May 30, 2009

The Unplanned exciting day!

What's the date?... it's May 30th, 2009, the day which I'm treasuring, here in this blogsville, forever.

I returned from my grandma's town after attending my cousin's engagement at around one in the night. I woke up at eight as I had an appointment with a company which asked me to come down to discuss about my internship. I and my friend Raghu went there, after finishing my work we met Raghu's cousin and his friend there. Raghu's cousin was attending the interview, after the interview we thought of going somewhere as we had nothing to do in the later part of the day.

We zoomed our car breaking traffic rules under the nose of the traffic police to PVR multiplex and booked tickets for two movies, one at 2:30PM and other was at 10:15PM. First movie, Vishal's Pista, was a headache movie to worsen that we got our seats in the first row. I tried to better the situation by observing the activities of the girls in our row though we were separated by a seat number. After the movie we decided to walk to GVK Mall which was 2 Kms away to eat at KFC. After filling ourselves we did window shopping there for more than an hour to beat the heat and also to kill the time. Then we walked to every shopping center for a/c on our way back to PVR. In between these activities Raghu's cousin and his friend whom I never met, talked as if we knew each other from our childhood, we became nice friends.

Then the final segment of our unplanned day, second movie Prayanam -  a love story in the airport. Right from the first frame of the movie we started laughing, we didn't expect the movie to be a laugh riot. We didn't move  from our seats fearing that we might miss the starting scene of the interval. As the clock was ticking we prayed that movie shouldn't end. Anyways movie ended on happier note, the first song and the background score had such high bass that we felt we were on a dance floor. 

At around 1:30 AM in the night we had late night biryani at Charminar. Finally reached home at 2:30 AM after good 14 and 1/2 hrs. I enjoyed to the core today...