Dec 31, 2008

closing note - yr 2008...

Survived another year, with many many things to remember. To start with, my first-ever flight experience which was a mixture of excitement, adventurous and ending on the hating side of flying anymore. The take-off was filled with thrilling experience and the first landing was little frightening, thanks to Air-India for that experience. Then, nearly missed my connecting flight helping the old couple to catch their flight. And then the final connecting flight flew for direct 10hrs which made me hate the travelling thru flights anymore. Now I wish we had a rail or roadway to India from US having a big flyover bridge [:P]

Next noteworthy experience would be the learning phase, learning the American way of living, burgers-pizzas-beers-clubbing-touring-shopping-deals-so on. My first six months stay in Calif. would always be the closest to my heart. I never realised I can cook, and went on to become really good cook. The importance of Friday night parties, not that I didn't know about the importance, but after coming here I realised what is with the Friday-nights!

Parting never became adventurous until cops arrived to stop the parties. And after six glorious months, had to head towards East side, the colder regions of US. The first experience of snowfall was terrific, within an hour everything outside was filled with snow. But started hating the white stuff soon, which makes life difficult. To cross a 10 feet road how much time do you take? keep out from answering the stupid question, my answer would ridicule it. When the road is covered by ice sheet it takes 10 minutes, and you sure to slip while crossing, good lord I didn't slip yet, though couple of my friends have called me to tell their slipping experience (the devil in me kept laughing hearing that...)

Anyways, those were few delicious experiences of year '08 and no resolutions this year, and I wish everyone out there a very happy and fabulous year '09.

Dec 18, 2008

Rab ne nahi bana di yeh jodi?

Rab ne nahi tho aur kaun banaya ye jodiko? Rajiv boltha hai ki usne banaya woh jodi... I came across this blog with a story that has similar situations of that of RNBJ. Now, can that be sheer coincidence? or maybe the story writer of RNBJ got the story thru telepathy, where this writer's mind and Rajiv's mind got into resonance and then RNBJ story got filmed and Rajiv's one got a place in blogorama. Or maybe, Rajiv's story was manipulated from the original which he submitted to Mirchi Movies Ltd for the story hunt contest 'Pen Uthao Bollywood Hilao'. There can be many speculations, but then even if its true that RNBJ story was lifted from Rajiv's story, what will happen next? will Rajiv be given the credit for the story? or any compensation will be given? will someone help him sue Yash Raj films?

I don't support anyone but this was an interesting claim from a guy who says that the story was lifted from his work, so thought this can be some hot topic to see where it goes, not much distance though.

Anyways, RNBJ has no extraordinary story barring the surinder's character. And, no one knows who is the original creator of the story. Why don't you guys check out for yourself the story written by Rajiv? ( Kya tum mujhse pyaar karte ho)

Dec 15, 2008

Dad... I'm in love part #3

Continued from here...

I thought I was little overreacting to the situation on-hand. Well, that was so normal, I had my first crush in 2nd grade itself. Anyways, I decided to monitor Rohan's prep for the exams and then after his exams will take him to Goa, May be, then lots of games, movies and all possible things which will help him come out of it. 

Rohan came out of his room and asked, "Dad, if I do well in my exams shall we all go to Goa for vacation?" I felt confident listening to that, "haan, sure thing!" He went back in to his room and after a little while he shouts from his room, "I need your help for preparation"
I shouted back, "OK SIR, anything else?"
"No thanks!"


Exams thing never failed to make me nervous but Rohan seemed in good condition. I observed that he is good at grasping. I faced real pain while helping him understand few topics here and there, esply that history subject... Phew! I remembered the day of my brother's board exam when he asked my help and I totally scared him and left him nervous. And, then, Harini had to go out of town for 3 days to attend her friend's wedding, so cooking section was under my control.  

After a week, at the last day of the exams we caught flight to Goa wasting no time.


We reached Goa in the evening and we checked in into the hotel room which I booked. Harini was happy at the dinner and Rohan was beaming. After the dinner we went back to the room and slept. 

Harini slowly rolled over towards me and whispered, "thanks Avi, I wasn't prepared for this holiday and Rohan seems to have come over it..."

"Yeah... and you're looking amazingly sexy today..."

"Ssshh... Shut up! ...     I love you.."

"love you too my dear sexy wife..."

Next day morning, we all set to go to the beach. Rohan was very excited, it's going to be his first visit to the sea. 

We reached beach after 15 minutes drive. 

While I was fixing the Umbrella Rohan pulled me down and pointed towards next umbrella, " Dad... Aditi..."

"Oh... and who is she?"

"Dad... she's my...." He didn't finish the line and I had no difficulty in filling up myself. be continued

Dec 7, 2008

Dad... I'm in love - part #2

Continued from here...

I choked at what he said. This didn't shock me a bit, but the guts to spill the beans about your crush, that too, to your dad, I never had guts to do that and I dare to say that no one did that with so much ease. Well, yeah, who is to be blamed, no one, the world is becoming confident day by day, that's the art of survival for you, be confident at any point.

"Ahem...Rohan, that's a good thing, I mean, to be in love. Well, I appreciate that you told me, and when's your exams coming up?" I asked him trying hard not to react at the situation. "In a month dad..." He replied. "Oh, and, how's your preparation going on?" I asked him as we walked back into the room. "Really bad dad.., " Rohan said while turning on the TV. Now, Now, did I ever told my dad that I was doing bad at preparation during exams time. The idea of cane at the corner of the kitchen room used to run a chill in my spine to say that I was reading for my exams.

I walked out of the room and settled down in the living room couch. Harini joined me, she rested herself on my shoulder and whispered. "What happened?", I brushed the hair aside and said, "Our son is in love, and that's the problem and he isn't doing good with his preparation for exams, and that's it..." she jumped in shock, "holy crap, I mean what the heck, I mean, at this age... GoSH@!". It took her couple of minutes to digest that. "What we gonna do now? how is he gonna come out of it?" are the questions which I read in her eyes when she was staring at me.

"Well, I think I know what to do, you jus relax, everything is gonna be ok...," I said.

