Jan 17, 2010

random updates

Time is slipping really fast these days, hours have become days in no time. I'm little excited about that because the day of joining some company and waiting for weekends would always be fun. Waiting for weekends isn't new for me, back then when I was in amazon.com my weekend used to start from Thursday evening itself. Those days were fun.

So, what's new in this year 2010, well I started tweeting again and added SRK, Jr AB, Saif, Genelia, Shahid, Farhan Akhtar etc etc... in my list. The list is little big to mention all the names here. Now these guys are tweeting like they are breathing, minute-to-minute update like I-am-stuck-in-the-traffic, good-mornings-evenings-nights, having tea-coffee-juice, wonder why don't they tweet about when they farted and how big the sound came off it and if their movie is gonna released then you can imagine their tweets: keeping-all-body-parts-cross, gave interviews-here-there-everywhere. And after release: thnkxs-for-dare-watching-the-movie.

This reminds of Uday Chopra's tweet after the release of Pyaar Impossible:

"Thanks everyone for your positive feedback on the movie, haven't been able to reply to all but been reading all the tweets" (bloody hell, if you have received positive response you would reply, why would you reply if you didn't get any... lol)

Can't handle this nuisance, let's see wt will pappu tweet if he becomes a hero

tweet 1: "Haa, birds get up so early and flying also, shit I'm late for jogging..."

"I'm going into restroom, censored ( lol...) attending nature's call...now a days its always on engage don't have time for it only..."

"back from restroom, tying my shoe lace" (how are u tying while u r sending the tweet fag ass?)

"me jogging guys" (u r tweeting also Mr.pappu, forgot tht already?)

back from jogging, so tired couldn't jog for more than 5 mins, so much flab i have, got to do sth, this jogging will nt help"

"guys, no shooting today, so will watch a movie, suggest me some good movie. I'm waiting for ur reply..." (there's always some pappu who will reply to this tweet)

"Ok, I'm watching my own movie, pappu pass nahi huvaa..."

"eating channa, movie is so interesting"

"Guysssssss, I jus farted...., a silent one though..." (hold your noses, silent the fart deadlier it would smell... remember khanishtham thudthudiiy padam.... sursuria pran khatam!!!!)

guys guys, I was kidding in my prev tweet..." (who was eating channa, huh??)

I'm stopping here this post will nvr end if I also create imaginary tweets from bed to back to bed, now you can imagine the level of tweeting these days in the micro-blogsville, thanks to our actors.


Anyways, moving on from the annoying world, let's move into musical world. Gosh, a musical buff like me couldn't have asked more after listening to new releases: karthik calling karthik, striker, kedi (telugu), vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (ar rahman's tamil album) and then ishqiya. All of 'em have really good tracks. One of the movies music cd's is yet to hit the stores but somehow I managed to find a way to download that album online... woohoo

These days "uff teri adaa" is in the loop followed by "dil tho baccha hai ji" (ishqiya), "hosanna" (ar rahman) and yun hua (striker).

And, then have been watching movies as if there's no tomorrow for me. Last night saw "Yes man" the closing scene of that movie was ultimate. Before starting this post finished watching "Star trek" (blu ray version). I have decided to say good bye to dvd version and welcome blu ray from here on, no compromise with the quality you see...

Signing off with a positive note for you n me: "Live life to the fullest"

Jan 14, 2010

cry n weep

i cry i cry
i cry till this world gets wet
i weep..i weep..
.den i get over it"

- cry by brute, weep by mytree

Jan 11, 2010

what's your bra color?

My friend Sai rushed to me day before night and asked, "dude, log into facebook right now." I logged in and waited for him to say what to do next. "Now, check the status mssg of the girls in your friends list." Ok, I did that too then what?? "Ok, now see if any girls status mssg is having a color." First I got confused, color? I thought status mssg will be in color so I casually looked over and said, "NO." As if he looked through my eyes he said, "no dude, status mssg will be a color, like see here her status mssg is blue, now check in your list." I still didn't understand what was he trying with those mssgs, anyways I looked over my list and found five colors and one said none??

I just got up from a good sleep, hardly opened my eyes properly and this ass was asking me to do this stupid job which I wasn't understanding why he wanted me to check. I asked him what's with color thing. "Dude, that's the bra color they are wearing today..." I just opened my mouth so big that with in secs it went dry. I asked him, "why would they do that?", he said, "some breast cancer awareness campaign it seems..." Out of curiosity I asked him with a wink, "what about your chicks, how many odd and even colors in your list?". He said, "black, white, pink and blue... just four dude, what about you?" , I told him black, white, red, blue and and none. The word none made us wink and laugh hard.

Anyways, jokes apart, is this a serious thing or a prank that kicked off like a wildfire. Well, whatever girls revealed the thing which had to be kept secret and yeah, you girls made us boys go drooling and made our eyes to wait for your status mssg.

PS: update for my previous post - "giri missed her bus to colg again..."

