Dec 26, 2009

quarter century

I'm 25 years, can't believe myself and other friends of mine you think I might be 23 or 24 now (hehe...) well, I guess I saw world complete 360 degrees. Now people might say it's nothing whatever you saw so far, many things are waiting to be experienced.

This year birthday was supposedly the longest one of my life, for the wishes started coming in from the 0000hrs IST and lasted till the last minute of 0000 EST.

Nov 12, 2009

bloody week

What's happening with me?

What's new in new orkut, nothing new if you have an account in facebook. Miles to go compete with facebook. Anyways, all my excitement of getting the invitation for new orkut didn't live long.

Last week I tried some real stupid stuff to gain XP and coins in farmville. Tried all the hacks available on youtube and of course I gained 13000 XP points in one and half days time. Anyways I got bored of that and now I'm back to orthodox way of farming.

Not much happened this week, but yeah found out something while shopping couple of days back. My waist size has come down to 32, was 38 five months back. Didn't get excited about that, losing wt isn't getting exciting anymore but still on this occasion I shelled out 99 bucks for the pair of jeans.

Hell yeah, this week of paranormal thingy started day after the Halloween day. My friend Divya calls me and starts talking about this movie called paranormal activity, she saw that on Halloween night and she got disturbed after watching that movie. She couldn't sleep all night and next day too. What's haunting about the movie is this is a horror movie which is not made in any big castle or big house having dozen rooms, this is made in small apt just like any other you see in your day to day life where you live, visit your friends place. So this creates a doubt in your mind that are we living with some else other than our friends? and then few more people tell me their scary experience about the movie. One fine night when I was damn sleepy, couldn't help fall asleep in the couch at my work place. I was sleeping in sitting position with my right hand providing the required cushioning for my head. I slept for more than 2 hrs in that position and finally when my mind alarm blew I tried to wake up, I couldn't open my eyes for some reason, I couldn't pull my hand down, I felt as if someone was holding my hands and to worsen my imagination I felt warm air on my hair as if someone was breathing right on my head.

Nov 11, 2009

My daughter - 2

Continued from here

Abhi was busy taking care of the guests and Puri was helping Bindu. Rest were glued to News channel worried about the CM who is missing since last night. The last point of contact with chopper was while flying over Nallamala forests and no one could contact them due to bad weather from that point. And my worry was how will my girl survive outside.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" Bindu was visibly nervous since morning buzzing in and out of the room making sure she isn't forgetting anything. "Are you looking for something?" I asked her making her sit on my lap. "Yes, you..." she said giving me a peck, "I'm very nervous dad, I feel like not going anywhere... Shall I stay back?", "sure... I'll be more happy," I said with a smile.

"What's going on here between you two huh?" Puri came into the room with plate of curd rice, "you haven't eaten anything since morning". "I'm not hungry mom, I don't feel like eating," she got up from my lap and tried to escape from her mother. Abhi came from behind and caught her, I took the plate from Puri and fed Bindu and Abhi, even Abhi hasn't eaten anything all day he was taking care of things while I was with Bindu trying to the spend maximum amount of time I had.

First time when I took Bindu into my hands, my heart pounded, a sudden chill ran through my body. I watched her for hours when she was sleeping holding my finger with her little hand. Well, she's 21 already and ready to take off to a new world to pursue her dreams... be continued

Nov 9, 2009

My daughter

The meaning of love changed as bindu was growing, from liking things around to liking a person. Today, she has grown up to make her own decision, that's how she grew up. For some reason abhi, my younger son wasn't like her, unsure of what he wants. Bindu said everything but abhi like a typical guy hid things from me, not that I was ignorant of his actions outside.

Everyone knew that I always wanted a girl and God blessed me with one, and Puri wanted a boy (thank God, you heard hers too... :D) . I have never seen Puri in irritating mood all these years, I always wondered how is that possible for a school teacher. But I'm little short-tempered having mood-swings, Puri never complained about it. My habit of hiding things has gone when Puri entered my life, I always thought that no one in this world would understand me but Puri proved me wrong. Even though I left smoking long ago, I still have an itch for an occasional fag which I fulfill in the restroom. And Puri makes me feel guilty by spraying air freshener in the restroom.

Bindu is leaving to US for further studies today. Her flight is at 8PM and the house was buzzing with guests who have come to give her a send off. I was sitting in her room looking into her album...

... to be continued

Nov 3, 2009

a moment..

