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Oct 16, 2008

I was dancing with her shadow... #6 (the end...)

Continued from here...

Sameera left to Hyderabad next day morning. I started missing her badly, I was afraid of this feeling from the experiences I had in my life. I was not sure why this feeling popped out from nowhere, I got confused, I was feeling happy. In the meanwhile I realized that in my last forty eight hours I for once didn't think of Mayuri. There used to be hardly any day without thinking about her. This I thought was a good sign for me.

For once I felt like someone let me free from unseen clutches. I started seeing everything around me newly, felt like I got relieved after ages, I was breathing fresh air even in this warm climate. It felt nice to be back again after one full year of depression. That night Sameera called and we were on phone for almost whole night talking about our childhood days, college days. Before she hung up the phone she said, "Hmm, welcome back Avi... I missed this old Avi for one full year, and come back to Hyderabad... bye, sweet dreams..."

I didn't tell her that my project was finished and I got transferred back to Hyderabad. I wanted to give 'em all a surprise, I kept 'em waiting for long. I couldn't go to sleep after she hung up the phone, I wanted to talk to Lucky, I wanted to tell him about my feelings for Sameera. I always felt comfy talking such kinda things with him, as he always took my case seriously.

"Avinash... yaar, kaisa hai tu?" Lucky said.

"Lucky, sorry yaar, I'm so sorry for my attitude towards you guys, I donno why I was doing this, I started hating myself..."

"Chup saale, chal koyi baat nahi, abb tu teek hai naa, actually, we all thought of leaving you alone and give some time to come out of that depression, par tu kuch zyaada hi time leliya... we missed you saale... acha chod, ke haal chaal hai, aur tu call be karta hai theen bhaje raatko, kiski biwi margai? wait a sec, wait a sec, who is that girl?" Lucky said. I couldn't believe that, Lucky hasn't changed a bit. He never failed to read my feelings without being told...

"Woh kya hai ki..."

"Haan , haan , I'm listening..",
"I guess I'm in love with ...." I said, didn't know how will he recieve this

"Ladki hi hai naa... confirm?"

"abey bakwas bandh karr...."

"Phir tu phata phat bol..."

"Well, I'm love with a girl whom you know, shes from our gang..."

"Badiya, and lemme guess... Rachana?"

"Nahi abhi nahi, I'll tell you later...abhi mujhe needh aah rahi hai, will talk to you later...bye..." I said and hung up the phone.


Rachana's b'day is on coming Sunday, I booked my ticket for Saturday night and booked a cab to reach Rachana's house by 11:55 PM.


11:55PM, Rachana's Place.

I knew every corner of her home, so I jumped off the wall and sneaked into her room. I hid myself behind the curtains. I heard some noises from behind, it was Lucky followed by Raj, Sameera, and Uma. Lucky was holding a big cake in his hands, and Sameera was holding balloons in her hands. On the stroke of twelve in the clock all shouted "HAPPY B'DAY RACHANAA".

Lights were turned on, Rachana's parents didn't come as they knew what will happen at this time of every year. My eyes fell on the b'day girl, in her light pink night suit she looked so gorgeous. Rachana looked so cute and I just couldn't believe to what was happening to me.

"This is my first b'day without that idiot!" Rachana said cutting the cake. I came out of the hide and stood right next to her and signalled to be silent. She cut the cake and took a big chunk of it to hit it on the face of the Lucky as he was always the target for the hit at any of us b'day. She hit the cake on my face. She couldn't believe whom she was seeing. She jumped and screamed and hugged me tightly. She never was so loud as today, she is the most silent one in the gang.

I'm in love with Rachana now....

As the noise levels increased a girl entered the room, oh my gosh! she looked so perfect in every angle. Seeing the unseen drooling in my face Lucky pulled me back and said, "she's Rachana's cousin aur woh committed maal hai..."

"Puri, this is Avinash..." Rachana introduced me to her cousin.

"Oh! so you are that missing guy... glad to meet you finally..." she said giving me a hug.
I winked at Lucky while she gave me a hug...
the end...

you're the life to my soul,
you're the hope to my trust,
you're still in my heart when I run out of my breathe,
you're everything...

Sep 29, 2008

I was dancing with her shadow #5

Continued from here...

After one year...

I was in the middle of the meeting in the conference hall, looking around the faces of the new recruits who were listening with all their ears and eyes open. I saw myself in their position couple of years back when I attended my first meeting. It was Friday afternoon and I haven't planned anything for the weekend yet. I browsed for the movies which were releasing today, and I see all no good kind flicks. Now that movie plan is flushed I could just think of my cosy sofa where I could just slip into sleep in no time.


It was twelve in the night and my mobile was buzzing restlessly. I saw an anonymous number in the caller ID of my mobile...


"Many many happy returns of the day idiot...",

"Sameera, wow, that was a surprise and thanks for the wishes...", I said.

"And, so, I wouldn't ask how are you because you sound to be be fine...", sameera said in lower tone.

"Hmmm, can we talk about this later and how are you guys? I guess I missed many things in this one year...", I said in a guilty tone.

"Well, all are fine and healthy and don't worry you didn't miss many things as everyone have become busy with their own jobs, now that we all are not in one team after you left to b'lore..."

"oh ok, and... 'sup for the weekend?", I asked trying to change the topic.

"ahh... well, I'm coming to b'lore to meet a client over there and will have to come back to Hyderabad next day morning..."

"Oh, that's a breezy trip... and will you be having time to meet me?" I asked.

"Oh shut up! you idiot, I thought you have changed but you proved me wrong and yes sir! I have time for you!... (pause for few secs)... Avi, sorry yaar, I was so rude on you, sorryyy... "

"That's alright I understand... so, tell me your schedule tomorrow, so that I can figure out where to go ... and teri flight ka time kya hai I'll come for the pick-up..."