Jan 9, 2010

nasty ass

So, how nasty are you? I guess I'll easily beat most of the people out there. Fearing my mom I used to be neat and clean and tidy with myself and my stuff, but now no one to control I have become the nasty ass. How nasty? well, one day when I was in California I had class at 10am. For that class you have to catch bus at 9:10am, so I get up at 9am. Can't blame my alarm for that it did its job, but I had hangover, boozed all night and slept only at 6 am in the morning.

Anyways, so I get up at 9am rush into restroom gargled with warm water, applied hair gel, wore some deo and then was running towards bus stop on my flip-flops, on the way grabbed a chewing gum, my phone, my mp4 player, a pen, a book and a banana. Now the timing of reaching the bus stop is very vital, because my apt is at least 100 meters away from the bus stop, we calculated the time of when we have to start precisely from apt and start running (jogging will not help) so that we can reach the bus stop where the bus would have just reached the bus stop. So it has to be on or before 9:07am. Now there's a theory, if we didn't start running by 9:07am we used to stay back home, 'cus the ride to school takes 40 minutes and then we have the buses to my school every 40 mins so the next bus will be at 9:50am and by the time we reach school it would be 10:30 am. And, then attendance will be taken at 10:15am, so there's no point in going to school.

So, where was I, yeah, running. I managed to catch my bus just in time and then reached school with shabby look. Class just started by the time I entered the class, the entire length of the class was staring at me. I didn't bother, I just walked in and sat beside my friend Vishali. Vishali kept staring at me all the class. That day we had some role play, it was managerial economics class, so I put my hand up for taking part. I was standing right beside my crush, diana. This role play is how effectively we are able to communicate and send a word from one end to other end. Game was that the first person would say a word to his neighbor then that neighbor will whisper to next person and then finally it will be whispered to the end person. Now that person would tell loud the word he was communicated. basically the participants were from different countries.

Well, that day diana looked so beautiful that I wanted to touch her (pervert me ...chi chi :P). And the ghost inside me danced all the way when she stood beside in the role play, if she has to whisper she has to come close and whisper in my ear. Haha... She whispered once, then I whispered in her ears in my turn to communicate a word. Gosh, she smelled sweet.... I got lucky [:P]

After that I told Vishali, what I secretly wished and it was fulfilled right away. She was like yuck, you pervert!

At the end of the class, professor called me into his office and requested me to come in proper way and not like a shabby nasty ass...

P.S: this post is dedicated to girija, who missed her bus college today. She got up at 8:40 and her bus was at 8:45... [:P]

Jan 5, 2010

my daughter - the end

Continued from here...

I checked my watch it's 5pm, Abhi started loading the luggage into the cab. Puri was holding my hand tightly, for the first time I saw her nervous. Bindu was checking her file for one last time. Abhi came back and helped her checking the papers she had to carry with her. All the relatives slowly got up and started getting ready to go to airport.

We started to airport at 5:15pm, Bindu was sitting between puri and me, Abhi in the front. Other people came in other cars. "Bindu, eat nicely and healthy. Be careful with the people you meet and try to call us twice a week, " puri said giving her a telephone contacts book. "You'll find all the numbers of our relatives and also the one's who are in US..."

Airport was still 15 minutes away and I wanted to ask Bindu something, but didn't know how to ask her. "Bindu beta, I'm sorry to ask you this at this time...", "go ahead dad, ask me..."

"Well, I came to know about chetan, " I said that in lower tone. I saw panic in Bindu's face, I took her hand into mine and said, "actually, I didn't want to ask you this and could have waited till you told me about him. But things went out of control when my friend spotted you with this guy at his pub and the way you guys were in each others arms, he called me same day and told me about this. I got chetan's number from your friend mayuri and called him up, he said he has feelings for you but neither of you guys told this to each other. And, he also said that he going to the same school where you are going and he's gonna travel with you today right?..."

"Dad, I'm sorry..." Bindu had tears in her eyes.

"Na na Bindu, don't be, you didn't do anything wrong. I just wanted to know how serious are you about chetan. Because this is very tender stage where you don't exactly know your feelings, maintaining a relation is always tough. And, one more thing, I always support you in whatever as long you are sure of it."

"Dad, I like him. But I'm not sure if I love him or not..."

"Hmm, well then don't take much time to think then. Because chetan has high hopes on you, before its too late come to a decision and let him know. I don't want you to get disturbed with this mental tension of relationships, and don't worry I'm always there to help you out. I'm telling you all this because I and your mom had similar problem before we could commit to each other back then and I don't want my sweetheart to face similar problem..."

"I love you dad..."

"love you too beta.."

Puri had a stun expression while we both were talking this, but then she smiled at the end.

Finally we reached airport and then after few mins Bindu checked in, before leaving she whispered in my ears giving a peck, " it's a very difficult job to be a good dad...". I whispered back, " I know and thanks for understanding..."

----the end---