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Jul 19, 2009

I'm not ready - 1

continued from here...

"Jaaggu, get up you lazy bones... it's 10, I'm leaving to office... breakfast is ready on the dinning table, take bath and eat, and call me if you don't find anything... bye," I heard mom in my half-asleep state. I rolled over on my bed lazily and reached my mobile, it was 10:10 am. I took a minute to open my eyes properly and got up.

After taking bath I walked towards dinning table. I saw an envelope on the table, I served idlies in my plate and opened that envelope. It had photographs, all girls, homely, modernly, weirdly...ewww! I hate 'em all! I put 'em back into the envelope and had my breakfast at peace. Later, I called up my friends, bloody hell, everyone are busy at office and I was afraid to be on the hit list of the boredom now. This can't continue, I can't ruin my stay like this. I didn't know what should be done to end this boredom.

Mom came back from office at 6 in the evening. She went straight towards the dinning table to check what did I eat for breakfast and lunch, "Jaggu, what's this you ate only 3 idlies since morning?" , "I didn't feel like eating... anyways, what's that envelope thing?" I asked. "Photos, did you check them out?", "Mom... I said I don't wanna get married, not at least for 3 more yrs...". Mom said, "Right, by then no one will come forward to marry an old man... and one more thing, that envelope has 8 pics and before you go back I have to know whom you gonna marry, if you don't like those 8 there are 3 more envelopes to be opened... you have no option but to select one from those pics..." , "Mom, you kidding me... I'm not gonna do that..." . Dad made his entry while this was happening... "Jagdeesh, you should be thankful that I allowed your mom to get your opinion, I already gave my word to couple of them, so I need to know your choice before leaving otherwise your engagement with a random girl is for sure by then..."

I pitied myself for being in this situation, if only I had a girlfriend I wouldn't have been here. I smoked one full box of Marlboro's on the terrace all night thinking. Next day morning, I got a brilliant idea of escapism, I went to the hall and announced my decision while other members of my family were having breakfast, "well, I will do whatever you guys want but there's one thing I wanna ensure that which ever girl I choose should match my tastes by at least 60 percent and I wanna meet each girl personally not in front of her parents but somewhere outside in a restaurant of some coffee shop. If you guys are okay with this, then I'm ready..." . Mom and Dad whispered something within themselves and nodded their head... Yippy! the official dating spree is on! be continued

Jun 30, 2009

I'm not ready

Hi, I'm jags aka Jagdeesh. I'm twenty six and half, project manager in a construction company. I have come to US four years back, did my MS in Industrial Engineering and now doing a job here.

My parents and my younger sister are back in India busy looking matches for me. According to them I'm a settled person and should get married now. But I'm not ready for that, I told them this many times but they ask for a reason. I gave them N number of reasons, now I ran out of them.

I have my own reasons to stay away from getting married, can say I have inferiority complex of marrying the person whom I donno , that's one reason, I also have many more reasons.

Well, I have taken leave for three weeks for a vacation to India after two years, not for getting married but to meet my parents and sis and also a special person...

story begins soon...