it would take to finish my Ph.D. It's not that he being a professor hasn't got any idea about Ph.D but the distance is what keeps his worried.
"Dad, you know that it's gonna take yrs... and I want to go for it..."
"Your wish Prasad... your mom is insisting me to get you married now itself, you know why..."
"No marriage nothing, please dad...please, I'm not thinking about it now.."

And the day has come for me to leave to Germany. I had mixed feelings filled in me. I decided that after Ph.D I'm coming back to India forever and do whatever I want to. Neelima's call that day woke me up. I just forgot about her. I felt so bad about this. All of a sudden some kinda voidness got created in me.

I woke up from the reverie when the air hostess announced that we were about to reach the destination in another thirty minutes. be continued

Oct 29, 2007

No commitments please! part 3

Continued from here...

"There... there's the bag, dad said you would come", she said looking worriedly.

"Oh, yeah... ok", I succumbed sufficient energy to mutter that.

I took the bag and came off from there without saying another word. Beeds of Sweat rolled of my face. I didn't dare to look her back. And that was our only talking since our childhood. At the first sight of her after so many years was amazing, even though I didn't knew the girl I was seeing during Dussera festival every year at the temple is going to be Neelima.

And then I never met her after that. I got admission in National University of S'pore for pursing MS in Biotechnology. Well, I couldn't not meet her in person for two years but then I found her in orkut I should thank Orkut Buyukkokten for providing such a wonderful tool to us. From there to gtalk and Yahoo Messenger, couldn't imagine how this world could have been without these virtual social networks. And then these networks have spread so fast like a wildfire that it shouldn't be shocking if you come to know that there was an e-wedding happening online, bride is sitting in front her system in Sri-Lanka and groom somewhere in US, Pandit somewhere in Banaras and the guests would be you and me blessing the new couple sitting in our sweet-homes.

Anyways, we became very close online and we started knowing each other better. There wasn't a single day without chatting with her. If couldn't meet online we ensured that we shot a mail to each other. One fine day she asked my mobile number in S'pore. It was on my birthday. I took her mobile number instead and called her.

".....Hi..... Neelima..."
"....Ha a ai, happ haappy b'day Prasad"
"Thank you.."

And to our respite her mom called her the next second, Phew! after hunging up the phone I badly wanted to talk back to her. All our the possible meetings through all the source which were the means for the first time turned out to be very nervous thingy. The first time confrontation was nervous one and now the phone thing too.

Well, all this happened for only couple of months. We couldn't meet online anymore after the first two months there in S'pore. Assignments kept me busy and then the part time job. Just the occasional e-mails continued thankfully.

... to be continued.//

Oct 22, 2007

No commitments please! part 2

Continued from here...

As I turned around to start my bike, she gave a cute smile, the killer one. I started my bike and headed back to my home. As her image became smaller and smaller I felt weaker, I started missing from the very next second, I wanted to see her, I wanted to talk to her, I wanted to stay with her. I turned the bike and accelerated towards her. I stopped the bike near her and lied it on ground not bothering to put the stand. She held my hand and took me to the back side lane of the spencer's. I could not control the rush of the feelings for her any more, at least at this moment. Before I could react she hugged me tightly.

"Prasad, that's ok, I understand, but you got something more important than me. Your Ph.D, get settled soon, even I'll do some job here. Yes , I'll also miss you."

I couldn't speak anything, she gave answers to my feelings. She wiped the small tears that tore out of my eyes. I took her face into my hands and kissed on her cheeks. We drew back from the hug and walked towards my bike. As I was about to start my bike my mobile started buzzing, it was dad.

"Where are you beta? cab has come"
"oh, I'm nearby only, just two minutes"
"Ok, make it fast"
"Ok", I said and hung up the mobile.

I started my bike and zoomed off to home biding bye to her. Cab was waiting in front of the gate, I parked the bike in the shed and took a last look at it, as my dad is gonna sell it off as no one is going to use it.

All were waiting for me, I went into my room and changed into into another dress. I checked under the bed and shelves for any porn CD or any cigarette which I mite have hid in a hurry. I locked my wardrobe and gave keys to Puja.