It feels nice to wake up in the morning

have a smile on your face

if only life was just a moment,

I wish to stay in there forever...

Oct 15, 2009

the ville show on facebook!

Now it has become a part of life to allocate at least 2-3 hours for facebooking, not for keeping in touch with your friends but to take care of your virtual-farm, bakery, cafe, house, fishes so on... I'm talking about the games in the facebook that created by zynga, a company that specializes in social games for social networks including facebook, MySpace, iPhone, and Bebo.

Of all the games they developed farmville stands out the most addictive one in the whole lot. Farmville had just 354 users on June 20, the day after it launched. And today, it's widely believed to be the largest and fastest-growing social game ever. Farmville and Mafia Wars boasts more than 125 million monthly active users. Zynga Poker was their first social game, in July 2007. Its latest game, cafeworld, has zoomed to 10 million users in about a week.

My relation with Zynga started off with Poker, people accused me for jubilating on the virtual money I won. I remember playing that for one full semester before moving on to Mafia Wars, then Farmville, Yoville, and now cafeworld.

Oct 12, 2009

with you...

When I was with you,
sun, moon, rain,
all looked the same...

Oct 9, 2009

Long time no see...

It's been ages since I wrote something in here. I did start writing a new story I'm not ready, but I never came back to finish it. When I wanted to write the next episode "What's your rashee," movie pops up, ruining my story which has more or less similar kind of story. Anyways, the other day I happen to take a snap with cross legs pointing towards sky. Now, this was heights, because similar kind of pose is shown in the movie wake up s!d that's my mistake. When I upload the pic people ask me to come up with original ideas, hehe... what can I say except try to defend myself a bit and laugh at the coincidence.

Well, life has become real hectic these days, been working all seven days a week and then job search, project work, etc etc... The other day I drove over on to the pavement while parking, fell asleep driving ( I couldn't stop laughing at my friend's scared expression that day...). That's all from me...

Jul 19, 2009

I'm not ready - 1

continued from here...

"Jaaggu, get up you lazy bones... it's 10, I'm leaving to office... breakfast is ready on the dinning table, take bath and eat, and call me if you don't find anything... bye," I heard mom in my half-asleep state. I rolled over on my bed lazily and reached my mobile, it was 10:10 am. I took a minute to open my eyes properly and got up.

After taking bath I walked towards dinning table. I saw an envelope on the table, I served idlies in my plate and opened that envelope. It had photographs, all girls, homely, modernly, weirdly...ewww! I hate 'em all! I put 'em back into the envelope and had my breakfast at peace. Later, I called up my friends, bloody hell, everyone are busy at office and I was afraid to be on the hit list of the boredom now. This can't continue, I can't ruin my stay like this. I didn't know what should be done to end this boredom.

Mom came back from office at 6 in the evening. She went straight towards the dinning table to check what did I eat for breakfast and lunch, "Jaggu, what's this you ate only 3 idlies since morning?" , "I didn't feel like eating... anyways, what's that envelope thing?" I asked. "Photos, did you check them out?", "Mom... I said I don't wanna get married, not at least for 3 more yrs...". Mom said, "Right, by then no one will come forward to marry an old man... and one more thing, that envelope has 8 pics and before you go back I have to know whom you gonna marry, if you don't like those 8 there are 3 more envelopes to be opened... you have no option but to select one from those pics..." , "Mom, you kidding me... I'm not gonna do that..." . Dad made his entry while this was happening... "Jagdeesh, you should be thankful that I allowed your mom to get your opinion, I already gave my word to couple of them, so I need to know your choice before leaving otherwise your engagement with a random girl is for sure by then..."

I pitied myself for being in this situation, if only I had a girlfriend I wouldn't have been here. I smoked one full box of Marlboro's on the terrace all night thinking. Next day morning, I got a brilliant idea of escapism, I went to the hall and announced my decision while other members of my family were having breakfast, "well, I will do whatever you guys want but there's one thing I wanna ensure that which ever girl I choose should match my tastes by at least 60 percent and I wanna meet each girl personally not in front of her parents but somewhere outside in a restaurant of some coffee shop. If you guys are okay with this, then I'm ready..." . Mom and Dad whispered something within themselves and nodded their head... Yippy! the official dating spree is on! be continued

Jul 15, 2009

a wish...

Nothing comes to my mind
when I look into your eyes,
the thousand words you speak thru 'em.
you are the beauty within my heart,
and life of my soul.
I wish this moment never dies...

