Dec 31, 2006

Year 2007!

New year eve is a time for changes we want or we need to make.

Many of us make New Year's resolutions, few of us keep them...

My resolutions would be:

1. Enjoy LIFE more (come what may..)
2. Little more focus on things which I'm planning for my career.
3. Having appropriate expectations.
4. Try to reduce few pounds..(which I summoned after getting job..[:P])
5. Try to have less crushes! [:D]
6. Break as many rules as possible!.
Make this the year most memorable one. Have a great New Year ahead!

Dec 25, 2006

21 yrs + 32 teeth!... [: D]

Hmm... 21yrs just passed away in a blink, lots of memoirs and lot more will add up. Last month, I got my last wisdom tooth to make an awesome set of 32...[ ;D]

"I fell in love with myself 21 yrs ago [:P] and its 22 now :)"

Dec 21, 2006

Santa..(at my office) part - 2

Santa giving Plum Cake to Avinash....(in the above pic...).. (I took 2 Plum cakes..[:P])

Dec 16, 2006

The Speed Zone... # 4

TIME: 3:30PM

“Sir, there’s an unconfirmed news that some city tour bus driver is planting bombs at all the places wherever he has halted the bus”, Ali said to DCP Ram.

“OH! Any information about the bus number, which travel agency’s bus is that, anything which will leads us to the bus quickly?” DCP asked Ali.

“Sorry sir, that’s all the information for now, but our guys are investigating further for the clues.”
“Ali, send a bomb disposal squad to Charminar first, that’s an obvious stop for the tourists.”
“I’ve already done that sir” Inspector Ali said.

“Ali listen, request all the mobile networks to suspend the network for an hour, between 7pm to 8 pm. I somehow feel we can solve this in that one hour.”
“Ok sir, I’ll do that”

“Mr. Balu, may I know why did pass on the information about bomb blasts thing?” DCP Ram asked.
“That guy was not ready to pay the amount which I was asking.”
“So what’s your role in there?”
“When you catch that guy, and then automatically you’ll come to know who I am.”
“Yeah! Balu.”

TIME: 6:45PM

“Good Evening sir, that tour bus started from Ramoji Film City at 2:30pm. It first stopped at Charminar till 5:30pm then headed towards Nampally” Ali said.
“Ramoji Film City, hey Avinash said he’ll be going there with his friends today.”

We got down the bus, visited the temple, had a small photo session, and then got into the bus for the final destination, Industrial Exhibition at Exhibition grounds, Nampally.

Sindhu wanted to check out what's there in my bag. I showed her the kit, and also switched on to show how it works.

"Hey look, your kit is saying there's a bomb in the ambience, I think we must jump off right now", said sindhu laughing out loud.

"Shit! yaar, my kit started working also, I never knew that its working." , I said winking at Sindhu.

"Hey Avinash, but how cum you are having the kit, I mean how did defence labs people allowed you to carry the equipment?" sindhu asked.

"Well, we actually used the old parts to build this model and we took permission for that, actually No permission, we had to show the kit in the college for final year project so I and my friend stole the parts from the lab, built this kit and showed it in the college." I said. , "and more over we actually used the most upgraded version of microcontroller so may be thats why its detecting some stupid electromagnetic signals."

TIME: 6:55pm

Suddenly the kit started detecting the most dangerous signals. I checked the intensity to clear my doubt. I checked for the pre-set values for detecting the signal, it was in default settings. My heart jumped a beat. I fixed the antenna to trace the source of the signal. The screen was showing the source just 9 meters away. I started sweating heavily. I decided to call my DCP uncle. I was about to dial the number and my mobile buzzed, it was DCP uncle calling.

"Hi Uncle", I said. "Hi Avinash, please listen carefully.... there's a bomb in there..." "OH SHIT!" I shouted out loud.... be continue, stay glued [:P]

Dec 10, 2006

The speed Zone...# 3

“I‘ve been looking forward for this.” Karthik said to me after we reached Charminar.
“You won’t be disappointed. Come this way.” I took Karthik, Contented, KK, and Kavitha to the Biryani house where my friend was already waiting with the packets.

“Hi dude, thanks a lot man!” I said to Mallik.
“Hey! No problem dude, anytime!” said Mallik.

I introduced Mallik to all of the blogger fraternity. Mallik passed on project kit to me. I took it and kept in my bag. For 2 hours girls went for shopping in that area, which is famous for bangles, the famous Chudi Bazar. S0ulassylumm, Prithz, Keshi and Krithika were found bargaining. Sindhu, Siva, Ganesh, Venkatesh and Vicky were exploring Charminar. And Priya, Diana, Neha went to check the pearls. And we guys were enjoying our Biryani.

Finally at 5:25pm we got into the bus and headed towards Birla Mandhir. Girls unpacked all bangles they bought and showed us. They were very excited. On the way I requested to halt the bus at Gafoor Ice cream shop, this shop is famous for Ice lollies. Prithz just jumped out of the bus to get one for her. By the time we completed our quota of one ice lolly, Prithz already started enjoying her third ice lolly. After spending 30 mins there, we headed towards our next destination.

We reached Birla Mandhir at 6:15pm.

TIME: 3:00pm

DCP Ram pulled a chair and sat in front of the caller, “I would appreciate your cooperation, Mr__”


“I’m looking for the one who is doing all this.”

“I don’t know.”

“You do not his name?”

“No. He’s a manager of a BPO. He spoke to me on phone few days ago.”

