Aug 22, 2008


My heart is heavy,I don't feel like leaving you.
You brought a broad smile on my face when I came to you.
It wasn't a dream, you embraced me with chilly breeze which brought shiver in my spine, brought goosebumps, said to me that it wasn't a dream...

You showed me why you were called sexy,
you confronted me with your other mates who reside with you,
you taught me everything which I was unaware so far,
you shared everything with me with love...

The destiny is so cruel,
and so I'm helpless.
When did this 6 months pass away?
I'll miss you, calif.

Aug 14, 2008

Jai Hind!

On the eve of the Independence day of India I along with fellow Indians salute the Indian flag. And then we even salute Abhinav for winning the most craved gold medal at Beijing olympics after a wait of good 108 years. And for once all the Indians around the world have uploaded that historic event video in their fav. videos in orkut expressing their happiness.

I still hate that old man, Mr. Gandhi for what he has done in Bhagat singh's case. But then I'll admire him for one thing for sure, he was able to unite the people of India to stand together to kick the brit. asses out of our country.

Well, the other day when I was at the work place one of the white customers asked me which part of India I was from, I said south. He then said, "Oh, you guys don't go well along with North guys right?". I said to myself, "yes, it's there, isn't it?", I asked him who told him all that. He replied back, "My Indian colleague". "And where is he from?", I asked. He said, "Gujarat". That's it I guessed it right, whoelse in the world will say like that about our country.

I donno what's wrong with these gujju idiots. because they are the richie riches it doesn't mean that don't belong to India and just belong to Gujarat, and where the heck is Gujarat? isn't it supposed to be in India? I myself was in a such kinda scene once. In my first semester here in calif. on the day one one guy was introducing himself to everyone. And there was this guy from Pakistan, so when they both shook the hands, paki asked that Indian stud, "You from India?". He replied back, " No, I'm from GUJARAT!"