"Oi Puja, here's the keys of my wardrobe. You can open it and hide anything or use anything from it. And I have kept ten thousand bucks for you, you can use it for whatever you want to do or buy. And sweetheart at least once a day scold me in your mind..."

Puja dropped in the bed and started crying, I took her into my arms and said, "hey Poo, come on, stop crying, ok I will not go. No Germany nothing..."

She stopped crying and wiped her tears. She gave a small gift box to me. I opened it and saw a cool black leather wallet....

"Thanks poo! shit sorry yaar, couldn't get a gift for ya..."
"That's ok bro..., I bought that wallet from those ten thousand bucks in your wardrobe", she said and winked at me... i couldn't stop laughing at that.

At 2055hrs we reached airport. I just had five minutes. I took blessings of my parents and relatives and gave a high - five to puja and went inside.

After the checking at 2250 hrs I boarded the plane. Phew! it was a window seat. Plane took off at 2300hrs.

After couple of hours I got settled down and sailed to the day when I first saw Neelima...

"Prasad, are you doing anything?", dad asked me entering the house. He went to market to buy vegetables.
"No", I replied back.
"Then go to Rao Uncle's house and bring the mangoes, he's already kept a bag full of mangoes aside in his house. Your mom wants to make mango pickle."
"Ok, I'll go in ten minutes"
"Go now Prasad, switch off the system first, it's been running since morning", my mom shouted from the kitchen room.
"OKKKKKKKKK!!", I shouted and headed to Rao uncle's house. Mohan Rao uncle and my dad were childhood friends, they knew each other since school days. He and my dad both are professors in the State University. He has a daughter of same age of mine. But the interesting thing is I never met her in person in so many years, She done her schooling in a boarding school and finished her engg as a boarder. And when she used to come back to home for vacation I used to go to grandma's hometown. As I stepped out of the house I saw Rao uncle coming.

"Prasad go and bring the mangoes from my house", uncle said.
"Yea, I'm going there only"
"Ok, and tell Neelima that i would be late to home, might not come by lunch time"
"huh? Neelima is at home?"
"yes, now that she has finished her Engg she's back to home now, no more hostels anymore"
"ok, bye uncle"
"bye prasad"...

I wanted to see Neelima now at any cost, how she looks, does she know who I'm, what's her height would be? so many questions pondered till I reached her house in the next lane.

I knocked the door seeing the doorbell wasn't working. I heard someone opening the door. As soon as the door opened I was shocked to see the girl who opened the door. Every year on the dussera day I saw her with Puja, I never bothered to ask who she was. And I started seeing her regularly these days. A sudden chill ran through my spine...

"Hi prasad.."

...stay glued for next part

Oct 12, 2007

No commitments please! part 1

"Prasad, here is your passport and flight ticket. Now make it fast flight is at 2300 hrs, and you got to report by 2100hrs", my dad said hurriedly.
"Ha dad! it's just six, we still have plenty of time. You just sit there and enjoy the cool breeze coming outside"
"Ok OK, cab will come at seven. Just check out everything and see whether you are forgetting anything", my dad said as he went out and sat in the sofa outside the house.
"Yes dad, will check"

"Prasad, Prasad keep this lemon rice in your bag. You will feel hungry in the journey", my mom said handing the box.
"Mom.... now c'mon, I'll get to eat everything in the flight itself, no need of all these things"

I walked out of my room for some air. Today it's filled with all the relatives who came to give send off to me. I'm leaving to Germany as I got an offer there to do my research work for my Ph. D.

"Prasad, Prasad! where are you, there's a call for you...", puja, my little sister, shouted.
"Here Puja, at the dining table"
"Hey, some female on the other side. I never heard her voice till now. Who is this?", Puja whispered in my ears.
"Let me attend the call first. How will I know who's on the phone without talking to her?", I said and snatched the phone from her hand.

"Hello, Prasad?",
"Yes ma'am, who is this?"
"Neelima, can you come to Spencers which is near my house now?"
"Now? I mean it might not be possible. I mean, I'm leaving to airport in an hour."
"Just for five minutes, please"
"Huh, Ok, will be there in ten minutes. And only five minutes not more than that.."
"yup, come soon, I'm already there in the Spencer"
"Ok, bye", I said and hung up the phone.

