Mar 31, 2006

I.N.D.I.A.N pie (coming shortly)

story about three tomcats lucky, raj and the ubiquitous me; three vixens' uma, Navya and sameera.

(stay glued....... )

Mar 29, 2006

train 9 2 11 (the end part)

I GOT TERRIFIED WHEN THE PHONE STARTED RINGING. I was reluctant to pick up the receiver. What was more surprising was, the booth owner picked the receiver saying, “Sorry for the inconvenience that call is for me.”
He talked very softly and hurriedly. He ended the call within less than a minute. I came out of the booth. The light was still falling on the milestone. I decided no matter whatsoever I’m going to trace the source of the light. I started towards the telephone pole again. While was walking towards the pole I felt like someone was following me, I slowly turned back to see if anyone was following me… TTHHUUUDDD!!!!.... Aaaaahhhaa… I received a heavy blow on my head, I started to bleed heavily…. And started losing my consciousness.

next day 6:00am
I started gaining my conscious. I slowly opened my eyelids. I was on the hospital bed. My forehead was heavily bandaged. As I was trying to get up off the bed, there was a voice from behind.
“Hey pranky, just lie down, why are you getting up?”
I turned to see who it was. And surprise, it was DCP Ram.
“Hey good morning sir thanks for joining me in the hospital.”
“Hey that’s nothing compared to the way you helped us!”
“Stop kidding sir, how did I help you?”

DCP Ram came near my bed and sat next to me. “Ok now sit tight and listen, I’m going to narrate the list events happened yesterday night. Well it all starts like this, I get tip off that train no. 9211 is going to blasted tomorrow morning. This train is a new one, which was to flagged off today morning. But every next moment I receive a call that Godavari express was bombed. Well no one knows this fact that it was actually bombed and not the fire accident due to cylinder blast. When I reached railway station, I saw you there, I wanted to meet you right then but I had some work to attend. After an hour or so I searched for you, I saw you near the telephone booth. When I was coming to you, I saw you going towards the secluded place. I followed you. I saw you observing the telephone pole, I was about to call you and I saw a dubious character in the bushes right behind. He came out of bushes to attack but you started running towards the platform. That person went into bushes again. I thought of seizing that person but I had second thoughts. So I was following you. I saw you sending off your friends and then saw you once again going to telephone booth, but you came out soon. This time that dubious person was outside the booth standing next to you. You once again started towards the pole; I got a telephone call just then. By the time I finished the call I saw that person attacked you with a rod. I fired at him. We arrested him and took him for interrogation. He revealed that due to lack of proper communication his team member blasted the bomb in the Godavari express. The actual plan was to plant the bomb at the first track parallel to the milestone. It went off, as it was not properly triggered. Then after the incident, they thought of implementing their second plan. The plan was to call the telephone in the telephone booth to implicate everything was okay to plant the bomb. Moreover, telephone booth owner was the team leader. But you spoiled their plan by walking over to the spot frequently. And that red light which was falling on the milestone was the indication for the spot where the bomb was to be planted.”

“Boy thank God! They didn’t shoot me… sir but that train which arrived to the station and got halted far away from the station.”
“Well that’s TRAIN 9 2 11!”

Mar 26, 2006

train 9 2 11 ..... continued part 4

OH SHIT! I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WAS SEEING. There was another train nearing the station on the third track. I started sweating heavily; I could not think what I should do next. First thing I thought was to take Rachana out of the station, so I ran towards the platform. While I reached the telephone booth Rachana was talking to her mom on the phone, I squinted for the wire, which was not the telephone wire. I bent down the phone box and watched for the probable interfaced bomb. After the close watch, I saw no bomb triggering circuit. But one thing was apparent that it’s not the telephone wire, as the wire was approaching from the different pole. When Rachana finished her call, we came out of the telephone booth. I saw that the other train halted some 100yards away from the station.
While Rachana and I were exiting the platform, I turned towards to the pole again. I saw an unusual thing out there; there was red light falling on the milestone near the telephone pole. I thought of saying about the things I observed to Rachana, but felt that it will do no good. To my respite, I saw Rachana’s cousin in the station.
“Rachana, you people all right?”
“We are fine Mahi.”
Mahi turned to me. “Thanks for accompanying her”
“Mahi, are you also going to Vizag?”
“Yeah Avinash.”
“Rachana, well sorry to say but …. I want to return Hyderabad. You go to Vizag along with Mahi.”
“What happened to you? You feeling all right Avinash”, Rachana asked me worriedly.
I turned to her and said softly, “Rachana seeing this accident, am bit down and I really think it would be better if I go back to Hyderabad.”
“Ok fine, anyway thanks for accompanying me”
“Hmm… now what’s the need to thank me huh?” I said smiling at her foolishly.

