Jan 19, 2009

Dad, I'm in love (The End)

Continued from here...

"Oh! and so the request for Goa..., " I sighed looking at him. I saw aditi and then my eyes traveled to the person who was setting the umbrella. He looked familiar, I walked closer towards him to have a good look. I then looked at the female who was helping him, it was Mayuri Ram's wife. So, this cutie pie is Ram's huh, good good.

"Ahem!" I stood behind them to surprise them. Mayuri looked back, "Avi... Kya baat hai! this is totally a big surprise, Harini, where's she?"
Ram, hugged me as soon as he saw me. "You haven't changed Avi, you look the same..." , Mayuri said with a smile. "Neither you have," I replied back to her. I gestured Harini and Rohan to come. "Ram, this is my wife Harini and my son Rohan. And, hari, this is Ram and his wife Mayuri, and aditi their daughter..." I said. "How do you know aditi?" Ram asked in surprise. "That's because these both are in the same class..."

And, so we got company to enjoy the remaining days in Goa. After a week full of enjoyment we headed back to Hyderabad. Ram was in US for 10 years and now he's returned back to India for good and he's staying in Hyderabad.

After returning back to home, I remembered that I totally forgot about Rohan's love story. I didn't want to waste any time now. I went to his room and took him on to my lap and said, "Rohan, I wanted to tell you something important. We met aditi's parents right? they are our relatives and Ram is my cousin, he's elder brother to me and so aditi will become..."

"Will become sister to me..." Rohan shot back to me...

Hmm... I never thought that my son's first crush would blow off in this manner...

Jan 14, 2009

Jiya Se Jiya

Check out the new AR Rahman's track jiya se jiya video where everything in this video is real with exception of AR Rahman frames which is staged. This beautiful track breaks the barriers laid by different religions and castes and preaches oneness among Indians!

Jan 1, 2009

it's all blind, isn't it?

Love is Blind


From Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice

Jessica: "Here, catch this casket; it is worth the pains.
                I am glad 'tis night, you do not look on me, 
                For I am much ashamed of my exchange:
                But love is blind and lovers cannot see
                The pretty follies that them selves commit;
                For if they could, Cupid himself would blush
                To see me thus transformed to a boy."

So love is blind? Are you serious? Well, I feel it's not the love which is blind, but it is made blind with lust towards the opposite sex. Don't you think so?

Love does overlook the flaws, but is this overlooking act called blind? Ok, we people whenever come across an odd couple like one is ugly other is much better than the former, blah blah ... we say  love is blind indeed and there you see the perfect example showing 'em. But excuse me, accepting someone is really such simple, no, it isn't simple, while accepting someone we tend to feel something special about that person. When your soft corner is touched and taken care of, that's the moment you fall in love with that person.

Anyways, these days love has made progress, it isn't blind anymore. It got operated and now its wearing contact lens for the clear vision. Clear vision means, if she finds her perfect match, next would be if parents don't accept then ditch that dumbo. Not only that, Okay, I love this person will I be taken care for sure? Has enough money? future plans? Job stability? Bullshit?

Boohoo! love has indeed made progress, it isn't blind anymore, whatsay? 

Or may be, love is still blind, it's just we started to open our eyes... [:O]