Nov 23, 2010

Boy or girl who is innocent?

Neither of them are innocent. Gone are those days when girls used to be in a shell and boys on the streets. A new world got created with the advent of not one thing but many. First it was movies, then Internet, then mobiles and now social networks.

Anyways, this argument will never have a conclusion so I'll not add anything more. Right so, I observed few things in girls of late, time has come to build a new list of "what women want?" or rather it should be "how you should interpret a girl?"

* Should I commit to her after couple a dates and lot of phone calls?
@ I would say no, you shouldn't do that. Thing is a girl is never sure of what she wants.

* Why do you say that?
@well, let's say she will react according to the situation.

*Then, when should I propose her?

*you are nuts, why should I listen to you?
@See, I have a theory for this. You'll propose her, for a week or two you'll feel she is best thing to happen in her life. After a month, you will naturally tend to become possessive. Then, you end up asking things like who is he? where are you now? why didn't you ans my call?. You'll get the answers for those questions initially, as the time passes she'll stop answering or rather she will lie to you.

*I don't wanna miss her...
@my dearest dost, world is big pond which has many fishes. Go for fishing I say :D

Now, its girls turn, "how should you interpret a boy?"

* I love him, I wanna be with him...
@Are you sure? what about the other guys with you have soft corners?

* I'm not serious about them...
@So, you are damn sure of this guy. I would say think about it again (she will start getting confused now.. lol)

* I think I need some more time to think...
@ There you go...

* But I don't want him to talk to other female souls...
@huh, can you stay out from talking to you other male souls...

*No way! why should I stop talking to others. Doesn't he believe in me?
@haha... if you can't then you shouldn't ask him to stop talking to others.

Bottom-line: In this world, no one is innocent anymore :)

PS: just a pun intended post, hope no one is offended... peace :)