Nov 7, 2008

Dad... I'm in love! (prologue) part #1

It's eleven in the night, I was watching Harika rolling over the bed without trying to sleep for about 15 minutes. I asked, "Hari, what happened?" She rolled over and faced towards me. She said, "Rohan's turning 11 tomorrow, I asked him where shall we go tomorrow, he just walked away into his room and slammed the door. He's behaving like this for past one week, I tried asking what's wrong with him for which he always walks away. I don't know what to do..."
"Ok, I'll talk to him tomorrow, now you sleep honey", I said giving a peck on her lips.


I walked into Rohan's room in the morning to wish him on his b'day. As I entered the room I found him busy in the restroom, I slipped into the couch. Music system was playing everynight in my dreams, "do kids listen to that track, I mean at this age?" I quizzed myself.

Rohan came after five minutes. I took him into my arms and gave a peck on his forehead, "Happy B'day Rohan...", "Thanks Dad..." he said in lower tone. Hari was right, something is wrong with the kid. I took him to the balcony. Now, this is weird how should I ask him what's wrong with him. I know he has my genes, so it turns out to be obvious that he will never tell what's bothering him. I thought of giving it a shot.

"Rohan, how's is the school going on?"
"Well, not that great"
"Hmm, and what about cricket? mom was saying that you were skipping the coaching classes daily. Is everything fine with you?" I saw Rohan looking at his feet. That says that there is something which is really bothering him.

"Rohan, ok , leave all that, tell me about you friends. I mean girls (I winked at him, for which he smiled)"
"Not so lucky dad...", He said with a sigh.

What the heck, now that answers few questions for me.

"Ok, now tell me what's bothering you? I promise I would try to pull you out of that..."
"You can't dad..."
"Without telling me anything how can you judge that?"
"Hmmm... (he took a long pause) Dad I'm in love with a girl.." be continued