Sep 28, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie....(she's beautiful - 4) episode

"It's not a dream. You're real." I said pinching myself. Preeti felt her heart give a little pump. "yes", she said softly giving a smile. "I'm real", she said and gave a soft peck on the other cheek. "I thought I was dreaming." I said.

Next day, I was smiling, an unknown happiness creeped into me, everything around me looked new, was looking so cool. I didn't go to the office. And the entire day I was in my dreamland. At 4pm my mobile started buzzing. It was from Raj.

"Ha! bol bey, wassup?" I asked. "Hmm... nothing much happened other than training. Baap just come to Irani Cafe' by 6pm, we need to talk something about preeti" Raj said. "Ok, I'll come" I said.

I reached Irani Cafe' @6pm ordered a cup of tea and lit a cigarette. Lucky & Raj arrived at 610 pm. "Hi!" I said. "hi avi" both said in unison. "Tho kya baat hai, whats with preeti that we need to talk." Lucky asked in curiosity. Raj said, "When did you guys started liking each other?"
"I don't know about her but I started liking her since yesterday that's it, why are you asking?"
Lucky said, "preeti has a crush on you". "Haan re, so what happened.." I said. "Well she gave verbal warning to Rachana today to keep herself away from you" Raj said. "What crap are you talking?" I shouted at Raj. Everyone in the hotel stared at us. "What's Rachana saying?" I asked looking at Lucky. Lucky said, "well, the entire day she was silent in the office." "Oh my GOD! what is preeti up to?" I said.

I was shocked when I heard this. I felt bad, some unknown worry started troubling me. I dialed Rachana's number. "Hi Rachana" I said. "Hi Avi, wassup, how was your day?" She said. "Ha, did nothing at all, except Khana, penaa and sonaa. And what about you?" I asked her. "Me, nothing much, same boring training class. Missed you today anyways. Hey Avinash I need to go outside, I'll call you later. is that ok?" she enquired. "Ok, then bye" I said and hung the call. Then next minute my mobile started buzzing, it was Preeti. "Hi Preeti" I said. "Hi sweetheart, why didn't come to office today" She asked. "I had some work so didn't come" I said. "Hey I was trying your number, I was getting engage tone, with whom were you talking?" she asked. "Yeah, I was talking to Rachana." I said. "Oh OK, whats she saying?" preeti asked. "Nothing much, I called her just like that." I said. " Preeti I need to go out to get some groceries, will call you later ok, bye" I said. "Ok , bye take care".

The next day also Rachana stayed silent, and she didn't talk to me. Sameera said, "Avinash, Preeti called Rachana to her mobile and said not to talk to you." Now I didn't know how to handle the situation, it was becoming worse than I thought. This continued for the entire week. None of us talked to each other.

On Monday, as usual Rachana came on my bike, and our mood was good. We started talking normally and everyone us planned to go to movie after office. The day was fine today. In the evening break, we all met to cafeteria, I was teasing Rachana about how his instructor was showing special interest on her. She got up and chased me down. She held me by my collar teasingly and we were laughing. Preeti came from nowhere and freed me from Rachana's clutches. She said," What are you doing, huh? you wanna kill him or what?" . To this Rachana went back to the table and started crying.

I got so frustrated that I couldn't control myself and shouted at Preeti, "Preeti listen what... I HATE YOU, I never told you I love you. But now I hate you, did you get that? you just know me for a month or so, but you know what I know her from the age of 5 in fact we 6 know each other from childhood. And they mean a lot to me OK!!! what are you trying to show, huh??" and left preeti crying. I walked over to Rachana and said, "Rachana what is this, huh? all this has happened and you didn't even tell me a word about this... don't you know that you guys are more important than anyone else, the reason for alienating me all these days is because some stupid girl says to stop talking to me and you stop, GOD what happened to you?"

Uma and Sameera tried to calm me down but I just walked out saying nothing. Tears started to roll out of my eyes. I head back straight to my home and locked myself in my room.

