Oct 29, 2006

avi-giri series - Incident #1

I am typing the whole thing for the second time, damn the power cut!!!!!! (grrrrrrrr).

Some of my most memorable hilarious incidents in my campus life which I wanna share... with lots of spices...
A series of damn cool guys hilarious, adventurous incidents.... here we go....

Incident #1 (the hot seat) :

For 1st 2 weeks in my first yr we weren't assigned roll nos', so in labs we were asked to form groups among ourselves and do expts. After 2 weeks we got our roll nos'.

That day it was Monday and first session was of C-lab, I was late by 20mins. (I missed my college bus...so had to come by 7 seater (no its nt 7 seater , its 11 seater 10+1 )) OK so when I entered the lab, everyone were busy doing programs. I got worried , if I missed any thing important...(first-days-to-college enthu in me :P)

I saw karthik (my first college friend and also in class, also my benchmate ) sitting between divya (232) and giri(234)...

He saw me entering the lab. he took me aside and said, "If anyone asks you whats your roll no. just say 252, ok na??"
"why should I say that, and hey whats my roll no.???" I asked karthik.
"Yours is 233, hey you dont talk to divya and giri rite? anyways giri has some doubt she asked me to help her, so I'm sitting there"

I was like WTF???

"Accha bhacchu!! see what am gonna do now", I said to myself and went straight to my Lab-assistant...

"Good morning ma'am, I just came to know that we were given roll nos' so could you tell me whats my roll no and where should I sit?" I asked lab-assistant.
"What's your name?"
"Avinashhh.....aaaaa.... yes ,...Avinash C 233, go and sit beside that girl"

"Where ma'am? that place is already been occupied, someone is sitting in there"
"How can that be?" she got up from her seat and walked straight to Karthik

"What's you roll no mister??"
"233 ma'am" karthik answered n confident voice..
"What's your name?"

I was like WTF?

Then she points at me and asks, "then who is this guy?"
"Oh, sorry I thought you were absent, that's why I sat here..." Karthik said.
"Now go to your place and Avinash sit here.."ma'am said.
"ma'am if he doesn't have any problem can I sit here..??" Karthik asks with little hope.
"No you can't sit"
"And next yr will our roll nos change??"
"No my dear, you have to bear this roll no for entire 4 yrs, you have to sit according to your roll nos not only in labs but also in externals..." ma'am says this and goes.

I saw building collapsing in Karhik's face,,..(poor felllA)

So finally I sit in my official seat. Hmm...one day when I was coming back from my college, my bus mate asked me,"Dude I heard that you are sitting between two gorgeous gals, so damn lucky you are"
"shut up, those gals are not that great, not worth mentioning.." ( to be frank I haven't seen them properly, even though I was sitting between them in labs..."Mr. shy guy"....lol)
In the next lab I ensured that I see their faces properly and Yes ....Oh yeah!!!....I'm damn lucky!!... I 'm sitting in the HOT seat.....lol...

from there starts avi-giri series...the bindaas gang 233-234 (heavy breeze blows in the backgrnd.....lol...)

Oct 23, 2006

Miss You!!!

My Love: hey Avi dude wassup, its been ages that we met right???
Me: ha yaar, really stupid of me. I didn't find time to talk to you these days..

ML: I can understand yaar, you started going to office also. And I see that you are stressing a lot.
Me: yes, but what should I do?? It's a part of life and I need to live with it...

ML: Hey! by the way, how ya doing??
Me: Me, doing just better.

ML: So, hows your job??? how are chicks over there??
Me: Office life is no better baap, aur ladkiya please don't even ask. Leaving couple of them rest all are aunties. SOb! SOB!

Me: ha ha Hasleey saaley, Yaar I dont wanna do job right now, not at all. And I don't wanna get settled at this age of early twenties. Cmon I need a break, I have been in this process of studying, studying and studying for 20 yrs continuous yrs and Now doing a job. When am I gonna really enjoy my life???

ML: hey! relax dude, you'll enjoy life when you love the things around you, when you love the work you do, that's when you really will enjoy life.
Me: I know you'll say this. Hey! I missed you so much and am really sorry for not talking to you for so many days ...

ML: I too missed you terribly!! Hey look at the moon, Whoa man its looking damn sexy tonite..

