Feb 27, 2007

Tortoise & Hare ....( they are back! )

Hey there! hi to everyone!, how are you guys?? hope you guys have been awesome out there. Anyways, last week one of friends told me a stupid hilarious slap-stick joke which I wanted to share with you guys.

So, we all know the tale of "Tortoise and Hare" in which Tortoise wins the race and hare loses... so this stupid joke is based on it...

So after their schooling, they write engg entrance exam, and both tortoise and hare qualify the the exam, Tortoise scores 75% and hare scores 85%.

Well, they both wanted to get into Computer science stream. On counselling day, hare fails to get a seat and tortoise once again wins out here, he gets the Computer science seat.

Now, can any of you guys guess why hare didn't get the seat and tortoise gets in spite of hare outscoring tortoise???...


well, tortoise gets the seat through Sport's Quota, hey we know right that tortoise won a race...(dont't cha! ??) ;) .....

Feb 24, 2007

Pray for me brother

Pray For Me Brother (2007)
Composed by A.R.Rahman
Lyrics by Blaaze
Singers: A.R.Rahman and Blaaze

Pray for me brother
Pray for me brother
Pray for me sister
Are you searchin'....
Pray for me brother

Lookin' for the answers
To all the questions
In my life
Will I be alone
Will you be there
By my side

Is it something he said
Is it something he did
I wonder why
He is searchin'
For the answers
To stay alive

Could you ever listen
Could you ever care
To speak your mind
Only for a minute
For only one moment
In time

The joy is around us
But show me the love
That we must find
Are you searchin'
For a reason to be kind,
to be kind...

He said...
Pray for me brother
Pray for me brother
Pray for me sister
Pray for me brother

Say what you wanna say now
But keep your hearts open
Be what you wanna be now
Let's heal the confusion
Pray for me brother

Don't let me take
When you don't wanna give
Don't be afraid
Just let me live

Don't let me take
When you don't wan

Feb 23, 2007

foray of retail stores in India

The world's largest retailer has teamed up with India's Bharti Enterprises Ltd. — a business conglomerate focused mostly on telecommunications — to set up hundreds of stores across the country, said Sunil Bharti Mittal, chairman and CEO of the Indian company. In recent years, several large Indian companies have diversified into retail business.

Reliance Industries Ltd., has already lined up billion of dollars to invest in a retail chain that would also showcase large superstores like Wal-Mart. The company opened its first retail outlet "FRESH" in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad in November 2006.

Rising middle class incomes and an increase in demand for branded products, however, make India a compelling destination for global retail companies.

What will happen to crores of small retailers in India? Has the government thought of this?

Danger for small retailers for sure.

Feb 18, 2007

Mr. President

Another five months are left for President A P J Abdul Kalam's term to end and already his successor is picked, Big B, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan (If sources are to be believed).

Samajwadi Party, Telugu Desam Party, AIADMK , and Asom Gana Parishad are allegedly supporting for his candidature.

I somehow feel that he's the wrong guy for the position. Mr. Kalam should continue with 2nd term in the office. He is the best president that we can have.

so what do you guys think, Who should be the next President of India ?

Feb 16, 2007

Munna bhai chale amerika!

Third movie in the Munna-Circuit series has been announced. It’s called Munna bhai chale amerika. Script isn’t finalized yet but it’s evident from the title that Munna and Circuit will start on their journey to America and movie is expected to release in 2008 (2008 nahi....plz yaar rajkumar thoda jald karnaa, emergency hai... I can't wait for long.. [:( ]). And of course this one will be definitely worth waiting for.

And and guess what???? I saw the first promo of the latest part (gawd!!! the promo was damn hilarious one, I was laughing out loud in the theatre..) which was shot at Karjat, near Mumbai recently, in the interval break (went to watch Eklavya today). Since Munnabhai and Circuit are going to America, they have been shown as they started learning English.