Yes, I do have a plan and I know how to get Rohan out of this, I hope it works... be continued

Nov 7, 2008

Dad... I'm in love! (prologue) part #1

It's eleven in the night, I was watching Harika rolling over the bed without trying to sleep for about 15 minutes. I asked, "Hari, what happened?" She rolled over and faced towards me. She said, "Rohan's turning 11 tomorrow, I asked him where shall we go tomorrow, he just walked away into his room and slammed the door. He's behaving like this for past one week, I tried asking what's wrong with him for which he always walks away. I don't know what to do..."
"Ok, I'll talk to him tomorrow, now you sleep honey", I said giving a peck on her lips.


I walked into Rohan's room in the morning to wish him on his b'day. As I entered the room I found him busy in the restroom, I slipped into the couch. Music system was playing everynight in my dreams, "do kids listen to that track, I mean at this age?" I quizzed myself.

Rohan came after five minutes. I took him into my arms and gave a peck on his forehead, "Happy B'day Rohan...", "Thanks Dad..." he said in lower tone. Hari was right, something is wrong with the kid. I took him to the balcony. Now, this is weird how should I ask him what's wrong with him. I know he has my genes, so it turns out to be obvious that he will never tell what's bothering him. I thought of giving it a shot.

"Rohan, how's is the school going on?"
"Well, not that great"
"Hmm, and what about cricket? mom was saying that you were skipping the coaching classes daily. Is everything fine with you?" I saw Rohan looking at his feet. That says that there is something which is really bothering him.

"Rohan, ok , leave all that, tell me about you friends. I mean girls (I winked at him, for which he smiled)"
"Not so lucky dad...", He said with a sigh.

What the heck, now that answers few questions for me.

"Ok, now tell me what's bothering you? I promise I would try to pull you out of that..."
"You can't dad..."
"Without telling me anything how can you judge that?"
"Hmmm... (he took a long pause) Dad I'm in love with a girl.." be continued

Oct 26, 2008

The blonde Lady...

Why are Blondies' always on the receiving end now I know. This is an exclusive coverage of series of events that happened with me in the last 36 hrs.

On Saturday morning when I was at my work place I got a call from a lady to make a reservation for that evening.
"Days Inn, front desk"
"Hi, this is Melissa and I would like to make a reservation for tonight"
"uh-huh, and what kinda room would that be?"
"King Size non-smoking please"
"Ok, it's gonna be 75 plus taxes..."
"ok, fine with me..."
"Ok ma'am, your reservation is confirmed and your confirmation # is XXXXXXX"
"Ok hon, we'll be there by 9"
"Ok ma'am, you have a good day"
"you too..., aah wait what time zone you guys are in?"
"Ok, thanks"
"your welcome, bye"

And, that evening she checked-in at 8:45.
"Hi, I made a reservation this morning with the name Melissa"
"Yup, I was waiting for you..."
"I need you to sign this for me please...", I said.
"Ok..., hey do I need to write the car details" (This form asks about car model, license number and stuff...)
"Yes, if you have one.." (I couldn't hold my tongue)
"Well, Oh... you are so funny... hehehe, obviously I have one..."
I gave a toothy smile to her. All seemed fine till then.

Then after an hour she came down to vending machine for chips packet. My bad luck that chips selection had some problem, so when she inserted coins machine pushed those coins out. She comes to me for help, I went to check the machine. I asked her for the coins and inserted them for the chips. Machine puked out those coins. I told her, "might be some technical problem, I will get that fixed in the morning." That lays chip packet cost was 50 cents, so what this lady suggests me is, "I guess the chips cost is 60 cents, take this dime and see...". For her satisfaction I had to exercise that futile attempt for her. I then asked her to go for other chips which are there. She wanted only lays. Then she asked me for cereals, I ushered her to breakfast hall.

Next day morning I saw her standing outside under the canopy looking towards McDonald's. After ten minutes she comes in and asks me, "what are those bunch of birds on that tree?" (eh? what birds? )
I gestured that I didn't knew. She gets disappointed. She walks slowly into the breakfast hall and asks an old man who was having his breakfast, "Hey, you know what are those birds on that tree in front of McD?"
"No Idea honey..."
"Oh, you too don't know, they are so loud..."

Well, after having breakfast she checks out. She bid me bye and walked out. After 5 minutes she came in hurriedly and said, "Hon, I forgot my glasses in the room can I have the key for the room.
I said, "ma'am I guess are wearing them on your head"
"Oh, yeah, thanks again hon, ok then bye..."

Oct 20, 2008

My Happening Day!

WooHOO! I got a reason to shout that out. You might also shout out like me if what happened to me happens to you. So, why is Oct' 20, 2008 my happening day? well, couple of things happened today for me. Starting with, the research work which was assigned to me by my adviser got approved. My findings were accepted and got nod to go ahead and carry on the research and make it as my major project!

And, the other thing which happened was, I won $50 and a free goal setter savings account in the bank where I have my checking a/c.

It's just 12:15 PM now and still half-a-day to finish, let's see what else is left for me.

Oct 16, 2008

I was dancing with her shadow... #6 (the end...)

Continued from here...

Sameera left to Hyderabad next day morning. I started missing her badly, I was afraid of this feeling from the experiences I had in my life. I was not sure why this feeling popped out from nowhere, I got confused, I was feeling happy. In the meanwhile I realized that in my last forty eight hours I for once didn't think of Mayuri. There used to be hardly any day without thinking about her. This I thought was a good sign for me.

For once I felt like someone let me free from unseen clutches. I started seeing everything around me newly, felt like I got relieved after ages, I was breathing fresh air even in this warm climate. It felt nice to be back again after one full year of depression. That night Sameera called and we were on phone for almost whole night talking about our childhood days, college days. Before she hung up the phone she said, "Hmm, welcome back Avi... I missed this old Avi for one full year, and come back to Hyderabad... bye, sweet dreams..."

I didn't tell her that my project was finished and I got transferred back to Hyderabad. I wanted to give 'em all a surprise, I kept 'em waiting for long. I couldn't go to sleep after she hung up the phone, I wanted to talk to Lucky, I wanted to tell him about my feelings for Sameera. I always felt comfy talking such kinda things with him, as he always took my case seriously.

"Avinash... yaar, kaisa hai tu?" Lucky said.

"Lucky, sorry yaar, I'm so sorry for my attitude towards you guys, I donno why I was doing this, I started hating myself..."

