Oct 26, 2008

The blonde Lady...

Why are Blondies' always on the receiving end now I know. This is an exclusive coverage of series of events that happened with me in the last 36 hrs.

On Saturday morning when I was at my work place I got a call from a lady to make a reservation for that evening.
"Days Inn, front desk"
"Hi, this is Melissa and I would like to make a reservation for tonight"
"uh-huh, and what kinda room would that be?"
"King Size non-smoking please"
"Ok, it's gonna be 75 plus taxes..."
"ok, fine with me..."
"Ok ma'am, your reservation is confirmed and your confirmation # is XXXXXXX"
"Ok hon, we'll be there by 9"
"Ok ma'am, you have a good day"
"you too..., aah wait what time zone you guys are in?"
"Ok, thanks"
"your welcome, bye"

And, that evening she checked-in at 8:45.
"Hi, I made a reservation this morning with the name Melissa"
"Yup, I was waiting for you..."
"I need you to sign this for me please...", I said.
"Ok..., hey do I need to write the car details" (This form asks about car model, license number and stuff...)
"Yes, if you have one.." (I couldn't hold my tongue)
"Well, Oh... you are so funny... hehehe, obviously I have one..."
I gave a toothy smile to her. All seemed fine till then.

Then after an hour she came down to vending machine for chips packet. My bad luck that chips selection had some problem, so when she inserted coins machine pushed those coins out. She comes to me for help, I went to check the machine. I asked her for the coins and inserted them for the chips. Machine puked out those coins. I told her, "might be some technical problem, I will get that fixed in the morning." That lays chip packet cost was 50 cents, so what this lady suggests me is, "I guess the chips cost is 60 cents, take this dime and see...". For her satisfaction I had to exercise that futile attempt for her. I then asked her to go for other chips which are there. She wanted only lays. Then she asked me for cereals, I ushered her to breakfast hall.

Next day morning I saw her standing outside under the canopy looking towards McDonald's. After ten minutes she comes in and asks me, "what are those bunch of birds on that tree?" (eh? what birds? )
I gestured that I didn't knew. She gets disappointed. She walks slowly into the breakfast hall and asks an old man who was having his breakfast, "Hey, you know what are those birds on that tree in front of McD?"
"No Idea honey..."
"Oh, you too don't know, they are so loud..."

Well, after having breakfast she checks out. She bid me bye and walked out. After 5 minutes she came in hurriedly and said, "Hon, I forgot my glasses in the room can I have the key for the room.
I said, "ma'am I guess are wearing them on your head"
"Oh, yeah, thanks again hon, ok then bye..."

Oct 20, 2008

My Happening Day!

WooHOO! I got a reason to shout that out. You might also shout out like me if what happened to me happens to you. So, why is Oct' 20, 2008 my happening day? well, couple of things happened today for me. Starting with, the research work which was assigned to me by my adviser got approved. My findings were accepted and got nod to go ahead and carry on the research and make it as my major project!

And, the other thing which happened was, I won $50 and a free goal setter savings account in the bank where I have my checking a/c.

It's just 12:15 PM now and still half-a-day to finish, let's see what else is left for me.

Oct 16, 2008

I was dancing with her shadow... #6 (the end...)

Continued from here...

Sameera left to Hyderabad next day morning. I started missing her badly, I was afraid of this feeling from the experiences I had in my life. I was not sure why this feeling popped out from nowhere, I got confused, I was feeling happy. In the meanwhile I realized that in my last forty eight hours I for once didn't think of Mayuri. There used to be hardly any day without thinking about her. This I thought was a good sign for me.

For once I felt like someone let me free from unseen clutches. I started seeing everything around me newly, felt like I got relieved after ages, I was breathing fresh air even in this warm climate. It felt nice to be back again after one full year of depression. That night Sameera called and we were on phone for almost whole night talking about our childhood days, college days. Before she hung up the phone she said, "Hmm, welcome back Avi... I missed this old Avi for one full year, and come back to Hyderabad... bye, sweet dreams..."

I didn't tell her that my project was finished and I got transferred back to Hyderabad. I wanted to give 'em all a surprise, I kept 'em waiting for long. I couldn't go to sleep after she hung up the phone, I wanted to talk to Lucky, I wanted to tell him about my feelings for Sameera. I always felt comfy talking such kinda things with him, as he always took my case seriously.

"Avinash... yaar, kaisa hai tu?" Lucky said.

