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Aug 22, 2006

DEAth beD..... 2

And in the morning I got up at 7am. Raghu, Aadi, Jeevan, and Sahan very busy taking photos. Their eyes were red. I asked them why is that you guys eyes are red, didnt you guys sleep in the night?. I heard someone laughing from behind. It was our Jeep driver Lingam, he said those guys didnt sleep in the night fearing tiger would come. Then later he revealed that the guard tried to play prank.

That day till 4 pm the remaining guys played badminton and those four of them bed ridden..(LOL). Later in the evening our jeep driver said that we'll be going into the forest early in the morning by 6am. Well that night all we ten guys slept together tight...(those four guys slept in between us... ).

Next day, guard woke us at 5 am and we packed our bags to leave. At 5:15 am we started towards the forest. On the way we saw BlackBucks, peacocks. Ok then here it was our destination, an undiscovered waterfall. This waterfall was only known to forest department and no one else knew about this, Lingam told us. And this was deep in the forest.

We all got into our shorts and jumped into the water. The pond was 20 ft deep and didnt knew that. I dont know swimming, but love to be in water for hours. I was taking dips and enjoying. Then Jeevan came from behind and showed a rock which was in the middle of the pond. He was dragging me near that, I didnt resist because I was able to grip the slippery stones in the pond I was putting each and every step firmly. But suddenly the depth increased and I was not able to land my feet properly, I was literally reaching out for the grip my landing in the water. And thats it Jeevan in his joy of reaching the rock left me, and I was literally drowing. I tried to float keep the things in control not to panic. But no, I was drowning and thats it into the water. For a moment my mind started rewinding all the incidents happy, sad. I saw those twinkling stars, it was as if I just wanted to sleep and nothing else. And I saw death so closely I lost my hope to be able to see all my friends, my mom again. Suddenly someone pushed me to light and I was back, back to life. Suman pushed me from below. This all happened in a span of one full minute.

This particular scene still shivers me......... plzz click onto the site for the foto.....

Aug 12, 2006

DEAth beD......

I don’t know how many of you guys saw the death so closely. I have seen myself in between life and death border. Yes you read that right… there was tug-off war between life and death for me.

This happened after my plus 2, all we school buddies after giving our Engg entrance exam decided to go for tour outside Hyderabad. Prashanth’s father is a Divisional Forest officer, so he took permission of his dad so that we can spend couple of days in the forest guest house.

The very next day we all packed our bags to Bhadrachalam. From there the forest was some 50kms away. First day after reaching Bhadrachalam we took rest at Prashanth’s Forest Dept. Quarters. In the evening we started to the forest guest house. We were 10 guys, we traveled in jeeps. At 9 in the night we reached the guest house. By the time we reached there guards arranged dinner. The menu had Rice, Wild chicken, sambhar, egg, fish. (yummy…..rite?) . Then after dinner we went for a walk till 10:30. After returning back to guest house Raghu asked one of the guards that does any Tigers come here?... for that guard said yesterday night one tiger slept in the backyard of the guest house… listening to this he said this thing to everyone. Raghu, Aadi, Sahan, Jeevan… these guys didn’t sleep in the night fearing Tiger would come. (lol…)……

to be continued............