"Haan, 9 AM and meeting is scheduled at 11:30, probably up to 1..."

"so, you are free after 1 ..."

"I can't say, we might wrap up early also... anyways call karlunginaa... aur missed you so much dumbo..."

"yea... me too, three, four, five and a zillion..." I said with a smile on my face.

"Hahaha... tu sudrega nahi... acha chal main rakhthi hunn, have to finish something, I can't wait to see you tomorrow and good night and many happy returns of the day once again...."

"Thank you , thank you, ok then cya tomorrow... bye , good night."

After that call, I felt like some kind of happiness creep into me, a feeling that I was searching for one whole year.


I reached the airport at 8:55 and waited for Sameera at the arrivals lobby. Last night Lucky, Raj , Uma, and Rachana called one by one to wish me and I was wondering since last night how did I survive this one year without seeing them for once.

I was trying to call Sameera to tell her where I was, I saw a lady waving at me from distance. I couldn't recognise her. As the distance reduced I saw a familiar face, she was Sameera, she has changed so much that I could hardly recognise her, her new hairdo, her dressing style, I mean literally everything looked new in her.

She came close and we hugged, tears rolled down our eyes. I drew back and wiped her tears, we walked out of the airport. We drove to a restaurant for breakfast and then I took her to the office where she had the meeting. I said I would wait for her in the lobby for her till she finishes her meeting. After she went in I slipped into the sofa and started rewinding back thinking what happened in the last one hour.

I feel I'm in love with Sameera...

... to be continued

Sep 19, 2008

I was dancing with her shadow... #4

continued from here...

I always had feelings for Mayuri since my school days, but never had an opportunity to express in front of her. But then I was very sure that she didn't had feelings for me, so I preferred to be silent lover of her. I shared this with Sameera as she knew me much better than the remaining ones. Well, she stopped talking to me after that slap incident a month ago at Eat Street. I don't know what was Raj up to and what happened to his love story. I locked up myself from the outside world and also from my lovable friends.

Lucky, Uma, Rachana, Raj and Sameera tried to talk to me many a times in this one month but I just walked away from them. I didn't know why was I behaving like that, I was literally falling into some kinda rut, to stay alone and suffer. I was hating this, but I didn't know how to shatter this stupid feeling of mine which was killing me. Even mom was
worried with my weird behavior, she tried asking me what was wrong with me, but I just used to walk inside my room and lock myself inside.

It was really difficult to stop thinking of Mayuri. Whenever someone used to talk about her I used to get goosebumps, used to feel uncomfortable because I always wanted her to be mine. I don't know how could I stop thinking of her, stop getting emotional when I see her talking to other guys. I experienced all these when Raj said he was in love with Mayuri. Sameera always told me that if she is yours then come what may she will be yours at any cost.

Next day When I walked into my cabin I saw a letter on my desk, an invitation as a project manager at Bangalore branch, as that branch's project manager was going to have a baby next month. I readily accepted that to see some change in me thinking that this could pull me out of my depression. I flew to b'lore on Sunday without informing any of my friends.

to be continued...

Jun 30, 2007

I was dancing with her shadow... # 3

continued from here ...

"Oye .. chup, I can guess what might have happened and what kind of feelings you are undergoing, just relax now..." I said to Raj looking into his eyes.

I know what Raj was undergoing through, it's like hell, it takes away all your energy ,all the happiness and it feels like all paths are closed for you...

In the meanwhile Lucky, Uma and Sameera came there to join us. I asked them in the afternoon to join us here.

"Oye pappey, teri chehra kyu utraa huva hai?" Lucky asked Raj while taking his seat.

"Kuch nahi yaar, it's just weather effect", I responded to his Question.
"Tu chup baitt, I didn't ask you..."
"hmm... "

Raj got up from his seat and walked away, Lucky & I followed him leaving girls there...

"Oye Raj, Kya huva yaar? tu mujhe nahi bataayegaa?"
"Avi tu hi bata usse, I don't have energy to tell everything and sapped..."

I took Lucky aside and told him what all happened and why Raj is behaving like this...In the meanwhile Rachana narrated what all happened to Sameera and Uma...

"Raj itnisi baat keliye tu apne aapko ...cha!!" Lucky said to Raj...

"ok ok, thandd rakk lucky, Raj needs us badly now, we need to take care of him..." I said to Lucky trying to pacify his temper...

While this scene was going on I saw Sameera walking straight towards me ...

"Avinash, what's happening???" Sameera shouted at me ..

"Sameera, SSsshh! ....kuch nahi horaha hai... we'll talk about it later not now.." I said to Sameera taking her aside from the scene...

"What are you trying to do here..?" Sameera yelled at me and slapped me...

to be continued...

Jun 16, 2007

I was dancing with her shadow... 2

I got up at six in the morning and went for jogging. On my way to Victoria grounds I met Rachana who was also going there. By the time we reached the grounds I narrated her last night incident about Raj proposing Mayuri.

"Dude, guess I know this would happen all along when he told me about Mayuri", Rachana said winking at me.

"Hmmm...great, ye bandha bolta hai ki don't tell to anyone keep this to yourself my foot..." and we both broke into laughing.


When I came back to my room, I heard the missed call beep from my mobile. I forgot to take my mobile with me. I looked into the missed call details in the mobile, Raj tried to call me 5 times.