Hmm... my love is none other than ME, yes I love myself very much, When I need someone's support I search a support from my side... My dear friends before falling in love with other's try to love yourself first, take care of yourself, try to understand yourself first.... Half the battle is won when you know your capabilities... :)

Oct 19, 2006

DIWALI's special sweet....

Hi to all beautiful people out there. hope you guys are rocking in what ever things you people doing. Well just came back from theatre after seeing "DON". And I know you people will be anxious enough to know from hows the movie..???? Well yeah technically and graphically its too good to watch the movie...

Today morning I came back from office at 5:45am, and went straight on to my bed and crashed. At 10:00am my mobile buzzed restlessly, and then bike horns honking like anything. I got up to see who was so restless. Well my entire friends gang was waiting for me to come to theatre and stand in queue for tickets. They didn't give me a chance to brush my teeth or at least change my dress. I stood in queue with my paragan chappals and FM radio... we stood for an hour in the queue and by the time we got our chance counter got closed... well this was expected, anyways went back to parking lot and bought tickets in black for Rs 150 each from the gate keeper...

And few things which we'll observe from this movie is :

1. Helen can't be replaced.

2. Sharukh will be Sharukh.

3. Remade movies can't replace original ones.

Of the entire cast I loved Arjun Rampal's acting. We'll miss Big B in the track ( Khaike Paan Banaraswala..) and coming to the songs, except Kareena's song rest of them are all cool, even the background score is also cool.
Over all, the movie is really good and yeah with a little twist in it...you people will enjoy that little twist in the end of the movie...

And here's your Diwali Special Sweet...

HAPPY DIWALI MY DEAR FRIENDS, celebrate safely and soundly, have fun....

Oct 15, 2006


WHoa!!! is the word that can substitute the complete episode. Yeah it turned out to be a most memorable thing which can be treasurised in my hard disk (memoir)...So well to start with let me first tell you guys how they met, where they met, and blah blah stuff first...

So here we go... my friend met this girl in orkut, or I should say this girl started chatting with him, the reason she gave is she wanted to make someone a true friend. Hmmm... so they chatted in orkut for a week or so, then they changed their place of meeting because it was visible to public and my friend hated (no he didn't hate that, but he feared of his friends... :P) so they jumped into Yahoo Messenger... Now after two weeks of aquaintence she asked my friends contact number, which my friend gave happily...

And so for a month they been SMSing each other and also talking on phones and not to forget chatting on Yahoo! Messenger...

Finally on Oct 13 which was Friday (the day when devils party in the nite...:P) she calls up and says, "shall we meet today at EAT STREET in the evening". My dear friend agreed readily and decided to meet at 5:30pm in the evening...

Well I had office in the evening so I was having a nap. At around 2:30pm in the afternoon he pinged me, he asked me to come to his house urgently. HMm... I got up and went to his house half asleep...
When I entered his room he was airbourne(virtually) jumping like a jumping jack, after performing all gymnastics he said she asked him to meet...Now I started to perform my gymnastics.. ha ha ha... Now I decided not to go to office today... So I called up my Area Manager told her that my uncle (who doesn't even exist) met with an accident in Bangalore and I was going to Bangalore, so I was not going to come to office today. For this she said, "Why is that Avinash such kinda incidents happen only on Fridays??" Then I said, "c'mon,, how do I know..(I was laughing and my manager got that)". So my manager said,"Ok Avinash, I'm taking your words, Take care bye".....(MUhahahaha!!!)

And so after all the this date had some terms & conditions from her side:
1. Only my friend will come and no one accompanying him...
2. No late coming..(time is valuable... hehe)
3. Don't ride your your bike over 60Kmph... (whoa...hmm..)

Well he requested me not to come. I said, "cmon I kept an unschedule leave for you. Ok, listen I will hide there when she arrives, or drop me 200 meters away from Eat Street..." And after 20mins of persuasion he said "OOOKKKK"... (he had to otherwise I would have kicked his ass nicely..)

Well If he is gonna enjoy his evening why shouldn't I, So I decided to ask Girija & Anu to come to Eat street (anyhow I owed a party to them... ) . Girija accepted and also Anu.