“Which BPO he works in?”

“I don’t know.”

“Look we have been searching for him for past few months. The current information on him is that he is from POK and that he is staying here in Hyderabad since one year.” DCP Ram said to Inspector Ali after coming out of the room.

“Send Bomb Squads to all important locations, and also ambulances. Let’s get ready to face the catastrophe. And instruct all the highway police patrol to start patrolling until 50Kms further, instruct them check all the heavy vehicles thoroughly and especially the bikes.” DCP Ram gave these instructions to Inspector Ali and Went to have a cup of tea.


....stay glued!

Dec 6, 2006

The SpeeD zone ... # 2

Diana came at 10am, she got stuck in heavy traffic. Neha went to receive her. Well for two hours of how-do-you-dos and what's-ups, then we had photo session. priya got a super idea of city tour, so I and Contented booked a special city tour coach. It was scheduled to start at 2 pm.

After special lunch we all got into the bus. s0ulasylum and prithz started humming followed by KK. In the meanwhile I called up my uncle who works in Ramoji Film city and asked him to take my bike to home and gave the bike keys to my uncle's colleague.

At exactly 2pm the bus started, our first destination was to Charminar. Karthik was so excited about going to Charminar, he wanted to eat Hyderabadi Biryani, so was KK and Contented. So I called up my friend Mallik who stays near Charminar to order special Hyderabadi biryani packet's so that we can save time.

"Hi chicha! what's up?", Mallik said.

"Nothing much yaar, hey listen go to our biryani adda and order 6 packets. I'll be there by 3pm." I said.

"sure man! and listen I'll get our project's kit so that you can submit to our Defence lab project guide. Guide called me in the morning, he wants to check our kit", Mallik said.

"Ok fine, but I feel we shouldn't have said about the kit to him, but anyways .... ok then see you" I said and ended the call.


Police HeadQuarters

Time: 13:30pm

"Hello, police can I help you?", asked cop who received the call on emergency line 100.

"Today there's going to be series of bomb blasts by 8pm, locations are all the important public places. I can't tell you exact locations", said the annonymous caller.

"May I know who's this", asked the cop.

"Please worry about how to trace the locations where blasts going to happen and not about me", said the annonymous caller.

The other cop in the control room traced the location and passed the information to the Rakshak Police patrol in that area.

The annonymous caller was calling from a PCO near the pan shop at panjagutta, DCP Ram who was buying cigarette pack accidentally heard this conversation. He started following him after he ended the call. Later he got call about the call. He went ahead and took the annonymous caller into custody.

DCP Ram took the wireless transistor and said, "Red alert, block all the highways and wait for further instructions".

***** be continued

Dec 3, 2006

The speed Zone...# 1

It was eight in the morning, my mobile was buzzing restlessly. KK was calling. I got up to attend the phone call in half asleep state.
"Hey! bro, good morning", I said.
"Good morning!, where are you? I'm waiting for you in the bus stand and you are nowhere??" said KK.

I said I would pick up KK from bus stop at 8 in the morning. We are having blogger's fraternity get-together at Ramaji's Film city. And we had to reach there by nine.

"Hey bro! I'm on the way, I'll be in twenty mins, in the meanwhile go and eat something. Hey bro! in the next lane of that bus stop you'll find a idli bundi, that bundi is really famous, try out'll love it." I said getting down the bed and making my entry into the bathroom.
"So Mr Avinash, you are yet to start...hmmm OK! I'll go and eat idli and you make it fast..." KK said ending the call.

Exactly after 15 mins I was on my way to the bus stop where KK was waiting for me. I dailed Prithz mobile number.
"Hey! where are you?" Prithz asked me.
"Me on my bike going to pick up KK, what about you, where are you and Vicky ?
"Vicky and me will be starting after 15 minutes I guess, Vicky is getting ready", Prithz said.
"Ok, when you guys start up give me a missed call, and give a call when guys reach the venue" I said.
"yea sure, bye then" Prithz said.
"Bye, catch you later" I said and ended the call.

Finally I reached the bus stop, KK was downing idlies, it was his second round of downing process.
"Avinash, you are right, idlies are really tasty man, thanks for telling.." KK said.
" are most welcome, ok now lets start moving, we'll be late.." I said starting the bike.

My mobile started vibrating as we were about to start. Krithika was calling.
"Hi, Krithika , where are you?" I asked.
"Near shopper's stop and no sign of Contented, did he call you?", Krithika asked me.
"Nope, he didn't call, hey just hold on Contented is calling..." I put her call on hold and attended Contented call.
"Hey anna where are you?" I asked Contented.
"Thammudu, near shopper's stop, I can't find Krithika here.. did she call you ?" Contented asked me.
"Yes she did, and please look around and tell me if any girl is near you.." I asked.
"What man there are many..."
"Ok just hold on" I put the call on hold and switched on to Krithika's
"Krithika what you wearing?"
"long skirt and Tee..."
"Ok hold on.." I said and switched to Contented.
"ok listen anna,,... any girl in long skirt near you?" I asked.
"Yes ...only one girl"
"she's Krithika, now you guys come fast..bye"
"Ok bye."

At 9:15 am we reached the venue...Karthik, s0ulasylum, Ganesh, Keshi, Neha, Mystery, Priya, Siva, Venkatesh, Sajesh and Sindhu have already reached the venue and by the time I parked the bike Vicky, Krithika, Contented and Prithz got down the cabs. b continued