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Jul 15, 2009

a wish...

Nothing comes to my mind
when I look into your eyes,
the thousand words you speak thru 'em.
you are the beauty within my heart,
and life of my soul.
I wish this moment never dies...

Feb 27, 2009


That one smile was enough to show,
 how beautiful the life is with you
 and without you, 
I smiled back.

Jun 12, 2007

The monsoon..

Monsoon has arrived, and that too on time here in Hyderabad. June 4 was the date of arrival, since then the weather has become damn romantic. Becomes pitch dark in the evenings at 5 because of the gathering of dark clouds. When you come out, the cool breeze greets you, and the gentle drizzle kisses you. Umbrellas get snatched away from the hands of the girls by occasional heavy wind. Time to grab a hot cuppa steaming coffee and enjoy the weather. If only you were with your love in this damn sexy weather, those are the moments to cherish...

Hey there! call her and tell her, how much you miss her in this romantic weather, talk slowly.... can't beat that feeling, Rain, umbrella, your dearest in your arms...
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