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Jan 9, 2010

nasty ass

So, how nasty are you? I guess I'll easily beat most of the people out there. Fearing my mom I used to be neat and clean and tidy with myself and my stuff, but now no one to control I have become the nasty ass. How nasty? well, one day when I was in California I had class at 10am. For that class you have to catch bus at 9:10am, so I get up at 9am. Can't blame my alarm for that it did its job, but I had hangover, boozed all night and slept only at 6 am in the morning.

Anyways, so I get up at 9am rush into restroom gargled with warm water, applied hair gel, wore some deo and then was running towards bus stop on my flip-flops, on the way grabbed a chewing gum, my phone, my mp4 player, a pen, a book and a banana. Now the timing of reaching the bus stop is very vital, because my apt is at least 100 meters away from the bus stop, we calculated the time of when we have to start precisely from apt and start running (jogging will not help) so that we can reach the bus stop where the bus would have just reached the bus stop. So it has to be on or before 9:07am. Now there's a theory, if we didn't start running by 9:07am we used to stay back home, 'cus the ride to school takes 40 minutes and then we have the buses to my school every 40 mins so the next bus will be at 9:50am and by the time we reach school it would be 10:30 am. And, then attendance will be taken at 10:15am, so there's no point in going to school.

So, where was I, yeah, running. I managed to catch my bus just in time and then reached school with shabby look. Class just started by the time I entered the class, the entire length of the class was staring at me. I didn't bother, I just walked in and sat beside my friend Vishali. Vishali kept staring at me all the class. That day we had some role play, it was managerial economics class, so I put my hand up for taking part. I was standing right beside my crush, diana. This role play is how effectively we are able to communicate and send a word from one end to other end. Game was that the first person would say a word to his neighbor then that neighbor will whisper to next person and then finally it will be whispered to the end person. Now that person would tell loud the word he was communicated. basically the participants were from different countries.

Well, that day diana looked so beautiful that I wanted to touch her (pervert me ...chi chi :P). And the ghost inside me danced all the way when she stood beside in the role play, if she has to whisper she has to come close and whisper in my ear. Haha... She whispered once, then I whispered in her ears in my turn to communicate a word. Gosh, she smelled sweet.... I got lucky [:P]

After that I told Vishali, what I secretly wished and it was fulfilled right away. She was like yuck, you pervert!

At the end of the class, professor called me into his office and requested me to come in proper way and not like a shabby nasty ass...

P.S: this post is dedicated to girija, who missed her bus college today. She got up at 8:40 and her bus was at 8:45... [:P]

Jun 4, 2009


At around one in the night, while I was on phone, I find a book in my room. "Dating fundas for Guys and Girls" by Chaya Srivatsa, at the first sight of it I started laughing thinking who could have bought this book. Anyways, I was bored so thought of checking how different are the fundas from the fundas I learnt all these years.

Well, I'm not gonna discuss each and every fundas given in that book, only the ones which I feel that everyone should know is discussed here...

"Don't let a chilling silence creep in", that sounds perfect isn't it? well, generally at these kinda dating situations you tend to become numb as you donno what to talk and on which topic. Hang on, politics, religion and gender issues shouldn't be a part of your discussion, thank you that will end your so-called date in no time. So, talk crap but talk, movies, food, books, anything except those prohibited topics and don't be rude and also pay attention what the other has to say (courtesy dude...)

"Choose someone who is intellectually compatible", this one is my fav., now I don't wanna spend the evening with a decorative doll with nice make up and lipstick rather than brains!

"Avoid a proxy approach of sending word thru' a common friend", this reminds me of the errands in old movies who gets sandwiched between 'em passing love notes. Be a man dude, say to her whatever comes to your mind, but be cautious on what you gonna say.

"A date is not a counseling couch so don't advise each other", hahhaa... can't stop laughing my ass out. Anyone out there has this experience? [:P]. It's funny man...

"Get your knowledge levels up. Be up to date with current affairs, watch the news and read quality papers", this is even funnier, hahaha.... as if this guy/gal is going to an interview rather than to a date. But, you never know, can't take chances you see, this one suits for someone like "beauty with brains" and you don't wanna lose her.

Here comes the interesting topic of the entire book, my the fav. one, "What girls want"

- bring her flowers
- look her in the eyes and smile
- if you're in love with her... tell her
- if you say you're going to call DO IT!
- Don't be JEALOUS (this one is damn important... )
- Be yourself

Those are few which I felt were key ones.