At 22:20pm, Rachana and Mahi boarded the bus towards Vizag. I bid them goodbye and returned to the station. I again saw the milestone. There was still red light falling on it. I tried to trace the path from where it was coming, but it was difficult to trace. This time I didn’t wanted to go near the pole as it may probably being observed.I went towards the telephone booth for calling Prashanth. Now the rush at the booth was little less. After five minutes, I got my turn to utilize the phone. I stretched forward my hand to lift the receiver………… Trigg….tringggggg…..trig…tringgggg…!

(will be continued ............ very soon i guess)

Mar 20, 2006

train 9 2 11 .... continued!

LATER THERE WERE MORE THAN FIFTY REPORTERS IN STATION AND AN OVERFLOW CROWD OUTSIDE ON THE PLATFORM. There were representatives from television, radio, and the press, many of them loaded down with microphones and television gear. They all seemed to be speaking at once.
“We’ve heard reports that it was not a fire accident due to blast of cylinder….”
“Is it true it was a terrorist attack…?”
“Is the government trying to hide the truth from the people?”
The police officer raised his voice to regain control.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we can’t tell you lot anything now not before any investigation takes place. It is our government’s firm policy that if we should come across any such evidence, we would immediately make that information available to the public. If there are no further questions…..”

It was 2200hrs and I was feeling hungry. I brought two food packets given by relief party out there. Rachana and I ate.

I tried to call Prashanth’s mobile but there was no signal. Rachana and I walked over to telephone booth, which was crowded. While we were waiting near the booth, I noticed something odd, there were two different wires aligned with the conventional telephone wire. I followed the wire where was it coming from, after walking nearly 200 yards from the booth I found the telephone pole, but the wire, which aligned along with telephone wire, was coming from the other direction. OH S H I T !!!!!
(to be continued............... soon)

Mar 16, 2006

ek chotisi crush!!

It was four o’clock in the morning. Today was the first day of my plus one (11) board examination. It was English paper today. I revised the subject till 6 am. I had to reach examination center by 7:30am, as the examination starts at 8am.

After having breakfast, I rushed to examination center at 7am. I reached the center at 7:25am. The center entrance was filled with parents and students. Everywhere the students were discussing, some were cramming the last minute topics. I didn’t wanted to revise now, but the environment instigated me to open my book.

There rung a bell to invite the students into their respective halls. As I was entering the into the college main entrance gate I saw a girl (damn cute she was). And I just thought,”If ever she sits beside me….”
After checking the room no., which I was allotted, I kept my bag in the room allotted for the bags.

As I entered the hall, I was shocked to see the girl there. And I searched for the desk where my hall ticket number was inscribed on. Leaving the desk where the girl was sitting I checked all the desk numbers and my number was missing. I went to invigilator to ask where my number was, he took my hall ticket checked for my number in the seats allotment data sheet. He pointed towards the desk where the girl was sitting. My heart started pumping 100 beats per minute.

It was 8 am, we were given the question paper and the examination started. Paper was damn simple. I started answering the questions. By ten o’clock, I completed essay questions and short answer questions; I was left with grammar and comprehension sections. Now we were left with fifteen more minutes to end the examination.

The girl next to me jabbed me with her pen. Without turning my head, I whispered to her. “What happened?”
She pointed towards the filling the blanks section. I smiled and said, “give me two minutes, I’ll be completing my paper.”