"Lucky, sorry yaar, I'm so sorry for my attitude towards you guys, I donno why I was doing this, I started hating myself..."

"Chup saale, chal koyi baat nahi, abb tu teek hai naa, actually, we all thought of leaving you alone and give some time to come out of that depression, par tu kuch zyaada hi time leliya... we missed you saale... acha chod, ke haal chaal hai, aur tu call be karta hai theen bhaje raatko, kiski biwi margai? wait a sec, wait a sec, who is that girl?" Lucky said. I couldn't believe that, Lucky hasn't changed a bit. He never failed to read my feelings without being told...

"Woh kya hai ki..."

"Haan , haan , I'm listening..",
"I guess I'm in love with ...." I said, didn't know how will he recieve this

"Ladki hi hai naa... confirm?"

"abey bakwas bandh karr...."

"Phir tu phata phat bol..."

"Well, I'm love with a girl whom you know, shes from our gang..."

"Badiya, and lemme guess... Rachana?"

"Nahi abhi nahi, I'll tell you later...abhi mujhe needh aah rahi hai, will talk to you later...bye..." I said and hung up the phone.


Rachana's b'day is on coming Sunday, I booked my ticket for Saturday night and booked a cab to reach Rachana's house by 11:55 PM.


11:55PM, Rachana's Place.

I knew every corner of her home, so I jumped off the wall and sneaked into her room. I hid myself behind the curtains. I heard some noises from behind, it was Lucky followed by Raj, Sameera, and Uma. Lucky was holding a big cake in his hands, and Sameera was holding balloons in her hands. On the stroke of twelve in the clock all shouted "HAPPY B'DAY RACHANAA".

Lights were turned on, Rachana's parents didn't come as they knew what will happen at this time of every year. My eyes fell on the b'day girl, in her light pink night suit she looked so gorgeous. Rachana looked so cute and I just couldn't believe to what was happening to me.

"This is my first b'day without that idiot!" Rachana said cutting the cake. I came out of the hide and stood right next to her and signalled to be silent. She cut the cake and took a big chunk of it to hit it on the face of the Lucky as he was always the target for the hit at any of us b'day. She hit the cake on my face. She couldn't believe whom she was seeing. She jumped and screamed and hugged me tightly. She never was so loud as today, she is the most silent one in the gang.

I'm in love with Rachana now....

As the noise levels increased a girl entered the room, oh my gosh! she looked so perfect in every angle. Seeing the unseen drooling in my face Lucky pulled me back and said, "she's Rachana's cousin aur woh committed maal hai..."

"Puri, this is Avinash..." Rachana introduced me to her cousin.

"Oh! so you are that missing guy... glad to meet you finally..." she said giving me a hug.
I winked at Lucky while she gave me a hug...
the end...

you're the life to my soul,
you're the hope to my trust,
you're still in my heart when I run out of my breathe,
you're everything...

Oct 7, 2008

What If....

I always had this feeling since my teenage, what if I had a chance to go back to my school? Ok, lets say I had the chance, well, I would go back and blast bombs in the bathroom and then jump over the wall and go for trekking over the small mountain which is behind my school. And then what else would I wanna do? yes! we didn't had co-ed till my batch passed out, so, I would probably make hell lot of girlfriends and bully them around. And what next? well, then would finish off all the hardy boys books which I couldn't finish.

Ok next desire, what if I had a chance to act in movies? well well, that's one thing I always dreamt of, so, I would act with only specific heroines, list would have preity, deepthi padukone, amisha patel, mallaika arora, sonali bendre. and so on and will replace Emraan Hasmi in all of his movies!

And, what if had a chance to a kiss a girl?? .... ;)

Oct 2, 2008

Chess Titans...

Muhaha!! Computer is such a dumb thing to play with especially a game like chess. I lost first two games because of the complacence and then when I decided to stop the losing spree next game was a draw. Even though I defeated it with only King and Queen left from my side, it said taking the stats this game would be considered a draw... ( a what?? bullshit).

By now I understood the computers strategy and another game started. This time fulltoo concentration not one soldier to be lost. Well, the computers strategy was simple entice into a trap and then attack in the next second making you yell out "shit man! how didn't I notice that."

Anyways computer tried all its tricks on me but had to lose to me finally. I forgot something, I said computer was a dumb, now ask me why, why because when one of my soldiers reached other end I was offered a queen , a bishop, and a knight to choose. Even though my queen was still there I chose queen which I was offered instantly, hahaha... bloody hell!!! and the victory!!!