"Chup saale, chal koyi baat nahi, abb tu teek hai naa, actually, we all thought of leaving you alone and give some time to come out of that depression, par tu kuch zyaada hi time leliya... we missed you saale... acha chod, ke haal chaal hai, aur tu call be karta hai theen bhaje raatko, kiski biwi margai? wait a sec, wait a sec, who is that girl?" Lucky said. I couldn't believe that, Lucky hasn't changed a bit. He never failed to read my feelings without being told...

"Woh kya hai ki..."

"Haan , haan , I'm listening..",
"I guess I'm in love with ...." I said, didn't know how will he recieve this

"Ladki hi hai naa... confirm?"

"abey bakwas bandh karr...."

"Phir tu phata phat bol..."

"Well, I'm love with a girl whom you know, shes from our gang..."

"Badiya, and lemme guess... Rachana?"

"Nahi abhi nahi, I'll tell you later...abhi mujhe needh aah rahi hai, will talk to you later...bye..." I said and hung up the phone.


Rachana's b'day is on coming Sunday, I booked my ticket for Saturday night and booked a cab to reach Rachana's house by 11:55 PM.


11:55PM, Rachana's Place.

I knew every corner of her home, so I jumped off the wall and sneaked into her room. I hid myself behind the curtains. I heard some noises from behind, it was Lucky followed by Raj, Sameera, and Uma. Lucky was holding a big cake in his hands, and Sameera was holding balloons in her hands. On the stroke of twelve in the clock all shouted "HAPPY B'DAY RACHANAA".

Lights were turned on, Rachana's parents didn't come as they knew what will happen at this time of every year. My eyes fell on the b'day girl, in her light pink night suit she looked so gorgeous. Rachana looked so cute and I just couldn't believe to what was happening to me.

"This is my first b'day without that idiot!" Rachana said cutting the cake. I came out of the hide and stood right next to her and signalled to be silent. She cut the cake and took a big chunk of it to hit it on the face of the Lucky as he was always the target for the hit at any of us b'day. She hit the cake on my face. She couldn't believe whom she was seeing. She jumped and screamed and hugged me tightly. She never was so loud as today, she is the most silent one in the gang.

I'm in love with Rachana now....

As the noise levels increased a girl entered the room, oh my gosh! she looked so perfect in every angle. Seeing the unseen drooling in my face Lucky pulled me back and said, "she's Rachana's cousin aur woh committed maal hai..."

"Puri, this is Avinash..." Rachana introduced me to her cousin.

"Oh! so you are that missing guy... glad to meet you finally..." she said giving me a hug.
I winked at Lucky while she gave me a hug...
the end...

you're the life to my soul,
you're the hope to my trust,
you're still in my heart when I run out of my breathe,
you're everything...

Oct 7, 2008

What If....

I always had this feeling since my teenage, what if I had a chance to go back to my school? Ok, lets say I had the chance, well, I would go back and blast bombs in the bathroom and then jump over the wall and go for trekking over the small mountain which is behind my school. And then what else would I wanna do? yes! we didn't had co-ed till my batch passed out, so, I would probably make hell lot of girlfriends and bully them around. And what next? well, then would finish off all the hardy boys books which I couldn't finish.

Ok next desire, what if I had a chance to act in movies? well well, that's one thing I always dreamt of, so, I would act with only specific heroines, list would have preity, deepthi padukone, amisha patel, mallaika arora, sonali bendre. and so on and will replace Emraan Hasmi in all of his movies!

And, what if had a chance to a kiss a girl?? .... ;)

Oct 2, 2008

Chess Titans...

Muhaha!! Computer is such a dumb thing to play with especially a game like chess. I lost first two games because of the complacence and then when I decided to stop the losing spree next game was a draw. Even though I defeated it with only King and Queen left from my side, it said taking the stats this game would be considered a draw... ( a what?? bullshit).

By now I understood the computers strategy and another game started. This time fulltoo concentration not one soldier to be lost. Well, the computers strategy was simple entice into a trap and then attack in the next second making you yell out "shit man! how didn't I notice that."

Anyways computer tried all its tricks on me but had to lose to me finally. I forgot something, I said computer was a dumb, now ask me why, why because when one of my soldiers reached other end I was offered a queen , a bishop, and a knight to choose. Even though my queen was still there I chose queen which I was offered instantly, hahaha... bloody hell!!! and the victory!!!

Sep 29, 2008

I was dancing with her shadow #5

Continued from here...

After one year...

I was in the middle of the meeting in the conference hall, looking around the faces of the new recruits who were listening with all their ears and eyes open. I saw myself in their position couple of years back when I attended my first meeting. It was Friday afternoon and I haven't planned anything for the weekend yet. I browsed for the movies which were releasing today, and I see all no good kind flicks. Now that movie plan is flushed I could just think of my cosy sofa where I could just slip into sleep in no time.


It was twelve in the night and my mobile was buzzing restlessly. I saw an anonymous number in the caller ID of my mobile...


"Many many happy returns of the day idiot...",

"Sameera, wow, that was a surprise and thanks for the wishes...", I said.

"And, so, I wouldn't ask how are you because you sound to be be fine...", sameera said in lower tone.

"Hmmm, can we talk about this later and how are you guys? I guess I missed many things in this one year...", I said in a guilty tone.

"Well, all are fine and healthy and don't worry you didn't miss many things as everyone have become busy with their own jobs, now that we all are not in one team after you left to b'lore..."

"oh ok, and... 'sup for the weekend?", I asked trying to change the topic.

"ahh... well, I'm coming to b'lore to meet a client over there and will have to come back to Hyderabad next day morning..."

"Oh, that's a breezy trip... and will you be having time to meet me?" I asked.

"Oh shut up! you idiot, I thought you have changed but you proved me wrong and yes sir! I have time for you!... (pause for few secs)... Avi, sorry yaar, I was so rude on you, sorryyy... "

"That's alright I understand... so, tell me your schedule tomorrow, so that I can figure out where to go ... and teri flight ka time kya hai I'll come for the pick-up..."

"Haan, 9 AM and meeting is scheduled at 11:30, probably up to 1..."

"so, you are free after 1 ..."

"I can't say, we might wrap up early also... anyways call karlunginaa... aur missed you so much dumbo..."