"Haa ji, Ki gal hai, itni subah kaise yaad aagayethee?" I asked Raj.
"tusi kithe gayab hogayasi?"
"you should have called me also dumbo!"
"never mind, so wassp?"
"I don't know, I just want to talk to you yaar..."
"Sure we'll talk, ek kaam kar office se jaldi nikhaley we'll go to Eat Street"
"done, chal then cya later in the evening.."
"ok boss, cya..."

I hung up the phone and crashed onto to my bed. I could guess what's going in his mind now. After a short nap for 15 minutes I woke up and got ready to go to my office.


At six in the evening Rachana and I reached Eat Street. I asked her to come along with me as she also knew about the episode. Raj came after 10 minutes.

"hi guys..."Raj said taking his seat..
"hello" we both said in unison.

"oye, party sir, you proposed a girl!" Rachana said winking at Raj
"hmmm... you guys know that I proposed Mayuri, and this happened two weeks back, but you guys have no idea what happened last night... "
"what happened?" I asked
"hmm.. she rejected me..." Raj said and looked away onto the Buddha statue in the Hussainsagar river...

... to be continued
(words 344, lines 49, paragraphs 25)

Jun 2, 2007

I was dancing with her shadow... 1

It was raining when I came out of my office. It was five in the evening, and the weather outside was cool, dark and romantic. I decided to go out and get drenched in the rain instead of staying back under the portico.

As I walked out I was welcomed by the rain and strong breeze. I ran towards the parking lot and pulled over my bike. I messaged Raj &Lucky to come for a cuppa chai at Cafe Love Bird.
It was six by the time I reached the cafe. Raj & Lucky waved from the table where they were sitting.
"Hi dude..." both said in unison.
"hello sirs.."
Lucky ordered two by three chai for us and Raj got cigarettes.
"Tho... wassp sir? kaisa tha aaj ka din?" lucky asked me lighting the cigarette.
"Not bad... what about you guys?"
"same to same... " Raj said having a sip of the Irani chai.
"Achha woh sab chod, movie chalna hai?" Lucky asked.
"which movie?"
"POC, pirates of Caribbean..."
"tickets milenge? it just released on friday, and getting tickets is highly impossible sir.."
"black main lelenge, big deal;"
"Did you ask girls?" Raj asked.
"Tujhe kya lagtha hai, only we guys are going, dude who's gonna stand in the Queue, girls agreed to come and getting tickets is possible I guess..." Lucky said winking at me.
"Hmm.. cool, when's the show?" I asked looking at the wall clock.
"7:15 ka show..."
"And we have just 30 minutes.."
"Chill dude...I have already asked girls to get tickets for us, and they have been waiting for more than two hours..."
"Abhey teri tho...marvayegaa kaa saale...chal jaldi karr, abi late gayetho ladhkiya jarroor pitengi .."
We reached theatre by seven and Uma, Rachana, Sameera were waiting for us at the entrance door with tickets.

After the movie we went back to our homes. I reached my home at ten fifteen. I was damn tired to eat something, so I directly went into my room and crashed in my bed.


At twelve in the night my mobile started buzzing restlessly, it was Raj's call.

"Oye Kya huva yaar...itni raat ko call karraa"
"Avi dude, I told off..."
"eh? you told what and to whom?"
"I proposed Mayuri just now.."
"huh? oye what happened to Vidya?"
"We broke up last month, she said shes the wrong one for me and I appreciated her decision..woh sab it's Mayuri..."
"What about Mayuri? ...hey..! Mayuri is your childhood crush right?"
"yes, you guessed right..."
"Hmmm... So what did she say?"
"Nothing, she said we need to talk.."
"Hmm...Ok , chal koyi baat nahi, you sleep tight, you done nothing wrong that was a good thing you don't worry we'll talk tomorrow.."
"oye! no par var...just go and sleep, we'll talk tomorrow for just sleep well...good night."
"Hmmm...ok, good night..."

After hanging the phone, I got up from bed and went into bathroom to wash my face. It was something which knocked me without any notice...

to be continued...
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Mar 11, 2007

you are my angel - end part!

Vidya: marriage...
Raj: huh??
Vidya: hehehe.. you heard that right!
Raj: wonderful, who is that lucky guy??
Vidya: ok listen...
Raj: tell, I'm listening...
Vidya: well, I'm in love with you..
Raj: Oh! wonderful, when did you realise that? yesterday?
Vidya: well, yes!
Raj: and....
Vidya: and I want to marry you..
RAj: great! OK tell me one thing, how well you know me?
Vidya: hmmm... I'm not sure... just that I want to marry you!
Raj: well well, there we are...

My curiosity levels raised to peak when I saw them talking. They were talking very softly, even moved my chair little towards them and not a single word I could hear.....

Sameera: Abey Avi-dude! are you able to hear them?
Me: Nah! tough luck you see...
Rachana: why don't you guys just sit enjoy the delicious food?
Lucky: Told ya guys, Rachana loves to eat, eat and eat...look who is worried of food when someting serious is going.. (he winked at us!)
Rachana: Yes! I love to eat, and by the way did I stop you from eating. First thing is, they are talking so softly that none of us are able to at least decipher their lip moments. So, the only thing we can now do is EAT! got that Mr.Lucky?
Lucky: Yes ma'am! I hold my ears...


Vidya: ok leave it, you say, do you love me or not!
Raj: hmm... yes and no...
Vidya: Raj....???
Raj: Vidya, ok listen, just listen... Yes, I love you... but I guess we are not in so called true-love.... First of all, we know very little about each we may feel everything is perfect but I guess we need to spend sometime together, know each other well. Ok, I will marry you, but what if after couple of years you realise that we took the wrong decision. This may result in breaking up... yes or no??
Vidya: hmm.... but...well are right!
Raj: Vidya, I do love you, but I know every little about you, I know your slam book likes and dislikes, but those answers might have changed by now...
Vidya: Ok, so what you want me to do??
Raj: Now you are on the right track... well, we'll spend some time together, let's see how comfortable we are in each other's company... and then if everything goes fine, you'll know the right time when we can marry... is that fine?
Vidya: ok sir!

