Feb 28, 2006


Teenage is the juncture where we stand at the brink of maturity. (Well I’m no longer in my teens, it’s been two yrs, but still I feel no changes in me except for bodily changes). This is the time when we start learning the essentials of becoming a matured tomorrow.

This is the phase where everything seems to be cozy. During this period, we launch ourselves into so called to be audacious in whatever brainless stuff we do, persuade towards bad habits (you-know-what), enjoy every tad of the life (care-free temperament). We turn out to be very watchful concerning the dressing, the shoes we put on, hairdo, pimples, bikes, & newest fads n fashions. (And whatnots!)

In other words, I’ll sum up this phase in a poem,

Studies become secondary
Movies become primary
Exams become customary
Bunking becomes necessary
Girlfriends become compulsory
Parties become mandatory

And our theme song after joining an engg college will be

“hum honge all clear, hum honge all clear, ek din ooh hoo Mann main hay vishwas , pura hay viswas hum honge all clear ek din…………”

Hey, whatever man this is the phase that we all attach importance to. I’m gonna miss every one of my friends, left with barely couple of months after which we all part to our fresh paths.
I din’t yet realize how fast we completed 4 yrs, the stupid lecturers we had in our dept. and the budda our HOD (headache of the dept.) who thinks every engg student must be an IEEE member, else he is unfit to be a EEE student.

The first day of my college is still afresh in my mind. The most preferred classes were labs for lone apparent reason being sandwiched between two beauties of the class (& dept.), yup my roll no. is 233 and 234 is girija (the livewire of the class after me), 232 is Divya, hehehe…, every guy of my class envies me for this only reason. And one more girl of my batch (she will boot my ass if I don’t talk about) is hepsi no.231; she is the only one in my batch who strives hard to complete the expt in every lab. Tell you what our batch has a peculiar record, we never used to obtain results for the majority of the expts we did. Yogeesh (235) Mr. intellectual, he not only completes his expt but also helps other batches to get the results and kabhi kabhi tho lab in charges sort for his help in understanding certain expts. And you know what, he’s already completed his final year project (won first prize in paper presentation for this project and he’s is applying for patent ship) and now he’s helping two other batches in their respective projects. (Giri & I don’t understand how he manages all that).

Regarding my batch mate for the final year project is karthik (252), cartoonist & always-love-sick weirdo. He has a bizarre record in the college, four different girls in four yrs, and of which three ditched him and currently steady with a girl from second year (god should offer her with immeasurable power for tolerating him!)
Now about Preeti (221), been my partner in balloon dance at fresher’s party which we won, and we form a great team in whatever we do (esp. dumbcher arts), she is doing her project with Anu(210) under HOD (budda salla!).

The three musketeers of our class, disk (205, his actual name is DSK chaitanya, but I changed him into disk), sommu (208), shashi (213), scholarly sallies constantly discussing about books, technology. These people never bunked the classes when the entire class is geared up for mass bunk. The other one is suraj (211, there is song we composed for him  ‘suraj huva matham, ganddh jalnne laggaa………’) well he’s a Xerox engine in our class, whatever lecturer talks or writes on board can be seen in his notes. He never lends his notes to anybody in the class. (Don’t know what happened but he has altered a lot, yes, he’s actually started lending his notes to others).

Well, we do have Charles angels in our class Divya (232), Ramya (224), Priyanka (228). Deadly group since plus one (11th standard) and they move together, do things together, hmm…

And dudes of the class karthik (212), sandeep (255), saurab (218), Ramakrishna (203), Bharath (251), Hanumanth (258), along with suraj & me, well I’ll enlighten you with one of the stupid things we carry out when we go to canteen…

We take only one plate chapatti and half a dozen spoons, now guess y, (u can’t) we all love the curry which is served along with chapatti and we go for turns to get curry as it gets over, this is at least for one full round (everyone should get their share, I mean turns). And the Chapattis,(katham honeka naam hi nahi letha) one or two pieces per turn……………hehehe!

I don’t remember doing great things at college (except masti ), but I did only one good thing twice in my college………hmm.. U read that correctly, I donated blood twice(2 consecutive years) during blood donation camp organized by NSS along with Lion’s club. (sare paap ekhi jaatkhemey dhullgayee….!!!).

