Nov 30, 2006

Let's talk AIDS!

AIDS is acquired immune deficiency syndrome and HIV is Human Immumodeficiency Virus. AIDS is the last stage of the HIV disease. There are only a few ways of getting infected - exchange of blood, semen, or vaginal secretions. The most likely ways are having unprotected sexual intercourse, sharing needles and other drug equipment. HIV can also be passed to an infant through breast milk. You can't identify a HIV person by looking at his or her face. Most often people with HIV don't know they have it as it can take more than 10 years for symptoms to develop. And finally, at present there is no cure for AIDS.


Nov 26, 2006

dhoom2...the bakwas sequel!

This movie is exclusively made for Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik Roshan the robber has used all possible gadgets in the movie. Hrithik Roshan can be seen in 15 different appearances in the movie. Hrithik Roshan playing a sporty guy in the movie and plays sports like Roller Bladding, Sky Diving, Sand Boarding etc. So a lion’s share of credit for this goes to Hrithik Roshan, without whom this movie would have been a soulless body. The movie truly belongs to him.

Coming to the hard facts, the movie actually according to me should have ended right after the intro of Hrithik, that's only opening scene which is watchable. Coming to Aish, how could she act so good in "Hum dil de chuke sanam", and when you watch her in this movie, you'll feel sorry for her. She can't act guys, she was so pathetic in this movie. She doesn't fit into the role properly, she acts like a novice. The film could have been made much shorter, but no bollywood principles doesn't allow that, you have to make a movie which runs for complete 3 hours.

Abhishek Bachchan looks rugged playing the no-nonsense cop but is never able to rise above Hrithik’s presence.

Bipasha Basu looks really hot.

On the other hand, Aishwarya Rai doesn’t look least bit sexy despite wearing a variety of skimpy dresses. The gorgeous actress is not able to carry herself comfortably in revealing outfits.

Uday Chopra is the only source of humour in this action-packed thriller. Although his comedy is generic, the flair and ease with which he does it makes his character very entertaining.

Rimi Sen has a brief and forgettable role of Jai’s pregnant, cribbing wife.

‘Dhoom 2’ isn’t void of faults, and some of them are so glaring to be overlooked. Bipasha’s character Shonali is inexplicably dropped at the interval point and another character, an identical twin called Monali, is introduced in Brazil. And both Shonali and Monali have little significance to the movie’s story.

Secondly, after a series of intelligently conceived robberies in the first half, the last robbery in the film turns out to be lacklustre and without any thrill.

Thirdly, Pritam’s recycled and rehashed compositions that only evoke yawns and encourage you to go out for some refreshments.

Fourthly, the romance between Hrithik and Ash lacks the real spark.

All said, this Dhoom turns out to be bigger, better and bombastic than its prequel.

Just go for HRITHIK!

Nov 22, 2006

The Speed Zone!.. (prologue)

"Hey look, your kit is saying there's a bomb in the ambience, I think we must jump off right now", said sindhu laughing out loud.
"Shit! yaar, my kit started working also, I never knew that its working." , I said winking at Sindhu.
"Hey Avinash, but how cum you are having the kit, I mean how did defence labs people allowed you to carry the equipment?" sindhu asked.
"Well, we actually used the old parts to build this model and we took permission for that, actually No permission, we had to show the kit in the college for final year project so I and my friend stole the parts from the lab, built this kit and showed it in the college." I said. , "and more over we actually used the most upgraded version of microcontroller so may be thats why its detecting some stupid electromagnetic signals."

Suddenly the kit started detecting the most dangerous signals. I checked the intensity to clear my doubt. I checked for the pre-set values for detecting the signal, it was in default settings. My heart jumped a beat. I fixed the antenna to trace the source of the signal. The screen was showing the source just 9 meters away. I started sweating heavily. I decided to call my DCP uncle. I was about to dial the number and my mobile buzzed, it was DCP uncle calling.
"Hi Uncle", I said.
"Hi Avinash, please listen carefully.... there's a bomb in there..."
"OH SHIT!" I shouted out loud....

PS: Ahem! hi everyone, well well, the characters of this story are all my blogger buddies... actually this story may sound not-so-different, but there are few things which are different and that's the difference and the curiosity generating factor.......

....main story coming up shortly....

Nov 4, 2006

hows life??....

good tht u asked me hows life??? life is always on its way till the last breathe ..its only we who wanna stop it thru our emotions.....for the sake of not being able to njaii or utilise tht sec properly........

. ....... by brute (:P)