Jun 30, 2009

I'm not ready

Hi, I'm jags aka Jagdeesh. I'm twenty six and half, project manager in a construction company. I have come to US four years back, did my MS in Industrial Engineering and now doing a job here.

My parents and my younger sister are back in India busy looking matches for me. According to them I'm a settled person and should get married now. But I'm not ready for that, I told them this many times but they ask for a reason. I gave them N number of reasons, now I ran out of them.

I have my own reasons to stay away from getting married, can say I have inferiority complex of marrying the person whom I donno , that's one reason, I also have many more reasons.

Well, I have taken leave for three weeks for a vacation to India after two years, not for getting married but to meet my parents and sis and also a special person...

story begins soon...

Jun 4, 2009


At around one in the night, while I was on phone, I find a book in my room. "Dating fundas for Guys and Girls" by Chaya Srivatsa, at the first sight of it I started laughing thinking who could have bought this book. Anyways, I was bored so thought of checking how different are the fundas from the fundas I learnt all these years.

Well, I'm not gonna discuss each and every fundas given in that book, only the ones which I feel that everyone should know is discussed here...

"Don't let a chilling silence creep in", that sounds perfect isn't it? well, generally at these kinda dating situations you tend to become numb as you donno what to talk and on which topic. Hang on, politics, religion and gender issues shouldn't be a part of your discussion, thank you that will end your so-called date in no time. So, talk crap but talk, movies, food, books, anything except those prohibited topics and don't be rude and also pay attention what the other has to say (courtesy dude...)

"Choose someone who is intellectually compatible", this one is my fav., now I don't wanna spend the evening with a decorative doll with nice make up and lipstick rather than brains!

"Avoid a proxy approach of sending word thru' a common friend", this reminds me of the errands in old movies who gets sandwiched between 'em passing love notes. Be a man dude, say to her whatever comes to your mind, but be cautious on what you gonna say.

"A date is not a counseling couch so don't advise each other", hahhaa... can't stop laughing my ass out. Anyone out there has this experience? [:P]. It's funny man...

"Get your knowledge levels up. Be up to date with current affairs, watch the news and read quality papers", this is even funnier, hahaha.... as if this guy/gal is going to an interview rather than to a date. But, you never know, can't take chances you see, this one suits for someone like "beauty with brains" and you don't wanna lose her.

Here comes the interesting topic of the entire book, my the fav. one, "What girls want"

- bring her flowers
- look her in the eyes and smile
- if you're in love with her... tell her
- if you say you're going to call DO IT!
- Don't be JEALOUS (this one is damn important... )
- Be yourself

Those are few which I felt were key ones.

Girls this one is for you, "What guys want from girls"

- Don't expect him to read you mind and keep guessing
- Don't get into arguments over trivial issues
- Don't throw tantrums and act hysterical

That's it, rest are predictable, that we like sports, run away from getting married so on...

Last and very important point, don't be possessive, this will become fatal in your relationships..

May 30, 2009

The Unplanned exciting day!

What's the date?... it's May 30th, 2009, the day which I'm treasuring, here in this blogsville, forever.

I returned from my grandma's town after attending my cousin's engagement at around one in the night. I woke up at eight as I had an appointment with a company which asked me to come down to discuss about my internship. I and my friend Raghu went there, after finishing my work we met Raghu's cousin and his friend there. Raghu's cousin was attending the interview, after the interview we thought of going somewhere as we had nothing to do in the later part of the day.

We zoomed our car breaking traffic rules under the nose of the traffic police to PVR multiplex and booked tickets for two movies, one at 2:30PM and other was at 10:15PM. First movie, Vishal's Pista, was a headache movie to worsen that we got our seats in the first row. I tried to better the situation by observing the activities of the girls in our row though we were separated by a seat number. After the movie we decided to walk to GVK Mall which was 2 Kms away to eat at KFC. After filling ourselves we did window shopping there for more than an hour to beat the heat and also to kill the time. Then we walked to every shopping center for a/c on our way back to PVR. In between these activities Raghu's cousin and his friend whom I never met, talked as if we knew each other from our childhood, we became nice friends.

Then the final segment of our unplanned day, second movie Prayanam -  a love story in the airport. Right from the first frame of the movie we started laughing, we didn't expect the movie to be a laugh riot. We didn't move  from our seats fearing that we might miss the starting scene of the interval. As the clock was ticking we prayed that movie shouldn't end. Anyways movie ended on happier note, the first song and the background score had such high bass that we felt we were on a dance floor. 