"yea... me too, three, four, five and a zillion..." I said with a smile on my face.

"Hahaha... tu sudrega nahi... acha chal main rakhthi hunn, have to finish something, I can't wait to see you tomorrow and good night and many happy returns of the day once again...."

"Thank you , thank you, ok then cya tomorrow... bye , good night."

After that call, I felt like some kind of happiness creep into me, a feeling that I was searching for one whole year.


I reached the airport at 8:55 and waited for Sameera at the arrivals lobby. Last night Lucky, Raj , Uma, and Rachana called one by one to wish me and I was wondering since last night how did I survive this one year without seeing them for once.

I was trying to call Sameera to tell her where I was, I saw a lady waving at me from distance. I couldn't recognise her. As the distance reduced I saw a familiar face, she was Sameera, she has changed so much that I could hardly recognise her, her new hairdo, her dressing style, I mean literally everything looked new in her.

She came close and we hugged, tears rolled down our eyes. I drew back and wiped her tears, we walked out of the airport. We drove to a restaurant for breakfast and then I took her to the office where she had the meeting. I said I would wait for her in the lobby for her till she finishes her meeting. After she went in I slipped into the sofa and started rewinding back thinking what happened in the last one hour.

I feel I'm in love with Sameera...

... to be continued

Sep 26, 2008

My sexy wife...

There was this stupid conversation that happened when I was in imagining the sexy colleagues as our gonna be wives in the break...

Avinash: duDes, I got a doubt...

Chandu: whats that?

Avinash: Well, will our beautiful wives maintain their fig after the marriage?

kumar: Why wouldn't they?

Chandu: Oh shit, I doubt so Avinash...

Avinash: Oye kumar, make a new medicine so that they maintain their
figs, I don't want Anu to gain weight after marriage...

Kumar: That's not possible dude... side effects are very heavy, so we
shud take care of their diet...

Shankar: there seems to be no prob with madhu, sravs or sangeetha, I
guess its about

Avinash: Yes I'm talking about anu so wat, did u foresee how other
girls will be in future>?? eh??

Kumar: Got an idea... we will make them join gym, and make sure that
they go to gym daily ...

Avinash: Genius says so, but idiot whos gonaa make breakfast ,tea ,
coffee, ..dammit I cant imagine myself struggling in the kitchen....

Kumar: but they are our loved ones bud, so that shudnt be a big deal
helping them in kitchen...

Avinash: you knw wat, all men fear this only, wait till u get married ,
you'll knw....

Sep 19, 2008

I was dancing with her shadow... #4

continued from here...

I always had feelings for Mayuri since my school days, but never had an opportunity to express in front of her. But then I was very sure that she didn't had feelings for me, so I preferred to be silent lover of her. I shared this with Sameera as she knew me much better than the remaining ones. Well, she stopped talking to me after that slap incident a month ago at Eat Street. I don't know what was Raj up to and what happened to his love story. I locked up myself from the outside world and also from my lovable friends.

Lucky, Uma, Rachana, Raj and Sameera tried to talk to me many a times in this one month but I just walked away from them. I didn't know why was I behaving like that, I was literally falling into some kinda rut, to stay alone and suffer. I was hating this, but I didn't know how to shatter this stupid feeling of mine which was killing me. Even mom was
worried with my weird behavior, she tried asking me what was wrong with me, but I just used to walk inside my room and lock myself inside.

It was really difficult to stop thinking of Mayuri. Whenever someone used to talk about her I used to get goosebumps, used to feel uncomfortable because I always wanted her to be mine. I don't know how could I stop thinking of her, stop getting emotional when I see her talking to other guys. I experienced all these when Raj said he was in love with Mayuri. Sameera always told me that if she is yours then come what may she will be yours at any cost.

Next day When I walked into my cabin I saw a letter on my desk, an invitation as a project manager at Bangalore branch, as that branch's project manager was going to have a baby next month. I readily accepted that to see some change in me thinking that this could pull me out of my depression. I flew to b'lore on Sunday without informing any of my friends.

to be continued...

Sep 15, 2008


When I opened my eyes for the first time,
I didn't see you.
When I started taking my first breathe,
I didn't feel you.
When I made my first friend,
I didn't recognise you.
But as my needs and expectations grew up with the age,
I came to know you,
I'm afraid of you.

Now that I know you I expect you to be short and merry one...

Sep 13, 2008

Life in US II

Back after ages to tell about life in US of A. So, many of you know that I have left Calif. and shifted my base to Indy., if you don't, well, you know now. I miss Calif. badly, I hope to get back to Calif. after my grad.

This incident happened during my first shopping experience at a food-mart. I and my room-mates went to a food-mart to buy groceries. One guy was searching for curd in frozen food section, I found one for him and showed it to him, he says this is not curd, this is yogurt. I said it was just the plain one and not the flavored one so it must the one we are searching for. He didn't agree with me and he went to a white lady and asked where can he find curd? she was like, "find what?"

Then a desi uncle who was watching him came to his rescue and explained him that we call curd as yogurt here. And, in another incident my friend asked a cashier for a plastic cover to stuff in his books which he bought there, cashier didn't get him what was he asking. By then I got familiar with few of the words what to use and what not to use, thanks to liquor store where I worked. I went there and asked for a plastic bag, which the cashier gave with a smile.

Anyways, will tell few more things next time. As of now lifestyle and climate and also environment have slided big time for me, moving from west to east, from hotter part of the US to gonna be coldest part in the couple of months from now. And Hurricane Ike is gonna visit my place sometime next week.

Sep 10, 2008

My angel - the end

continued from here...
Avinash without saying any word paces to home.