The final countdown, which started at 100, is now left with 14, 14 authorized days as students. Then there would be all nos’- no college, no classes (none to bunk), no canteen, no sitting in the retreat(college parking lot) and reading for internals. Friends we are gonna miss the endless travel in buses, the one-day batting during exams…

It's like we had fresher’s party yesterday and today is the occasion for farewell. After four yrs we are at the doorsteps of the college yet again, all set to conquer the thick and untamed world around us. Little did we realize that we would be a part of the world within no time. Amusingly enough, we are coming to the fag end of it all.

Feb 26, 2006


“What? A blast in the college… GOD!”
‘Hey no need to panic, we’ll see through this Sindhu’
‘Sir, I have something to say regarding this incident’
‘Yeah... What’s that Charu?’
‘Er… actually Avi saw an e-mail which was for college, saying, “Bombs r planted in the College, BEWARE!”.
‘Avinash, is that true?’
‘Yes sir! I have seen that from college’s e-mail account’
‘college authority didn’t even mentioned about receiving any such kinda mails, well anyways that’s a start for I haven’t got any clues till now’
‘Ali... jaldi I need reinforcements and tell principal to meet me’

what’s happening, having witnessed a murder the other night now I gonna get involved in this case also. I didn’t even inform my parents about the murder and now this…

‘Shit man! I forgot to tell Ali to get Software techies for tracing the id’
‘Sir don’t worry about that my friend is expert in these things, for the time being y don’t we try him out may be he can trace the id’
‘Hmm… yeah that’ll be fine’

I didn’t even know we had a hacker in our college, y don’t Avi mind his own business and let police do their work.

‘Sir this is Sajesh my friend, I explained him all the things’.
‘Hi Sajesh, let’s go to computer lab where there is net connection.’
‘Ok sir’

‘Hey guys, ‘’sup, where are u people going?’
‘Hi kavita, to computer lab’
‘And what’s Avi & Sajesh doing with the police officer?’
‘Nothing, he wants to use internet so they are ushering towards lab that’s it’
‘And y u people r following them’
‘Kavi we came very early to the college so just for time pass, OK!, now stop bugging us, if u wanna join us u r welcome’.

We went into CAD-CAM lab, Ricky was there checking his mails.

‘Hey there! Hi everyone’
‘Hi Ricky’
‘’sup entire gang into lab’
‘We came for u, this is what u wanna listen rite, but sorry to say we r here for other work’
‘Whatever! Sindhu’
‘Hey Avi, Sajesh, oops good morning sir’
‘Good morning!’
‘Sir, Ricky is also good at this thing which we require’
‘Ok explain him about the thing and guys make it fast’


Geez.. I should stop using my e-mail id & messenger, what should I say now? these guys actually traced the email id from where the e-mail came, the three hackers.

‘Sir, I’m sure this mail came from this city only, and we need to call Sify people to enquire about this account no., they’ll definitely help us in getting the address of this anonymous sender, as this fella has Sify connection’.
‘Great going, guys!’
‘Ali, do what is required, do it fast man we have only 3 hrs time’
‘Yes sir’

‘Sir! Interesting bit of news, the mail came from Shalini kapoor’s residence’
‘Yes sir, that’s right & I think Sanjay kapoor is involved in this case also’
‘Yeah yeah I too think so, get him here and how many of our people are here?’
’24 constables’
‘Now listen, deploy few of our men in civil dress..'
‘Ok sir’

That’s great once again confrontation with kapoor

‘ok guys thanks for your help, now I think it’s time for your seminar as ur names are being announced and don’t worry about this I’ll see through this case’
‘Oh! We forgot about our seminar, Avi where’s Charu? It’s our turn’
‘Chill sindhu! Charu has already headed to the hall’
‘Guys wait, we r also coming’
‘Come fast then’

Our paper presentation went on well and I was feeling hungry. Avinash, sajesh, Ricky have already vanished to canteen.

‘Charu, kavi come let’s go to canteen I’m starving ‘
‘let’s go ‘.
(stay glued..............)

Feb 25, 2006

whodunit..... sequel-1

Phew! Hmm... Thank God! Everything is fine now. Should call the cleaning lady to clean the bathroom and I need a deep sleep.
‘Charu I’m off to sleep, plz tell the cleaning lady to clean the bathroom when she comes’,
‘Yea alright….’