Girls this one is for you, "What guys want from girls"

- Don't expect him to read you mind and keep guessing
- Don't get into arguments over trivial issues
- Don't throw tantrums and act hysterical

That's it, rest are predictable, that we like sports, run away from getting married so on...

Last and very important point, don't be possessive, this will become fatal in your relationships..

Feb 17, 2009


Long long ago when I was a toddler, I used to use my left-hand for everything. I always had a fascination to be a south-paw. But I donno when I became a right-hander, well I suppose my mom should have had played a major role in that, transforming me into a right-handed. It's considered that left-hand should be used for certain things only and my aunt used to specify it whenever I used to forward my left-hand for anything offered.

One day when I started playing cricket, I was very attracted to left-handed batsmen and bowlers. I tried my hand and was able to bowl and bat left-hand with ease and then I realised I have equal dominance with left-hand too. And, from there on I started enjoying playing both right and left-hand batting and bowling. In football I'm a leftie by default. This makes me unique in someway or another. Ambidexterity is a well known but amazingly rare variant of cross-dominance.

There are few famous Cross-dominant like me - Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, Oscar Wilde, Michelangelo, Benjamin Franklin, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Shawn Michaels (WWE Superstar) and and most important live example my library sir at school, I saw him writing with both hands.

So, this makes obvious prediction that someone is due becoming famous pretty soon! [;)]

Jan 1, 2009

it's all blind, isn't it?

Love is Blind


From Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice

Jessica: "Here, catch this casket; it is worth the pains.
                I am glad 'tis night, you do not look on me, 
                For I am much ashamed of my exchange:
                But love is blind and lovers cannot see
                The pretty follies that them selves commit;
                For if they could, Cupid himself would blush
                To see me thus transformed to a boy."

So love is blind? Are you serious? Well, I feel it's not the love which is blind, but it is made blind with lust towards the opposite sex. Don't you think so?

Love does overlook the flaws, but is this overlooking act called blind? Ok, we people whenever come across an odd couple like one is ugly other is much better than the former, blah blah ... we say  love is blind indeed and there you see the perfect example showing 'em. But excuse me, accepting someone is really such simple, no, it isn't simple, while accepting someone we tend to feel something special about that person. When your soft corner is touched and taken care of, that's the moment you fall in love with that person.

Anyways, these days love has made progress, it isn't blind anymore. It got operated and now its wearing contact lens for the clear vision. Clear vision means, if she finds her perfect match, next would be if parents don't accept then ditch that dumbo. Not only that, Okay, I love this person will I be taken care for sure? Has enough money? future plans? Job stability? Bullshit?

Boohoo! love has indeed made progress, it isn't blind anymore, whatsay? 

Or may be, love is still blind, it's just we started to open our eyes... [:O]

Oct 7, 2008

What If....

I always had this feeling since my teenage, what if I had a chance to go back to my school? Ok, lets say I had the chance, well, I would go back and blast bombs in the bathroom and then jump over the wall and go for trekking over the small mountain which is behind my school. And then what else would I wanna do? yes! we didn't had co-ed till my batch passed out, so, I would probably make hell lot of girlfriends and bully them around. And what next? well, then would finish off all the hardy boys books which I couldn't finish.

Ok next desire, what if I had a chance to act in movies? well well, that's one thing I always dreamt of, so, I would act with only specific heroines, list would have preity, deepthi padukone, amisha patel, mallaika arora, sonali bendre. and so on and will replace Emraan Hasmi in all of his movies!

And, what if had a chance to a kiss a girl?? .... ;)

Sep 26, 2008

My sexy wife...

There was this stupid conversation that happened when I was in imagining the sexy colleagues as our gonna be wives in the break...

Avinash: duDes, I got a doubt...

Chandu: whats that?

Avinash: Well, will our beautiful wives maintain their fig after the marriage?

kumar: Why wouldn't they?

Chandu: Oh shit, I doubt so Avinash...

Avinash: Oye kumar, make a new medicine so that they maintain their
figs, I don't want Anu to gain weight after marriage...

Kumar: That's not possible dude... side effects are very heavy, so we
shud take care of their diet...

Shankar: there seems to be no prob with madhu, sravs or sangeetha, I
guess its about

Avinash: Yes I'm talking about anu so wat, did u foresee how other
girls will be in future>?? eh??

