Jun 26, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie...(dating) - final part

“So Laxman, Harry Potter….”
“Oh…Yeah… here ...” Lucky gave the book to Sheetal.
Sheetal asked for the menu, ordered two strawberry puddings and looked at Lucky if he wanted anything else. He said no. It can be noticeably seen on his face that he was really in shock as he had no idea how to react.

“Hey Lucky, guess what, we have already confronted each other before. Do you remember?” Sheetal asked teasingly.
“WHAT? WHERE??” Lucky cried out yet again for a second time.
“Yesterday morning at Victoria grounds… remember” Sheetal said.
“Oh! That was you …” Lucky said.

Hearing this I puked out the coke which was in my mouth and spilled on the table, everyone of us started laughing out loud. Sheetal saw this and asked Lucky if he knew us. Lucky said no, he was in a kind of mess now, clearly out of resources. It can be seen that he really wanted to move away from this place as soon as possible.

After few minutes strawberry puddings arrived, Sheetal offered a pudding to Lucky. Lucky downed his pudding hurriedly. He was feeling restless now, and waited patiently for Sheetal to finish her pudding. Later lucky said something to her which we people could not hear and they both stood up started to leave the place. Sheetal paid the bill and checked out, and then we paid our bill and came out of that place.

Lucky started his bike and zoomed off from the place. We started our bikes and followed him. But girls didn’t start their two-wheelers’ and just stood over there. I don’t remember anyone of the girls saying that they had any work there. Lucky stopped at ‘Love Bird café’, we parked our bikes and went near the table where lucky sat. Lucky was really upset of what happened today.

‘I made fool out of myself guys, I’m a loser’, Lucky said this lighting his cigarette.
“Hmm… thank god you are back…” Raj said smiling at Lucky.
“Ha baap, we are glad that you didn’t panic over there. Its ok baap, it was good experience to you I must say”, I said to Lucky giving a high-5.
Raj said, “Actually it was good experience for all of us”.

But I felt it was a dumb experience full of unexpected shocks. Anyway I was glad that Lucky was back to normal.

Suddenly Lucky asked, “Hey where did our girls go?”
“I don’t know, they didn’t even come with us. They just stood at that place.” Raj said

Lucky’s mobile started ringing.
“Hello Lucky, this is Neha”
“Hi Neha, why didn’t you come to U-Kop today…huh?” Lucky asked.
“Hey dumbo, with whom did you sit in U-Kop today?”
“Sheetal, your twin sister…”
“Sorry man that was me, not Sheetal”
“Whatever, return back Harry Potter within three days…OK” Lucky said furiously.
“Ok Baba… why are you so angry with me?”
“Bye Neha…”
“Ok bye Lucky”

“What happened bey? Why were so angry in the phone?” Raj asked
“Guess what, the girl who sat with me was Neha it seems and not Sheetal”
“WHAT??” Raj and I Cried out in unison.

In the meanwhile my mobile was ringing. It was Uma’s call.
“Avi, where are you guys now?”
“We are at ice-cream parlor, why?”
“Why don’t you guys come to my place?”
“Why madam?”
“Just come don’t ask questions, please”
“Ok, we’ll be there”
“Ok bye...”

“What happened? Where are we going? Huh?” Raj asked.
“Don’t know anything, Uma just asked us to come over to her place. Let’s go”

We reached Uma’s place by twelve five. When we reached there, we saw the same scooty, 8103. When we were near the door we could hear girls laughing out loud. I just peeked into the window to see who all are there in the house. Surprise…surprise… Neha was also was there. Lucky and Raj opened there mouths in shock.
“What’s happening?” Raj whispered.

Without giving any notice Lucky opened the door. After seeing him, girls started laughing even louder.

Sameera said,” Hi guys”
Lucky turned towards Neha. “Neha! You here???”
Uma said pointing towards us, “Well this is Neha guys, my cousin. And Neha this Avi, Raj and Lucky”
“Boy oh boy! So you girls played pranks with us. Hmm… good”, lucky said.

And then we went to ‘Bawarchi’ for lunch. Later we went back to our homes.
When we reached Lucky’s house his mobile started ringing. It was Neha’s call.
“Lucky, ah … I was wondering if you want to come with me to Da vinci code tomorrow” Neha asked.
Lucky gave beaming toothy smile and said, “Yeah sure”

............THE END>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Jun 20, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie - 5 (dating)

It was twelve-thirty by the time I leaned on my door bell, as there was no door lock. After a moment my mom's voice came tinny. "Who is it?"
"Pechann kaun?"
"Where you been to, huh? Door is locked."
“Went out for fresh air mom." I said getting into the house.
"Hmm... go and wash your hands, we'll have lunch."
"Hey mom, why did you come back so early from the office?"
"Just like that"

After lunch I had a little nap. I was really into sleeping. I was in deep black nothing kind of sleep that is forever and only happens when you've vaporized your so-called brain out the head. I didn't hear my mobile ringing. But my mom did. She shook me awake and put the phone on the pillow next to my ear. "Uma", she said.
"Hello, Uma", I mumbled.
"What’s up dude?” she asked in her sweet voice.
"Err... I was in the process of sleeping and you disturbed", I said lazily.
"Bye then have your sweet nap. Really sorry to disturb you idiot"
"Hey don't get offended Uma, err... tell me, what are you doing?"
“Kuch nahi, was feeling bored so called you”
“Accha tho tujhe meri yaad sirf bore hoone peh aathi hai…huh?
“You got that right Mr.Avinash, ok leave it. Lucky is really thrilled about tomorrow’s meeting with Neha. He called me to ask what he has to talk over there and all the things.”
“Uma just forget about it. Jo hoga so hoga, aur bataa ki haal chaal hai?”
“Nothing much da, may be I’ll go for shopping in the evening with mom.”
“Okay… Uma, well, I have some work to attend… catch you later, bye”
“Okay bye…”

Later in the evening we all met. Lucky asked us to accompany him tomorrow that too we have to be in the background. We said we would come. Then at eight in the evening we dispersed to our homes.