At 9pm in the night, Raj and Lucky came to my house and took me to Rachana's house. Preeti was also there. She tried to say something, but I ignored her. Sameera came towards me and said, "Avi! you know what, this incident could never have happened if you already told about us to Preeti." I turned towards her and said, "forget telling about us, ask her what made her to behave like this. She never asked me about you guys and I never told about us. Moreover if she had a problem with me talking to Rachana then she should have told to me".

while the argument was going on Preeti stood up and said, "I was a fool to believe whatever others said. My batch mates said that you and Rachana had liking for each other and so I felt insecure and was afraid that I may lose you. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry Rachana, I'm really sorry Avinash this all happened because of my stupidity." And she broke to cry out loud. She turned to me and said, "I'm sorry Avinash, I did all this because I love you and I didn't want to lose you for a stupid reason." She hugged me and cried.......

....................the ENd.....................................

Sep 26, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie....(she's beautiful - 4) episode tEASEr [:P]

I got so frustrated that I couldn't control myself and shouted at Preeti, "Preeti listen what... I HATE YOU, I never told you I love you. But now I hate you, did you get that?"..........

Sep 24, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie....(she's beautiful - 3)

Life has become hectic for us these days, be in time to the office, then after office hours wanting to just go to home and crash onto the bed. And we hardly had time to talk to each other properly. Then finally the most wanted weekend arrived and Rachana's B'day was on Sunday and also it was Friendship day. Rachana planned to throw a party to all the colleagues of our batch.

On Saturday, Raj and Lucky booked a banquet hall in Shilpi restaurant . Girls took the responsibility of inviting all the colleagues. Rachana and I took the responsibility of shopping.

At1200 am in the night we all sneaked into Rachana's room as we planned with her mom. We all shouted at once"HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHANA!!!", she jumped out in shock and surprise. Then after cake cutting we went back to our houses.


Time: 600pm...

By 7pm everyone arrived and got settled, there was a small welcome speech by Sameera, followed by cake cutting. Well guess what ... party was boring. We didn't expect this.

I came out for a smoke. Someone jabbed me from behind, it was preeti.

"Hi, Avi!" she said excitedly. I said," hey preeti!" She said, "happy friendship day Avi!" and gave me a Rose. "Wow! thank you very much" I said smiling at her in surprise. "What's happening?" I said to myself. I started feeling uncomfortable and weird. Then she said, "What's up with you, huh? you don't even give me a handshake???" . And I didn't want to give her a handshake, I don't why, but I just didn't want to give., the way she was behaving.

To my rescue Rachana came and I thanked God for that. Rachana said, "Its OK Preeti, he told you thanks and that's enough." Preeti left the place from where we were standing. I just gave Rachana a worried smile and gave her the rose that preeti gave. I caught Preeti seeing this. Preeti was looking very cool in her long skirt, but she was behaving weirdly.

I didn't tell about this incident to Raj and Lucky. Finally at 10pm everybody started leaving. Later at 1030 we guys bid the girls good night and we stayed back for a round of beer...

After couple of beers we were about to go to our houses my mobile started buzzing. It was an anonymous number.

"Hello, who is this?" I asked.
"Hi Avinash, Preeti"
"Hey hi, what's up why did you call?"
"Today is my b'day, and I thought you know that"
"Oh really! many many happy returns of the day" I said and looked into my watch its 1025pm.
"Preethi, can you come to coffee day near your house for just 5 minutes?"
"Yeah no problem, but why?"
"hmm...nothing just want to meet you that's it. Ok then I'll be there by 1040pm"
"OK I'll come" .

I told Raj and Lucky that I had some work and left them guessing. On the way, I bought a small bouquet and zoomed my way to coffee day. I reached there by 1035pm. She came at 1045pm. I gave her the bouquet and said "Happy b'day preeti. And I'm really sorry, I didn't know that it was your b'day too". She gave smile and said, "thank you very much Avi... thanks a lot".
Then I bought ice creams, which we ate while talking some pointless topic. At 1100pm I told preeti its already late we have to head back. I was about to start my bike, preeti came near and said "Good night and thanks a lot" and planted a peck on my cheek....

