Apr 30, 2009


Creative writing is damn difficult anytime, you can't do that regularly unless you feel that you have all time in the world to do so. That's been the case with me these days, not that I'm busy with my course work but been busy with many things around me. 

Anyways, next week will be final week of the semester, and so have to bury my head into the books now. And a bunch of my friends have their grad walk later next week, so big party is up very soon. And after all that have to start vacating room, pack the bags, board the flight and finally land in India after good 15 months and 11 days.

A handful 82 days in India is what I will be looking forward now, and the scorching summer too. I'm eagerly waiting to rejuvenate my taste buds which have gone bland all these months in US of A.

And, finally after lots of criticism from my friends about growing long hair ended up having a haircut last week to look like a school boy...

PS: image is deceptive [:D]

Apr 12, 2009

it'll never be same again...

It's not about winning, even losing sometimes is fun, and sometimes narrating your losing is satisfying. People change and even the person whom you think you know the most also change, it hurts to let 'em go, all you have is the fond memories, at least this will not change. Letting go isn't winning or losing, of course emptiness will hurt you. Letting go is courage to accept the change, it is growing up.

How can you know what love is if you've never been hurt once. Love should have been a decision rather than a feeling, because feeling are deceptive in nature and they don't last for long.

You are one of my nicest thoughts...

Apr 1, 2009


Got tagged after ages, I got tagged by two bloggies Zany and Carpe Diem,


1) Put your iTunes or any other media player on Shuffle...
2)For each question, forward to next track to answer the question...
3) Write down the track title, it might be a silly one...
4) Tag other poor souls...

a) If someone asks you "are you okay?" you say:
Loose yourself  (Eminem)

b) How would you describe yourself?
Jai Ho? (Slum dog M)

c) What do you like in a girl/guy?
Ajnabi Shehar (Jaan-e-mann)

d) How do you feel today?
Lovesick (Elize)

e) What's your life purpose?
Singing Dam Di Da Doo (Eyeopener)

f) What's your motto?
My happy ending (Avril  Lavigne)

g) What do your friends feel about you?
A never ending dream (cascada)

h) What do your parents feel about you?
Ass like that (Eminem)

i) What do you think of often?
Jumping all over the world (Scooter)

j) What is 2+2?
fuck it (Eamon)

k) What do you think of your best friend?
behind these hazel eyes (Kelly Clarkson)

l) What is your life story?
doesn't matter ( Hypasonic)

m) What do you want to be when you grow up?
mohabbat apse ( Aa Dekhe Zara)

n) what do you think when you come across the person you like most?
my sacrifice (creed)

o) what will you dance to at you wedding?
sexy naughty bitchy me (Lene Alexandra)

p) what will they play at your funeral ?
insomnia (Craig David)

q) what is your hobby?
sutta na milaa (Zeest)

r) what is your biggest fear?
beautiful life (Ace of base)

s) what is your biggest secret?
love in the club (Usher)

t) what do you want right now?
all the things she said (Tatu)

u) what do you think of your friends?
Last goodbye (Avenue)

v) when you rush into the washroom, what do you think?
sab khairiyath hai (13B)

w) The person you hate the most is in front of you, what will you tell to that person?
another day in paradise (Phil Collins)

x) you have just won a lottery, what will you sing?
beautiful thing ( Soulcast)

y) What will you post this as?
Shake that ass girl (50cent)

I'm done, now Sajesh and Sindhu will do the tag...