And the shooting for the film will begin from October this year.

Feb 12, 2007

you are my angel - part 2

Raj dialed her number, and he started sweating….the phone was in speaker mode and we could hear dialer tone…….someone answered the call


“aaaa… hello, hello…may I speak to vidya??”

“yea, it’s me, who is this??”

“I’m your schoolmate... vidya…”


Lucky & I puked out vodka on raj when we heard that........

Raj gulped and said, “Yea! Raj here…and how did u recognize me??”
Vidya laughed out loud and said, “Dude I just went through my slam book and saw your contact number, I thought of calling you and the next moment I got your call…and I saw your number in the caller ID ...hehehe”

Lucky and I winked at each other and kicked Raj’s ass! Raj shouted out loud..

Vidya: Hey! What happened?? You Ok?
Raj: nothing I...I just fell off my chair …yea...I’m fine.
Vidya: Ok, hmm…so what ya doing these days?
Raj: Job in a software firm, what about ya?
Vidya: got placed in sun technologies a week back.
Raj: cool..
Vidya: and how about your gang?
Raj : all of us are in one company and in same team,,
Vidya: Cool man...and what else??
Raj: aaaa I guess I have to hit the pillows now. I have a presentation tomorrow, so need to get up early..
Vidya: Oh Ok…chal then bye, and thanks for calling Raj, felt happy to talk to you after many days…
Raj: me too! Ok bye. Goodnight!
Vidya: Good night!

Raj got up and went straight to his bed and crashed down….and we finished the left over vodka and joined Raj…

Tme : 1300hrs..
Location: office cafeteria..
Navya: hey what’s up for today, any plans for tonight?
Me: hey! Raj will be busy, so only we guys will be going...
Sameera: going out for a date with Vidya or what??

Raj turned red blushing trying hard not to show any kind of emotions... Raj’s mobile started ringing restlessly…

“Yea! vidya here! How are you doing?”
“I’m doing fine, thanks for asking, and how do you know my mobile number?”
“Avi dude gave me your number yesterday night, I called up again to ask your mobile number, and you were in the process of sound sleep. So asked Avi who received the call…”
“Oh great! And what else?”
“hmm..nothing, ok then bye..”
“Actually wanted to ask you something, it’s ok, will ask you sometime later..bye”, vidya said and ended the call…

After sometime, Raj's mobile rang again..

"Yea vidya, tell.."

"hey are you free tomorrow?"

"yes, why?"

"I don't know how to ask; aaaaa... will you be my valentine tomorrow....???"

"excuse me??"

"you heard that right, yes or no??"


"Oh thanks! we'll meet tomorrow at ohri's at sharp 4pm..bye take care..."

......stay glued!...

PS: Happy valentine's day!

Feb 9, 2007

IV th tagg!!

(not again!)

I was tagged by GAYATRI .
Favorite Color: black, red, white.
Favorite Food: Hyderabad biryani.
Favorite Month: Dec

Favorite Songs:
Hindi: anewala pal from golmaal (old version)
Tamil: boom boom from Raam
Telugu: mila mila from Super
English: numb : Linkin park

Favorite Movie: american pie
Favorite Sport: cricket
Favorite Season: summer
Favorite Day Of the week: Friday
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: choco chip
Favorite Time of Day: between 4 - 5 pm During weekends: between 6-8 pm

Current Mood: tired and sleepy.
Current Taste: chocolaty
Current Clothes: tee and short
Current Desktop: my INDIan SERIES pic
Current Time: 1804 IST
Current Surroundings: untidy room of mine.
Current Thoughts: am just half way through this blog wen am i gonna reach last question

First Best Friend: mayuri
First Screen Name: lovelyblackbuck
First Pet: fish
First Piercing: wen doc injected injection
First Album: venga boyz
First Movie: thalambraloo a Telugu flick (1985, according to my mom)

Last Cigarette: I'll skip this.
Last Drink alcoholic: vodka
Non-alcoholic: sugarcane juice
Last Car Ride: 0500hrs in my office cab.
Last Movie Seen: Kingdom of heaven
Last Phone Call: from vinee.
Last Book Read: prospectus of some B-school.