Then after completing my paper, I showed my answer script to her. She copied the answers. The final rang and the invigilators collected our answer scripts.
She again jabbed me with her pen and said, “thank you!”
“hmm… that’s ok,….. by the way what’s your name?”
She gave a mesmerizing smile. “Rachana”
Then she asked me, “What’s your name?”
I said with a sarcastic smile, “you already know my name, I saw you peeking into the details on my hall ticket!”
She couldn’t resist from laughing. “Hmm.. So Avinash how was the paper?”
“Well Rachana, paper was damn simple.”
The invigilators allowed us to leave the hall.

Then Rachana and I collected our bags, later on our way to bus stop we discussed about the most probable topics that we could expect in the next topic.

After reaching the bus stop, she got into her colony bus, which already was ready to leave. She bided my goodbye and I waited for my colony bus to arrive.

PS: this was my most memorable crush I had up to date.

Mar 12, 2006

kangaroo curry for the dinner!

AUSTRALIA HAS MADE 434 AND WERE ON LOSING SIDE!, yeah you read that right. Guys whoever missed that match I pity you. You missed the most extreme pressure match Australia v/s S.A.
Boy o boy! What a match it was …Greatest match ever, greatest victory ever, bowlers from both sides were cleaned up, and records got tumbled all over.


Highest ODI score ever 438, scored by S.A; after Australia gave a target of 435 scoring 434, their highest ever score.
Most number of runs scored ever in an entire match on a cricket ground 872.
Most number of boundaries hit in a match surpassing the previous record, which was hold in the match between India v/s Pakistan, 84 boundaries.
Most expensive bowler in an ODI match, Australian bowler Lewis gave 113 runs in his quota of 10 overs, previously Muralitharan hold that record of most expensive bowler his figures were 99 runs in 10 overs.

It was the greatest ODI ever played, bringing back the memories of 1999 world cup finals.


Well after the incredible batting performance of South Africans especially Gibbs, they were left with 7 runs to win in the final over. Lee was the bowler, ready to assault the batsman out there at the batting end. Ball 1, Boucher steals a single…… ball 2, Andrew Hall hits a beautiful boundary at deep mid wicket…….. ball 3, Hall tries to clear the in field but could not connect the ball properly to the bat and gets caught……little bit of twist here now 3 balls 2 runs to win the match but the problem was it was final wicket now and number 11 batsman was Makaya Ntini, not known for his batting abilities, has to face the music. Lee bowls the 4th bowl… Ntini nudged the ball to backward point for a single………………. S.A was left with 2 balls and 1 run to win…………Oh NO! Boucher stole the victory by slamming the next ball through long on for four … south Africa has won the match by 1 wicket!!!!

Absolutely no one has left the ground. What an unbelievable game it was…gonna be watched again and again, well it’s been a great day. South African’s proved that nothing was impossible! Superb victory!!

After the most extraordinary ODI ever, Smith was on a high, Ponting was like – can’t believe it happened to my team, Andrew hall was seen with Ntini was like saying – sorry mate for letting you in!

PS: we’ll soon witness a score reaching 500 in an ODI, very soon!!

Mar 10, 2006

Hyderabad style....


Laidback is the inherent quality of a hyderabadis’. How laidback we are? …. Well, when Ganguly was axed from the Indian cricket team whole West Bengal protested. But when Laxman was axed no one from Hyderabad protested and what do we say for that? .. Well, we say when comeback king Jimmy Amarnath made those many comebacks to Indian cricket team, (guess how many times…... 18 times he made comebacks) why can’t Laxman? …

BIRD flu scare refuses to fly away….

Coming to bird flu… ever since we hyderabadis’ came to know about the bird flu we, stopped eating chicken (just gave a break….) why? (Take a wild guess …...) well, we know if we stop eating chicken, poultry federation people will organize chicken melas’ and will distribute eggs for free as part of a promotional campaign. Poultry business has taken a hit since the outbreak of bird flu. Assurances by the government have done little to win back customers. There was a chicken mela organized in the last week of Feb., people started standing in Q’s for more than two hrs before the mela started. And Chief Guest for that mela was chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. As gates were opened people attacked, the attack was intensive that the mela went out of stock within 30mins. Aur hamare pyaare CM saab ko kilaane chicken nahi tha. This should have given you a clear idea, why bird flu scare refuses to fly away from Hyderabad (the land of chicken biryanis’)

Georgia Tech may set up campus in city….