At around 1:30 AM in the night we had late night biryani at Charminar. Finally reached home at 2:30 AM after good 14 and 1/2 hrs. I enjoyed to the core today...

Apr 30, 2009


Creative writing is damn difficult anytime, you can't do that regularly unless you feel that you have all time in the world to do so. That's been the case with me these days, not that I'm busy with my course work but been busy with many things around me. 

Anyways, next week will be final week of the semester, and so have to bury my head into the books now. And a bunch of my friends have their grad walk later next week, so big party is up very soon. And after all that have to start vacating room, pack the bags, board the flight and finally land in India after good 15 months and 11 days.

A handful 82 days in India is what I will be looking forward now, and the scorching summer too. I'm eagerly waiting to rejuvenate my taste buds which have gone bland all these months in US of A.

And, finally after lots of criticism from my friends about growing long hair ended up having a haircut last week to look like a school boy...

PS: image is deceptive [:D]

Apr 12, 2009

it'll never be same again...

It's not about winning, even losing sometimes is fun, and sometimes narrating your losing is satisfying. People change and even the person whom you think you know the most also change, it hurts to let 'em go, all you have is the fond memories, at least this will not change. Letting go isn't winning or losing, of course emptiness will hurt you. Letting go is courage to accept the change, it is growing up.

How can you know what love is if you've never been hurt once. Love should have been a decision rather than a feeling, because feeling are deceptive in nature and they don't last for long.

You are one of my nicest thoughts...

Apr 1, 2009


Got tagged after ages, I got tagged by two bloggies Zany and Carpe Diem,


1) Put your iTunes or any other media player on Shuffle...
2)For each question, forward to next track to answer the question...
3) Write down the track title, it might be a silly one...
4) Tag other poor souls...

a) If someone asks you "are you okay?" you say:
Loose yourself  (Eminem)

b) How would you describe yourself?
Jai Ho? (Slum dog M)

c) What do you like in a girl/guy?
Ajnabi Shehar (Jaan-e-mann)

d) How do you feel today?
Lovesick (Elize)

e) What's your life purpose?
Singing Dam Di Da Doo (Eyeopener)

f) What's your motto?
My happy ending (Avril  Lavigne)

g) What do your friends feel about you?
A never ending dream (cascada)

h) What do your parents feel about you?
Ass like that (Eminem)

i) What do you think of often?
Jumping all over the world (Scooter)

j) What is 2+2?
fuck it (Eamon)

k) What do you think of your best friend?
behind these hazel eyes (Kelly Clarkson)

l) What is your life story?
doesn't matter ( Hypasonic)

m) What do you want to be when you grow up?
mohabbat apse ( Aa Dekhe Zara)

n) what do you think when you come across the person you like most?
my sacrifice (creed)

o) what will you dance to at you wedding?
sexy naughty bitchy me (Lene Alexandra)

p) what will they play at your funeral ?
insomnia (Craig David)

q) what is your hobby?
sutta na milaa (Zeest)

r) what is your biggest fear?
beautiful life (Ace of base)

s) what is your biggest secret?
love in the club (Usher)

t) what do you want right now?
all the things she said (Tatu)

u) what do you think of your friends?
Last goodbye (Avenue)

v) when you rush into the washroom, what do you think?
sab khairiyath hai (13B)

w) The person you hate the most is in front of you, what will you tell to that person?
another day in paradise (Phil Collins)

x) you have just won a lottery, what will you sing?
beautiful thing ( Soulcast)

y) What will you post this as?
Shake that ass girl (50cent)

I'm done, now Sajesh and Sindhu will do the tag...

Mar 15, 2009

Spring break

We pre-planned many things for spring break but none were executed. We planned to go California for spring break, but very few have come forward for that trip. So, no California, I felt bad that I will not be able to visit California. California, I can definitely say that it's my second home after India. Anyways, then we thought of Colorado springs, and many have okied for this trip. But we couldn't plan for that because of lack of communication among us. So, no Colorado too. 

One of my roomie saw a super deal in hertz for car rentals, 60 bucks for 2 days, now that was a sexy deal. So, he rented the car and we haven't decided anything yet. That night we went to Indie dancers (strip bar), that was day one. Day two, we started playing PlayStation, bought 6 controllers and there we go. We never moved from our chairs playing PlayStation. Day three, we decided to go snowboarding somewhere near Chicago. After that we went to Go-karting, then Industrial strip bar and back to our apt. 