********** to be continued ***************
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional...any resemblance or inspiration from any individual living or dead is purely unintentional! (hope u guys got that)....

Sep 21, 2006

THe GirL PoWEr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm... girl, woman, mother, wife, girlfriend. These all words actually sounded so sweet when I started thinking about a new topic. And this thought striked me when I was getting ready to go to office, and the main inspiration came after reading this status message of preethi "When women are depressed, they either eat or go shoppin. I'm still a girl - no reason not to shop or eat!!!"....

How should I start???? thats the big Question. I was unable to find the sweetest adjectives to describe the most beautiful species on the Earth.

GIRL the sweetest word in the dictionary according to me, sweeter than the word "Sugar", sweetest than the word "sweet" itself. The most beautiful species on the Earth, not only the Earth but the entire galaxy. Thank you lord for creating such a wonderful species.

You know what guys, why a girl shouts at you? thats because she loves you, cares about you.

She enjoys music and DVDs.
She likes trendy, affordable designer clothing.
She wants cool furniture and home d├ęcor.
She is redecorating her home, gardening and entertaining.

she is actually beautifying the world for us. She shares her joys and happiness and never her pains. But she is ready to shares your pains, the burden of your shoulders when required. Then why do some people degrade women.

What does a girl want?????????????????

She wants nothing but love, care, and love. She just wants someone to listen her when she is depressed not the suggestion for the problem or the solution for it.

Hey gurls thanks for bringing light to this world. you are the perfect synonym for the word "love"....

Gods knows how this world would have been without a girl....

Sep 18, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie....(she's beautiful - 2)

My deep sleep ended as my mobile alarm rang hard and I woke up. I squinted through a half-shut eye and checked the mobile.

'8:37am, shit!! its very late!!'

I raced to the bathroom still half-asleep. I brushed my teeth and took shower.

I was hungry, but there was nothing to eat. Mom was sick she didn't cook anything. As I was about to leave, I realized I had forgotten my ID card. I went to my room, but couldn't find it.

'Mom! have you seen my ID card?' I said. well she was sleeping. I went back to my room as my gang honked for the 3rd time.

'Damn, there it it', I said as I finally located the ID card beside my computer. I pulled it out by its strap and strung it around my neck. Bikes horn screamed again, this one was an angry one.

'I'm coming', I shouted as I ran out of the house.

'Kya bey saale, why so late?' Lucky said as I started my bike.

'Sorry, sorry...', I panted.

'Ok, Ok', Raj said, looking at his watch.

'Can we reach the office by 10am? its our first day guys', I said worriedly.

'Hmm, depends upon our Hyderabad traffic', Raj said starting his bike.

We stopped outside Uma's house. She was waiting outside the gate with Rachana.

'late?' Uma said, looking at Lucky. She gave me a it-must-be-your-fault look. I looked away. Then we took U-turn to go to Sameera's house.

Well, as usual, Sameera was late.

'Sameera is doing too much', Lucky said, continuously honking. I looked at my watch anxiously. I didn't want us to be late on our first day at the office. Exactly after 5 minutes Sameera came running towards us.

'sorry, sorry, sorry...', she said a dozen times before we could say anything.

Our bikes moved like bullock carts, painfully slow as it was the peak hour, office time. I checked the time again. We had only 25 minutes.

'We won't be late', Uma said to me as she saw me looking at my watch from behind.

We reached our office by 9:55am. We just managed to reach in time.

'Avi, there's no place to park your bike. Go to that side in the left, there's some place to park the bike' Raj said to me parking his bike.

I dragged my bike to park the bike, I was putting the stand and someone bumped into my bike.