Kumar: Got an idea... we will make them join gym, and make sure that
they go to gym daily ...

Avinash: Genius says so, but idiot whos gonaa make breakfast ,tea ,
coffee, ..dammit I cant imagine myself struggling in the kitchen....

Kumar: but they are our loved ones bud, so that shudnt be a big deal
helping them in kitchen...

Avinash: you knw wat, all men fear this only, wait till u get married ,
you'll knw....

Sep 2, 2008

Wish making made easy!

Make a wish on the fallen eyelash... poof! there it goes into the sky to carry your wish to whoever is gonna fulfill your wish. Till my 12th class I didn't knew that it was a eyelash and not some kinda fur that got stuck beneath the eye which is used for wishing by closing your beautiful and notorious eyes. Anyways better late than never I now know it's the eyelash and not some dusty fur.

These days I'm going thru' some confusion which is related to this wish making mechanism. Why can't the other parts of the body hair can be used for making a wish, that too closing your eyes?
When you take head bath, its a free fall of hair for most of us, and then when you poke inside your nose, hair from the nostril and so on so forth. So, guys! collect all your fallen hair from every part of your body and start clearing your wishlist, why wait for the fallen eyelash? Basically we don't discriminate anything right... [;)]

May 27, 2008

Milestone #200

A small interview with Mr.Brute, the author of brute's column! on the occasion of 200 posts feat.

Interviewer: So, big feat Mr. Brute...
Brute: Hey 200, thanks thanks, happy happy...
Interpreter: Hi everyone, this is Avinash, assistant of Mr. Brute. Author is very excited about his achievement and would like to thank one and all who have dropped by.

Brute: Right...
Interviewer: Oh.. ok

Brute: My name brute, ha ha ha...
In: Author is trying to say that he forgot whats his real name is...
Interview: what??

Brute: No... my name brute... forgot name
In: Oh, I beg your pardon, Author feels he forgot that he's called brute...
Interviewer: ohoo, ok

Brute: NO....
In: Again no, hey what the heck you want to say...

Brute: My name forgot..
In: OK , one last try... here author is trying to say that people have forgot his real name, all call him brute...
Interviewer: Hmm... go on

Brute: yes, yes, good...
Interpreter: Phew! thank god! ok I'm vanishing...
Interviewer: what's going on?

Brute: wait... no,
Interpreter: Sorry, I'm in invisible mode now...
Interviewer: in what?

Interpreter: Good lord, would anyone believe that he wrote 200 posts after that interview, how should I shout out that those 200 posts are mine!

Apr 17, 2008

how many balls do you have???

Week was filled with lots of funny moments and best were these...

The other day on Srirama Navami two of roomies went to temple. On there way back to home they were boarding the bus, then the Lady Driver asked the man with sindoor on his forehead before these guys...

"I know Indian women put that color thing on their foreheads... why did you put that? what are you??"

For this that Indian uncle gave a simple smile and walked away...

And then last evening was at my friends place, I just reached the aprt and these guys who were playing cricket inside the aprt had to face the bitter of the next door guys... All started the night when we got drunk and started hooting and dancing, had an altercation that night and then daily playing with basketball and then cricket what can we do if the walls are made of wood...bloody hell...

So last evening entire family of the nxt door got into altercation and the Uncle asked "How many balls you guys have???"... (One of my friends couldn't stop his dirty mind for sec... ;)

Mar 20, 2008

Tortoise & Hare... back again!

And they are back again. After finishing their graduation they headed to Ooty to beat the heat in the summer.

Hare and Tortoise decided to race this summer. So they finalised a spot and date of race, that was a week away. They started warm ups from next day onwards.

And the D-day arrived. Clear blue sky, birds chirping and cool breeze in the background with sun shining brightly.

And the race started, as expected hare zoomed off and tortoise moved slowly. After few minutes hare got tired and it decided to take few minutes break. Tortoise slowly reached the place where hare was sitting. Hare saw tortoise approaching and it decided to resume the race. Hare wanted to win this race at any cost.

"Hey dude... TIME PLEAASEEEE...", shouted tortoise from distance seeing hare getting ready to zip off.

"Eh..?? forget it... cya at the finishing line..."

Tortoise didn't like this... before it could say anything something shiny fell into the pond beside from nowhere... Hare stopped seeing that...

A witch rose up from that shiny thing... She saw both Hare and Tortoise...