Even though we couldn't do much in the spring break but we got the much needed break from our off-campus jobs, esply me. I didn't want to take a break but eventually ended up taking break for 5 days, it was a welcome one for me. 

I'm waiting for May 13 to catch my flight to India, only two more months minus 2 days to go. I can't wait for that day anymore. In the meanwhile I have to get back into the groove of routine life. 

So, its time to get back to work...

Mar 2, 2009


Words dominate everything, we use 'em up to express for what we wanna say. For our deepest feelings that we depress doesn't come out that way, the exact way we wanted to express. And in a blink there's always a misinterpretation ambushing. Understanding the words that's not meant to be, the bitterly twisted ones, the meanings which get lost in a flash, never gonna be easy. Words are murderous, they will for sure cut deep into you. 

Better think more than twice before using 'em, for now and forever. Because the words that has been spoken out loud can never be undone...

Feb 27, 2009


That one smile was enough to show,
 how beautiful the life is with you
 and without you, 
I smiled back.

Feb 23, 2009

Jai Ho!

I didn't know how to express my happiness while watching the 81st Annual Academy awards show, each award given to slumdog millionaire made me clap and whistle hard. The words of Resul Pookutty "Thank you, Academy, this not just a sound award, this is history being handed over to me", who won Oscar for Sound mixing along with Ian Tapp and Richard Pryke, brought goosebumps to me. 

And then, Rahman bhai winning ek nahi balki dho' (2) Oscars was truly amazing. His performance on the stage was terrific and I didn't see any nervousness in him, all I could see is the confidence of taking home the Oscars in his eyes. He won two Oscar awards for Best Original score and Best OST (Jai Ho...)

Frankly speaking I always have hated Oscar awards judgement for being most unpredictable and unexpected in nature, but for the first time it seemed predictable, in every category where slumdog millionaire was featured it won! except one.

And, on the finishing note, I thank Director Danny Boyle who won the best director award for opening the doors for India to win its share of Oscar awards...

Feb 21, 2009

Delhi 6

Jiyo A R Rahman Jiyo, Yuraaj got its money because of you and I have no doubts that its gonna be the same with Delhi 6. Awesome background music which is actually a respite to these movies. Anyways, coming to Delhi 6, casting is very much apt and my favorite character was of Rishi Kapoor's.

I felt like Delhi 6 was Swades part 2, delhi wala thing is little boring here. Boring climax, there's nothing really exciting in this movie. Now, I don't wanna see anymore communal riots thing or untouchable thing in  movies, yaar cmon India has come long way now. Yeah, there are still such things happening but the intensity is pretty low compared to the early 80's and late 90's, got tired of the bhashans.  

I'm desperately waiting for munnabhai kinda flicks. Well, don't worry delhi 6 isn't that bad, we can watch once for sure. 

Feb 17, 2009


Long long ago when I was a toddler, I used to use my left-hand for everything. I always had a fascination to be a south-paw. But I donno when I became a right-hander, well I suppose my mom should have had played a major role in that, transforming me into a right-handed. It's considered that left-hand should be used for certain things only and my aunt used to specify it whenever I used to forward my left-hand for anything offered.

One day when I started playing cricket, I was very attracted to left-handed batsmen and bowlers. I tried my hand and was able to bowl and bat left-hand with ease and then I realised I have equal dominance with left-hand too. And, from there on I started enjoying playing both right and left-hand batting and bowling. In football I'm a leftie by default. This makes me unique in someway or another. Ambidexterity is a well known but amazingly rare variant of cross-dominance.

There are few famous Cross-dominant like me - Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, Oscar Wilde, Michelangelo, Benjamin Franklin, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Shawn Michaels (WWE Superstar) and and most important live example my library sir at school, I saw him writing with both hands.

So, this makes obvious prediction that someone is due becoming famous pretty soon! [;)]

Feb 14, 2009

X O ...

Love at times is said to be very difficult thing to find. And, once you find the true and selfless love then it lasts forever, but not everyone is that lucky. This love is a fantabulous experience felt by a person for another person. Love isn't built by a singular feeling but it's built from more than one feeling. Love is the most sweetest thing and also worst nightmare that can hunt you entire life if you don't get accepted. 