'Oy!! kuan hai Bey?' I shouted in anger.

'Oh shit! sorry, sorry' said the beautiful girl in blue blue jeans and pink T-shirt. She was panting. I parked my bike and was making my way to the entrance, she came and said sorry once again.

'Hey, no problem. By the way I'm Avinash', I said turning towards her. 'Hi, I'm Preeti. Nice to meet you Avinash' she said giving a beautiful smile. 'Me too...' I said to her giving her a shake hand....

*********** to be continued ***************
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional...any resemblance or inspiration from any individual living or dead is purely unintentional! (hope u guys got that)....

Sep 13, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie..II.(she is beautiful - 1)... the new story

Lucky, Raj and me got ready for the interview. Lucky was really nervous, Raj & I came out and lit cigarette. Well we all 6 guys Lucky, Raj, Sameera, Uma, Rachana and me completed our B.Tech successfully and we all applied for job @ Wipro and fortunately we all got selected for interview round.

Lucky, Raj and I started our bikes and headed towards our destiny. By the time we reached there Sameera & Co have already reached and were waiting for us. The interview was at 11am and it was now 10:30am, so we all decided to go and have a cup of tea. Neha has also come, she came to give moral support to Lucky. Neha already got placed in Wipro.

At sharp 11am they called Lucky into the interview room, everyone wished him "All the very best". Lucky knocked the door and made his entry into the room. We looked at each other and gave a nervous smile to each other.

And slowly after one after the other, we all gave our interviews and never told each other what happened after coming out of the room. Slowly we walked into parking lot and looked at each other seriously, Neha was very nervous to know what was the results, she started sweating and went on asking everyone what happened inside? did anyone of us made through or not...

After giving a deep sigh we all jumped into the air and shouted out loud "Yippe ... we have done it" we all gave high fives, hugged each other and started smiling. We knew that we all will get placed in one company and in our first attempt itself we made it. We guys really didnt want to part our ways at least for few more years... tears started rolling out of our eyes and we all hugged each other..... be continued stay GLUED!!!!

Sep 9, 2006

Cricket bAt...........

Hmm... cricket bat, it meant a lot to me in my school days. Well one fine day I gathered my guts and asked my dad to get me a bat. For that he gave me forget-it kinda look and told me to go and study... and finally after my half yearly exams, he bought me a bat.. it was made of cheap quality wood. But then I adjusted to that...

The very next week my bat broke into two pieces (I dont remember how did it break)... hmm.., that day afternoon I joined the both bat pieces with FEVICOL, left it in a corner and waited till its gets fixed... And in the evening exactly at 7 pm, the time by which my dad returns from office, I took a look at my broken bat which was now one piece.

Now it looked in good shape, so I jumped into my imaginations. Imagining as if am in Indian cricket team, and India requires 4 runs to win in the last ball. And the bowler starts his runup and I took my stance, here he bowls and I swing my bat with full grudge to hit a 6.... oyeee wheres my bat ,,,,,,,,,, hmm bat handle was in my hands and bat went straight onto the window for a six... that happened just when my dad entered the room... ...well my dad didnt say anything that time (as far as I remember...)..

Well I was left with no bat now, and summer was approaching besides the peer pressure. So I started saving 1, 2, 5 rupee coins and finally one day, it all added up to 360bucks. I went to buy a new oil bat. But the shop keeper said it was 450 bucks and no oil bat for 300 bucks.. This disappointed me very much. I got fever because of that, that day my granny came from the village to visit us. She used to get me comics every time wherever she came. But this time she forgot, so she gave me 100 rupee note... It brought a smile on my face. That day my mom was going out for shopping, so I gave her my 450 bucks to buy an oil bat for me and gave her the sports shop address, then I went to sleep. When I got up I saw no bat, nowhere. I shouted at my mom, wheres my bat, and I started throwing all my books my stuff on the floor and was crying like anything... my granny woke me up from my dream and showed me my new bat.... wow new bat it has WILLS sticker on it.... hahaha I still have that bat..........