Raj got up from his chair and sat next to Vidya. we had no clue why he got up and sat next to her, by the time we could take our eyes off them, Raj put his hands over hers and smiled.... I started whistling, Rachana quickly took the pic with her mobile cam...

P.S: Ok, so that's the end of yet another series of Indian Pie... lemme know how was the story, good, Ok kind, could have been much better.... Well, I tried my level best U see!..... [ ;)]
And thanks to contended and goofy, who indirectly helped me in this story... :D

Mar 6, 2007

you are my angel...part ~ 3

Feb 14 15:03:56 IST

Lucky: Kya baat hai?? Raj chicha! mast mast thayari, date peh ja raheho kya? ....
Me: Abey! chup! tera wala din yaad nahi tha kya, the day filled with shockers.. (Sameera and I laughed out loud..)
Lucky: theek hai theek hai!, mine is over....
Sameera: hmmm.... stay cool, anyways, Mr. Raj what are you going to gift her?? thought of it?
Raj: Yup! a CD of Love songs and box of ferrero rochers..
Me: Offfoo! bachaa bada hogaya.....

Rachana, Sameera, Lucky and Me, went to Ohri's and booked a table for us, diagonal to the table where Raj and Divya going to occupy...

Ohri's 15:45:07 IST

Raj made a nervous entry, the chocolate box popped off from his hands and fell down at the entrance, he picked the box up and took a tissue from the table near the entrance door to wipe off the sweat of his hands ... went and occupied the table which was reserved..

16:21:33 IST

vidya made her entry and waved at Raj, he waved and gave a nervous smile....

vidya: Hi Raj, I guess I'm late...
Raj: That's alright....
vidya: So, how are you?
Raj: Absolutely fine! actually doing great...what about you?
vidya: me too doing great!

then for 10 mins neither of them talked... I called waiter and placed order for us, soups..
Raj ordered chocolate pudding of Divya's choice..

Lucky: Uss din mera halath bi aisehitha... I didn't know what to talk, what to say, what to order..
Rachana: hmm.... hota hota hai...
Me: I feel nothing is going to happen, my intuition says so..
Sameera: Abey chirkut! apni moo bandh rakk OK? varnaa, will slit your throat with this fork!
Lucky: OO ooo ooo Chill chill maatey... bachey ko bakshdoo...

I took out my mobile and dialed to Raj.....

Raj: yup buddy!
Me: What's happening?? why aren't you guys talking?
Raj: no idea...
Me: want me to enter??
Raj: It's Ok dude, will manage, you don't worry..
Me: Another 10 mins, if you guys sit idle I'm going to come there, and you know what will happen next....
Raj: whoa! don't do anything like that, I'll only talk ..
Me: Good! all the best...

Raj: so vidya, what are you future plans?
vidya: Marriage...
Raj: huh??
vidya: Hehehe, yea you heard that right!...
stay glued......


International Women's Day...

so, how did it start?? any idea...

Well there was this woman , who after working whole day goes home and crashes on bed tired... then in the middle of the night she wakes up from her dream and decides to celebrate that day and all the women in the world shouted "YAY!!!" and that's how it all started.... lol...

International Women's Day is marked on 8 March every year. It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women.

International Women's Day has its roots in the labour movements of the late 19th and early 20th century, when workers protested poor working conditions and low wages in the textile industry, which employed many women. International Women's Day was first celebrated on March 8, 1911, and had "Universal Female Suffrage" as its theme.

PS: Does anybody know when is International men's day?? [; ) ]

Feb 12, 2007

you are my angel - part 2

Raj dialed her number, and he started sweating….the phone was in speaker mode and we could hear dialer tone…….someone answered the call


“aaaa… hello, hello…may I speak to vidya??”

“yea, it’s me, who is this??”

“I’m your schoolmate... vidya…”


Lucky & I puked out vodka on raj when we heard that........

Raj gulped and said, “Yea! Raj here…and how did u recognize me??”
Vidya laughed out loud and said, “Dude I just went through my slam book and saw your contact number, I thought of calling you and the next moment I got your call…and I saw your number in the caller ID ...hehehe”

Lucky and I winked at each other and kicked Raj’s ass! Raj shouted out loud..

Vidya: Hey! What happened?? You Ok?
Raj: nothing I...I just fell off my chair …yea...I’m fine.
Vidya: Ok, hmm…so what ya doing these days?
Raj: Job in a software firm, what about ya?
Vidya: got placed in sun technologies a week back.
Raj: cool..
Vidya: and how about your gang?
Raj : all of us are in one company and in same team,,
Vidya: Cool man...and what else??
Raj: aaaa I guess I have to hit the pillows now. I have a presentation tomorrow, so need to get up early..
Vidya: Oh Ok…chal then bye, and thanks for calling Raj, felt happy to talk to you after many days…
Raj: me too! Ok bye. Goodnight!
Vidya: Good night!

Raj got up and went straight to his bed and crashed down….and we finished the left over vodka and joined Raj…

Tme : 1300hrs..
Location: office cafeteria..
Navya: hey what’s up for today, any plans for tonight?
Me: hey! Raj will be busy, so only we guys will be going...
Sameera: going out for a date with Vidya or what??

