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Mar 15, 2011

Random updates

Sachin... Sachin!!! man does anybody in this world of cricket don't know him? I doubt it! He's considered messiah of the cricket world. 98 centuries in both formats of the game and still going strong and I have no doubts he'll reach that coveted 100 centuries within couple of months or so. I like him but then he is not my favorite one in this game.

Of late, when this ICC world cup 2011 started naturally we will have the discussions post-match and there are always bunch of idiots who start commenting on the way Sachin batted. Don't they feel proud that we have 'GOD' playing in our team? And does real 'GOD' always came to your rescue when you are in deep shit? Here GOD is doing his part but what are the other team members doing to help him? can't they bowl perfect 10 wicket taking deliveries off 300 balls? If Sachin plays 120 balls and makes 130 or so runs can't the rest of the assholes make 200 off 180 balls?

But then I won't blame anyone who is playing. I know the conditions could go against you, no one wants to be on the losing side. This is what makes the Indian team most existing, every time they went down they came up from the ashes like a phoenix. GO INDIA! GO!

Nov 15, 2007

sachin jinx!

So so Sachin falls yet again without a century this year for sixth time. Yea yea it does bother India and we are indeed waiting for the jinx to break.

I was surfing through the stupid channels in the television today and got glued to a news channel, having an interaction session with numerologist and astrologer who were doing a postmortem on the jinx.

Astrologer says Sachin is a taurus by western astrologer and buffalo by chinese, and he goes to say that bull and buffalo are cousins and have same habits and Sachin has gotten into a rut and it's a habit that can't be get ridden easily. So his advice to the master blaster is to try to get out of that rut and he should start wearing a copper ring. OKKK!!!

Now comes numerologist, according to him jersey number 10 is not an auspicious number in numerology. Number #10 is called as wheel of fortune in the numerology and is said to be inconsistent by nature. So what he advices our little master is to get rid of that jersey number 10 and start wearing the number 99. And also he should start wearing a diamond. Well it seems Anil Kumble has consulted this numerologist and he was adviced to wear a diamond and there he goes, he's captain of team India now. This numerologist was consulted by uthappa, sreesanth etc etc who according to him are doing great.

Both say that Sachin has another 2-3 years left in the world of cricket and 2008 is gonna be all hundreds and hundreds and we wait for those hundreds to come.

Whatever, as long as India is doing a good job nothing bothers us, what say?

hey by the way, no one is saying anything about his MRF bat, may be he should change that... :P

Sep 22, 2007

Chak de INDIA!

The players from both sides congratulate each other and the Indians are all out there celebrating. They came into this tournament rank outsiders and now India have beaten the best side in the world to set up a huge, huge final against Pakistan at Johannesburg.

Yuvi's another outing with 5 sixes, Joginder's last over, well everything went right for India. And now everyone eyes are on Monday's match, the big match in the history of cricketing world so far.

Both India and Pakistan sides came into the tournament as not so favorite teams for reaching the final, and when they entered the final everyone is damn excited about the match (woohoo!)

Aug 6, 2007

Team India we need one??

The performances of bowling coach Venkatesh Prasad and fielding coach Robin Singh has made a difference to team India... I don't think we need any coach now...

Mar 12, 2006

kangaroo curry for the dinner!

AUSTRALIA HAS MADE 434 AND WERE ON LOSING SIDE!, yeah you read that right. Guys whoever missed that match I pity you. You missed the most extreme pressure match Australia v/s S.A.
Boy o boy! What a match it was …Greatest match ever, greatest victory ever, bowlers from both sides were cleaned up, and records got tumbled all over.


Highest ODI score ever 438, scored by S.A; after Australia gave a target of 435 scoring 434, their highest ever score.
Most number of runs scored ever in an entire match on a cricket ground 872.
Most number of boundaries hit in a match surpassing the previous record, which was hold in the match between India v/s Pakistan, 84 boundaries.
Most expensive bowler in an ODI match, Australian bowler Lewis gave 113 runs in his quota of 10 overs, previously Muralitharan hold that record of most expensive bowler his figures were 99 runs in 10 overs.

It was the greatest ODI ever played, bringing back the memories of 1999 world cup finals.


Well after the incredible batting performance of South Africans especially Gibbs, they were left with 7 runs to win in the final over. Lee was the bowler, ready to assault the batsman out there at the batting end. Ball 1, Boucher steals a single…… ball 2, Andrew Hall hits a beautiful boundary at deep mid wicket…….. ball 3, Hall tries to clear the in field but could not connect the ball properly to the bat and gets caught……little bit of twist here now 3 balls 2 runs to win the match but the problem was it was final wicket now and number 11 batsman was Makaya Ntini, not known for his batting abilities, has to face the music. Lee bowls the 4th bowl… Ntini nudged the ball to backward point for a single………………. S.A was left with 2 balls and 1 run to win…………Oh NO! Boucher stole the victory by slamming the next ball through long on for four … south Africa has won the match by 1 wicket!!!!

Absolutely no one has left the ground. What an unbelievable game it was…gonna be watched again and again, well it’s been a great day. South African’s proved that nothing was impossible! Superb victory!!

After the most extraordinary ODI ever, Smith was on a high, Ponting was like – can’t believe it happened to my team, Andrew hall was seen with Ntini was like saying – sorry mate for letting you in!

PS: we’ll soon witness a score reaching 500 in an ODI, very soon!!