Dec 31, 2008

closing note - yr 2008...

Survived another year, with many many things to remember. To start with, my first-ever flight experience which was a mixture of excitement, adventurous and ending on the hating side of flying anymore. The take-off was filled with thrilling experience and the first landing was little frightening, thanks to Air-India for that experience. Then, nearly missed my connecting flight helping the old couple to catch their flight. And then the final connecting flight flew for direct 10hrs which made me hate the travelling thru flights anymore. Now I wish we had a rail or roadway to India from US having a big flyover bridge [:P]

Next noteworthy experience would be the learning phase, learning the American way of living, burgers-pizzas-beers-clubbing-touring-shopping-deals-so on. My first six months stay in Calif. would always be the closest to my heart. I never realised I can cook, and went on to become really good cook. The importance of Friday night parties, not that I didn't know about the importance, but after coming here I realised what is with the Friday-nights!

Parting never became adventurous until cops arrived to stop the parties. And after six glorious months, had to head towards East side, the colder regions of US. The first experience of snowfall was terrific, within an hour everything outside was filled with snow. But started hating the white stuff soon, which makes life difficult. To cross a 10 feet road how much time do you take? keep out from answering the stupid question, my answer would ridicule it. When the road is covered by ice sheet it takes 10 minutes, and you sure to slip while crossing, good lord I didn't slip yet, though couple of my friends have called me to tell their slipping experience (the devil in me kept laughing hearing that...)

Anyways, those were few delicious experiences of year '08 and no resolutions this year, and I wish everyone out there a very happy and fabulous year '09.

Dec 18, 2008

Rab ne nahi bana di yeh jodi?

Rab ne nahi tho aur kaun banaya ye jodiko? Rajiv boltha hai ki usne banaya woh jodi... I came across this blog with a story that has similar situations of that of RNBJ. Now, can that be sheer coincidence? or maybe the story writer of RNBJ got the story thru telepathy, where this writer's mind and Rajiv's mind got into resonance and then RNBJ story got filmed and Rajiv's one got a place in blogorama. Or maybe, Rajiv's story was manipulated from the original which he submitted to Mirchi Movies Ltd for the story hunt contest 'Pen Uthao Bollywood Hilao'. There can be many speculations, but then even if its true that RNBJ story was lifted from Rajiv's story, what will happen next? will Rajiv be given the credit for the story? or any compensation will be given? will someone help him sue Yash Raj films?

I don't support anyone but this was an interesting claim from a guy who says that the story was lifted from his work, so thought this can be some hot topic to see where it goes, not much distance though.

Anyways, RNBJ has no extraordinary story barring the surinder's character. And, no one knows who is the original creator of the story. Why don't you guys check out for yourself the story written by Rajiv? ( Kya tum mujhse pyaar karte ho)

Dec 15, 2008

Dad... I'm in love part #3

Continued from here...

I thought I was little overreacting to the situation on-hand. Well, that was so normal, I had my first crush in 2nd grade itself. Anyways, I decided to monitor Rohan's prep for the exams and then after his exams will take him to Goa, May be, then lots of games, movies and all possible things which will help him come out of it. 

Rohan came out of his room and asked, "Dad, if I do well in my exams shall we all go to Goa for vacation?" I felt confident listening to that, "haan, sure thing!" He went back in to his room and after a little while he shouts from his room, "I need your help for preparation"
I shouted back, "OK SIR, anything else?"
"No thanks!"


Exams thing never failed to make me nervous but Rohan seemed in good condition. I observed that he is good at grasping. I faced real pain while helping him understand few topics here and there, esply that history subject... Phew! I remembered the day of my brother's board exam when he asked my help and I totally scared him and left him nervous. And, then, Harini had to go out of town for 3 days to attend her friend's wedding, so cooking section was under my control.  

After a week, at the last day of the exams we caught flight to Goa wasting no time.


We reached Goa in the evening and we checked in into the hotel room which I booked. Harini was happy at the dinner and Rohan was beaming. After the dinner we went back to the room and slept. 

Harini slowly rolled over towards me and whispered, "thanks Avi, I wasn't prepared for this holiday and Rohan seems to have come over it..."

"Yeah... and you're looking amazingly sexy today..."

"Ssshh... Shut up! ...     I love you.."

"love you too my dear sexy wife..."

Next day morning, we all set to go to the beach. Rohan was very excited, it's going to be his first visit to the sea. 

We reached beach after 15 minutes drive. 

While I was fixing the Umbrella Rohan pulled me down and pointed towards next umbrella, " Dad... Aditi..."

"Oh... and who is she?"

"Dad... she's my...." He didn't finish the line and I had no difficulty in filling up myself. be continued

Dec 7, 2008

Dad... I'm in love - part #2

Continued from here...

I choked at what he said. This didn't shock me a bit, but the guts to spill the beans about your crush, that too, to your dad, I never had guts to do that and I dare to say that no one did that with so much ease. Well, yeah, who is to be blamed, no one, the world is becoming confident day by day, that's the art of survival for you, be confident at any point.

"Ahem...Rohan, that's a good thing, I mean, to be in love. Well, I appreciate that you told me, and when's your exams coming up?" I asked him trying hard not to react at the situation. "In a month dad..." He replied. "Oh, and, how's your preparation going on?" I asked him as we walked back into the room. "Really bad dad.., " Rohan said while turning on the TV. Now, Now, did I ever told my dad that I was doing bad at preparation during exams time. The idea of cane at the corner of the kitchen room used to run a chill in my spine to say that I was reading for my exams.

I walked out of the room and settled down in the living room couch. Harini joined me, she rested herself on my shoulder and whispered. "What happened?", I brushed the hair aside and said, "Our son is in love, and that's the problem and he isn't doing good with his preparation for exams, and that's it..." she jumped in shock, "holy crap, I mean what the heck, I mean, at this age... GoSH@!". It took her couple of minutes to digest that. "What we gonna do now? how is he gonna come out of it?" are the questions which I read in her eyes when she was staring at me.

"Well, I think I know what to do, you jus relax, everything is gonna be ok...," I said.

Yes, I do have a plan and I know how to get Rohan out of this, I hope it works... be continued