Hyderabad may be the next chapter of one of the most prestigious universities in the United States – Georgia Institute of Technology – popularly known as Georgia Tech. the reason for choosing Hyderabad, according to officials, is that the university is pretty impressed with the resources available here in terms of talented students and an established IT infrastructure. Another contributing factor is that nearly 40 per cent of students at Georgia Tech are of Indian origin.
Given the university’s image in excellent research and thus attract top research institutions around the world to the state. So students will benefit directly as well as indirectly with growing job opportunities and research openings.


Hyderabad is blessed with another FM radio channel apart from regular Vivdha Bharathi. It is AIR RAINBOW FM. Today while preparing this blog was listening to one of the radio show of new FM channel in the morning. This was your choice show and we need to call them to request the song. Today was the birthday of legendary playback singer Satyanarayana, and RJ’s were attributing this show to him for his unforgettable songs he sang for us. There was this B.Tech final yr student’s call; when asked which song to be played for him. He says, “any song new or old, no problem”. Then this female RJ says, “as today is birthday of legendary singer Satyanarayana we’ll play one of his hit song from the movie ‘mayabazar’”. This caller says,” I wanted to ask a question to all RJ’s out there”. The RJ gets interested “yeah go on, please ask” . he asks, “have you all RJ’s seen rang de basanthi?”. RJ blushes and answers,” yeah we all saw that, very good movie.”
The caller tries to flatter the RJ’s saying, “this movie shows the importance radios and RJ’s, so why don’t u play a song from that movie.” The male RJ protests saying, “you already made your request for the song from the movie ‘mayabazar’, we are actually remembering him today”. The caller defends himself saying,” look we can remember him this entire day but for five minutes we’ll give a break and listen to song from RDB!”
Male RJ who was feeling defeated ends the call saying, “yeah that’s fine, this show is for playing your requested song so here we are playing a song from the movie rang de….. Basanthi!”
Last month there were two recruitment camps for two different FM channels, which are yet to go on air. One was Radio Mirchi FM other one was… I don’t know!

Mar 9, 2006

TRAIN 9 2 11 (continued)

“There was a message for me when I got home. I was having lunch with Sindhu.”

I looked down at the biscuits. “I’m not really hungry right now. I’ll get something at the station later.”

Rachana started eating biscuits, and I took one for tasting purpose. It was eight o’clock in the evening. Train halted at some remote station, which was not properly lit. The passenger who was sleeping on the opposite seat was waked by the halt. He looked at his watch. He walked over to the door and cautiously opened it. In the doorway stood a short man, with thick glasses and a thin, sallow face.

“Excuse me,” the man said differently. “You have a lighter”.
“Do you have matchbox?”
“No,” he said rudely. He started to close the door.

Fifteen minutes later, as the fellow passenger was trying to sleep, we began to smell smoke. The smell was getting stronger. I stood up to open the door. The fellow passenger pushed against it. It held fast.
“Hello?” he called out. “What’s happening out there?”
There was no response.
“Hello?” I pressed my shoulder against the door, but there seemed to be something heavy on the other side of it closed. “Mister?”
There was no answer. The only sound we could hear was a loud crackling noise. The smell of the smoke was becoming overpowering. The bogie was on fire that is probably why he left. He must have gone to get help. The passenger slammed his shoulder against the door, but it would not budge. “HELP!” he screamed. “Get me out of here!”

Smoke was starting to pour under the door, and we could feel the heat of the flames beginning to lick at it. It was getting difficult to breathe. The passenger was starting to choke, Rachana became unconscious. The passenger also was beginning to lose consciousness. I slammed my shoulder against the door with whatever energy left, door budged a little. I slammed harder this time; door budged little more, which was enough for a man to get through. With great difficulty, I fished out both of them.

I pushed my way through the crowd of passengers and bystanders and hurried over to the concrete bench along with Rachana. Three bogies’ had been engulfing by the fire.
“How did it happen?” a bystander asked me.
“I don’t know.”

At 20:30hrs, the station began to fill with official vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, and police vehicles. I watched as two ambulance attendants pushed a gurney carrying a body into the ambulance. The body was of the man who smirked with the co-passenger.