"Hi folks .. this is witchy witch for you... how ya guys doing... so you guys racing again... anyways I keep blabbering only... thing is have opened my eyes after 1000 years and I saw you guys as soon as I opened my eyes... as you guys are the first living organisms I saw I would like to grant 3 wishes to each... So who wants first wish??"

Tortoise and Hare didn't know what to do, they realised that they can't escape now...

"Hare first", said tortoise.

"ok... go ahead hare...", said Witchy Witch.

"Ok... OK... no big deal... well, I wish all the other hares in this country become female ones..."

Witchy Witch swung her wand in the air and little spark came from the tip of the wand...

"Ok you wish now tortoise...", said Witchy Witch looking at tortoise.

"I want a helmet please", said tortoise shyly.

Wand swung in the air and torty had a helmet in its hand.

"Ok next hare's turn...", Witchy Witch said turning towards hare.

"Ok... I wish all the hares in this continent become female"

"Your turn Torty.."

"I want a bike..."

Whooosh! and bike appeared... hare laughed inside and said to himself, "that's good thing you asked for torty you need those for sure".

"And you last wish Mr. Hare?", asked Witchy witch.

"I wish all the hares on this planet become female..."

"And yours Mr. Torty?"

Torty put on its helmet, fired the bike, accelerated it...and zipped off saying




"I wish Mr. hare is a GAY!!!!"

Mar 17, 2008

Life in US!

Never flew in a plane so was excited when I finally got into a plane, and that nearly 20 hrs stint in the air changing three different flights bored me, and now I don't wanna get into a plane! How will I go back to India??

Oh! you going to US! man that's rocking!... said so many with so many exclamations, yeah, so me too was so excited packing my bags to US!... Hmmm... after spending eleven hundred hrs I say what's there here to get excited! (with an exclamation)...

Anyways, if you feel hungry and you don't wanna spend bucks for killing your hunger, man go to a walmart. Go search for donuts, chocolates, pancakes... eh! hold on! I'm not gonna pay for all these... rite! who's asking you to? tear the packets, dump them into your mouth and dump the cover into some rack and get out from there...

Back in India, Non-veg means rates! but in US vegetables means rates! so go for meat rather than veggies... anyways, all you get here is frozen to the core...

You hardly find water to drink, or should I say you just forget that you had to drink water. Water is like some beverage here, you see yourself quenching your thirst with energy drinks, pepsi's that too diet ones and of course how can I forget beers!
You waste your hell lota precious time crossing the signals! bloody hell! anyways you must be hungry again, watch out for BK (Burger King) you'll get million dollar worth $1 crisp chicken burger, of course Mc D also has one called McChicken, but comparatively BK rocks!

Whatever it might be but you observe that you improve your mother tongue here rather than in India, for-apparent-reasons...
Aftr so much of complaining, on the contrary I'm slowly loving US...

Nov 27, 2007

What do girls want? (my view)

I n t e resting topic, ain't it? yes of course. Girls will be very curious to know what the boys think about them now, and boys will also be equally curious to know what-actually-a-girl-want...

So what do they want? no idea right... Well, I too have no idea but sometimes I try to observe the behavior of the girls while talking to them. Talking and observing? crap!! yeah it's an impossible task in your hands if you do both the things when you are with a girl. I succeeded few times to perform this feat. Mind you, you got to be mentally vigilant while doing this feat outside (kids are advised to keep off this feat, this feat is performed by pro's like me! :P ).

I'll not tell you guys what girls want, 'cus 99% girls will deny this... (remember the evergreen law, a girl will never accept things straight away... ;) but will prescribe few things while being with a girl....

  • If she's telling something, how crap it might be, let her finish first. Later you can tell your gossip piece to her. But she's not gonna show any interest on what you tell to her after (can't help it sir). Just let her do all the talking, but never forget to be with her. If you lose the track then only God has to help you. She will link the stories at her will, so try to memorize the things she says to you.
  • When she is down she will vent all her frustration on you, please restrain yourself from giving any solution for the problem shes having. Just be there with her will all the ears open.
  • Give some believable compliments now and then, it works many a times.
  • You can do whatever you want, whistling and hooting in a theater, shouting while riding, singing loudly in public place. You know what, many girls like this, so try to be yourself! this is your trump card...
Thats enough of prescription, follow above things you'll find new things by yourself.

What I think a girl want is...