Raj turned red blushing trying hard not to show any kind of emotions... Raj’s mobile started ringing restlessly…

“Yea! vidya here! How are you doing?”
“I’m doing fine, thanks for asking, and how do you know my mobile number?”
“Avi dude gave me your number yesterday night, I called up again to ask your mobile number, and you were in the process of sound sleep. So asked Avi who received the call…”
“Oh great! And what else?”
“hmm..nothing, ok then bye..”
“Actually wanted to ask you something, it’s ok, will ask you sometime later..bye”, vidya said and ended the call…

After sometime, Raj's mobile rang again..

"Yea vidya, tell.."

"hey are you free tomorrow?"

"yes, why?"

"I don't know how to ask; aaaaa... will you be my valentine tomorrow....???"

"excuse me??"

"you heard that right, yes or no??"


"Oh thanks! we'll meet tomorrow at ohri's at sharp 4pm..bye take care..."

......stay glued!...

PS: Happy valentine's day!

Feb 2, 2007

you are my angel - part 1

Lucky: chal katam hogaya documentation, here is the rough draft girls and the original copy and then here is the soft copy of the project. And where is Avi??
Sameera: he's in the hall, watching cricket match.
Lucky: what the heck?

Lucky made a breezy entry into the room and switched off the T.V, Raj and I protested.

Raj: oy! deh deh bey remote control! Dhoni is smashing baap, plzzzz!!
Lucky: project kaa documentation katam hogaya and we need to submit it by tomorrow evening, you guys know that right??
Me: Ha! Tho?? Project katam hogaya hai naa… what’s your problem?
Lucky: my problem is you people are enjoying and and only Sameera was helping….
Navya: Dude just chill! And thank you very much for completing the project, we are proud you Lucky.
Raj: Ok.. OK , sorry Lucky galthi hogaya . OK girl go to your homes and we’ll meet in the morning for the final discussion about the project.

Navya, Rachana and Sameera left and we went back to the room. Lucky brought sprite and gave it to me and Raj.

Me: Hey no! I don’t want sprite.
Lucky: are you sure dude! OK, your wish, at least take a sip….

I took the mug and had a sip..

Me: whoa! Can I have one more please??
Raj : hmmm…. Batti jalli saalekii..

And we laughed out loud… lucky mixed vodka in sprite…

Lucky: yaar Avi, you have a girlfriend, I also have but Raj is alone…
Me: no baap, he is senior most to us when it comes to girlfriend’s issue. Don’t you remember Vidya, our classmate in school??
Lucky : OH YEA!!! Hey Raj …. Aaj kal Vidya kya kar rahi hai??
Raj: I only know that she got seat in IIT , Mumbai, and that’s it.

Raj got up and brought his slam book. He was reading Vidya’s page in the slam book. I peeked into the page and saw Vidya’s contact number.

Me: dude! Why don’t you call her now, see she gave her contact number.
Raj: what shit…its 11 Pm now, and anyways we don’t even know if she still resides there or got shifted.
Lucky: dial tho karr pehle! Who knows vidya might only answer your call, if not just say some crap and then wrong number dialogue…that’s it, it’s so simple…

Raj dialed her number, and he started sweating….the phone was in speaker mode and we could hear dialer tone…….someone answered the call
aaaa… hello, hello…may I speak to vidya??”
“yea, it’s me, who is this??”
“I’m your schoolmate... vidya…”

Lucky & I puked out vodka on raj when we heard that........

…………………to b continued…..

P.S: click onto the tag : I.N.D.I.A.N pie series for previous parts :)

Jan 31, 2007

I.N.D.I.A.N pie..III (you are my angel)

its raj's turn now.....

coming up soon....

stay glued...........
P.S: click onto the tag : I.N.D.I.A.N pie series for previous parts :)

Sep 28, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie....(she's beautiful - 4) episode

"It's not a dream. You're real." I said pinching myself. Preeti felt her heart give a little pump. "yes", she said softly giving a smile. "I'm real", she said and gave a soft peck on the other cheek. "I thought I was dreaming." I said.

Next day, I was smiling, an unknown happiness creeped into me, everything around me looked new, was looking so cool. I didn't go to the office. And the entire day I was in my dreamland. At 4pm my mobile started buzzing. It was from Raj.

"Ha! bol bey, wassup?" I asked. "Hmm... nothing much happened other than training. Baap just come to Irani Cafe' by 6pm, we need to talk something about preeti" Raj said. "Ok, I'll come" I said.

I reached Irani Cafe' @6pm ordered a cup of tea and lit a cigarette. Lucky & Raj arrived at 610 pm. "Hi!" I said. "hi avi" both said in unison. "Tho kya baat hai, whats with preeti that we need to talk." Lucky asked in curiosity. Raj said, "When did you guys started liking each other?"
"I don't know about her but I started liking her since yesterday that's it, why are you asking?"
Lucky said, "preeti has a crush on you". "Haan re, so what happened.." I said. "Well she gave verbal warning to Rachana today to keep herself away from you" Raj said. "What crap are you talking?" I shouted at Raj. Everyone in the hotel stared at us. "What's Rachana saying?" I asked looking at Lucky. Lucky said, "well, the entire day she was silent in the office." "Oh my GOD! what is preeti up to?" I said.

I was shocked when I heard this. I felt bad, some unknown worry started troubling me. I dialed Rachana's number. "Hi Rachana" I said. "Hi Avi, wassup, how was your day?" She said. "Ha, did nothing at all, except Khana, penaa and sonaa. And what about you?" I asked her. "Me, nothing much, same boring training class. Missed you today anyways. Hey Avinash I need to go outside, I'll call you later. is that ok?" she enquired. "Ok, then bye" I said and hung the call. Then next minute my mobile started buzzing, it was Preeti. "Hi Preeti" I said. "Hi sweetheart, why didn't come to office today" She asked. "I had some work so didn't come" I said. "Hey I was trying your number, I was getting engage tone, with whom were you talking?" she asked. "Yeah, I was talking to Rachana." I said. "Oh OK, whats she saying?" preeti asked. "Nothing much, I called her just like that." I said. " Preeti I need to go out to get some groceries, will call you later ok, bye" I said. "Ok , bye take care".