Lucky sat in the right most corner seat, and then we made our entry and took the table right next to the table at which Lucky was sitting. He gave a nervous smile to us. We ordered two pizzas and looked at Lucky mockingly if he wanted to join us. After fifteen minutes our order was served. We started our process off downing the pizzas into our watery mouths. Lucky was peeking at our pizza. Exactly at 11:20, Neha arrived, Lucky gave a nervous smile to her and offered seat to her.
“Hi Neha, how are you doing?”, Lucky asked in chocking voice.
“Hi Lucky, I’m doing fine. And let me correct you, I’m Sheetal not Neha, twin sister of Neha.”
“WHAT!!!”, Lucky exclaimed.
We also heard that and couldn’t stop shouting, “WHOA!!!”

.....to b continued

Jun 2, 2006

i.n.d.i.a.n pie......(dating) -4

“Ahem, this is Laxman, Neha. Well, I have the book which you want, Harry Potter. Actually, I went to British library today, librarian recognizes me. He called me and asked if I was planning to return the book early, before the returning date. When I asked why he wanted so early, then he told about you. So, I took your details. Now I called you to say that I’m going to complete the reading of the book by tonight so I can give you the book for three days. Where will you meet me to take the book?”
“Why don’t you return the book, if you are going to complete it today?”
“Well, I’m going to complete but my sister is yet to start. The thing is she is out of town and she’s going to return after three days, so I thought of giving you for three days”.
“Oh, ok, well, then where should I come?”
“Where do you stay?”
“Ok, come to U-Kop, we’ll meet there at eleven in the morning. Is that ok?”
“Yeah, it is ok”
“Ok Neha, see you tomorrow, bye”
“See you, bye”
We all felt a rush of adrenaline.
“How was it?” lucky asked excitedly as we sat down. “It was fine dude, good going”, I said. Lucky looked pleased, like a little boy.
“Ok, should I ask her for date tomorrow?” Lucky asked, suddenly worried.
“NO! you would not”, Raj said. Everyone nodded in agreement.
I smiled at Lucky. “Well”, I said,”I did something positive for you today so party tonight dude”.
“Yes, thank you Avi”.
I sat back, sighed and looked around at the faces of my buddies’ excited faces.
“So are we going to accompany Lucky tomorrow?” Uma’s voice sounded full of energy, almost flying. I was not surprised to see her excitement.
I told her we would go.
“Let’s hope Lucky doesn’t panic tomorrow”
Uma gave a strange smile. She had always known for how to enhance her somewhat plain looks.
“Where’s Raj?”, I looked around the room, searching for Raj, but I didn’t see him.
“He’s outside”, Navya said.
“Thanks for playing cupid, not literally though,” Sameera said, she gave my arm a squeeze. Lucky was silent, his eyes looking out the window. I gave him a hug and took him outside.
“Meow!” shouted Raj, and he jumped up onto us.
We headed out the gate, started our bikes and headed to Love Bird café for hot cup of irani chai.

At the café, lighting the cigarette, I suddenly thought about the scooty girl and the phone call, all happened in less than twelve hrs, and told Raj and Lucky about this.
“I know,” Raj answered. “I wondered when we’ll see that girl again,” Lucky said, smiling.
“Let’s get back to home,” I said, looking at my watch. “It’s already pretty late. I’ll call you guys in the evening,” I said, looking at Raj and Lucky.
“Do you think she might accept to come for date with me?” lucky asked in a hopeful tone.
I felt lucky’s eyes looking deeply into mine. “I wouldn’t want to bet on it”, I said.

(to be continued..)

BAN !!!!

Taking the cue from Tamil nadu and four other states that have prevented the screening of controversial film ‘The Da Vinci code’, the Andhra Pradesh government too has decided to impose a ban on screening of the movie, much to the dismay of cinegoers.

The reason cited by the government for its action was the protests lodged by the minority community, particularly by Christian organization and also from others “including Muslims”.

“After taking into consideration the reports and complaints from the minority community regarding the “The Da Vinci code” and having come to the conclusion that exhibition of the film might hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims and Christians thus leading to law and order problems, the ban was promulgated” the order said.

Andhra Pradesh now followed in the footsteps of Punjab, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Nagaland in banning the film which is based on the international best-seller authored by Dan Brown.

Guess what, the original novel had already sold more than 60 million copies throughout the world and no Christian country had preferred the ban.

The government’s decision to suspend the screening of the movie was unfair. Particularly, when it has been released elsewhere in the country. Why should the people of some states alone be denied the privilege of seeing a much awaited movie? The argument that it might hurt the feeling of Christians (and Muslims) is unacceptable because ‘The Da Vinci code’ is being screened with a disclaimer that it’s a “work of fiction”.

P.S: While making the New Year resolutions one of my resolutions was not to see movies of pirated ones. But I think I should reconsider it.