Jul 7, 2006


Krrish = Tarzan + shakthiman + Spiderman + matrix + superman + he-man

Did I miss any character out there resembling in the movie plzz do lemme know…

Coming to the sponsors to this movie:
Hero Honda
Singapore tourism
And I forgot….

Jul 5, 2006


It’s twelve in the night my mobile was ringing. It’s an anonymous number.
“Hello, who is this?” I asked yawningly.
“Ooyyee Hero…. Happy birthday yaar” said a Sweet voice from the other side.
“Hmmm…. Girija… thanks a lot. Hey whose number is this?”
“My little brother’s!” she said.
“Oh! Ok… yaar goodnight we’ll meet tomorrow… “I said.
Girija said, “Yeah … good night birthday boy”

At one in the night again my mobile started ringing. This one is also from an anonymous number. I didn’t want to attend the call.
“Haaallooo….” I said yawningly.
“Sorry to disturb you Cavin, there’s an operation assigned to you. And it is needed to accomplish by six in the morning.” Said the voice. I recognized that voice. It’s my chief’s voice.
“Who is with me?” I asked.
“Girija and you will accomplish the task. And listen carefully; you have to come down to my place by one thirty five, there in the parking lot you have to get into black maruthi car. You will find a dossier; it contains all the necessary info related to the operations. You will have to pick up Girija at Paradise. And this is the number to which you need to report me about the progress. All the best!” said the chief and hung the phone.

Ok let me introduce myself to you guys. I’m ACP Avinash a.k.a Cavin an undercover agent and my team partner Girija a.k.a Charu. We both have been friends since our B.Tech days.

P.S: very very small episode… sorry guys…
interesting bit :
Today's fortune(orkut): You are the master of every situation (thats about me!)

Jul 3, 2006

FASTRACK (thriller)

Hi friends, it was really good to know that you people liked I.N.D.I.A.N pie. What's most satisfying was Sindhu's comment (a good one finally), that's because she never praises you until its worth it. When she read the first episode of I.N.D.I.A.N pie she said "crap story". Not only Sindhu's comment but also each and everyones comments were like energy boosters for me.

Coming to the title of this blog "FASTRACK". Well my grandpa gifted me Fastrack watch last month for passing out B.Tech in May. And am in love with my watch. Ok, well, my next story title is "FASTRACK". Story is yet to be penned. But penning down first episode is not difficult so will publish first episode within two days i guess. For now bye and take care.