That was a surprise call from Neelima. In the three years this was the first time we talked to each other. My heart slipped so many beats in the couple of minutes while talking to her. I hurried and took out my bike.

"oye prasad, where are you going now?", Dad asked opening the gate.
"Spencers, just 10 minutes that's it."
"For what?"
"Deodrant, I forgot to buy one..."
"Ok, come fast ..."
"Ok dad.."

I reached Spencers in ten minutes, and dialed Neelima's mobile number...

"Hello, where are you?"
"Behind you!", said Neelima

I turned back keeping my cool and controlling the nervousness.
"Hi Neelima", I said looking at her. She was wearing pink top and white cream long skirt. She was looking so damn cute in that.
"Hi Prasad, thanks for coming...", said Neelima with a smile.
"No problem, tell me"
"Huh, I wanted to tell you something that's why I asked you to come here..."
"Ok, and what do you want to tell..?"
"Well, let's come to the point and you are getting late too... Prasad... I.."
"Neelima, I know what you wanna tell. That's Ok you don't have to tell that..."
"That's it then, I wanted to let you know this before you leave..."

We looked into each others eyes and shook hands for the first time. I didn't want to leave her now. I didn't want to go...

"Prasad, all the best and take a great care of yourself"
"yup, you too... Ok then got to go, ..."
"yea...", she said and came near and gave a peck on my forehead.
"And take this...", she said and handed me with Axe effect!
"How do you know that I.......???"
"You are getting late sir, bye prasad..."
"bye Neelima...." be continued

Oct 7, 2007

No Commitments Please! (fiction) the teaser!

"Hi prasad, what happened to your hand?", I asked seeing plastered hand of Prasad.

"Ah! this one, nothing just a small accident while playing cricket...", Prasad said lifting his plastered right hand.

"What else Avinash, sorry yaar I couldn't keep in touch with ya these days, I'm bit busy with my research work and other things too..."

"Hey that's alright bro, you don't have to be formal. And when the hell you gonna marry eh?"

"Marriage! haha... well I asked you to find a girl for me, so it's in your hands, when you getting me married huh?"

"Stop kidding! I'm serious bro..."

"Well, let's go into the cafe and talk, I got to tell you something...."

We walked into the cafe and ordered hot cuppa steaming irani chai, He lighted a cigarette and made rings. I always tried to make those rings but I could make only small ones which come accidentally...

"WEll promise me Avinash that you won't tell whatever I'm gonna tell you to anyone.."

"Hmm... you have my word, now tell what's that..."

"Well I got married few months back when I was here for holidays... and I'll soon be father, I'll inform you..."

I puked out the water in my mouth when I heard that...

"Oh! good to know that you got married, and you didn't invite me, great!"

"Sorry for that, but it was registered marriage, even my parents don't know about this.."

"Well , now that you are married why don't you tell this to your parents"

"Will tell once I become father..."

"Hmmm...What about her parents? what about her family members? Whats her name? Where's she now? What's she doing? When and where did you guys meet?"

"Ohhh man! you ask too many questions, I'm not prepared to answer these questions now, and it's way too personal to tell all that , what I need to say I told ya..."

"Hmmm.. fine, no problem..."

"Ok listen my story in few words, we both are from two conservative families and this love happened when I was in college it self, even though we stay in same locality I could dare mutter a word only after 3 yrs, and then talking happened accidentally when my dad asked to get mangoes from her house, luckily that day she was alone in her home. And then one day I got offer from Germany to do my Ph.D that was the day when she proposed me. And then when I came back to India after 2 yrs I came to know her parents were trying to get her married. So we guys went and got married, couple of close friends took care of the wedding, and now I'll be father soon..."

"Oh ok..." , I said and I got lost into my thoughts how things are so complicated in life...

"Hey dude, tell you something , you might sure have girl friends and all but thing is you are still younger to understand what you want and all as of now just be friendly , no commitments and no worries, is my advice..."

"Hmm... yeah! you do have a point in what you said..."

....... full story coming up