The next day also Rachana stayed silent, and she didn't talk to me. Sameera said, "Avinash, Preeti called Rachana to her mobile and said not to talk to you." Now I didn't know how to handle the situation, it was becoming worse than I thought. This continued for the entire week. None of us talked to each other.

On Monday, as usual Rachana came on my bike, and our mood was good. We started talking normally and everyone us planned to go to movie after office. The day was fine today. In the evening break, we all met to cafeteria, I was teasing Rachana about how his instructor was showing special interest on her. She got up and chased me down. She held me by my collar teasingly and we were laughing. Preeti came from nowhere and freed me from Rachana's clutches. She said," What are you doing, huh? you wanna kill him or what?" . To this Rachana went back to the table and started crying.

I got so frustrated that I couldn't control myself and shouted at Preeti, "Preeti listen what... I HATE YOU, I never told you I love you. But now I hate you, did you get that? you just know me for a month or so, but you know what I know her from the age of 5 in fact we 6 know each other from childhood. And they mean a lot to me OK!!! what are you trying to show, huh??" and left preeti crying. I walked over to Rachana and said, "Rachana what is this, huh? all this has happened and you didn't even tell me a word about this... don't you know that you guys are more important than anyone else, the reason for alienating me all these days is because some stupid girl says to stop talking to me and you stop, GOD what happened to you?"

Uma and Sameera tried to calm me down but I just walked out saying nothing. Tears started to roll out of my eyes. I head back straight to my home and locked myself in my room.

At 9pm in the night, Raj and Lucky came to my house and took me to Rachana's house. Preeti was also there. She tried to say something, but I ignored her. Sameera came towards me and said, "Avi! you know what, this incident could never have happened if you already told about us to Preeti." I turned towards her and said, "forget telling about us, ask her what made her to behave like this. She never asked me about you guys and I never told about us. Moreover if she had a problem with me talking to Rachana then she should have told to me".

while the argument was going on Preeti stood up and said, "I was a fool to believe whatever others said. My batch mates said that you and Rachana had liking for each other and so I felt insecure and was afraid that I may lose you. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry Rachana, I'm really sorry Avinash this all happened because of my stupidity." And she broke to cry out loud. She turned to me and said, "I'm sorry Avinash, I did all this because I love you and I didn't want to lose you for a stupid reason." She hugged me and cried.......

....................the ENd.....................................

Sep 26, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie....(she's beautiful - 4) episode tEASEr [:P]

I got so frustrated that I couldn't control myself and shouted at Preeti, "Preeti listen what... I HATE YOU, I never told you I love you. But now I hate you, did you get that?"..........

Sep 24, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie....(she's beautiful - 3)

Life has become hectic for us these days, be in time to the office, then after office hours wanting to just go to home and crash onto the bed. And we hardly had time to talk to each other properly. Then finally the most wanted weekend arrived and Rachana's B'day was on Sunday and also it was Friendship day. Rachana planned to throw a party to all the colleagues of our batch.

On Saturday, Raj and Lucky booked a banquet hall in Shilpi restaurant . Girls took the responsibility of inviting all the colleagues. Rachana and I took the responsibility of shopping.

At1200 am in the night we all sneaked into Rachana's room as we planned with her mom. We all shouted at once"HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHANA!!!", she jumped out in shock and surprise. Then after cake cutting we went back to our houses.


Time: 600pm...

By 7pm everyone arrived and got settled, there was a small welcome speech by Sameera, followed by cake cutting. Well guess what ... party was boring. We didn't expect this.

I came out for a smoke. Someone jabbed me from behind, it was preeti.

"Hi, Avi!" she said excitedly. I said," hey preeti!" She said, "happy friendship day Avi!" and gave me a Rose. "Wow! thank you very much" I said smiling at her in surprise. "What's happening?" I said to myself. I started feeling uncomfortable and weird. Then she said, "What's up with you, huh? you don't even give me a handshake???" . And I didn't want to give her a handshake, I don't why, but I just didn't want to give., the way she was behaving.

To my rescue Rachana came and I thanked God for that. Rachana said, "Its OK Preeti, he told you thanks and that's enough." Preeti left the place from where we were standing. I just gave Rachana a worried smile and gave her the rose that preeti gave. I caught Preeti seeing this. Preeti was looking very cool in her long skirt, but she was behaving weirdly.

I didn't tell about this incident to Raj and Lucky. Finally at 10pm everybody started leaving. Later at 1030 we guys bid the girls good night and we stayed back for a round of beer...

After couple of beers we were about to go to our houses my mobile started buzzing. It was an anonymous number.

"Hello, who is this?" I asked.
"Hi Avinash, Preeti"
"Hey hi, what's up why did you call?"
"Today is my b'day, and I thought you know that"
"Oh really! many many happy returns of the day" I said and looked into my watch its 1025pm.
"Preethi, can you come to coffee day near your house for just 5 minutes?"
"Yeah no problem, but why?"
"hmm...nothing just want to meet you that's it. Ok then I'll be there by 1040pm"
"OK I'll come" .