(to be continued.............)

Mar 7, 2006

TRAIN 9 2 11

IT WAS FIVE O’CLOCK in the afternoon when I woke up. I opened my eyes reluctantly, not wanting to let go of the dream. The room stank of cigarettes and empty wine bottles. I rolled out of bed and almost fell as I stumbled over Prashanth, my friend, sleeping on the floor beside my bed.

He didn’t move as I walked across the room, rolled up the shade and opened the window. It was raining, some of the rain hit Prashanth. It didn’t wake him; he merely rolled over on his side. I circled around him to go into the bathroom. I still had an hour to get over to railway station and meet Rachana, my girlfriend. If I rushed, I could make it.

Twenty minutes later, I was on my way out the front door. I rushed across the rain-swept sidewalk and got into the car.

I jumped out of the car and dashed for the train. I made it just as the train was about to leave in ten minutes. Rachana was sitting at the window seat. “For heaven sake, Avinash,” she complained. “Why did you come so late?”
“What do you think? I was out looking for a gorgeous.”
“Oh, yeah?” she winked. “It was raining and you stayed in the bed waiting for it to stop.”
“You read my mind,” I said, winking back to her. She smiled as she gave me the peck on my cheek. “Two years, been dating you this much I can understand.” She said, teasingly.
She looked up to me out of the corner of her slightly slanted eyes. “Hmm… where is Prashanth?”
I smiled at her. “He’s probably waked up by now.”

I got into the train. Prashanth was standing in front of me. He was dressed gawkily. He turned as I came in. “You forgot train tickets at home.” He blasted on me. “How careless you are?”
Without answering, took the tickets and turned to my seat next to Rachana. She was laughing, and to my relief the train started moving. Prashanth got down the train. Quickly he trusted a bag of water bottle and biscuits in her hands. She took it and we both stood there and waved at him. He gestured towards parking lot. “I’m gonna have a roll with the car,” he shouted.
“Hey—“I called as he went through the door to the parking lot. He turned with a big smile and waved at us.

Rachana was attractive, in her early twenties, wearing black jeans, and white sleeveless top that has a message in pink on it. ‘SHORT CHICKS ROCK’… long enough to be sexy, but short enough to remind you she was probably smarter than you were.

“Without love, everything else is meaningless.”
She nodded weakly. Lovely.

“Avi” her voice was soft. “I’m sorry to bother you.”
I looked up to her. “That’s not at all a problem; Prashanth will take care of the project work”. She was silent for a moment, and then she nodded.
We had the rest of the journey without further talking.

(Stay glued…... adventure is yet to start!)
PS: Rachana’s father met with an accident and he was in critical condition. She asked me to come with her to Vizag to meet her father. Well this was for story.
Rachana was my plus one crush, the best one of all the crushes I had. : D

whodunit..sequel - end

'Bad news sir, kapoor is killed, he was shot down’
'That's bad Ali, get the bomb squad to trace the bombs that are deployed in the college’
‘Ali it’s already 12:30pm, ok now listen if we can’t trace the bombs by 1:30pm we need to abort the trip of the president and vacate the campus ok’
‘Yes sir’

‘Sir, principal of the college’
‘Good afternoon officer’
‘Good afternoon sir’
‘Y u people are creating panic in the campus; there are no bombs in the college’
‘Don’t worry it’s just the security measures ok’
‘But it doesn’t seems like that sir’
‘We know what we r doing, so let us do our work sir’

‘Sir Watchman of the college says he was with the electrician of the college before the explosion’
‘Tho watchmanji, aap jaara Hume bathayenge aaj subah kya huvva tha?
‘Ji Saab, subah mikes lane keliye electrician storeroom gayatha, subhah 6 bhaje vande mataram ka ganna lagayatha, uskhi thodihi dheer mein ye dhamaka huvva sabjii’
‘Ok thank u’

‘Sir another interesting information, both Kapoors are lecturers in this college”
‘Wow! And which dept.”
‘Shalini was computer science branch lecturer & sanjay electronics branch’
‘Ali, ask the electricity dept to shut off the power supply to the college’

‘Sir any progress’
‘Yeah sindhu...’
‘So u traced the bomb sites sir’
‘I’m just guessing, let me check that out’
‘Ali isolate the speakers get one them here’

After removing the upper cover, I was stunned to notice the bomb in it. It was interfaced to the speaker. That was sophisticated one.