Ruchi was feeling nervous and peeping into the window to see if Avinash has arrived from office or not. Abhi started lunching and was staring at Ruchi in a very uncomfortable manner. Even the maid didn't come today. Ruchi pretended to be busy checking some old mails.
"Ruchi..." Abhi called. A sudden chill ran through her spine hearing that.
"Yeah? you need anything?"
"Nope, but I feel odd eating alone. Why don't you join me?"
"No, that's alright, Avi has started from the office he might be here in any moment..."
Avinash was stuck in the traffic and was very worried about Ruchi. He didn't wanna press the panic button calling her. He tried to calm down and figure what he should do. He reached for his pistol in his briefcase, loaded it and just waited to reach home as soon as possible.
Ruchi was dusting the mail shelf, she finds her slam-book there. She sits back in the sofa and starts reading the pages. Her mind got deviated from the present situation. She was busy reading the pages and Abhi drops into the sofa beside. He grabs her finger to check the cut, Ruchi shouts at that. Just then Avinash comes in with his pistol. Ruchi runs to Avinash and hugs him tightly.
"Whoah!!..hang on, .... let me explain...", Abhi said with his hands up.
"What you wanna explain..huh..??"
"That I'm Abhiram...and..."
"And... and what, he was staring at me in an uncomfortable manner avi... " Ruchi said trembling.
Avinash gets fumed up listening to that and he punches Abhi's cheek. Abhi drops to the floor. Just then Ruchi's sight falls on the slam-book beside Abhi. She picks the slam-book and reads the page which was half open.
"Shit! you bloody bugger!! why do have to do all this...see now what happened." Ruchi lends her hand to Abhi to get up from the floor.
"Sorry yaar, I didn't know that this prank would go this far..." Abhi said falling into the sofa.
Avinash got confused about what was happening.
"Hi, I guess I'm missing something here..." Avinash asked Ruchi looking at her in confused manner.
Ruchi chuckles and says, "Well, Avinash this Abhiram and Abhi this is Avi, my sweet hubby. And Avinash this dumbo was my classmate back in school days and then after our 12th class this idiot got vanished and we met only this day. I guess Abhi would have died in your hands if I didn't see Abhi's page in that slam-book."
"Wonderful, and you made me hit him hard..."
"That's alright bro, it was my fault here. I got transferred to Hyderabad RadioMirchi from Mumbai. I got promoted as Station manager. I saw this devils pic and then came to know that you guys wedding anniversary and also her b'day was today, so I thought of giving a surprise with a prank. Anyways, I'm sorry for all the things happened."
"Beware of my hubby abhi..." Ruchi smiles and hugs Avinash.
"Yeah ..yeah..."


The End

Sep 2, 2008

Wish making made easy!

Make a wish on the fallen eyelash... poof! there it goes into the sky to carry your wish to whoever is gonna fulfill your wish. Till my 12th class I didn't knew that it was a eyelash and not some kinda fur that got stuck beneath the eye which is used for wishing by closing your beautiful and notorious eyes. Anyways better late than never I now know it's the eyelash and not some dusty fur.

These days I'm going thru' some confusion which is related to this wish making mechanism. Why can't the other parts of the body hair can be used for making a wish, that too closing your eyes?
When you take head bath, its a free fall of hair for most of us, and then when you poke inside your nose, hair from the nostril and so on so forth. So, guys! collect all your fallen hair from every part of your body and start clearing your wishlist, why wait for the fallen eyelash? Basically we don't discriminate anything right... [;)]

Aug 22, 2008


My heart is heavy,I don't feel like leaving you.
You brought a broad smile on my face when I came to you.
It wasn't a dream, you embraced me with chilly breeze which brought shiver in my spine, brought goosebumps, said to me that it wasn't a dream...

You showed me why you were called sexy,
you confronted me with your other mates who reside with you,
you taught me everything which I was unaware so far,
you shared everything with me with love...

The destiny is so cruel,
and so I'm helpless.
When did this 6 months pass away?
I'll miss you, calif.

Aug 14, 2008

Jai Hind!

On the eve of the Independence day of India I along with fellow Indians salute the Indian flag. And then we even salute Abhinav for winning the most craved gold medal at Beijing olympics after a wait of good 108 years. And for once all the Indians around the world have uploaded that historic event video in their fav. videos in orkut expressing their happiness.

I still hate that old man, Mr. Gandhi for what he has done in Bhagat singh's case. But then I'll admire him for one thing for sure, he was able to unite the people of India to stand together to kick the brit. asses out of our country.

Well, the other day when I was at the work place one of the white customers asked me which part of India I was from, I said south. He then said, "Oh, you guys don't go well along with North guys right?". I said to myself, "yes, it's there, isn't it?", I asked him who told him all that. He replied back, "My Indian colleague". "And where is he from?", I asked. He said, "Gujarat". That's it I guessed it right, whoelse in the world will say like that about our country.

I donno what's wrong with these gujju idiots. because they are the richie riches it doesn't mean that don't belong to India and just belong to Gujarat, and where the heck is Gujarat? isn't it supposed to be in India? I myself was in a such kinda scene once. In my first semester here in calif. on the day one one guy was introducing himself to everyone. And there was this guy from Pakistan, so when they both shook the hands, paki asked that Indian stud, "You from India?". He replied back, " No, I'm from GUJARAT!"

Jul 30, 2008

The e-love...

Romeo007: Hey Juliet, I wanna tell u sth... donno hw...
Juliet143: r u in luv with me?

... long pause...

Romeo007: Well, yea...
Juliet143: oh...

... long pause...

Juliet143: do u think its possible?... we nvr met each other all these years of our friendship... and many things matter rome... srry...

.... long pause...

Juliet143: rome u there?

.... long pause and no reply from romeo anymore...

Why don't I have any gf yet? all my friends have one, and I have none...


2 years later...

Romeo007: I love you rose...
Rosedawson: love u too dawg...

Rosedawson: hahaha.. plzz no ....stop... hahhaha... I'll die... stop tickling me... rome, plzzz..hahahaha....
Romeo007: I wanna dance with you...
Rosedawson: Sure honey...

Rome is in calif. and Rose is in canada...then hows this possible?.. [ ;)]

Well, our rome develops a tool which allows him to express his love by touching his gf and do things which he wants to from wheres he sitting , same with rose... but how is possible u mite ask...

well he places two robos one at each end and the controls, controlling through Internet protocol... what else, he controls the action of the robo and does all the things he can with his gf... :P

LOL... well that's one of the project proposal of one my chinky classmates... all the seriousness that surrounded us in that class vanished at once...


Anyways that one day I felt like all were busy scripting their own love stories, I heard news from all around about few of my friends falling in love, one is getting married to her bf... but what excites me is, the girl who I thought will be the last person on the Earth to fall in love too fell in love...

Jul 23, 2008

another star added to our shoulder tabs!

