Sep 29, 2008

I was dancing with her shadow #5

Continued from here...

After one year...

I was in the middle of the meeting in the conference hall, looking around the faces of the new recruits who were listening with all their ears and eyes open. I saw myself in their position couple of years back when I attended my first meeting. It was Friday afternoon and I haven't planned anything for the weekend yet. I browsed for the movies which were releasing today, and I see all no good kind flicks. Now that movie plan is flushed I could just think of my cosy sofa where I could just slip into sleep in no time.


It was twelve in the night and my mobile was buzzing restlessly. I saw an anonymous number in the caller ID of my mobile...


"Many many happy returns of the day idiot...",

"Sameera, wow, that was a surprise and thanks for the wishes...", I said.

"And, so, I wouldn't ask how are you because you sound to be be fine...", sameera said in lower tone.

"Hmmm, can we talk about this later and how are you guys? I guess I missed many things in this one year...", I said in a guilty tone.

"Well, all are fine and healthy and don't worry you didn't miss many things as everyone have become busy with their own jobs, now that we all are not in one team after you left to b'lore..."

"oh ok, and... 'sup for the weekend?", I asked trying to change the topic.

"ahh... well, I'm coming to b'lore to meet a client over there and will have to come back to Hyderabad next day morning..."

"Oh, that's a breezy trip... and will you be having time to meet me?" I asked.

"Oh shut up! you idiot, I thought you have changed but you proved me wrong and yes sir! I have time for you!... (pause for few secs)... Avi, sorry yaar, I was so rude on you, sorryyy... "

"That's alright I understand... so, tell me your schedule tomorrow, so that I can figure out where to go ... and teri flight ka time kya hai I'll come for the pick-up..."

"Haan, 9 AM and meeting is scheduled at 11:30, probably up to 1..."

"so, you are free after 1 ..."

"I can't say, we might wrap up early also... anyways call karlunginaa... aur missed you so much dumbo..."

"yea... me too, three, four, five and a zillion..." I said with a smile on my face.

"Hahaha... tu sudrega nahi... acha chal main rakhthi hunn, have to finish something, I can't wait to see you tomorrow and good night and many happy returns of the day once again...."

"Thank you , thank you, ok then cya tomorrow... bye , good night."

After that call, I felt like some kind of happiness creep into me, a feeling that I was searching for one whole year.


I reached the airport at 8:55 and waited for Sameera at the arrivals lobby. Last night Lucky, Raj , Uma, and Rachana called one by one to wish me and I was wondering since last night how did I survive this one year without seeing them for once.

I was trying to call Sameera to tell her where I was, I saw a lady waving at me from distance. I couldn't recognise her. As the distance reduced I saw a familiar face, she was Sameera, she has changed so much that I could hardly recognise her, her new hairdo, her dressing style, I mean literally everything looked new in her.

She came close and we hugged, tears rolled down our eyes. I drew back and wiped her tears, we walked out of the airport. We drove to a restaurant for breakfast and then I took her to the office where she had the meeting. I said I would wait for her in the lobby for her till she finishes her meeting. After she went in I slipped into the sofa and started rewinding back thinking what happened in the last one hour.

I feel I'm in love with Sameera...

... to be continued

Sep 26, 2008

My sexy wife...

There was this stupid conversation that happened when I was in imagining the sexy colleagues as our gonna be wives in the break...

Avinash: duDes, I got a doubt...

Chandu: whats that?

Avinash: Well, will our beautiful wives maintain their fig after the marriage?

kumar: Why wouldn't they?

Chandu: Oh shit, I doubt so Avinash...

Avinash: Oye kumar, make a new medicine so that they maintain their
figs, I don't want Anu to gain weight after marriage...

Kumar: That's not possible dude... side effects are very heavy, so we
shud take care of their diet...

Shankar: there seems to be no prob with madhu, sravs or sangeetha, I
guess its about

Avinash: Yes I'm talking about anu so wat, did u foresee how other
girls will be in future>?? eh??

Kumar: Got an idea... we will make them join gym, and make sure that
they go to gym daily ...

Avinash: Genius says so, but idiot whos gonaa make breakfast ,tea ,
coffee, ..dammit I cant imagine myself struggling in the kitchen....

Kumar: but they are our loved ones bud, so that shudnt be a big deal
helping them in kitchen...

Avinash: you knw wat, all men fear this only, wait till u get married ,
you'll knw....

Sep 19, 2008

I was dancing with her shadow... #4

continued from here...

I always had feelings for Mayuri since my school days, but never had an opportunity to express in front of her. But then I was very sure that she didn't had feelings for me, so I preferred to be silent lover of her. I shared this with Sameera as she knew me much better than the remaining ones. Well, she stopped talking to me after that slap incident a month ago at Eat Street. I don't know what was Raj up to and what happened to his love story. I locked up myself from the outside world and also from my lovable friends.

Lucky, Uma, Rachana, Raj and Sameera tried to talk to me many a times in this one month but I just walked away from them. I didn't know why was I behaving like that, I was literally falling into some kinda rut, to stay alone and suffer. I was hating this, but I didn't know how to shatter this stupid feeling of mine which was killing me. Even mom was
worried with my weird behavior, she tried asking me what was wrong with me, but I just used to walk inside my room and lock myself inside.

It was really difficult to stop thinking of Mayuri. Whenever someone used to talk about her I used to get goosebumps, used to feel uncomfortable because I always wanted her to be mine. I don't know how could I stop thinking of her, stop getting emotional when I see her talking to other guys. I experienced all these when Raj said he was in love with Mayuri. Sameera always told me that if she is yours then come what may she will be yours at any cost.

