Jun 30, 2009

I'm not ready

Hi, I'm jags aka Jagdeesh. I'm twenty six and half, project manager in a construction company. I have come to US four years back, did my MS in Industrial Engineering and now doing a job here.

My parents and my younger sister are back in India busy looking matches for me. According to them I'm a settled person and should get married now. But I'm not ready for that, I told them this many times but they ask for a reason. I gave them N number of reasons, now I ran out of them.

I have my own reasons to stay away from getting married, can say I have inferiority complex of marrying the person whom I donno , that's one reason, I also have many more reasons.

Well, I have taken leave for three weeks for a vacation to India after two years, not for getting married but to meet my parents and sis and also a special person...

story begins soon...

Jun 4, 2009


At around one in the night, while I was on phone, I find a book in my room. "Dating fundas for Guys and Girls" by Chaya Srivatsa, at the first sight of it I started laughing thinking who could have bought this book. Anyways, I was bored so thought of checking how different are the fundas from the fundas I learnt all these years.

Well, I'm not gonna discuss each and every fundas given in that book, only the ones which I feel that everyone should know is discussed here...

"Don't let a chilling silence creep in", that sounds perfect isn't it? well, generally at these kinda dating situations you tend to become numb as you donno what to talk and on which topic. Hang on, politics, religion and gender issues shouldn't be a part of your discussion, thank you that will end your so-called date in no time. So, talk crap but talk, movies, food, books, anything except those prohibited topics and don't be rude and also pay attention what the other has to say (courtesy dude...)

"Choose someone who is intellectually compatible", this one is my fav., now I don't wanna spend the evening with a decorative doll with nice make up and lipstick rather than brains!

"Avoid a proxy approach of sending word thru' a common friend", this reminds me of the errands in old movies who gets sandwiched between 'em passing love notes. Be a man dude, say to her whatever comes to your mind, but be cautious on what you gonna say.

"A date is not a counseling couch so don't advise each other", hahhaa... can't stop laughing my ass out. Anyone out there has this experience? [:P]. It's funny man...

"Get your knowledge levels up. Be up to date with current affairs, watch the news and read quality papers", this is even funnier, hahaha.... as if this guy/gal is going to an interview rather than to a date. But, you never know, can't take chances you see, this one suits for someone like "beauty with brains" and you don't wanna lose her.

Here comes the interesting topic of the entire book, my the fav. one, "What girls want"

- bring her flowers
- look her in the eyes and smile
- if you're in love with her... tell her
- if you say you're going to call DO IT!
- Don't be JEALOUS (this one is damn important... )
- Be yourself

Those are few which I felt were key ones.

Girls this one is for you, "What guys want from girls"

- Don't expect him to read you mind and keep guessing
- Don't get into arguments over trivial issues
- Don't throw tantrums and act hysterical

That's it, rest are predictable, that we like sports, run away from getting married so on...

Last and very important point, don't be possessive, this will become fatal in your relationships..