Yeah, then cop issued us a ticket of severe warning, and now a notice being served for quitting the apartment or permanently perform covenant.

Covenants violated: resident has received numerous complaints regarding loud noise after quiet hours. Security has responded on several occasions. (Big Fat Lie... he just came once! and said start leaving else 911 will come...)

Reporting Party Name : Jennifer of apt #265

Nature of call: Jennifer complaining about "some party at apt #264, loud stumping, yelling"

What was more disgusting was Jennifer's neighbor some chinkky also could hear noises... I swear we tried our level best not to cause any kinda of disturbances...

And then after this drama we had another party to attend that night, so we were partying whole night came back to our aprt at 5:30 in the morning.

Anyways that was fun and I'm waiting for more stars to be added!

Jul 13, 2008

My angel - 4

Continues from here...

Ruchi pulls back her hand and goes inside the bedroom to get a band-aid. Abhi was still standing there and staring at her. Ruchi started feeling uncomfortable with his presence now. Abhi tries to break the silence by asking if anything else is left for chopping. Ruchi nods her head giving a no sign. After sometime she starts cooking. Ruchi requests Abhi to go and sit in the living room as she can't cook in someones presence. Abhi gives a smile and leaves the kitchen.


After Deepthi left the office Avinash suddenly remembers that he had make a call to Ruchi. He reaches for his mobile and his boss knocks the door. Avinash goes and receives him. His boss wanted some information regarding the project they were planning for the next quarter. The meeting starts getting draggy.


Ruchi finished cooking. She served lunch on the dining table. She called abhi, but abhi wasn't answering. Ruchi turned to get her mobile, abhi was standing right behind her. Ruchi started feeling nervous with his actions. She reached her mobile and dialed Avinash.

"Hello Avi..."
"Hmm... you woke up now?"
"how busy are you?"
"why? what happened ruchi?"
"Abhi is here to meet us, and I would like you to be here as soon as possible.."
"Abhi? Who's abhi?"
Deepthi just then enters the cabin.

"Avinash, I have served lunch and we are waiting for you. Please try to understand your presence is required... please.."
"Ok, Ok I'm starting ... "

After hunging the phone Avinash logs off the system and packs his belongings to go back to home.

"What's abhi doing there?", Deepthi asked.
"Who's abhi? your boyfriend right??"...

... to be continued

Jul 7, 2008

so when does a girl realise its love?

So after watching Jaane tu for second time this topic popped up. I was searching for perfect paradigms which would show the naked meaning for the words spoke by a boy.

So it's always said that words spoken by women have many untold implications and would never understand them even if the earth comes to an end. Ok, I agree, yea sometimes if not all the time. But what about men then? are they really that straight forward and everyones gets it what they actually meant when they say something?

Well given any situations men are straight forward except for one. And that one situation is when they having a crush or have fallen in love. They start speaking poetically (surprisingly) and blah blah, well, you guys are pretty smart to fill it for yourself.

So now let's examine the things he does when he wants to express his love to a girl.

Scene # 1 , take 1, camera rolling and action!

Let's go into a classroom and see... There's pappu who has a special interest in aditi. Now entire class knows this but aditi and the girls in the class donno this, only boys know this. You may say entire class consists of both girls and boys, yea but it came in a flow so don't have to stress your brain on that. Anyways coming back to the scene... Now after lot of sweating and hard work aditi notices pappu after realizing that pappu is her classmate. So pappu starts talking regularly about aditi with his good-for-nothing gang. This useless gang starts teasing pappu, and comment on aditi whenever and wherever she's seen. Then as the days pass by gang stops teasing and pappu's feelings for her is piling up day by day.

So after sometime pappu and aditi become friends. In the mean time he finds and adds aditi in all the possible virtual social networks found on the Internet. And then Pappu starts flirting saala!... after endless flirting, this flirting thing vanishes and pappu starts taking her damn seriously. His useless gang every time they meet they ask hows aditi and how much did he progress in letting her know his feelings for her. And then pappu decides to win her one day and there he takes off ...

Scene #13, take 6, camera rolling ... action!

So our pappu now trys to get sympathy from aditi saying he doesn't have any girlfriends yet (signal 1),
Aditi: Oh pappu, it's ok, you'll definitely find one....
Pappu: Do you think any girl will fall for me? (signal 2)
Aditi: Y not? (Here aditi smells something is wrong and she bails out from there)

Scene #16,

Pappu writes his first testimonial to aditi in orkut.

Scene #18,

Pappu writes one more saying, he's so lucky to find her ...

Scene #19,

Pappu writes one more, this time he says, donno how it could have been if he didn't had a friend like her... (signal # whatever)

Now aditi, smiles reading all this stuff, saying so good friend I have...

Scene # 50,

This goes on, and they pass out and nothing happens after that...

This is one kind. Well, let's see what would probably happen by adding something to it... Pappu mails her telling about his feelings for her... Aditi replies back... Sorry, but I never ..................... (please do the honours....) We are just friends. Very few cases where pappu might have got a reply saying Love you too...

So pappu is heartbroken now, and the life goes on. The signals in this story, I donno how many could have interpreted what's he trying to tell right away.

Jul 4, 2008

So when do you know... it's love?

So when was the last time I walked out of a theater with a smile, well that happened when I watched Munnabhai. I'm a great fan of Abbas Tyrewala right from his pyaar main kabhi kabhi days. with his lyrics and then came Munnabhai for which he wrote dialogues. And from the day when I read the news bit that he was making a movie my wait started. And the wait was worth it.

Jaane tu, is one of those movies where you don't have to stress yourself to understand whats happening on the screen. You'll love all the characters, I should say casting was really good. No one over dos his/her job. And the songs, I liked couple of tracks in this movie. After watching the songs with the characters they tend to grow on you, and you'll find yourself humming the tune nearly everyone were humming "jaane tu... jaane tu ya jaane na..." in the interval.

An apt plot for the debut of Imraan Khan, and then apt platform for Genelia to leave her mark in this movie. I should mention about Genelia here, she overshadows all the characters and you don't notice that, she has been doing the same in telugu movies of late.

So what can you expect from Jaane tu... ya jaane na... ?, well, witty dialogues, laughable moments with Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan, if you passed out from college then you'll revive your college days.

