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Mar 20, 2008

Tortoise & Hare... back again!

And they are back again. After finishing their graduation they headed to Ooty to beat the heat in the summer.

Hare and Tortoise decided to race this summer. So they finalised a spot and date of race, that was a week away. They started warm ups from next day onwards.

And the D-day arrived. Clear blue sky, birds chirping and cool breeze in the background with sun shining brightly.

And the race started, as expected hare zoomed off and tortoise moved slowly. After few minutes hare got tired and it decided to take few minutes break. Tortoise slowly reached the place where hare was sitting. Hare saw tortoise approaching and it decided to resume the race. Hare wanted to win this race at any cost.

"Hey dude... TIME PLEAASEEEE...", shouted tortoise from distance seeing hare getting ready to zip off.

"Eh..?? forget it... cya at the finishing line..."

Tortoise didn't like this... before it could say anything something shiny fell into the pond beside from nowhere... Hare stopped seeing that...

A witch rose up from that shiny thing... She saw both Hare and Tortoise...

"Hi folks .. this is witchy witch for you... how ya guys doing... so you guys racing again... anyways I keep blabbering only... thing is have opened my eyes after 1000 years and I saw you guys as soon as I opened my eyes... as you guys are the first living organisms I saw I would like to grant 3 wishes to each... So who wants first wish??"

Tortoise and Hare didn't know what to do, they realised that they can't escape now...

"Hare first", said tortoise.

"ok... go ahead hare...", said Witchy Witch.

"Ok... OK... no big deal... well, I wish all the other hares in this country become female ones..."

Witchy Witch swung her wand in the air and little spark came from the tip of the wand...

"Ok you wish now tortoise...", said Witchy Witch looking at tortoise.

"I want a helmet please", said tortoise shyly.

Wand swung in the air and torty had a helmet in its hand.

"Ok next hare's turn...", Witchy Witch said turning towards hare.

"Ok... I wish all the hares in this continent become female"

"Your turn Torty.."

"I want a bike..."

Whooosh! and bike appeared... hare laughed inside and said to himself, "that's good thing you asked for torty you need those for sure".

"And you last wish Mr. Hare?", asked Witchy witch.

"I wish all the hares on this planet become female..."

"And yours Mr. Torty?"

Torty put on its helmet, fired the bike, accelerated it...and zipped off saying




"I wish Mr. hare is a GAY!!!!"

Feb 27, 2007

Tortoise & Hare ....( they are back! )

Hey there! hi to everyone!, how are you guys?? hope you guys have been awesome out there. Anyways, last week one of friends told me a stupid hilarious slap-stick joke which I wanted to share with you guys.

So, we all know the tale of "Tortoise and Hare" in which Tortoise wins the race and hare loses... so this stupid joke is based on it...

So after their schooling, they write engg entrance exam, and both tortoise and hare qualify the the exam, Tortoise scores 75% and hare scores 85%.

Well, they both wanted to get into Computer science stream. On counselling day, hare fails to get a seat and tortoise once again wins out here, he gets the Computer science seat.

Now, can any of you guys guess why hare didn't get the seat and tortoise gets in spite of hare outscoring tortoise???...


well, tortoise gets the seat through Sport's Quota, hey we know right that tortoise won a race...(dont't cha! ??) ;) .....