Sep 5, 2006

the MissED..cALl...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh nO....!!)

Hey guys, hi everyone hope you guys are doing well. And Ha me also doing fine at last.... coming to this post title missed call... hmm ... missed call .....whenever someone gives a missed call to give an expression; what shit?????????? who the heck??? ......

Missed call signifies that the person who gives
a missed call has not enough balance in his account or a signal to come, to indicate the warnings especially in the case of students... and many more signals which you guys know much better.

Uh-Huh but I thank the missed call.....for a reason.....can you guess the reason why I thank the missed call I get especially the First missed call... and also most importantly second one has much more importance than the first one..... Ok OK let me narrate to you why these first two missed calls of the play are important to me....

At exactly 0530hrs I get first missed call, I get up just kinda ...ok I got up (just virtually) and I wait for the second missed call (gives me time to snooze)...and then at 0540hrs I get the second missed call here my race starts...... go bathroom attend nature call, brush, shower and finally into my room get dressed up. Then at 0555 I sit at doorsteps waiting, my mom gets me cup of tea. By the time I finish my last sip of tea, My cab arrives. Hmm...getting into the cab I give my CD filled with my fav tracks to the driver to play, wish everyone good morning and then I sleep. Its an hour drive to my office, so I make use of this buffer hour daily.....

So missed playing a vital role in my daily life....hope that missed call also does something good to you guys also.....

Sep 1, 2006

My 1sT TAg!!!!!!!!!!

BOLe tO..... bINDaas!

Before I complete the tag, lemme tell you guys hows lage raho MUNNA BHAI. At the end of the movie I realised that my cheeks are aching like anything, now I guess you people understood how the movie is.... yeah its toooo good. Wow! I was whistling, laughing louder, so louder that my beside audience were staring at ME!

Three cheers to Raj Kumar Hirani, who proves that the much hailed "MUNNA BHAI" was no fluke.

I just returned home directly from the theatre after the second show. The movie stood up to its expectations, especially "tension nay lenekha MAMU....apun hai naa!" genre which included comedy, crime and drama in M.B.B.S, has now changed to a rare genre "patriotic comedy film". Till now you people saw his DADAGIRI now you'll see his GANDHIGIRI.

Arshad warsi reproduces the witty CIRCUIT once more.

I recommend you guys to see this movie, this movie is not-to-miss kinda one. There is one particular hilarious scene which runs for 15mins I guess; this scene was so hilarious that me and friends were laughing and laughing and tears came out of our eyes; we were virtually rolling on the floor, you could say (I'm still laughing remembering that scene....) . The cast of the movie really did a splended job. Vidya Balan looked really cute in this movie.

There's something replacing the "jadoo ki Jhapii"............and if you wanna know whats that ???? And for the the first time ever, we learn to smile with GANDHI, laugh with him.

Time to practice 'GANDHIGIRI'. Time to watch 'LAge raho MUNNA bhaI'.

GANDHI: "Three bullets could kill me, but not my philosophy!" (Bande mein tha dum, Vande Mataram)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I am thinking

of my latest crush in my office :P

I said

I will not stop eating chicken biryani for lunch in lunch breaks.......

I want

60GB video iPOD

I wish

I know swimming.

I miss

My College buddies....

I hear

Someone farting

I wonder

did sajesh really TAG me or some other AVINASH .....later cleared my doubt by clicking on to the link.....(lol.._)

I regret

doing B.TECH

I am

Brute a.k.a Avinash a.k.a Hunky4gals a.K.a googlyguy.

I dance

when am happy

I sing

song..... (wow thts a kool ans...)

I cry

when I feel my eyes needs some cleaning...

I am

good for everything.

I write

with right hand....

I confuse


I need

selfless love

I should

Go to theatre now as its showtime (lage raho ...)

I finish

things perfectly!!!!!!!!!!! (I think so)