Nov 27, 2007

What do girls want? (my view)

I n t e resting topic, ain't it? yes of course. Girls will be very curious to know what the boys think about them now, and boys will also be equally curious to know what-actually-a-girl-want...

So what do they want? no idea right... Well, I too have no idea but sometimes I try to observe the behavior of the girls while talking to them. Talking and observing? crap!! yeah it's an impossible task in your hands if you do both the things when you are with a girl. I succeeded few times to perform this feat. Mind you, you got to be mentally vigilant while doing this feat outside (kids are advised to keep off this feat, this feat is performed by pro's like me! :P ).

I'll not tell you guys what girls want, 'cus 99% girls will deny this... (remember the evergreen law, a girl will never accept things straight away... ;) but will prescribe few things while being with a girl....

  • If she's telling something, how crap it might be, let her finish first. Later you can tell your gossip piece to her. But she's not gonna show any interest on what you tell to her after (can't help it sir). Just let her do all the talking, but never forget to be with her. If you lose the track then only God has to help you. She will link the stories at her will, so try to memorize the things she says to you.
  • When she is down she will vent all her frustration on you, please restrain yourself from giving any solution for the problem shes having. Just be there with her will all the ears open.
  • Give some believable compliments now and then, it works many a times.
  • You can do whatever you want, whistling and hooting in a theater, shouting while riding, singing loudly in public place. You know what, many girls like this, so try to be yourself! this is your trump card...
Thats enough of prescription, follow above things you'll find new things by yourself.

What I think a girl want is...

  • lots of chocolates
  • lots of gossips
  • lots of apparel
  • tonns of ice-creams
  • many puppies... (donno ''sup with puppies, I saw so many puppy pics in orkut albums. So lucky pups)
  • lots of dresses
  • never ending list of sidney sheldon novels.
  • fairytale prince on white horse.
Those are few things... ;)

PS: Pure PUN intended stuff

Nov 26, 2007

IDLy and Dosai!

Idly and Dosa never tasted so yummy when I gulped them down into my tummy at 2230 hrs at the roadside bandi.

My friend and I went out to grab a pizza after paying vodafone bill. As we were about to reach CCD near my house yummy steaming smell of idlies pulled us towards that bandi. Without any second thoughts in our minds we plunged to grab the idlies. Morsels of idly just melted in my mouth, and in this chilly weather outside those hot steaming idlies outscored to pizza. I can't tell you exactly how heaven like it tasted, the taste of any food can be relished very much only when you are damn hungry.

And the dosa was next after downing six idlies. It was overall a mouth watery session for us.

BOTTOMLINE: East or West Idly & Dosai are the best!

Nov 15, 2007

sachin jinx!

So so Sachin falls yet again without a century this year for sixth time. Yea yea it does bother India and we are indeed waiting for the jinx to break.

I was surfing through the stupid channels in the television today and got glued to a news channel, having an interaction session with numerologist and astrologer who were doing a postmortem on the jinx.

Astrologer says Sachin is a taurus by western astrologer and buffalo by chinese, and he goes to say that bull and buffalo are cousins and have same habits and Sachin has gotten into a rut and it's a habit that can't be get ridden easily. So his advice to the master blaster is to try to get out of that rut and he should start wearing a copper ring. OKKK!!!

Now comes numerologist, according to him jersey number 10 is not an auspicious number in numerology. Number #10 is called as wheel of fortune in the numerology and is said to be inconsistent by nature. So what he advices our little master is to get rid of that jersey number 10 and start wearing the number 99. And also he should start wearing a diamond. Well it seems Anil Kumble has consulted this numerologist and he was adviced to wear a diamond and there he goes, he's captain of team India now. This numerologist was consulted by uthappa, sreesanth etc etc who according to him are doing great.

Both say that Sachin has another 2-3 years left in the world of cricket and 2008 is gonna be all hundreds and hundreds and we wait for those hundreds to come.

Whatever, as long as India is doing a good job nothing bothers us, what say?

hey by the way, no one is saying anything about his MRF bat, may be he should change that... :P

Nov 13, 2007

No commitments please! part# 4

Continued from here...

Days passed away in a blink and I didn't realize that I'm into final sem now. The project work has sucked all my energy. And I was busy applying for Ph. D, got an offer from Germany. But I just had one month for vacation as I have to be in Germany by then.

Neelima has stopped mailing me, neither I mailed any message to her. We weren't in touch with each other for one full year. I didn't come to India during sem break, as I got an offer to assist my professor in his research work. I became so submerged into these things in s'pore that I hardly made a call to home.

After getting graduated and the graduation party without wasting any time I caught the next day first flight to India. I felt so happy to come back home after two long tiring years, but then the thought of going to Germany in another couple of months ruined my happiness.

