Jun 30, 2007

I was dancing with her shadow... # 3

continued from here ...

"Oye .. chup, I can guess what might have happened and what kind of feelings you are undergoing, just relax now..." I said to Raj looking into his eyes.

I know what Raj was undergoing through, it's like hell, it takes away all your energy ,all the happiness and it feels like all paths are closed for you...

In the meanwhile Lucky, Uma and Sameera came there to join us. I asked them in the afternoon to join us here.

"Oye pappey, teri chehra kyu utraa huva hai?" Lucky asked Raj while taking his seat.

"Kuch nahi yaar, it's just weather effect", I responded to his Question.
"Tu chup baitt, I didn't ask you..."
"hmm... "

Raj got up from his seat and walked away, Lucky & I followed him leaving girls there...

"Oye Raj, Kya huva yaar? tu mujhe nahi bataayegaa?"
"Avi tu hi bata usse, I don't have energy to tell everything and sapped..."

I took Lucky aside and told him what all happened and why Raj is behaving like this...In the meanwhile Rachana narrated what all happened to Sameera and Uma...

"Raj itnisi baat keliye tu apne aapko ...cha!!" Lucky said to Raj...

"ok ok, thandd rakk lucky, Raj needs us badly now, we need to take care of him..." I said to Lucky trying to pacify his temper...

While this scene was going on I saw Sameera walking straight towards me ...

"Avinash, what's happening???" Sameera shouted at me ..

"Sameera, SSsshh! ....kuch nahi horaha hai... we'll talk about it later not now.." I said to Sameera taking her aside from the scene...

"What are you trying to do here..?" Sameera yelled at me and slapped me...

to be continued...

Jun 24, 2007

tag # 5 (thinking blogger awards)

Ahem! hello..hello... mic testing 1 2 3 1 2 3 hello....!...

ok .. so now i have to give away 5 awards to 5 bloggers of my choice...(well my choice means not entirely my choice ,...well u can bribe me for biasing also.. ;) .. lol..)

Anyways, I'm also a thinking blogger mind you, thanks pria for the award. "Brute who is an awesome writer with full creativity and inspiration for new bloggers" are the words for me!...

Now, I am also gonna divide the awards into categories as pria has.
  • Stories
  • Music
  • General
  • Philosophy
  • Bindaas

    Here we go..,
    STORIES: Harish , and then prithz (she started jotting down some wonderful stories of late), vicky also writes cool stories( he stopped blogging for a while, but he's making a come back), kavitha wrote some romantic stories (she has a fantasy for Karthik, mind you only name ;)...), gils writes cool but the stories are like mega serials.

    Out of all you guys I picked sajesh, a wonderful story writer though he wrote only one story and unfortunately this isn't seen its end till now, so far seven episodes were published and ppl are waiting whens the next part gonna come up. Please visit Not a Short Story for the story, I bet you guys would love this incomplete story...

    saj tu pukka aiseehi hai naa?? :P

    MUSIC: this category has only one blogger, none other than marutham, its not a musical blog but she regularly posts her songs with every new post, and those are really cool songs sung by her...

maru pukka looks like this, she dreams about mickey goofy, her imaginations are always in between cartoon characters...

GENERAL: ganesh comes in then, KK, gayathri, isha, these come into general categoery. Well, I picked gayathri as her posts contains mainly about day to day life hilarious incidents that shes involved in, they are really nice time pass to read I must say that...

gayatri looks like this I guess :D

PHILOSOPHY: sravanthi, krithika, Contented and pria. I would have loved to pick pria, but she already got one thinking award I will pass it to krithika, her posts are not a direct philosophy ones but her posts definitely ends with as indirect philosophical note...

may b this is how krithika looks :P

BINDAAS: My fav category, only 2 bloggers have been picked up, neha and saty. I would love to give this award to Neha but she isn't blogging that regularly these days so this leaves only saty to get the award. What can I probably say about this saty... where ever she goes bloggers have a "T" symbol hanging on their faces..(T= trouble) , one gal against so many guys, and these guys sometimes left clueless what to say next....and yea do visit her blog she rocks...

that's saty for u! =)) definitely she looks like tht...

All five tagged blog buddies rather award winning bloggies, you have to pass it on, you have simple rules to go on:
Choose five people from your blog who deserves this award.Participation rules: (Not my rules, just followed wat is written in the past from other blog awards)-

- If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.- Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.- Display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.

- Display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.
Please, remember to tag blogs with real merits, i.e. relative content, and above all - blogs that really get you thinking.

A.R.Rahman in asso with Indiainfo.com performed this video to support voting for tajmahal as one of the new7wonders...

Jun 16, 2007

I was dancing with her shadow... 2

I got up at six in the morning and went for jogging. On my way to Victoria grounds I met Rachana who was also going there. By the time we reached the grounds I narrated her last night incident about Raj proposing Mayuri.

"Dude, guess I know this would happen all along when he told me about Mayuri", Rachana said winking at me.