I told Raj and Lucky that I had some work and left them guessing. On the way, I bought a small bouquet and zoomed my way to coffee day. I reached there by 1035pm. She came at 1045pm. I gave her the bouquet and said "Happy b'day preeti. And I'm really sorry, I didn't know that it was your b'day too". She gave smile and said, "thank you very much Avi... thanks a lot".
Then I bought ice creams, which we ate while talking some pointless topic. At 1100pm I told preeti its already late we have to head back. I was about to start my bike, preeti came near and said "Good night and thanks a lot" and planted a peck on my cheek....

********** to be continued ***************
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional...any resemblance or inspiration from any individual living or dead is purely unintentional! (hope u guys got that)....

Sep 18, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie....(she's beautiful - 2)

My deep sleep ended as my mobile alarm rang hard and I woke up. I squinted through a half-shut eye and checked the mobile.

'8:37am, shit!! its very late!!'

I raced to the bathroom still half-asleep. I brushed my teeth and took shower.

I was hungry, but there was nothing to eat. Mom was sick she didn't cook anything. As I was about to leave, I realized I had forgotten my ID card. I went to my room, but couldn't find it.

'Mom! have you seen my ID card?' I said. well she was sleeping. I went back to my room as my gang honked for the 3rd time.

'Damn, there it it', I said as I finally located the ID card beside my computer. I pulled it out by its strap and strung it around my neck. Bikes horn screamed again, this one was an angry one.

'I'm coming', I shouted as I ran out of the house.

'Kya bey saale, why so late?' Lucky said as I started my bike.

'Sorry, sorry...', I panted.

'Ok, Ok', Raj said, looking at his watch.

'Can we reach the office by 10am? its our first day guys', I said worriedly.

'Hmm, depends upon our Hyderabad traffic', Raj said starting his bike.

We stopped outside Uma's house. She was waiting outside the gate with Rachana.

'late?' Uma said, looking at Lucky. She gave me a it-must-be-your-fault look. I looked away. Then we took U-turn to go to Sameera's house.

Well, as usual, Sameera was late.

'Sameera is doing too much', Lucky said, continuously honking. I looked at my watch anxiously. I didn't want us to be late on our first day at the office. Exactly after 5 minutes Sameera came running towards us.

'sorry, sorry, sorry...', she said a dozen times before we could say anything.

Our bikes moved like bullock carts, painfully slow as it was the peak hour, office time. I checked the time again. We had only 25 minutes.

'We won't be late', Uma said to me as she saw me looking at my watch from behind.

We reached our office by 9:55am. We just managed to reach in time.

'Avi, there's no place to park your bike. Go to that side in the left, there's some place to park the bike' Raj said to me parking his bike.

I dragged my bike to park the bike, I was putting the stand and someone bumped into my bike.

'Oy!! kuan hai Bey?' I shouted in anger.

'Oh shit! sorry, sorry' said the beautiful girl in blue blue jeans and pink T-shirt. She was panting. I parked my bike and was making my way to the entrance, she came and said sorry once again.

'Hey, no problem. By the way I'm Avinash', I said turning towards her. 'Hi, I'm Preeti. Nice to meet you Avinash' she said giving a beautiful smile. 'Me too...' I said to her giving her a shake hand....

*********** to be continued ***************
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional...any resemblance or inspiration from any individual living or dead is purely unintentional! (hope u guys got that)....

Sep 13, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie..II.(she is beautiful - 1)... the new story

Lucky, Raj and me got ready for the interview. Lucky was really nervous, Raj & I came out and lit cigarette. Well we all 6 guys Lucky, Raj, Sameera, Uma, Rachana and me completed our B.Tech successfully and we all applied for job @ Wipro and fortunately we all got selected for interview round.

Lucky, Raj and I started our bikes and headed towards our destiny. By the time we reached there Sameera & Co have already reached and were waiting for us. The interview was at 11am and it was now 10:30am, so we all decided to go and have a cup of tea. Neha has also come, she came to give moral support to Lucky. Neha already got placed in Wipro.

At sharp 11am they called Lucky into the interview room, everyone wished him "All the very best". Lucky knocked the door and made his entry into the room. We looked at each other and gave a nervous smile to each other.

And slowly after one after the other, we all gave our interviews and never told each other what happened after coming out of the room. Slowly we walked into parking lot and looked at each other seriously, Neha was very nervous to know what was the results, she started sweating and went on asking everyone what happened inside? did anyone of us made through or not...

After giving a deep sigh we all jumped into the air and shouted out loud "Yippe ... we have done it" we all gave high fives, hugged each other and started smiling. We knew that we all will get placed in one company and in our first attempt itself we made it. We guys really didnt want to part our ways at least for few more years... tears started rolling out of our eyes and we all hugged each other..... be continued stay GLUED!!!!

Jun 26, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie...(dating) - final part

“So Laxman, Harry Potter….”
“Oh…Yeah… here ...” Lucky gave the book to Sheetal.
Sheetal asked for the menu, ordered two strawberry puddings and looked at Lucky if he wanted anything else. He said no. It can be noticeably seen on his face that he was really in shock as he had no idea how to react.

“Hey Lucky, guess what, we have already confronted each other before. Do you remember?” Sheetal asked teasingly.
“WHAT? WHERE??” Lucky cried out yet again for a second time.
“Yesterday morning at Victoria grounds… remember” Sheetal said.
“Oh! That was you …” Lucky said.

Hearing this I puked out the coke which was in my mouth and spilled on the table, everyone of us started laughing out loud. Sheetal saw this and asked Lucky if he knew us. Lucky said no, he was in a kind of mess now, clearly out of resources. It can be seen that he really wanted to move away from this place as soon as possible.

After few minutes strawberry puddings arrived, Sheetal offered a pudding to Lucky. Lucky downed his pudding hurriedly. He was feeling restless now, and waited patiently for Sheetal to finish her pudding. Later lucky said something to her which we people could not hear and they both stood up started to leave the place. Sheetal paid the bill and checked out, and then we paid our bill and came out of that place.