Around 11 am...

‘Sindhu..! Sindhu…!! Get up, ur dad’s phone, get up....’
‘hello, when did you reach Tirupathi? ‘
‘Sindhu! What’s this you are still sleeping, lazy bones?’
‘Sorry daddy, had some assignment to complete, so slept late yesterday night’
‘Ok, get up now, we reached Tirupathi and just checked into an hotel’
‘Oh! Is mom with u now?’
‘No sindhu, she’s in the hotel room, and listen if u need some money use mom’s debit card, ok then I’ll call tomorrow, bye beta....’
‘Bye daddy…’
‘Charu, what’s the time?’
‘Ok, do you want to eat something?’
‘ let’s go to udipi hotel’

After having brunch, we came back to our flat. By the time, we returned cleaning lady cleaned the bathroom, which was full of blood strains.
‘Sindhu, why don’t you stay with me tonight’
‘Yeah, let’s go’

At Charu's house..

‘Mom, Sindhu is staying here for tonight’
‘Oh, that’s fine…., Sindhu how r u feeling now’
‘Fine aunty’
‘Did u people eat something?’
‘We had dosa mom’

tingg tong…. Tinggg tonggg….’ Charu, see who’s there outside’
‘Its Avinash mom…, hello sir!’
‘Hi charu, ‘’sup, where u been?’
‘At sindhu’s house’
‘She’s in my room, come on in’

‘Hi Sindhu’
‘Hi Avi...’
‘Charu told me about what happened yesterday, how r u feeling now?’
‘Much better’
‘Hey, have u people completed preparation for tomorrow’s paper presentation at techno vocation’
‘Yeah, we have, what about you?’
‘Revision is required, ok then I’ll leave now and will come tomorrow morning at 7:30am…hey by the way I forgot to say, our presentation is at 11:30am not at 2:30pm, they changed the timings for few batches…… ok then bye girls’

After Avi vanished, Charu & I went out for ice-cream parlor. After returning to charu’s home, I went straight onto bed. Sleep is all I wanted now. At least I’ll be fresh for tomorrow’s event at college.

7am morning
tingg tong ..ting tong…..

‘Charu its Avinash, come on in beta.. .’
‘Avinash, just 10 mins yaar’
‘Charu listen come here’
‘I have an unconfirmed bit of news, but don’t know how serious its gonna be’
‘what’s the matter?’
‘I saw a e-mail from our college e-mail id account’
‘U know the password of the id, where did u get all this stuff from huh?’
‘Once I peeked into principal’s P.A diary, I know that’s a bad habit to check others diary, well I just saw on one of the pages of diary in which this password for the college e-mail id account was written.’
‘So, what u saw?’
‘There’s an e-mail from an anonymous id saying that," bombs are deployed in ur college, BEWARE."
‘Uh-huh, tell me u are that anonymous who sent the mail’
‘Oh come on charu, I’m serious.’
‘ok,ok, well may be someone might be playing pranks like u’
‘Guess who’s the chief guest for today’s event is’
‘We all know that, it’s CM’
‘NO…. he’s not coming, President of India is coming’
‘Hey u people out there, let’s start we’ll get late’
‘Yeah sindhu, let’s go Avi’

On the way to college, Charu told me about what Avi was saying and I couldn’t stop laughing at that. We reached college by 9:15am, very early for us. We came to know that President would be coming to college at 2:30pm in the meantime presentation will take place. We were walking towards cafeteria and I saw DCP Ram, he was not in uniform and beside him was SI Ali. President is coming so its obvious for their presence here.

‘Good morning DCP sir’
‘Hey sindhu, very good morning’
‘These are my friends Avinash, charu’
‘Good morning to both of u’
‘good morning sir’
‘Well, u came for President’s security purpose sir’
‘er.. well there was an explosion in ur college store room this morning at 6 am and apart from college authority no one knows about the incident, so we r here to investigate and as President is also coming.’