Well, I don't advise not to look out for your love, who knows you might just get luckier. Anyways, I wish everyone a very happy valentine's day and pray that everyone finds their love and none with a "nightmare!". 

Mohabbat mohabbat milegi chal ke do kadam 
Saathi se mil jaayenge 
Baharein phir khil jaayenge 
Chal ke do kadam



Feb 11, 2009

Recession time!

Unemployment has been climbing from ages ago and now it reached its peak at this time. Stock markets have been jittery all over. And, then the official declaration of recession!

Every company is practicing cost cutting now, layoffs has became the favorite game of all the companies around the world (hey bud, we have fired 20k! what about you guys, huh? 5k? bullshit man!)

There is an old joke among economists that states:

A recession is when your neighbor loses his job.

A depression is when you lose your job.

Recession is like the period of depression when a guy gets rejected after proposing a girl. It takes time to overcome that. One needs to be in good spirits to survive this crisis period. A recession generally lasts from six to 18 months, lets wait then...

Feb 6, 2009

Older by one more year...

This day that year ('06) I had no idea that I would grow this old from the day I started scribbling, and gradually days passed and then weeks and now years! I'm 3 years old now!

Jan 19, 2009

Dad, I'm in love (The End)

Continued from here...

"Oh! and so the request for Goa..., " I sighed looking at him. I saw aditi and then my eyes traveled to the person who was setting the umbrella. He looked familiar, I walked closer towards him to have a good look. I then looked at the female who was helping him, it was Mayuri Ram's wife. So, this cutie pie is Ram's huh, good good.

"Ahem!" I stood behind them to surprise them. Mayuri looked back, "Avi... Kya baat hai! this is totally a big surprise, Harini, where's she?"
Ram, hugged me as soon as he saw me. "You haven't changed Avi, you look the same..." , Mayuri said with a smile. "Neither you have," I replied back to her. I gestured Harini and Rohan to come. "Ram, this is my wife Harini and my son Rohan. And, hari, this is Ram and his wife Mayuri, and aditi their daughter..." I said. "How do you know aditi?" Ram asked in surprise. "That's because these both are in the same class..."

And, so we got company to enjoy the remaining days in Goa. After a week full of enjoyment we headed back to Hyderabad. Ram was in US for 10 years and now he's returned back to India for good and he's staying in Hyderabad.

After returning back to home, I remembered that I totally forgot about Rohan's love story. I didn't want to waste any time now. I went to his room and took him on to my lap and said, "Rohan, I wanted to tell you something important. We met aditi's parents right? they are our relatives and Ram is my cousin, he's elder brother to me and so aditi will become..."

"Will become sister to me..." Rohan shot back to me...

Hmm... I never thought that my son's first crush would blow off in this manner...

Jan 14, 2009

Jiya Se Jiya

Check out the new AR Rahman's track jiya se jiya video where everything in this video is real with exception of AR Rahman frames which is staged. This beautiful track breaks the barriers laid by different religions and castes and preaches oneness among Indians!

Jan 1, 2009

it's all blind, isn't it?

Love is Blind


From Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice

Jessica: "Here, catch this casket; it is worth the pains.
                I am glad 'tis night, you do not look on me, 
                For I am much ashamed of my exchange:
                But love is blind and lovers cannot see
                The pretty follies that them selves commit;
                For if they could, Cupid himself would blush
                To see me thus transformed to a boy."

So love is blind? Are you serious? Well, I feel it's not the love which is blind, but it is made blind with lust towards the opposite sex. Don't you think so?

Love does overlook the flaws, but is this overlooking act called blind? Ok, we people whenever come across an odd couple like one is ugly other is much better than the former, blah blah ... we say  love is blind indeed and there you see the perfect example showing 'em. But excuse me, accepting someone is really such simple, no, it isn't simple, while accepting someone we tend to feel something special about that person. When your soft corner is touched and taken care of, that's the moment you fall in love with that person.

Anyways, these days love has made progress, it isn't blind anymore. It got operated and now its wearing contact lens for the clear vision. Clear vision means, if she finds her perfect match, next would be if parents don't accept then ditch that dumbo. Not only that, Okay, I love this person will I be taken care for sure? Has enough money? future plans? Job stability? Bullshit?

Boohoo! love has indeed made progress, it isn't blind anymore, whatsay? 

Or may be, love is still blind, it's just we started to open our eyes... [:O]