Feb 26, 2008

missing the niche'

Couple of years ago what made me start a blog is missing these days. Or I should be saying that craze. passion and patience which were the niche for a blog has been in deficit levels of late.
The fraternity to which I belong in this blogsville has gone to sudden lull. The blog socialisation has come down drastically. Once it used be a carnival in the comment boxes, these days they are left dry with a random one or two comments here and there.
It's not the creativity that went down just that the time parameter has been main culprit here, was blogging just a fad?? I hope not....

Feb 24, 2008

not anymore...

I fear night,
not anymore now that you are there with me,
I fear being lonely,
not anymore now that I see you regularly,
I fear of being lost in this cruel world,
not anymore as I see you standing for me with a candle to show me the path...

Oh! such a sweet dream,
I know it's not gonna happen for real,
sigh, the dreamland of mine...

Feb 21, 2008

Reporting from CLass!!!

A really boring lecture, its 1500hrs in the day, people have their heads in between their hands trying hard not to sleep in the class, and me online!

It's been showering for past couple of days and it's quite chilly with 6 degrees centigrade, just returned back from canteen after hastily downing a hot dog, my first meal since morning. Didn't had time to eat cereals in the morning as I had class at 9:30 in the morning and woke up at 8:30.

Last night all my roomies and next door guys went nostalgic after eating rice with the dal I made. This was my first attempt to make dal, and it turned out to be superb!

Hey catch ya later, got to finish my assignment, it's 24 mins due!!

pic source : used with permission Youth Change web site link http://www.youthchg.com

Feb 14, 2008

Will U b my Valentine!

Salaam-Namaste! it's been long long long time that I visited my own blog, sigh... the cruel busy schedule of mine is killing me. Anyways, a very happy valantine's day to all the beautiful bloggies out there. I hope all found their valentine today.

I don't think I will find my valentine today... reasons being I have two classes today, afternoon through evening and there ends my day without having anytime left to go out and find one.

Anyways, I hope people back in India had a wonderful valentine day and wish people of this side of the Earth have a gorgueos day ahead!