  • lots of chocolates
  • lots of gossips
  • lots of apparel
  • tonns of ice-creams
  • many puppies... (donno ''sup with puppies, I saw so many puppy pics in orkut albums. So lucky pups)
  • lots of dresses
  • never ending list of sidney sheldon novels.
  • fairytale prince on white horse.
Those are few things... ;)

PS: Pure PUN intended stuff

Feb 27, 2007

Tortoise & Hare ....( they are back! )

Hey there! hi to everyone!, how are you guys?? hope you guys have been awesome out there. Anyways, last week one of friends told me a stupid hilarious slap-stick joke which I wanted to share with you guys.

So, we all know the tale of "Tortoise and Hare" in which Tortoise wins the race and hare loses... so this stupid joke is based on it...

So after their schooling, they write engg entrance exam, and both tortoise and hare qualify the the exam, Tortoise scores 75% and hare scores 85%.

Well, they both wanted to get into Computer science stream. On counselling day, hare fails to get a seat and tortoise once again wins out here, he gets the Computer science seat.

Now, can any of you guys guess why hare didn't get the seat and tortoise gets in spite of hare outscoring tortoise???...


well, tortoise gets the seat through Sport's Quota, hey we know right that tortoise won a race...(dont't cha! ??) ;) .....

Oct 29, 2006

avi-giri series - Incident #1

I am typing the whole thing for the second time, damn the power cut!!!!!! (grrrrrrrr).

Some of my most memorable hilarious incidents in my campus life which I wanna share... with lots of spices...
A series of damn cool guys hilarious, adventurous incidents.... here we go....

Incident #1 (the hot seat) :

For 1st 2 weeks in my first yr we weren't assigned roll nos', so in labs we were asked to form groups among ourselves and do expts. After 2 weeks we got our roll nos'.

That day it was Monday and first session was of C-lab, I was late by 20mins. (I missed my college had to come by 7 seater (no its nt 7 seater , its 11 seater 10+1 )) OK so when I entered the lab, everyone were busy doing programs. I got worried , if I missed any thing important...(first-days-to-college enthu in me :P)

I saw karthik (my first college friend and also in class, also my benchmate ) sitting between divya (232) and giri(234)...

He saw me entering the lab. he took me aside and said, "If anyone asks you whats your roll no. just say 252, ok na??"
"why should I say that, and hey whats my roll no.???" I asked karthik.
"Yours is 233, hey you dont talk to divya and giri rite? anyways giri has some doubt she asked me to help her, so I'm sitting there"

I was like WTF???

"Accha bhacchu!! see what am gonna do now", I said to myself and went straight to my Lab-assistant...

"Good morning ma'am, I just came to know that we were given roll nos' so could you tell me whats my roll no and where should I sit?" I asked lab-assistant.
"What's your name?"
"Avinashhh.....aaaaa.... yes ,...Avinash C 233, go and sit beside that girl"

"Where ma'am? that place is already been occupied, someone is sitting in there"
"How can that be?" she got up from her seat and walked straight to Karthik

"What's you roll no mister??"
"233 ma'am" karthik answered n confident voice..
"What's your name?"

I was like WTF?

Then she points at me and asks, "then who is this guy?"
"Oh, sorry I thought you were absent, that's why I sat here..." Karthik said.
"Now go to your place and Avinash sit here.."ma'am said.
"ma'am if he doesn't have any problem can I sit here..??" Karthik asks with little hope.
"No you can't sit"
"And next yr will our roll nos change??"
"No my dear, you have to bear this roll no for entire 4 yrs, you have to sit according to your roll nos not only in labs but also in externals..." ma'am says this and goes.

I saw building collapsing in Karhik's face,,..(poor felllA)

So finally I sit in my official seat. day when I was coming back from my college, my bus mate asked me,"Dude I heard that you are sitting between two gorgeous gals, so damn lucky you are"
"shut up, those gals are not that great, not worth mentioning.." ( to be frank I haven't seen them properly, even though I was sitting between them in labs..."Mr. shy guy"
In the next lab I ensured that I see their faces properly and Yes ....Oh yeah!!!....I'm damn lucky!!... I 'm sitting in the HOT

from there starts avi-giri series...the bindaas gang 233-234 (heavy breeze blows in the

Oct 15, 2006


WHoa!!! is the word that can substitute the complete episode. Yeah it turned out to be a most memorable thing which can be treasurised in my hard disk (memoir)...So well to start with let me first tell you guys how they met, where they met, and blah blah stuff first...