So you say we'll have a smile on our face when we walk out of the theater after watching the movie....


May 27, 2008

Milestone #200

A small interview with Mr.Brute, the author of brute's column! on the occasion of 200 posts feat.

Interviewer: So, big feat Mr. Brute...
Brute: Hey 200, thanks thanks, happy happy...
Interpreter: Hi everyone, this is Avinash, assistant of Mr. Brute. Author is very excited about his achievement and would like to thank one and all who have dropped by.

Brute: Right...
Interviewer: Oh.. ok

Brute: My name brute, ha ha ha...
In: Author is trying to say that he forgot whats his real name is...
Interview: what??

Brute: No... my name brute... forgot name
In: Oh, I beg your pardon, Author feels he forgot that he's called brute...
Interviewer: ohoo, ok

Brute: NO....
In: Again no, hey what the heck you want to say...

Brute: My name forgot..
In: OK , one last try... here author is trying to say that people have forgot his real name, all call him brute...
Interviewer: Hmm... go on

Brute: yes, yes, good...
Interpreter: Phew! thank god! ok I'm vanishing...
Interviewer: what's going on?

Brute: wait... no,
Interpreter: Sorry, I'm in invisible mode now...
Interviewer: in what?

Interpreter: Good lord, would anyone believe that he wrote 200 posts after that interview, how should I shout out that those 200 posts are mine!

May 25, 2008

for her...

Flowers on the ground waited to be get touched by her,
Clouds in the sky waited to shield her from the Sun rays,
Cool breeze behind the trees waited to touch her,
Puddle of water waited to get stepped on by her,
And my eyes waited to capture her in it....

We all coveted her shadow...

May 23, 2008

My angel - 3

...continued from here

It was 9 in the clock and no phone call from Ruchi, Avinash got worried about her now. He was about to call Ruchi his assistant knocked the door.

"Yeah, come on in Deepthi..."

"Good morning sir, delivery is done sir and client will be submitting their view by tomorrow afternoon, and you looking sexy sir today..."

"Thanks ma'am, it's Ruchi's b'day and our wedding anniversary too..."

"Oh, that's cool, happy anniversary sir..." Deepu said giving a mischief smile. Deepthi has a big crush on him. Avinash knew this and that's reason he stopped her transfer to other dept. twice in the year.

"Anything else?"

"No sir, no meetings today and new project will be vested on Thursday that's day after tomorrow...."

"Great, and... anything else?" Avinash asked looking at her glossy lips, he just loved her lips and always had his concentration on them whenever she was with him.

"Nothing else sir..." Deepu said and started walking off the office, she walks to the door and bolts it. Avinash rushes to her and starts wetting her lips.


"Sorry, I came for water...", Abhi said looking into Ruchi's eyes.

"Ok, what do you like to have for lunch Abhi?", Ruchi asked still lost in her thoughts thinking about what to cook.

"Why don't you prepare your husband's fav. dishes... " Abhi said in notorious tone.

"Yeah, let me make a call to him and ask him to come for lunch..." Ruchi said reaching for her mobile.

"Yeah, why not, but don't you think he might be busy at office. I don't think that's a good idea."

"Oh yeah, he was worried about some project module and all, anyways will start cooking then."

"Shall I help in something?"

"Yeah, sure..." Ruchi said taking chicken from the fridge.


"Avinash, I love you..." Deepthi said panting, Avinash drew back.

"Huh? you know I'm married, and it's not a good idea to have a relation..." Avinash said grabbing her close.

"I know, what should I do with Abhi, I'm no more interested in him..." Deepthi said.

"No, don't do that, this will ruin you badly. I mean letting this relation to be a secret would be better than go and announce outside. At the bottom of my heart it's still Ruchi. I'm sorry but thats the fact and come what may I'll love her till my last breathe" Avinash said opening the door.

"Shes a lucky bitch! isn't she..," Deepthi said walking out of the office.


"Why hasn't Avinash called me yet?" Ruchi asked herself while cutting the onions, lost in her thoughts she cut her finger. Abhi Rushes and puts her finger into his mouth...

... to be continued

May 18, 2008

My Angel - 2

... continued from here

Avinash was hating it today going to office, he too was missing Ruchi like hell. Clock was ticking at its own sweet pace irritating Avinash. He was waiting for a call from Ruchi, the acknowledgment call for the letter he left for her under the pillow. It was 7:10 in the morning, Avinash had to go to office in the early hours to make the delivery of the project modules to the client.


"Who the heck are you?", Ruchi screamed in shock.

"Hey, cool down, I'm Abhi.. Abhiram, don't worry you don't know me..."

"What are these roses for , eh? May be I should call police," Ruchi said dialing 100 in her mobile.
Abhi snatched the mobile from her hand and said, "Ma'am will you ever let me talk, tell you why am I here, what for .."

"Go ahead," Ruchi said grabbing her mobile back from Abhi.

"Ok, I'm Abhiram, I'm RJ in RadioMirchi, and today is you birthday and also wedding anniversary. Last year your husband called up to our radio station and yeah, you also spoke right?"

"yeah, so?"

"So, that day we promised to celebrate your birthday and wedding anniversary with you guys and now will you please call Avinash..."

"No, he isn't there, he left to office an hour ago... and by the way where's your mics and other things, how should I believe you, show me your I.D."

Abhi gives his business card. Ruchi takes a look of it and dials radio station number, after confirming that abhi was indeed RJ she got some respite, "well I'm really sorry for what happened, I just didn't knew how to react when I saw it's not my husband but somebody else, anyways come on in, I'll prepare some breakfast for you."


Avinash reached office by eight. He was worried that Ruchi didn't call him yet, but then thought why disturb her sleep by making a call to her.


"So Ruchiji, hows your marriage life so far?" Abhi asked Ruchi.

"First of all, no ji's to my name please, and about our marriage life, we didn't realize that its our 3rd anniversary, I mean 3 yrs just flew away, yeah we do have few altercations here and there but that's because Avinash gets hyper when he has a bad day at office. He comes home with the same mood and tends to vent frustration on me, that time we do have few arguments. Well, the very next morning he wakes up early in the morning and prepares breakfast. And that act is sorry act for me..." Ruchi smiles while saying that.

