Sep 22, 2007

Chak de INDIA!

The players from both sides congratulate each other and the Indians are all out there celebrating. They came into this tournament rank outsiders and now India have beaten the best side in the world to set up a huge, huge final against Pakistan at Johannesburg.

Yuvi's another outing with 5 sixes, Joginder's last over, well everything went right for India. And now everyone eyes are on Monday's match, the big match in the history of cricketing world so far.

Both India and Pakistan sides came into the tournament as not so favorite teams for reaching the final, and when they entered the final everyone is damn excited about the match (woohoo!)

Sep 17, 2007

where are you?

The tiny drizzling said to me kissing,
that you were here somewhere,
the gentle breeze took me into its arms,
and tried to push me into the dreams
saying that, you were somewhere there,
but in vain,as I couldn't find you anywhere,

where are you...??

Sep 3, 2007

The never ending novel!!

Have you guys ever heard that a guy has been reading one particular novel for past one and half years and he still has 100 more pages to finish that novel..??

Well, yeah, sadly that guy is "me". I have been reading "The Runaway Jury" since May 2006 and I'm still left with 1/4th of the book to finish. I have no idea why is it taking so much of time for me to finish a 400 plus pages novel. It's not that I'm a slow reader, hmm... I finished Harry potters in less than one day. Then what's wrong with me...God knows when am I gonna read the last page of that book and then sigh with relief!