Mom and dad came to airport to receive me and my sis too. I asked my dad not to inform anybody about my returning for at least 2 days. Mom inspected me with watery eyes even dad too. I felt so secured, after seeing them all my mental stress vanished, poof!. Even poo wasn't blabbering anything while coming in cab.

As soon as I entered my room, poo attacked me from behind. She pushed into the bed and jumped with a pillow and started banging me with the pillow.
"what the heck do you think of yourself, you nerdy ass?"
"Oi poo, ass?"
"yes!, you are such an ass****... don't talk to me at all"
I knew at once for the reason poo being mad on me. I didn't wish her on her b'day last week.
"I...I ... sorry yaar, c'mon now, you know me how much I love my sis... if I forgot to wish you on your b'day ... ok , well , forget it, I'm really sorry, tell me what should I do for you?"
"Get lost ok, I hate you dumbo!", Poo shouted at me and went to her room.

In the night when everyone slept, I slowly sneaked into poo's room and placed a bag in her bed and came back to my room. Back to room I closed my door and digged my lappy's bag for davidoff. Ah! a cigarette after 24 hours. I got into this stupid habit of smoking in s'pore. Luckily I had control over my smoking habit but then at least one cigarette per day became necessity for me.

Next day morning I woke up after being disturbed by poo's weight on me, again!. Before I said anything she gave a peck on my forehead. She was smiling with her cute dimples.
"Hmm, so I'm an ass****, huh?"
"yes, you shouldn't have any doubt about that bro... anyways thanks for the teddy, and I have given it a name too, Junglee. How's it?"
"Hey c'mon poo, why you calling the poor thing with your name"
"hellooo..." poo was getting geared up to bang with the pillow again. I caught her neck and took her into the balcony.
"Hey poo, you know what, I have to go to Germany for my Ph.D in another one and half months... hmmm"
"aww, shit yaar, too much, you didn't even inform this to mom and dad yet..."
"No I didn't wantedly... will tell them after two or three days, and you don't tell anybody please..."
"OK. OK... and I have booked tickets for om shanti om, evening show,..."
"woohoo cool..."

After week or so, one day dad called me and asked what are my next plans. I informed him about Ph.D thing. He felt happy about that but mom came rushing from the kitchen...
"No way... you aren't going anywhere. Better stay here and do some job, enough of studying and staying away from home for years... "
"Hmm... Ok ok... chicken curry is getting over roasted on the stove go and check I'm hungry..."
"you don't have to tell..." she said and went back into the kitchen room.

My dad took me into the veranda and asked me how long it would take to finish my Ph.D. It's not that he being a professor hasn't got any idea about Ph.D but the distance is what keeps his worried.
"Dad, you know that it's gonna take yrs... and I want to go for it..."
"Your wish Prasad... your mom is insisting me to get you married now itself, you know why..."
"No marriage nothing, please dad...please, I'm not thinking about it now.."

And the day has come for me to leave to Germany. I had mixed feelings filled in me. I decided that after Ph.D I'm coming back to India forever and do whatever I want to. Neelima's call that day woke me up. I just forgot about her. I felt so bad about this. All of a sudden some kinda voidness got created in me.

I woke up from the reverie when the air hostess announced that we were about to reach the destination in another thirty minutes. be continued

Nov 6, 2007

The patch up...

Finally after four years we talked openly last night. I stopped talking to her when I was in engg first year and then I broke the ice on the farewell day. But then we didn't patch up properly.

She is my classmate and at one juncture my the best friend. I still count on her given any day. She is very cribbing kind and then tad bit sensitive. We used to wait for the labs cus' my roll number is after her and we always been in one team in all four years, the fun we had in labs, the never ending gossips, the comments. She wrote lab notes and assignments for me while I was busy having masti. And on my b'day she told she'll call at 12 in the night to wish and when she couldn't make the call she had watery eyes next day. All went fine until one day where I stopped talking to her. I can't reveal the reasons. She tried to talk to me but I walked away ignoring her. And when I started feeling guilty and started thinking how to patch up with her our engg finished. Thanks to Karthik, our classmate who played the cupid in breaking the ice between us.

Even though we said sorry to each other we didn't patch up. She caught me online one day and vent all her frustration, I couldn't console her. I couldn't tell her the exact reasons for not talking to her after first year.

I hurt her badly and I felt guilty for that. When I was going through rough phase she was there for me keeping all the bitterness aside. And after that we talked to each other last night whole heartedly, told each other how badly we missed each other.

I deserved to be slapped!

Hey bud, I'm really sorry for whatever I did to you. And thank you so much for forgiving me. Missed you like hell all these years.