So here we go... my friend met this girl in orkut, or I should say this girl started chatting with him, the reason she gave is she wanted to make someone a true friend. Hmmm... so they chatted in orkut for a week or so, then they changed their place of meeting because it was visible to public and my friend hated (no he didn't hate that, but he feared of his friends... :P) so they jumped into Yahoo Messenger... Now after two weeks of aquaintence she asked my friends contact number, which my friend gave happily...

And so for a month they been SMSing each other and also talking on phones and not to forget chatting on Yahoo! Messenger...

Finally on Oct 13 which was Friday (the day when devils party in the nite...:P) she calls up and says, "shall we meet today at EAT STREET in the evening". My dear friend agreed readily and decided to meet at 5:30pm in the evening...

Well I had office in the evening so I was having a nap. At around 2:30pm in the afternoon he pinged me, he asked me to come to his house urgently. HMm... I got up and went to his house half asleep...
When I entered his room he was airbourne(virtually) jumping like a jumping jack, after performing all gymnastics he said she asked him to meet...Now I started to perform my gymnastics.. ha ha ha... Now I decided not to go to office today... So I called up my Area Manager told her that my uncle (who doesn't even exist) met with an accident in Bangalore and I was going to Bangalore, so I was not going to come to office today. For this she said, "Why is that Avinash such kinda incidents happen only on Fridays??" Then I said, "c'mon,, how do I know..(I was laughing and my manager got that)". So my manager said,"Ok Avinash, I'm taking your words, Take care bye".....(MUhahahaha!!!)

And so after all the this date had some terms & conditions from her side:
1. Only my friend will come and no one accompanying him...
2. No late coming..(time is valuable... hehe)
3. Don't ride your your bike over 60Kmph... (whoa...hmm..)

Well he requested me not to come. I said, "cmon I kept an unschedule leave for you. Ok, listen I will hide there when she arrives, or drop me 200 meters away from Eat Street..." And after 20mins of persuasion he said "OOOKKKK"... (he had to otherwise I would have kicked his ass nicely..)

Well If he is gonna enjoy his evening why shouldn't I, So I decided to ask Girija & Anu to come to Eat street (anyhow I owed a party to them... ) . Girija accepted and also Anu.

So Finally we reached 200 meters away from Eat Street, the place where I had to get down. I made my way to tea stall, had a cup of tea and then a cup of coffee, at 5:35 my friends arrived. Well I thought I would be pestering him a lot but never found a free moment to do that in the company of my friends... But guess what, the monkey team did arrive to disturb him..(my friend's college mates...hahaha).

6 of his friends turned out. Well you may ask who informed them, hmm my friend just informed them that he's going out with the girl and didn't disclose the venue. Anyhow those guys are smart, they knew that I'll be there with my friend, so they called me and asked where he was. Well I thought of not disclosing but I felt I'll not be able to pull my friends leg, why don't I think of alternative of pestering him, so I disclosed them the exact place where they were sitting.

They gave him missed calls, then one by one they made a pass to see how the girl looks... well I had my share of pestering also... Well I called his mobile, he responded after hell lot of secs.
"Hi bey, I'm also sitting in the Eat street with my friends, so where are you sitting?" I asked
He said, "on the Left side" (he was whispering)
I shouted," where??? I can't see you"
"On the left side, Ok bye"

That girl did get doubt and asked, "so your friends also came???"
He said ,"yes" (in a guilty tone)
"Then why don't you introduce your friends??"
He said, "they are dumb asses will definitely introduce you to them on our next meeting.."

Hmmm after two hrs of crap talk they got ready to leave... she asked him if he could come to her house...

(hmmm... don't go for wild imagination, she took him till her colony lane and showed her house and then goodbyes and goodnites... anyhow thnkxs to my friend because of his date I was able to meet my friends after many days.... [:)]......)
P.S: Hmm...well on the right side you can see a music video made by me. Thats my first attempt of making a remix song.... hope u guys like and plzz do tell me hows my work??????????

Oct 13, 2006


Uh-Huh well am not going for any date, its my friend whose going for a date in the evening, thats today. And after lots of persuasion he permitted me to come along with him, but I need to hide when the princess comes [:P] lol... I'm really excited.