(to be continued)

Feb 23, 2006


yesterday was my seminar day for my final yr project and I have done well (not bad but good). And my friends Girija(charu) & Radhika composed a poem for me while I was on the stage giving seminar. I promised them that I'll blog this poem.


hi Avinash! don't worry
i've written the words u need for ur poem or story
now u can note them down in a diary
in the month of february
lemme know if u any query

but plz don't u worry
just sit, relax watch tom & jerry
or go see there's something about Mary.
And if you get hungry
eat some strawberry, cherry or a cadbury
i know they have too many calory

but pls don't you worry
And now the summary
go ahead with your poetry!
lemme know how was my poetry!!
this is a poem by Rads & Giry!!!

Girls that was really cute, lovely and i have no words to express my feelings. Hey giri n'joy TAXI 9 2 11, what if u see 15 mins sooner than me, now what matters is i'm also going for the same movie (i'll never let u to tell me the movie story, i bet Nana'll out perform John Abraham like Akshay in Garam Masala)

Feb 20, 2006


My mobile was buzzing restlessly, what shit, who the heck is calling at this time?’, it’s 2:30am, I hate this police job.

“Hello, DCP Ram”;
‘hello SI Ali sir, sorry to disturb you sir’.
‘That’s ok Ali, what’s the matter?’,
‘sir, there is a madam in your cabin, she wants to talk to you about a murder she witnessed just an hour ago, she seems to be very terrified’.
‘Okay Ali, I’ll be there in an hour’.

Today is Sunday, going to be a heck day for me.

‘Good morning sir!’,
‘what good morning Ali, you could have handled this case for yourself…whatever, where is your madam?’,
‘inside sir’,

‘Hello, good morning, I’m DCP Ram, and how may I help you miss…?’
‘I witnessed a murder at my apartments, the murderer has seen me, and I rushed to here for protection’.
‘Okay, you have done a good job by coming here, you are safe here’.

‘Ji sabji’,
’aaaa…what would you like to have tea or coffee?’.
’ coffee’,
’ok, yadav dho coffee'.
‘Okay, may I know your name? what do you do and what about your parents?’
‘I’m Sindhu, final yr engg. Student, my parents are out of town, they went to Tirupathi.’

Yadav served hot steaming coffee...

‘Sindhu, please have the coffee and relax, I’ll be right back’

‘Ali, let’s go the murder site’,
turning towards yadav, ‘yadav, madam will stay here until morning so see through what she needs.’
‘Right, sabji’.

‘Ali did you send our men there?’
‘Yes sir, as soon as she told about the murder I sent 4 constables, sir but the thing is the place seems to be quite, no sign of any incident, no trace of blood, everything seems to be normal’.
‘Oh! Let’s check that area then we’ll finalize.’

We reached the flats. Ali was right; everything seems to be normal, how can this be possible? This is going to be sturdy case to deal with, let’s see.

‘Ali, what’s the flat no. ?’
‘Flat no. 503, sir’.

Goddamn lift is out of order; I have to climb five floors, crap man.

It’s 4:15am.

my mobile was ringing...

‘hello, DCP Ram’,
‘sir, this is sindhu’
’Yes, sindhu what’s the matter?’
‘Sir, I took the photos of the culprit with my mobile cam, I dropped my mobile in the nearby garbage bin, please find that, may be it can help you.’’
"Oh! I’ll go and check, thanks for letting me know.’

‘Chinna, check if there is garbage bin outside the apartment, the girl dropped her mobile in it’,
’ok, sir’.

Chinna returned with a mobile in his hand...

‘sir, here is the mobile’.
‘Hmm..samsung, good piece man’.

Time 4:30am.

‘Ali, let’s go and check the flats’.

After climbing 5 floors, I was panting heavily...

Here it is flat no. 503 “Sanjay kapoor”, ‘ey Ali, Anil kapoor ka bhai hai kya?’……

Ali buzzed the doorbell...

’whose there outside?’
‘DCP ram’,
‘what’s the matter DCP sir?’.
‘Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Kapoor, we received a call about a murder in your flats’.
‘sorry to say you DCP, but there was no such incident happened here’.
‘well I have search warrant to check your flat’.
’ No problem sir, plzz come on in’.

After checking every corner of the flat we didn't find anything unusual, not even a blood strain, nothing related to murder.

‘By the way Mr. Kapoor where is your wife?’.

Ting tong …ting tong.. .
’Excuse me sir, I’ll just check out who has come’,
’ uh-huh shalini, how was your journey?’.
‘Sir, my wife shalini kapoor, she has just arrived from her mother’s hometown’.
‘Sanjay, what happened? why is police here?’,
’Seems like someone called police and informed that a murder took place in our apartments, so they came to check’.

something is not adding up here...