Next day When I walked into my cabin I saw a letter on my desk, an invitation as a project manager at Bangalore branch, as that branch's project manager was going to have a baby next month. I readily accepted that to see some change in me thinking that this could pull me out of my depression. I flew to b'lore on Sunday without informing any of my friends.

to be continued...

Sep 15, 2008


When I opened my eyes for the first time,
I didn't see you.
When I started taking my first breathe,
I didn't feel you.
When I made my first friend,
I didn't recognise you.
But as my needs and expectations grew up with the age,
I came to know you,
I'm afraid of you.

Now that I know you I expect you to be short and merry one...

Sep 13, 2008

Life in US II

Back after ages to tell about life in US of A. So, many of you know that I have left Calif. and shifted my base to Indy., if you don't, well, you know now. I miss Calif. badly, I hope to get back to Calif. after my grad.

This incident happened during my first shopping experience at a food-mart. I and my room-mates went to a food-mart to buy groceries. One guy was searching for curd in frozen food section, I found one for him and showed it to him, he says this is not curd, this is yogurt. I said it was just the plain one and not the flavored one so it must the one we are searching for. He didn't agree with me and he went to a white lady and asked where can he find curd? she was like, "find what?"

Then a desi uncle who was watching him came to his rescue and explained him that we call curd as yogurt here. And, in another incident my friend asked a cashier for a plastic cover to stuff in his books which he bought there, cashier didn't get him what was he asking. By then I got familiar with few of the words what to use and what not to use, thanks to liquor store where I worked. I went there and asked for a plastic bag, which the cashier gave with a smile.

Anyways, will tell few more things next time. As of now lifestyle and climate and also environment have slided big time for me, moving from west to east, from hotter part of the US to gonna be coldest part in the couple of months from now. And Hurricane Ike is gonna visit my place sometime next week.

Sep 10, 2008

My angel - the end

continued from here...
Avinash without saying any word paces to home.

Ruchi was feeling nervous and peeping into the window to see if Avinash has arrived from office or not. Abhi started lunching and was staring at Ruchi in a very uncomfortable manner. Even the maid didn't come today. Ruchi pretended to be busy checking some old mails.
"Ruchi..." Abhi called. A sudden chill ran through her spine hearing that.
"Yeah? you need anything?"
"Nope, but I feel odd eating alone. Why don't you join me?"
"No, that's alright, Avi has started from the office he might be here in any moment..."
Avinash was stuck in the traffic and was very worried about Ruchi. He didn't wanna press the panic button calling her. He tried to calm down and figure what he should do. He reached for his pistol in his briefcase, loaded it and just waited to reach home as soon as possible.
Ruchi was dusting the mail shelf, she finds her slam-book there. She sits back in the sofa and starts reading the pages. Her mind got deviated from the present situation. She was busy reading the pages and Abhi drops into the sofa beside. He grabs her finger to check the cut, Ruchi shouts at that. Just then Avinash comes in with his pistol. Ruchi runs to Avinash and hugs him tightly.
"Whoah!!..hang on, .... let me explain...", Abhi said with his hands up.
"What you wanna explain..huh..??"
"That I'm Abhiram...and..."
"And... and what, he was staring at me in an uncomfortable manner avi... " Ruchi said trembling.
Avinash gets fumed up listening to that and he punches Abhi's cheek. Abhi drops to the floor. Just then Ruchi's sight falls on the slam-book beside Abhi. She picks the slam-book and reads the page which was half open.
"Shit! you bloody bugger!! why do have to do all this...see now what happened." Ruchi lends her hand to Abhi to get up from the floor.
"Sorry yaar, I didn't know that this prank would go this far..." Abhi said falling into the sofa.
Avinash got confused about what was happening.
"Hi, I guess I'm missing something here..." Avinash asked Ruchi looking at her in confused manner.
Ruchi chuckles and says, "Well, Avinash this Abhiram and Abhi this is Avi, my sweet hubby. And Avinash this dumbo was my classmate back in school days and then after our 12th class this idiot got vanished and we met only this day. I guess Abhi would have died in your hands if I didn't see Abhi's page in that slam-book."
"Wonderful, and you made me hit him hard..."
"That's alright bro, it was my fault here. I got transferred to Hyderabad RadioMirchi from Mumbai. I got promoted as Station manager. I saw this devils pic and then came to know that you guys wedding anniversary and also her b'day was today, so I thought of giving a surprise with a prank. Anyways, I'm sorry for all the things happened."
"Beware of my hubby abhi..." Ruchi smiles and hugs Avinash.
"Yeah ..yeah..."


The End

Sep 2, 2008

Wish making made easy!

Make a wish on the fallen eyelash... poof! there it goes into the sky to carry your wish to whoever is gonna fulfill your wish. Till my 12th class I didn't knew that it was a eyelash and not some kinda fur that got stuck beneath the eye which is used for wishing by closing your beautiful and notorious eyes. Anyways better late than never I now know it's the eyelash and not some dusty fur.

These days I'm going thru' some confusion which is related to this wish making mechanism. Why can't the other parts of the body hair can be used for making a wish, that too closing your eyes?
When you take head bath, its a free fall of hair for most of us, and then when you poke inside your nose, hair from the nostril and so on so forth. So, guys! collect all your fallen hair from every part of your body and start clearing your wishlist, why wait for the fallen eyelash? Basically we don't discriminate anything right... [;)]