"Hmmm...great, ye bandha bolta hai ki don't tell to anyone keep this to yourself my foot..." and we both broke into laughing.


When I came back to my room, I heard the missed call beep from my mobile. I forgot to take my mobile with me. I looked into the missed call details in the mobile, Raj tried to call me 5 times.

"Haa ji, Ki gal hai, itni subah kaise yaad aagayethee?" I asked Raj.
"tusi kithe gayab hogayasi?"
"you should have called me also dumbo!"
"never mind, so wassp?"
"I don't know, I just want to talk to you yaar..."
"Sure we'll talk, ek kaam kar office se jaldi nikhaley we'll go to Eat Street"
"done, chal then cya later in the evening.."
"ok boss, cya..."

I hung up the phone and crashed onto to my bed. I could guess what's going in his mind now. After a short nap for 15 minutes I woke up and got ready to go to my office.


At six in the evening Rachana and I reached Eat Street. I asked her to come along with me as she also knew about the episode. Raj came after 10 minutes.

"hi guys..."Raj said taking his seat..
"hello" we both said in unison.

"oye, party sir, you proposed a girl!" Rachana said winking at Raj
"hmmm... you guys know that I proposed Mayuri, and this happened two weeks back, but you guys have no idea what happened last night... "
"what happened?" I asked
"hmm.. she rejected me..." Raj said and looked away onto the Buddha statue in the Hussainsagar river...

... to be continued
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Jun 12, 2007

The monsoon..

Monsoon has arrived, and that too on time here in Hyderabad. June 4 was the date of arrival, since then the weather has become damn romantic. Becomes pitch dark in the evenings at 5 because of the gathering of dark clouds. When you come out, the cool breeze greets you, and the gentle drizzle kisses you. Umbrellas get snatched away from the hands of the girls by occasional heavy wind. Time to grab a hot cuppa steaming coffee and enjoy the weather. If only you were with your love in this damn sexy weather, those are the moments to cherish...

Hey there! call her and tell her, how much you miss her in this romantic weather, talk slowly.... can't beat that feeling, Rain, umbrella, your dearest in your arms...
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Jun 2, 2007

I was dancing with her shadow... 1

It was raining when I came out of my office. It was five in the evening, and the weather outside was cool, dark and romantic. I decided to go out and get drenched in the rain instead of staying back under the portico.

As I walked out I was welcomed by the rain and strong breeze. I ran towards the parking lot and pulled over my bike. I messaged Raj &Lucky to come for a cuppa chai at Cafe Love Bird.
It was six by the time I reached the cafe. Raj & Lucky waved from the table where they were sitting.
"Hi dude..." both said in unison.
"hello sirs.."
Lucky ordered two by three chai for us and Raj got cigarettes.
"Tho... wassp sir? kaisa tha aaj ka din?" lucky asked me lighting the cigarette.
"Not bad... what about you guys?"
"same to same... " Raj said having a sip of the Irani chai.
"Achha woh sab chod, movie chalna hai?" Lucky asked.
"which movie?"
"POC, pirates of Caribbean..."
"tickets milenge? it just released on friday, and getting tickets is highly impossible sir.."
"black main lelenge, big deal;"
"Did you ask girls?" Raj asked.
"Tujhe kya lagtha hai, only we guys are going, dude who's gonna stand in the Queue, girls agreed to come and getting tickets is possible I guess..." Lucky said winking at me.
"Hmm.. cool, when's the show?" I asked looking at the wall clock.
"7:15 ka show..."
"And we have just 30 minutes.."
"Chill dude...I have already asked girls to get tickets for us, and they have been waiting for more than two hours..."
"Abhey teri tho...marvayegaa kaa saale...chal jaldi karr, abi late gayetho ladhkiya jarroor pitengi .."
We reached theatre by seven and Uma, Rachana, Sameera were waiting for us at the entrance door with tickets.

After the movie we went back to our homes. I reached my home at ten fifteen. I was damn tired to eat something, so I directly went into my room and crashed in my bed.


At twelve in the night my mobile started buzzing restlessly, it was Raj's call.

"Oye Kya huva yaar...itni raat ko call karraa"
"Avi dude, I told off..."
"eh? you told what and to whom?"
"I proposed Mayuri just now.."
"huh? oye what happened to Vidya?"
"We broke up last month, she said shes the wrong one for me and I appreciated her decision..woh sab baadmain...now it's Mayuri..."
"What about Mayuri? ...hey..! Mayuri is your childhood crush right?"
"yes, you guessed right..."
"Hmmm... So what did she say?"
"Nothing, she said we need to talk.."
"Hmm...Ok , chal koyi baat nahi, you sleep tight, you done nothing wrong that was a good thing you did...so don't worry we'll talk tomorrow.."
"oye! no par var...just go and sleep, we'll talk tomorrow for sure...you just sleep well...good night."
"Hmmm...ok, good night..."

After hanging the phone, I got up from bed and went into bathroom to wash my face. It was something which knocked me without any notice...

to be continued...
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