So Finally we reached 200 meters away from Eat Street, the place where I had to get down. I made my way to tea stall, had a cup of tea and then a cup of coffee, at 5:35 my friends arrived. Well I thought I would be pestering him a lot but never found a free moment to do that in the company of my friends... But guess what, the monkey team did arrive to disturb him..(my friend's college mates...hahaha).

6 of his friends turned out. Well you may ask who informed them, hmm my friend just informed them that he's going out with the girl and didn't disclose the venue. Anyhow those guys are smart, they knew that I'll be there with my friend, so they called me and asked where he was. Well I thought of not disclosing but I felt I'll not be able to pull my friends leg, why don't I think of alternative of pestering him, so I disclosed them the exact place where they were sitting.

They gave him missed calls, then one by one they made a pass to see how the girl looks... well I had my share of pestering also... Well I called his mobile, he responded after hell lot of secs.
"Hi bey, I'm also sitting in the Eat street with my friends, so where are you sitting?" I asked
He said, "on the Left side" (he was whispering)
I shouted," where??? I can't see you"
"On the left side, Ok bye"

That girl did get doubt and asked, "so your friends also came???"
He said ,"yes" (in a guilty tone)
"Then why don't you introduce your friends??"
He said, "they are dumb asses will definitely introduce you to them on our next meeting.."

Hmmm after two hrs of crap talk they got ready to leave... she asked him if he could come to her house...

(hmmm... don't go for wild imagination, she took him till her colony lane and showed her house and then goodbyes and goodnites... anyhow thnkxs to my friend because of his date I was able to meet my friends after many days.... [:)]......)
P.S: Hmm...well on the right side you can see a music video made by me. Thats my first attempt of making a remix song.... hope u guys like and plzz do tell me hows my work??????????

Oct 13, 2006


Uh-Huh well am not going for any date, its my friend whose going for a date in the evening, thats today. And after lots of persuasion he permitted me to come along with him, but I need to hide when the princess comes [:P] lol... I'm really excited.

I will narrate what all happened in the evening, in my next post. One thing is for sure, I'll disturb him a lot [:))] by giving missed calls, making passes, by making noises and I donno what will I do but I'll pester him (MUHAHAHA!!!!)....

Oct 12, 2006

got a doubt.... (me confused)

which is the correct word , weird or wierd??? because I saw guys using the word 'wierd' for the word 'weird'...so I'm getting confused, please fish me out of this confusion :P (pun intended)

Oct 4, 2006

my IInd TAg....(WeIRd...)

I have been tagged by ganesh. I have to list 6 weird things about myself. Hehe... but I have more than 6 weird things about myself, anyways these are 6 things about me that I consider weirdest...

1. Opera's: I can imitate opera's as I have already said, so my friends used to request me to sing opera, after lot of persuasion I used to sing and used to become center of attraction for the weird looks. And how many in this world can imitate opera's just like that...

2. Attitude: I have a special attitude which I guess very few people will have this kind of attitude. I generally talk freely to all new guys whomever I meet and make them laugh like anything. But when I start observing things about them and if I don't like his attitude I ditch them without giving them any notice, now these guys become clueless about what happened, why did I stopped talking to them...

3. 6th sense: O Yes!! ... well everyone has this 6th sense or intution thing in them. But coming to my intution, its in its peak during exam times, particularly on the examination day. Whatever questions I read during the traveling time from my house to college they all appear in exams...

4. Guessing which experiment I'm gonna get for external exam:

during my entire engg college lab exams, I used to guess which expt is gonna come for my lab exam, before entering the lab I used to announce which expt am expecting and end up getting that exam. (Girija, hepsiba, Anu... they are all proof for this... in entire 4 yrs whatever experiments I expected I got that same experiment...hehe)

5. The innocent face of mine:

well generally I don't wanna reveal this but anyways you guys will never meet me so... well my innocent looks nullify my mass character. I wear specs, I pretend to be calm, studious etc etc so I generally escape from the situation when I get caught doing some mischive things. My mom feels I don't talk to girls (am a shy guy...lol) but my friends know my true character...

6. Movie buff:

Uh well, I know there are many like me who watch a movie more than once if they like. Anyways I saw Salaam Namaste for 7 times, Lage Raho Munnabhai - 4 times, Munnabhai MBBS - 5 times, etc etc I have a big list of movies which I watched them more than thrice in the theatres...

Hmm... I'm tagging