‘Anyways, thanks for your co-operation Mr.Kapoor’,
‘any time officer’.

After coming out of the flats I went to sindhu’s flat, it’s locked.

‘Ok Ali, tell our men to be here only and let’s go back to station’.

Back at the Police Station...

‘hi sindhu’,
‘did you find my mobile?’….
‘oh yea! Here it is take it, you actually forgot to store the pictures you took’.
‘oh, it's out of storage space’,
‘it’s ok ….’.
‘Now sindhu, tell me what you witnessed and all the events you have done before & after the murder’.
‘Well after my parents left to railway station, I along with my friends went for movie at 7 pm, and after that had dinner at one of friend’s house, then reached my flat at 11pm. While I was changing into my night suit, I heard sounds coming from the upper flat, out of curious I peeked out of my flat to see what’s happening there. I saw Mr.Kapoor’s flat door ajar, I went inside and saw this man in mask stabbing Mrs.Kapoor, I took pictures of this man. He saw me while I was slipping out of the flat. I was so terrified that I just ran from there and stopped here at police station’.
‘Hmm.. ok, will you go to your friend's house? it’s 6am, I suggest you stay at your friend’s house at least for today’.
‘ok , I’ll call my friend to pick me up’.

Where this story is is going I can’t understand she says she witnessed a murder and there’s no sign of a murder

‘okay sindhu, I’ll see through this, no need to worry….. hey can you show me pictures of the any apt celebrations anything if you have taken in your mobile’, ‘yeah, sure’.
‘Good piece, and what you wanna do after engg?’, ’I’ll do MS in USA ‘.

While I was checking the pictures in her mobile I saw Mr.Kapoor’s picture with some other woman.
’Sindhu, who is this beside Mr.Kapoor?,
‘they are my parents’.
‘the woman beside kapoor?’,
’shalini, his wife’ .
’Are you sure?’,
’ yes sir’.

What was the other woman at Kapoor's place then?

At 7 am sindhu’s friend came.
I gave her mobile, while I sending her off something flashed into my mind.

‘sindhu, wait a sec did you lock your flat when you came out ?’,
‘ Oh ! I din’t lock it..!’
‘Then let's go to your house... we'll have check your house’.
‘Ali, let’s go the apartment and ask our men to be alert, instruct them not to allow anybody to enter the apartment or leave.’
‘Sindhu come with us, we’ll have to check your flats...’.

After reaching the apartment I had a gut feeling that we might find something. 

‘Sindhu, do you have keys to open the lock’.
‘I don’t have’.
‘Ali, get Kapoor family here’.

‘Ha! Mr.kapoor sorry to disturb you again. Sindhu has lost her flat keys, so can you help her out?’ ‘how can i help? Find some key maker or break the door’
‘Enough of your acting, your play is up Kapoor’.
‘Ali, get Shalini’

‘sir, Shalini’ .
‘she is not Shalini’…
‘I know that Sindhu’,
‘now Shalini ji , please take off your necklace I see a key with it’.

Ali opened the lock and went into the flat...

‘Sir there’s a body in the bathroom’………… ‘Sindhu, this is Shalini right’, ‘Oh my GOD!!’
‘Ali, arrest both Mr & Mrs. Kapoor’.

Thank God it’s only 8am and my Sunday is waiting for me.

‘DCP sir, thanks for your help and how did you suspect Kapoor was the real culprit?’

‘well I didn’t suspect him in the early stages of investigation, but when I asked about his wife, his wife has just came from her mother’s hometown. Kapoor managed everything well, but getting this woman into the picture, he laid his own trap. When I came out of his flat and heading back to the station I asked my constable about the woman who just arrived into the apartment. I was surprised when he said no one entered the apartment. There I din’t suspect him yet, but when I saw the picture which you family and Kapoor's family were there, that's where the clue showed up, fake Shalini and the actual Shalini Kapoor. And then the other clue was the locking you flat... well, it all added up with a gut feeling that your flat might unlock the mystery’
‘Anyways, that’s really bold of you to come to cops right away to report about the murder.’
‘All the best for your future, bye….Sindhu’
“Bye sir…!’