Have You Ever Broken the Law: cmon, I do that daily..
Have You Ever Been Arrested: nah
Have You Ever Been on TV: yea! Doordarshan came to shoot our science exhibition in our school, that was in my 7th standard
Have You Ever Lied: hmmm....do i have to ans that, what am I doing now :P
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: many times....

Thing You're Wearing: hey ! I have already answered this..
Thing You've Done Today: met girija at her CTS training center
Thing You Can Hear Right Now: radio mirchi iddi challa hot guru!
Thing You Can't Live Without: I donno
Thing You Do When You're Bored: go and sleep happily

my friend srikanth's house from there to his college, luckily girija's CTS training is there only so met her. In the morning to e-seva to pay the bills

Anu, girija, sindhu.

1. black or white: Black
2. Hot or Cold: hot

ensure that I die without leaving any chances to get back to life to live again....

me tagging...
Priya, Starry nights, marutham , sravanthi

PS: ok girls , valentines day is nearing, so this tagg shud be helpful to decide whether to approach me or not.. [:P]

Feb 2, 2007

you are my angel - part 1

Lucky: chal katam hogaya documentation, here is the rough draft girls and the original copy and then here is the soft copy of the project. And where is Avi??
Sameera: he's in the hall, watching cricket match.
Lucky: what the heck?

Lucky made a breezy entry into the room and switched off the T.V, Raj and I protested.

Raj: oy! deh deh bey remote control! Dhoni is smashing baap, plzzzz!!
Lucky: project kaa documentation katam hogaya and we need to submit it by tomorrow evening, you guys know that right??
Me: Ha! Tho?? Project katam hogaya hai naa… what’s your problem?
Lucky: my problem is you people are enjoying and and only Sameera was helping….
Navya: Dude just chill! And thank you very much for completing the project, we are proud you Lucky.
Raj: Ok.. OK , sorry Lucky galthi hogaya . OK girl go to your homes and we’ll meet in the morning for the final discussion about the project.

Navya, Rachana and Sameera left and we went back to the room. Lucky brought sprite and gave it to me and Raj.

Me: Hey no! I don’t want sprite.
Lucky: are you sure dude! OK, your wish, at least take a sip….

I took the mug and had a sip..

Me: whoa! Can I have one more please??
Raj : hmmm…. Batti jalli saalekii..

And we laughed out loud… lucky mixed vodka in sprite…

Lucky: yaar Avi, you have a girlfriend, I also have but Raj is alone…
Me: no baap, he is senior most to us when it comes to girlfriend’s issue. Don’t you remember Vidya, our classmate in school??
Lucky : OH YEA!!! Hey Raj …. Aaj kal Vidya kya kar rahi hai??
Raj: I only know that she got seat in IIT , Mumbai, and that’s it.

Raj got up and brought his slam book. He was reading Vidya’s page in the slam book. I peeked into the page and saw Vidya’s contact number.

Me: dude! Why don’t you call her now, see she gave her contact number.
Raj: what shit…its 11 Pm now, and anyways we don’t even know if she still resides there or got shifted.
Lucky: dial tho karr pehle! Who knows vidya might only answer your call, if not just say some crap and then wrong number dialogue…that’s it, it’s so simple…

Raj dialed her number, and he started sweating….the phone was in speaker mode and we could hear dialer tone…….someone answered the call
aaaa… hello, hello…may I speak to vidya??”
“yea, it’s me, who is this??”
“I’m your schoolmate... vidya…”

Lucky & I puked out vodka on raj when we heard that........

…………………to b continued…..

P.S: click onto the tag : I.N.D.I.A.N pie series for previous parts :)