Nov 12, 2009

bloody week

What's happening with me?

What's new in new orkut, nothing new if you have an account in facebook. Miles to go compete with facebook. Anyways, all my excitement of getting the invitation for new orkut didn't live long.

Last week I tried some real stupid stuff to gain XP and coins in farmville. Tried all the hacks available on youtube and of course I gained 13000 XP points in one and half days time. Anyways I got bored of that and now I'm back to orthodox way of farming.

Not much happened this week, but yeah found out something while shopping couple of days back. My waist size has come down to 32, was 38 five months back. Didn't get excited about that, losing wt isn't getting exciting anymore but still on this occasion I shelled out 99 bucks for the pair of jeans.

Hell yeah, this week of paranormal thingy started day after the Halloween day. My friend Divya calls me and starts talking about this movie called paranormal activity, she saw that on Halloween night and she got disturbed after watching that movie. She couldn't sleep all night and next day too. What's haunting about the movie is this is a horror movie which is not made in any big castle or big house having dozen rooms, this is made in small apt just like any other you see in your day to day life where you live, visit your friends place. So this creates a doubt in your mind that are we living with some else other than our friends? and then few more people tell me their scary experience about the movie. One fine night when I was damn sleepy, couldn't help fall asleep in the couch at my work place. I was sleeping in sitting position with my right hand providing the required cushioning for my head. I slept for more than 2 hrs in that position and finally when my mind alarm blew I tried to wake up, I couldn't open my eyes for some reason, I couldn't pull my hand down, I felt as if someone was holding my hands and to worsen my imagination I felt warm air on my hair as if someone was breathing right on my head.

Nov 11, 2009

My daughter - 2

Continued from here

Abhi was busy taking care of the guests and Puri was helping Bindu. Rest were glued to News channel worried about the CM who is missing since last night. The last point of contact with chopper was while flying over Nallamala forests and no one could contact them due to bad weather from that point. And my worry was how will my girl survive outside.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" Bindu was visibly nervous since morning buzzing in and out of the room making sure she isn't forgetting anything. "Are you looking for something?" I asked her making her sit on my lap. "Yes, you..." she said giving me a peck, "I'm very nervous dad, I feel like not going anywhere... Shall I stay back?", "sure... I'll be more happy," I said with a smile.

"What's going on here between you two huh?" Puri came into the room with plate of curd rice, "you haven't eaten anything since morning". "I'm not hungry mom, I don't feel like eating," she got up from my lap and tried to escape from her mother. Abhi came from behind and caught her, I took the plate from Puri and fed Bindu and Abhi, even Abhi hasn't eaten anything all day he was taking care of things while I was with Bindu trying to the spend maximum amount of time I had.

First time when I took Bindu into my hands, my heart pounded, a sudden chill ran through my body. I watched her for hours when she was sleeping holding my finger with her little hand. Well, she's 21 already and ready to take off to a new world to pursue her dreams... be continued

Nov 9, 2009

My daughter

The meaning of love changed as bindu was growing, from liking things around to liking a person. Today, she has grown up to make her own decision, that's how she grew up. For some reason abhi, my younger son wasn't like her, unsure of what he wants. Bindu said everything but abhi like a typical guy hid things from me, not that I was ignorant of his actions outside.

Everyone knew that I always wanted a girl and God blessed me with one, and Puri wanted a boy (thank God, you heard hers too... :D) . I have never seen Puri in irritating mood all these years, I always wondered how is that possible for a school teacher. But I'm little short-tempered having mood-swings, Puri never complained about it. My habit of hiding things has gone when Puri entered my life, I always thought that no one in this world would understand me but Puri proved me wrong. Even though I left smoking long ago, I still have an itch for an occasional fag which I fulfill in the restroom. And Puri makes me feel guilty by spraying air freshener in the restroom.

Bindu is leaving to US for further studies today. Her flight is at 8PM and the house was buzzing with guests who have come to give her a send off. I was sitting in her room looking into her album...

... to be continued

Nov 3, 2009

a moment..

It feels nice to wake up in the morning

have a smile on your face

if only life was just a moment,

I wish to stay in there forever...