‘Now anybody who can help in removing this from speaker’
‘Yes sir, I can help u out’
‘Yeah come on’

Ramya, wow today everyone is showing his or her true colors. Morning Ricky, Sajesh and Pranky showed they are pro hackers and now Ramya.

‘Sir it is a speech signal processor, it is initialized such that if particular amplitude is given, this triggers the bomb interfaced to the speaker. Suppose say “namaste” if this processor is defined for the amplitude equivalent to “namaste”, if u say “namaste” through the mike this particular amplitude is matched with the amplitude which is defined already to it. If the match happens then the processor releases a signal which in turn triggers the bomb’
‘Ali how many speakers are there in and around the campus’
’34 sir’
‘Isolate each every speaker available in this college and swap them with new ones, we have only an hr and 10 mins’
‘Ok sir’
‘Ramya thank u very much’
‘It’s my pleasure sir’

Then President arrived at 2:45pm. He gave away prizes for the paper presentation event, and we were placed 4th position. And, we came back home safe and sound.


Mar 4, 2006

Last night!!

A: ‘Prashanth, let’s go for a movie’

P: ‘not today, we’ll go tomorrow’

A: ‘FU, may I know y’

P: ‘it’s none of your business’

A: ‘OH!.. Then lemme guess y’

P: ‘don’t even bother to’

A: ‘hehe…. Then tell me y’

P: ‘I have to go out’

A: ‘where?’

P: ‘to hell…!!’

A: ‘good place for u’

P: ‘ok I give up, can’t go on arguing with u…’

A: ‘that’s better… So where r u going to?’

P: ‘Coffee day, to meet sameera’

A: ‘so u r going for a date…..’

P: ‘Nope, just to meet’

A: ‘where did u meet her?’

P: ‘Avinash! I am meeting sameera’

A: ‘Oh! So u r meeting sameera’

P: ‘very funny’

A: ‘whatever.. What about her?’

P: ‘don’t u remember her’

A: ‘aaaaaa… well I presume… 10th class crush!’

P: ‘Dude, till now u were feigning of not knowing her’

A: ‘whatever, how did she come to know about u?’

P: ‘She is my cousin’s classmate; she saw our school photo at my cousin’s house. She took my cell no. from my cousin called me yesterday and said she wanted to meet me today… that’s it I am gonna meet her today’

A: ‘aaa…. Prashanth, did she asked about me??’

P: ‘No Avinash’

A: ‘Anyways, when r u people meeting?’

P: ‘At 11:30am’

A: ‘Ok then, I’ll meet u in the evening… and tell sameera that I asked for her’

P: ‘yo dude, bye see ya!’

At 1:00 pm
Pick up the fone sucker…. Pick up the fone sucker…

A: ‘hello, prashanth ‘’sup raa’

P: ‘where r u?’

A: ‘At home’

P: ‘Come to multiplex, we’ll go for movie’

A: ‘Which show?’

P: ‘aaa…. 2:15 show for TAXI 9 2 11’

A: ‘ok , I am coming wait for me at the entrance’

P: ‘yeah ok, see u soon’

A: ‘bye’

P: ‘hey, Avinash!!’

A: ‘hi raa, what’s this sudden program huh?’

P: ‘nothing, just like that’

A: ‘hey, by the way how was ur meeting with sameera?’

P: ‘Fine…..lets talk about it later man’

Inside the hall..

A: ‘so, what did she say?’

P: ‘plz , we’ll talk about that later just see the movie yaar’

“Hi Avinash….”


‘Get up u lazy bones, its 8:30am’

‘hhuuuuuuuh … What mom I have nowhere to go today’

‘So what, get UP… Will u get up r not, I’m coming with the broomstick!!’

PS: I always wished that I could remember my dreams but could not. But today, as soon as I woke up I jotted down whatever I remembered about my dream. GEE! I captured my dream…

So, what did u dream last night…? J