I will narrate what all happened in the evening, in my next post. One thing is for sure, I'll disturb him a lot [:))] by giving missed calls, making passes, by making noises and I donno what will I do but I'll pester him (MUHAHAHA!!!!)....

Mar 16, 2006

ek chotisi crush!!

It was four o’clock in the morning. Today was the first day of my plus one (11) board examination. It was English paper today. I revised the subject till 6 am. I had to reach examination center by 7:30am, as the examination starts at 8am.

After having breakfast, I rushed to examination center at 7am. I reached the center at 7:25am. The center entrance was filled with parents and students. Everywhere the students were discussing, some were cramming the last minute topics. I didn’t wanted to revise now, but the environment instigated me to open my book.

There rung a bell to invite the students into their respective halls. As I was entering the into the college main entrance gate I saw a girl (damn cute she was). And I just thought,”If ever she sits beside me….”
After checking the room no., which I was allotted, I kept my bag in the room allotted for the bags.

As I entered the hall, I was shocked to see the girl there. And I searched for the desk where my hall ticket number was inscribed on. Leaving the desk where the girl was sitting I checked all the desk numbers and my number was missing. I went to invigilator to ask where my number was, he took my hall ticket checked for my number in the seats allotment data sheet. He pointed towards the desk where the girl was sitting. My heart started pumping 100 beats per minute.

It was 8 am, we were given the question paper and the examination started. Paper was damn simple. I started answering the questions. By ten o’clock, I completed essay questions and short answer questions; I was left with grammar and comprehension sections. Now we were left with fifteen more minutes to end the examination.

The girl next to me jabbed me with her pen. Without turning my head, I whispered to her. “What happened?”
She pointed towards the filling the blanks section. I smiled and said, “give me two minutes, I’ll be completing my paper.”

Then after completing my paper, I showed my answer script to her. She copied the answers. The final rang and the invigilators collected our answer scripts.
She again jabbed me with her pen and said, “thank you!”
“hmm… that’s ok,….. by the way what’s your name?”
She gave a mesmerizing smile. “Rachana”
Then she asked me, “What’s your name?”
I said with a sarcastic smile, “you already know my name, I saw you peeking into the details on my hall ticket!”
She couldn’t resist from laughing. “Hmm.. So Avinash how was the paper?”
“Well Rachana, paper was damn simple.”
The invigilators allowed us to leave the hall.

Then Rachana and I collected our bags, later on our way to bus stop we discussed about the most probable topics that we could expect in the next topic.

After reaching the bus stop, she got into her colony bus, which already was ready to leave. She bided my goodbye and I waited for my colony bus to arrive.

PS: this was my most memorable crush I had up to date.

Mar 10, 2006

Hyderabad style....


Laidback is the inherent quality of a hyderabadis’. How laidback we are? …. Well, when Ganguly was axed from the Indian cricket team whole West Bengal protested. But when Laxman was axed no one from Hyderabad protested and what do we say for that? .. Well, we say when comeback king Jimmy Amarnath made those many comebacks to Indian cricket team, (guess how many times…... 18 times he made comebacks) why can’t Laxman? …

BIRD flu scare refuses to fly away….

Coming to bird flu… ever since we hyderabadis’ came to know about the bird flu we, stopped eating chicken (just gave a break….) why? (Take a wild guess …...) well, we know if we stop eating chicken, poultry federation people will organize chicken melas’ and will distribute eggs for free as part of a promotional campaign. Poultry business has taken a hit since the outbreak of bird flu. Assurances by the government have done little to win back customers. There was a chicken mela organized in the last week of Feb., people started standing in Q’s for more than two hrs before the mela started. And Chief Guest for that mela was chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. As gates were opened people attacked, the attack was intensive that the mela went out of stock within 30mins. Aur hamare pyaare CM saab ko kilaane chicken nahi tha. This should have given you a clear idea, why bird flu scare refuses to fly away from Hyderabad (the land of chicken biryanis’)

Georgia Tech may set up campus in city….

Hyderabad may be the next chapter of one of the most prestigious universities in the United States – Georgia Institute of Technology – popularly known as Georgia Tech. the reason for choosing Hyderabad, according to officials, is that the university is pretty impressed with the resources available here in terms of talented students and an established IT infrastructure. Another contributing factor is that nearly 40 per cent of students at Georgia Tech are of Indian origin.
Given the university’s image in excellent research and thus attract top research institutions around the world to the state. So students will benefit directly as well as indirectly with growing job opportunities and research openings.


