Mar 16, 2011

I hate "these" gals

Everyday when I log into facebook, most of the updates I see are the new photos uploaded by gals. Of course boys also do, but the number of photos uploaded is surpassed by gals. Oh Lord! tell these gals that they are not Miss World or Miss Universe and spare us from seeing those idiotic photos. There are always these jobless asses who go comment and click 'like' button to ugliest photos. There is always a limit for everything. I don't mind if a really gorgeous looking gal updates her profile pic, I will stare that pic all day long and show it to my fella profile stalking idiots.

And those status messages, good Lord! there are the most irritating in the world. Especially, those folks who land in the UK, US countries and post next day on their walls, "Oh my God (Gosh! or whatever) it is 0 degree C here"; There are always those outdated mahajans who post the videos or articles which are known to everyone and have become history. Finally, the ones who aren't creative do some googling and post those poetic  and philosophical nonsense lines.

But then, after venting out my frustration now I realise that these are the people who give me chance to laugh at them daily ;)

Mar 15, 2011

Random updates

Sachin... Sachin!!! man does anybody in this world of cricket don't know him? I doubt it! He's considered messiah of the cricket world. 98 centuries in both formats of the game and still going strong and I have no doubts he'll reach that coveted 100 centuries within couple of months or so. I like him but then he is not my favorite one in this game.

Of late, when this ICC world cup 2011 started naturally we will have the discussions post-match and there are always bunch of idiots who start commenting on the way Sachin batted. Don't they feel proud that we have 'GOD' playing in our team? And does real 'GOD' always came to your rescue when you are in deep shit? Here GOD is doing his part but what are the other team members doing to help him? can't they bowl perfect 10 wicket taking deliveries off 300 balls? If Sachin plays 120 balls and makes 130 or so runs can't the rest of the assholes make 200 off 180 balls?

But then I won't blame anyone who is playing. I know the conditions could go against you, no one wants to be on the losing side. This is what makes the Indian team most existing, every time they went down they came up from the ashes like a phoenix. GO INDIA! GO!