Lucky started his bike and zoomed off from the place. We started our bikes and followed him. But girls didn’t start their two-wheelers’ and just stood over there. I don’t remember anyone of the girls saying that they had any work there. Lucky stopped at ‘Love Bird cafĂ©’, we parked our bikes and went near the table where lucky sat. Lucky was really upset of what happened today.

‘I made fool out of myself guys, I’m a loser’, Lucky said this lighting his cigarette.
“Hmm… thank god you are back…” Raj said smiling at Lucky.
“Ha baap, we are glad that you didn’t panic over there. Its ok baap, it was good experience to you I must say”, I said to Lucky giving a high-5.
Raj said, “Actually it was good experience for all of us”.

But I felt it was a dumb experience full of unexpected shocks. Anyway I was glad that Lucky was back to normal.

Suddenly Lucky asked, “Hey where did our girls go?”
“I don’t know, they didn’t even come with us. They just stood at that place.” Raj said

Lucky’s mobile started ringing.
“Hello Lucky, this is Neha”
“Hi Neha, why didn’t you come to U-Kop today…huh?” Lucky asked.
“Hey dumbo, with whom did you sit in U-Kop today?”
“Sheetal, your twin sister…”
“Sorry man that was me, not Sheetal”
“Whatever, return back Harry Potter within three days…OK” Lucky said furiously.
“Ok Baba… why are you so angry with me?”
“Bye Neha…”
“Ok bye Lucky”

“What happened bey? Why were so angry in the phone?” Raj asked
“Guess what, the girl who sat with me was Neha it seems and not Sheetal”
“WHAT??” Raj and I Cried out in unison.

In the meanwhile my mobile was ringing. It was Uma’s call.
“Avi, where are you guys now?”
“We are at ice-cream parlor, why?”
“Why don’t you guys come to my place?”
“Why madam?”
“Just come don’t ask questions, please”
“Ok, we’ll be there”
“Ok bye...”

“What happened? Where are we going? Huh?” Raj asked.
“Don’t know anything, Uma just asked us to come over to her place. Let’s go”

We reached Uma’s place by twelve five. When we reached there, we saw the same scooty, 8103. When we were near the door we could hear girls laughing out loud. I just peeked into the window to see who all are there in the house. Surprise…surprise… Neha was also was there. Lucky and Raj opened there mouths in shock.
“What’s happening?” Raj whispered.

Without giving any notice Lucky opened the door. After seeing him, girls started laughing even louder.

Sameera said,” Hi guys”
Lucky turned towards Neha. “Neha! You here???”
Uma said pointing towards us, “Well this is Neha guys, my cousin. And Neha this Avi, Raj and Lucky”
“Boy oh boy! So you girls played pranks with us. Hmm… good”, lucky said.

And then we went to ‘Bawarchi’ for lunch. Later we went back to our homes.
When we reached Lucky’s house his mobile started ringing. It was Neha’s call.
“Lucky, ah … I was wondering if you want to come with me to Da vinci code tomorrow” Neha asked.
Lucky gave beaming toothy smile and said, “Yeah sure”

............THE END>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Jun 20, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie - 5 (dating)

It was twelve-thirty by the time I leaned on my door bell, as there was no door lock. After a moment my mom's voice came tinny. "Who is it?"
"Pechann kaun?"
"Where you been to, huh? Door is locked."
“Went out for fresh air mom." I said getting into the house.
"Hmm... go and wash your hands, we'll have lunch."
"Hey mom, why did you come back so early from the office?"
"Just like that"

After lunch I had a little nap. I was really into sleeping. I was in deep black nothing kind of sleep that is forever and only happens when you've vaporized your so-called brain out the head. I didn't hear my mobile ringing. But my mom did. She shook me awake and put the phone on the pillow next to my ear. "Uma", she said.
"Hello, Uma", I mumbled.
"What’s up dude?” she asked in her sweet voice.
"Err... I was in the process of sleeping and you disturbed", I said lazily.
"Bye then have your sweet nap. Really sorry to disturb you idiot"
"Hey don't get offended Uma, err... tell me, what are you doing?"
“Kuch nahi, was feeling bored so called you”
“Accha tho tujhe meri yaad sirf bore hoone peh aathi hai…huh?
“You got that right Mr.Avinash, ok leave it. Lucky is really thrilled about tomorrow’s meeting with Neha. He called me to ask what he has to talk over there and all the things.”
“Uma just forget about it. Jo hoga so hoga, aur bataa ki haal chaal hai?”
“Nothing much da, may be I’ll go for shopping in the evening with mom.”
“Okay… Uma, well, I have some work to attend… catch you later, bye”
“Okay bye…”

Later in the evening we all met. Lucky asked us to accompany him tomorrow that too we have to be in the background. We said we would come. Then at eight in the evening we dispersed to our homes.

Lucky sat in the right most corner seat, and then we made our entry and took the table right next to the table at which Lucky was sitting. He gave a nervous smile to us. We ordered two pizzas and looked at Lucky mockingly if he wanted to join us. After fifteen minutes our order was served. We started our process off downing the pizzas into our watery mouths. Lucky was peeking at our pizza. Exactly at 11:20, Neha arrived, Lucky gave a nervous smile to her and offered seat to her.
“Hi Neha, how are you doing?”, Lucky asked in chocking voice.
“Hi Lucky, I’m doing fine. And let me correct you, I’m Sheetal not Neha, twin sister of Neha.”
“WHAT!!!”, Lucky exclaimed.
We also heard that and couldn’t stop shouting, “WHOA!!!” b continued