Hyderabad is blessed with another FM radio channel apart from regular Vivdha Bharathi. It is AIR RAINBOW FM. Today while preparing this blog was listening to one of the radio show of new FM channel in the morning. This was your choice show and we need to call them to request the song. Today was the birthday of legendary playback singer Satyanarayana, and RJ’s were attributing this show to him for his unforgettable songs he sang for us. There was this B.Tech final yr student’s call; when asked which song to be played for him. He says, “any song new or old, no problem”. Then this female RJ says, “as today is birthday of legendary singer Satyanarayana we’ll play one of his hit song from the movie ‘mayabazar’”. This caller says,” I wanted to ask a question to all RJ’s out there”. The RJ gets interested “yeah go on, please ask” . he asks, “have you all RJ’s seen rang de basanthi?”. RJ blushes and answers,” yeah we all saw that, very good movie.”
The caller tries to flatter the RJ’s saying, “this movie shows the importance radios and RJ’s, so why don’t u play a song from that movie.” The male RJ protests saying, “you already made your request for the song from the movie ‘mayabazar’, we are actually remembering him today”. The caller defends himself saying,” look we can remember him this entire day but for five minutes we’ll give a break and listen to song from RDB!”
Male RJ who was feeling defeated ends the call saying, “yeah that’s fine, this show is for playing your requested song so here we are playing a song from the movie rang de….. Basanthi!”
Last month there were two recruitment camps for two different FM channels, which are yet to go on air. One was Radio Mirchi FM other one was… I don’t know!

Mar 4, 2006

Last night!!

A: ‘Prashanth, let’s go for a movie’

P: ‘not today, we’ll go tomorrow’

A: ‘FU, may I know y’

P: ‘it’s none of your business’

A: ‘OH!.. Then lemme guess y’

P: ‘don’t even bother to’

A: ‘hehe…. Then tell me y’

P: ‘I have to go out’

A: ‘where?’

P: ‘to hell…!!’

A: ‘good place for u’

P: ‘ok I give up, can’t go on arguing with u…’

A: ‘that’s better… So where r u going to?’

P: ‘Coffee day, to meet sameera’

A: ‘so u r going for a date…..’

P: ‘Nope, just to meet’

A: ‘where did u meet her?’

P: ‘Avinash! I am meeting sameera’

A: ‘Oh! So u r meeting sameera’

P: ‘very funny’

A: ‘whatever.. What about her?’

P: ‘don’t u remember her’

A: ‘aaaaaa… well I presume… 10th class crush!’

P: ‘Dude, till now u were feigning of not knowing her’

A: ‘whatever, how did she come to know about u?’

P: ‘She is my cousin’s classmate; she saw our school photo at my cousin’s house. She took my cell no. from my cousin called me yesterday and said she wanted to meet me today… that’s it I am gonna meet her today’

A: ‘aaa…. Prashanth, did she asked about me??’

P: ‘No Avinash’

A: ‘Anyways, when r u people meeting?’

P: ‘At 11:30am’

A: ‘Ok then, I’ll meet u in the evening… and tell sameera that I asked for her’

P: ‘yo dude, bye see ya!’

At 1:00 pm
Pick up the fone sucker…. Pick up the fone sucker…

A: ‘hello, prashanth ‘’sup raa’

P: ‘where r u?’

A: ‘At home’

P: ‘Come to multiplex, we’ll go for movie’

A: ‘Which show?’

P: ‘aaa…. 2:15 show for TAXI 9 2 11’

A: ‘ok , I am coming wait for me at the entrance’

P: ‘yeah ok, see u soon’

A: ‘bye’

P: ‘hey, Avinash!!’

A: ‘hi raa, what’s this sudden program huh?’

P: ‘nothing, just like that’

A: ‘hey, by the way how was ur meeting with sameera?’

P: ‘Fine…..lets talk about it later man’

Inside the hall..

A: ‘so, what did she say?’

P: ‘plz , we’ll talk about that later just see the movie yaar’

“Hi Avinash….”


‘Get up u lazy bones, its 8:30am’

‘hhuuuuuuuh … What mom I have nowhere to go today’

‘So what, get UP… Will u get up r not, I’m coming with the broomstick!!’

PS: I always wished that I could remember my dreams but could not. But today, as soon as I woke up I jotted down whatever I remembered about my dream. GEE! I captured my dream…

So, what did u dream last night…? J