"Interesting and also romantic. And I guess I should approach Avinash whenever I get married for suggestions on how to impress your wife..." both Abhi and Ruchi giggled on that.

Ruchi made french toasts and coffee for the breakfast, after serving breakfast to abhi she asked, "So Mr. Abhiram, you must be having girlfriend, sorry sorry it should have been girlfriends, tell about them..."

"hahaha... I'm not a nova Ruchi, well I have a girlfriend and I do love her, and we are the process of knowing each other much better before we commit to each other."

"Ohh, that's a good thing you guys are doing, well Avinash wooed me for like more than 4 yrs before he got an yes from me."

"Oh boy, so he had to struggle hard to get his worth prize of life..."

"Yeah... hey be right back", Ruchi said while clearing the table.

Ruchi went inside kitchen thinking of what to cook for the lunch. She turned towards the fridge for some water, she found Abhi standing right behind her.

... to b continued

May 15, 2008

My Angel

Ruchi got up early in the morning seeing Avinash left to office. It was 7 in the morning. Ruchi could feel some kind of happiness instigated in her today, she was missing Avinash for some reason, she picked her mobile to call Avinash; but drew back thinking he might be in the middle of traffic driving.

She rolled over the bed to the other side to reach the photo frame. She kept staring at her hubby's pic. "you are my angel, thanks for everything", she said with a peck. She got up from the bed, as she was making her bed her eyes fell on the envelope that was hiding under the pillow.

Ruchi tore the envelope to see what's there in that. She found a letter written by Avinash.

"Ruchi, good morning, thanks for that smile... :) ", Ruchi smiles reading that. "Hmm, I wanted you to know this that I fell in love with you yet again, now don't say..." , Ruchi says "not again..." with a smile and continues reading the letter; "not again... I know, well yea I fell in love with you yet again, one short of 50th time; couldn't wait for that 50 th time, donno when that might happen :P ..... Ruchi, I love you more than anything else in this world, you are the best thing to happen in my life.... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SWEETHEART!"

Ruchi now came to know that unknown reason for the happiness. Ruchi picks her mobile to make a call to Avinash, while she was dialing the number she hears the doorbell.

She opens the door to see rose flowers all over the corridor. She slowly walks to the middle of the corridor moving the roses aside, she sensed someone behind her, she thought it was Avinash. She turns back and hugs him tightly. "I love you Avinash, thanks for the roses", She reached the lips to kiss them, she shouted in shock! he wasn't Avinash....

..... To be continued soon

Apr 30, 2008

A Void

It was like a flash for me...

I craved to see you...

you came...

heart skipped beats...


Clock ticked off at light speed,

leaving me indifferent till the time of departing arrived...

you smiled...

smile that I can ever forget ...

smile that I wanted to see all my life,

could last for couple of secs...

leaving a void inside me...

Apr 24, 2008

Life in US ... part II

So last time I briefed very few things about the life in US, I missed many. Let me share few more things that you'll find in US...

Well I don't have a watch but yea, have a mobile thankfully. But out of habit when you are at some store, anywhere where you go out for shopping I look at the walls for time. You generally won't find a wall clock...

Back in India, you can shout, you can jump, you can play cricket, you can do what not. But you have to learn to walk in air, shouldn't walk firmly, shouldn't play loud music, shouldn't laugh out loud... "Dude neighbors have kids, they have schools and offices to go next day..." sigh!...

Well you somehow you break all the limits... so what happens next??? you'll get couple of warning notices from the lease office, ok then what?? then dude get ready to meet big boss, Mr Cop, who talks less writes more... so you'll be awarded a sweet penultimate warning ticket... that's it?? what next?? you'll have to shell out your pockets from next time onwards...

Here pedestrians are considered kings but they to0 have to pay if they break the rules!!!...

Anyways got to go, booze party is waiting late....

Apr 17, 2008

how many balls do you have???

Week was filled with lots of funny moments and best were these...

The other day on Srirama Navami two of roomies went to temple. On there way back to home they were boarding the bus, then the Lady Driver asked the man with sindoor on his forehead before these guys...

"I know Indian women put that color thing on their foreheads... why did you put that? what are you??"

For this that Indian uncle gave a simple smile and walked away...

And then last evening was at my friends place, I just reached the aprt and these guys who were playing cricket inside the aprt had to face the bitter of the next door guys... All started the night when we got drunk and started hooting and dancing, had an altercation that night and then daily playing with basketball and then cricket what can we do if the walls are made of wood...bloody hell...

So last evening entire family of the nxt door got into altercation and the Uncle asked "How many balls you guys have???"... (One of my friends couldn't stop his dirty mind for sec... ;)

Apr 4, 2008

Hungama at Stevenson Blvd!

There was this cop patrolling at BART station downing his hamburger at 0130hrs singing...

"I walk this empty street

On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Where the city sleeps

and I'm the only one and I walk alone"

He gets a message in the wireless to go for patrolling at Stevenson Boulevard.

"What the f***, can't eat my hamburger at peace..."

He then meets the security guard of the Stevenson place aprt.

"Hi, how ya doing?"

"Hi, pretty good officer..."

"What's the trouble?"

"Well, there's this aprt #264 disturbing the sleep of the other people, and I have already warned them before, few days back and even today an hour ago, noise doesn't seem to be reducing...

"Ah-huh... well, guess they need a written notice then..."

He pulls out his wireless, "I need backup..."

There comes three more patrolling cars...

Cop knocks the door firmly... Inside nearly 35-40 souls smelt the trouble and fell silent... The person who was in full sense with opened eyes goes and opens the door...


"Hi, I need aprt owner please..."

"Officer, it's his b'day today so we are sorry if we were creating any kind of problem..."

"Can you please call the aprt owner sir..."

We smelled a ticket... the b'day boy comes with his passport for the proof of his date of birth...

"Sorry officer, they are leaving in 5 minutes, party is over..."

"Ok, well, can I see you ID..."

He takes the Passport and fills a warning notice form and slaps it...

"It's just the warning, hope you'll not repeat this..."

"Good night officer..."

He closes the door smiling and people started walking back to their aprts...

After 15 minutes they all return back from other lane back to our aprt to finish the liquor... only whispers existed from there on with no lights on, only source of light was from the lappies...

The B'day boy got a relishing gift on his birthday!