Oct 15, 2009

the ville show on facebook!

Now it has become a part of life to allocate at least 2-3 hours for facebooking, not for keeping in touch with your friends but to take care of your virtual-farm, bakery, cafe, house, fishes so on... I'm talking about the games in the facebook that created by zynga, a company that specializes in social games for social networks including facebook, MySpace, iPhone, and Bebo.

Of all the games they developed farmville stands out the most addictive one in the whole lot. Farmville had just 354 users on June 20, the day after it launched. And today, it's widely believed to be the largest and fastest-growing social game ever. Farmville and Mafia Wars boasts more than 125 million monthly active users. Zynga Poker was their first social game, in July 2007. Its latest game, cafeworld, has zoomed to 10 million users in about a week.

My relation with Zynga started off with Poker, people accused me for jubilating on the virtual money I won. I remember playing that for one full semester before moving on to Mafia Wars, then Farmville, Yoville, and now cafeworld.

Oct 12, 2009

with you...

When I was with you,
sun, moon, rain,
all looked the same...

Oct 9, 2009

Long time no see...

It's been ages since I wrote something in here. I did start writing a new story I'm not ready, but I never came back to finish it. When I wanted to write the next episode "What's your rashee," movie pops up, ruining my story which has more or less similar kind of story. Anyways, the other day I happen to take a snap with cross legs pointing towards sky. Now, this was heights, because similar kind of pose is shown in the movie wake up s!d that's my mistake. When I upload the pic people ask me to come up with original ideas, hehe... what can I say except try to defend myself a bit and laugh at the coincidence.

Well, life has become real hectic these days, been working all seven days a week and then job search, project work, etc etc... The other day I drove over on to the pavement while parking, fell asleep driving ( I couldn't stop laughing at my friend's scared expression that day...). That's all from me...