Sep 11, 2015

I See U

girl walking

Heart drew the lines,
mind gave the shapes,
eyes filled the colors,
 and finally, I see you... 

Oct 10, 2014

This Day...

dreams have become colorful
the day i met you
sky was blushing, 
sun started winking at me,
I laughed back at him with shy
I will never forget
this day the day 
when i met you
all my life

Oct 6, 2014

The victim of (recycled) Telugu movies

Once upon a time when I was a kid just watching my favorite actors was enough to make me feel good about a movie. Now, whether the movies had a story or not it didn't matter much those days. But as I was growing up I started watching multinational movies, thanks to English subtitles. Now, I stand at a juncture where user ratings, word of mouth and reviews matter a lot if I have to watch a movie. What bothers me most is that there are times where these resources don't help and you wanna break those heads of your friends who have suggested to watch that movie. 

Appreciably, Tamil and Malayalam movie industries are making at least dozen movies per year which have very good stories. But, Hindi and Telugu movie industries are ridiculously recycling the same story lines again and again. These stories are perfect analogy of old wine put in new bottle. Of course, here and there, now and then, because of the new story writers and directors we do get few good movies which are very good. 

Anyway, I'm here to review two Telugu movies which were supposedly most awaited movies of 2014, Aagadu and Govindhudu Andarivadu. Both movies had big names in the cast, so the expectations was sky high. 

Any given day, you would want to go for the premier show of Prince Mahesh Babu's movies, and I became a victim of this temptation. So here we go... movie starts, hero makes the entry as a super cop with a two minute senseless punch dialogues which are funny of course. this two minute scene is the first teaser of the movie and the only teaser which pulls you into the theater to watch this movie expecting same kind of entertainment for full 120 minutes. Sigh.., everything blows off on your face after that scene. The hero intro song choreography was recycled from "Dookudu" and "Gabbar Singh". I did try not to compare with those movies. but I failed terribly in that. Then comes our heroine whose character is a copy-paste from "Gabbar Singh" and "Dabangg". Well, yeah, Gabbar Singh is Dabangg's remake. And therefore, the first half is half-boiled "Gabbar Singh" and "Dabangg". First half is done. Second half starts, and I doze off. On our way back home I learnt from friends that the second half is another half boil of "Dookudu". 

Now, let's postmortem GAV. First of all, I hate Ram Charan because he doesn't know acting, I hate his ridiculous face and his chimpanzee lips, and he carries a laugh which makes you wonder whether he is a man or a woman. Anyway, coming into the story. the whole story is about Prakash Raj and his son. His son ditches him to get a life in US rather than die in the hospital which his dad builds for him so that he can provide service to the local village people and how Ram Charan unites his dad and dad's dad. The director comfortably picks the backdrop of Murari, one of his blockbuster movies. So again, I couldn't help compare this movie with Murari, Ram Charan's character is similar to Mahesh Babu's in Murari and Kajal's character is similar to Sonali Bendre's and the other supporting characters are more or less similar to the characters of Murari. But then there is one thing you will notice the total strength of the this family is less compared to that of Murari.

Coming to the ridiculous things which I observed in the movie are:

  •  the hospital which was built by Prakash Raj was constructed in 1952, this can be clearly seen on the building. So let's say, his son would be around 25 years then, right? 
  • This is the year when his son becomes a doctor. so he must have done MBBS, so he should be about 27 years. 
  • Same year his son ditches and moves to US, but he settles in UK (did he had immigrations issues? he didn't get US visa? why did he end up in UK? why?). 
  • Now, Ram Charan comes to know about his grandfather, relatives and decides to reunite with them. He lands in India with iPad, Android phone and many more other things. Seeing these gadgets in his kitty we can assume the year would be around 2010 since iPad was launched in 2010. 
  • So what should be the Ram Charan's age now? 25 and not married? or 55 years with 4 grandchildren? Since he is shown as 25 year old guy, then he must be werewolf!!
  • Prakash Raj must have been 45 years considering he got married when was a teenager (aka child marriage) when he builds the hospital, so his age should be 100 years. But he dances, fights, sprints and what not, you will end asking who is hero here? Prakash Raj or Ram Charan? 
  • Kajal has put on lot of weight. Ram Charan looks like a kiddo in front of her. 
And that's it, I don't have anything to write up as the story is same what you you see in regular family Sagas just the hospital is different. I would suggest watching Murari again instead of going to this movie. Ram Charan's acting hasn't improved and I don't think it will improve ever. 

Finally, yesterday I saw a small snippet of Ram Charan's interview where he says "These were the kind of reactions I wanted when I signed the movie". (Seriously??? I hope he reads my reactions to reconsider)